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The Gilded Cage and The Death of a Butterfly

Some old-school MK/psychological 'bird cage' symbolism/allegory I've focused on a lot (the deceased artist here illustrates perfectly what all the bird cage symbolism is largely about when used today by the media in modern times [on people like Dita Von Teese, Scientology slaves like Leah Remini ((below)) and countless others]), shown in early 20th Century British fine art here: "The Gilded Cage is an oil painting by Evelyn De Morgan, her final work before her death in 1919 [perhaps autobiographical?]. It is essentially an allegory for female captivity... Soaring free about the dancing group is a bird, which contrasts sharply to the captive bird in the gilded cage that hangs beside the woman's older husband. The husband seems oblivious to his wife's state of mind. On the floor and disregarded is jewelry and an open book, which signifies her rejection of tradition, convention, and old ideas [seems a bit interpretative that; more likely she is rejecting/doesn't care about some of the tools her husband used to control her/keep her with him (i.e. buying her jewelry, the man is facing this way as if he has just dropped the book due to her disinterest in his attempted 'entertaining' ((reading to her)) of his 'much younger' 'caged bird'; she'd much rather be out with the 'free as birds' gypsies who do not have these "luxuries" of 'elite' literature ((in the time it is depicting books were not overly common for poor people like gypsies)) and tempting her with jewels/diamonds)]. De Morgan includes art in her condemnation, as the books on the husband's desk are clearly labeled, "Poetry," "Music," and "Art.""

Leah Remini Photo Shoot - The funniest home videos are here
Leah played an aspiring model in 'Living Dolls' [something about watching these type of E videos is depressingly hilarious], with it's debut episode titled 'It's all Done With Mirrors' (i.e. the creation/programming of these 'living dolls' [most models]). I've watched a lot of King of Queens and remember the odd kitty cat shirt as I recall, but Kings/Queens are standard monarch suggestions anyway.

Another pertinent oil-painting of Eve's is 'The Death of a Butterfly', for obvious reasons. (again this is the same kind of symbolism/allegory they use in modern day media [also note the rainbow]) Evelyn was heavily into spiritualism and was a symbolist so I do not consider this to be anything sinister on her part (in fact I think she's revealing a lot of 'their' [i.e. the misogynistic society she grew up/existed in, which is now more underground but is certainly evident if you can view their controlled media with a critical eye] mentality).

The above Monarch Model is Natalia Vodianova, she was the model featured in the 'Alice in Wonderland' fashion shoot I posted a while back (images here, copied one below + added a new flamingo one). She is this blue-blooded asshole's kitten, the two images below (angel/bridge + masked/hood) come from the same set as the Monarch butterfly wings one.

Control your flamingo Alice!

Evelyn's 'The Prisoner' is above, note the peacock feather (more caged bird symbolism [note the window bars] + the peacock feather is a symbolic eye).

'The Love Potion' (note the black cat [gone into witches and why they have black cats in the past]; sex-kitten programming is the real 'potion'), this painting gives me a good excuse to post these images with model kitten Masha Novoselova with her black kitty cat + leopard print + chain, usual sex-kitten programming themes (also I've added above the Love Potion painting an image of Masha illustrating the peacock feather symbolism modern day usage [obviously tonnes more]).

Note her half face covered on the magazine's cover (+reptile/serpent skin).

Note the snake/serpent skin top also.

Are we all laughing at these gilded butterflies yet?

I wanted to paste this Hans Christian Andersen's (I posted on Hans' upbringing [the Danish king took a "personal interest" in him as a child, hence his writings like 'The Red Shoes' and others I've posted on] at the 'In Shattered Dreams' post) short story 'The Butterfly' (probable trigger warning [all of the symbols/themes and such I post are potential triggers by the way; triggering is one aspect of this symbolism which I made clear in my Red Ice interview and such though I don't feel the need to state it every time I post a symbol as virtually everything can be made into a trigger]) as it fits in with the below flower (girl effectively turns into a sunflower), and the butterfly (except a slightly different take on the butterfly to the usual) MK symbolism (hopefully you can pick up on things as you go along) and others [source for below short fairy tale, alternative translation here]:

The butterfly wanted a sweetheart, and naturally he wanted one of the prettiest of the dear little flowers. He looked at each of them; there they all sat on their stalks as quiet and modest as little maidens ought to sit before they are engaged; but there were so many to choose from that it would be quite difficult to decide. So the Butterfly flew down to the Daisy, whom the French call "Marguerite." They know she can tell fortunes. This is the way it's done: the lovers pluck off the little petals one by one, asking questions about each other, "Does he love me from the heart? A little? A lot? Or loves he not at all?" - or something like that; everyone asks in his own language. So the Butterfly also came to ask, but he wouldn't bite off the leaves; instead he kissed each one in turn, thinking that kindness is the best policy.

"Sweet Miss Marguerite Daisy," he said, "you're the wisest woman of all the flowers - you can tell fortunes! Tell me, should I choose this one or that one? Which one am I to have? When you have told me, I can fly straight to her and propose."

But Marguerite answered not a word. She resented his calling her "a woman," for she was unmarried and quite young. He put his question a second time, and then a third time, and when he still get a word out of her he gave up and flew away to begin his wooing.

It was early spring; the snowdrops and crocuses were growing in abundance. "They're really very charming," said the Butterfly. "Neat little schoolgirls, but a bit too sweet." For, like all very young men, he preferred older girls. So he flew to the anemones, but they were a bit too bitter for his taste. The violets were a little too sentimental, the tulips much too gay. The lilies too middle class, the linden blossoms too small, and, besides, there were too many in their family. He admitted the apple blossoms looked like roses, but if they opened one day and the wind blew they fell to pieces the very next; surely such a marriage would be far too brief. He liked the sweet pea best of all; she was red and white, dainty and delicate, and belonged to that class of domestic girl who is pretty yet useful in the kitchen. He was about to propose to her when he noticed a pea pod hanging near by, with a withered flower clinging to it. "Who's that?" he asked.

"It's my sister," said the pea flower.

"Oh, so that's how you'll look later on!" This frightened the Butterfly, and away he flew.

Honeysuckles hung over the hedges; there were plenty of those girls, long-faced and with yellow complexions. No, he didn't like that kind at all. Yes, but what did he like? You ask him!

Spring passed and summer passed; then autumn came, and he was still no nearer making up his mind. Now the flowers wore beautiful, colorful dresses, but what good did that do? The fresh, fragrant youth had passed, and it is fragrance the heart needs as one grows older; and of course dahlias and hollysocks have no particular fragrance. So the Butterfly went to see the mint.

"It's not exactly a flower - or rather it's all flower, fragrant from root to top, with sweet scent in every leaf. Yes, she's the one I want!" So at last he proposed to her.

But the mint stood stiff and silent, and at last said, "Friendship, if you like, but nothing else. I'm old, and you're old, too. It would be all right to live for each other, but marriage - no! Don't let's make fools of ourselves in our old age!"

And so the Butterfly did not find a sweetheart at all. He had hesitated too long, and one shouldn't do that! The Butterfly became an old bachelor, as we call it.

Now it was a windy and wet late autumn; the wind blew cold down the backs of the poor trembling old willows. And that made them creak all over. When the weather is like that it isn't pleasant to fly about in summer clothing, outside. But the Butterfly was not flying out-of-doors; he had happened to fly into a room where there was a fire in the stove and the air was as warm as summer. Here he could at least keep alive. "But just to keep alive isn't enough," he said. "To live you must have sunshine and freedom and a little flower to love!"

And he flew against the windowpane, was noticed by people, admired, and set on a needle to be stored in a butterfly collection. This was the most they could do for him.

"Now I'm sitting on a stalk, just like the flowers," said the Butterfly. "It isn't very much fun; it's just like being married, you're bound up so tightly!" He comforted himself with this reflection.

"A poor consolation, after all," said the pot plants in the room.

"But you can't take the opinion of pot plants," thought the Butterfly. "They converse too much with human beings!"

Sunflowers is another theme I've picked up a lot on (standard sun symbolism, flowers are also MK symbolic; the myth of Clytie [a water nymph who transforms into a sunflower; like other symbolic mythological figures ((i.e. Diana, a species of butterfly)) she is also a moth/butterfly as it is a genus of moth], Clytia "is based on the Greek myth, probably as told in Ovid's Metamorphoses IV, wherein the jealous Clytie, in love with Helios, tells her father of his new mistress. In her sadness she stays outside day and night only watching the sun (Helios) and her limbs take root, transforming her into a plant. She is depicted with her legs rooted among sunflowers and, with the setting of the sun, her head droops with the flowers." [source]
Her 'Cadmus and Harmonia' painting also contains MK with the snake wrapped around Harmonia, the MK emphasized by the quote that accompanied it from Ovid's mystical/MK work 'Metamorphosis' (it is loaded with tails of transformation and such):
With lambent tongue he kissed her patient face, Crept in her bosom as his dwelling place. Entwined her neck, and shared the loved embrace.
Cadmus had pissed off those misogynistic rapists (there is a reason why Western society is so obsessed with Greek/Roman ancient culture [I think the 'elite' view themelves as these kinds of "gods" who can get away with anything]) up on Mount Olympus (seriously, who hasn't Zeus raped in some bestial form?!) known as the 'gods', specifically Ares by killing a 'sacred snake' (according to DeMorgan's site, it was a dragon [serpent/snake symbolism either way]) so they eventually transform Cadmus into a snake, freaking the shit (snake/phallic symbolism) out of poor little Harmonia who asks to share her fate and the gods oblige. Harmonia was herself essentially a slave as she was given to Cadmus (as property) by the Gods (there's so much of this kind of thing in Greek Mythology though).

This one 'The Little Sea Maid' was based on Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Mermaid' (turned into a Disney subliminal sex-orgy basically), it's sequel below depicts the little mermaid's sisters.

"For S.O.S. [below] De Morgan takes her title from the Morse Code cry for help that is telegraphed from those who are in imminent danger to those who they hope can rescue them. Such a title lends a dramatic sense of urgency to a work that shows a female figure standing upon a solitary rock of refuge as she is besieged by thundering waves and a myriad of sea serpents. The literal translation of the message ("save our souls") also conveys a sense of what really is at stake when the forces of evil threaten to overcome the innocent and the good." [source]

Below is "The Captives" (again more serpent/dragon symbolism forcing the women into submission in their lair/cave).

Here is one example of this kind of rape in Greek myth (I recall there being one in particular story of rape which had themes including altered states of consciousness type symbolism but it's escaped my mind for now [I've posted about this kind of ancient Greece MK like the 'Mystery Kults' ((I know it's spelt with a c)) on Dionysus here]), celebrated outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg (itself based on the Tower of Babel). Europa (sister of Cadmus, he was trying to save her by killing the sacred serpent), "The mythographers tell that Zeus was enamored of Europa and decided to seduce or ravish her, the two being near-equivalent in Greek myth. He transformed himself into a tame white bull and mixed in with her father's herds. While Europa and her female attendants were gathering flowers, she saw the bull, caressed his flanks, and eventually got onto his back. Zeus took that opportunity and ran to the sea and swam, with her on his back, to the island of Crete. He then revealed his true identity, and Europa became the first queen of Crete." There are obviously many more examples of this kind of thing, Persephone (played by Monica Bellucci in The Matrix films) ties into the pomegranate MK symbolism (eating some pomegranate seeds forces her to return to her rapist Hades every year [an example of this sexual-slavery pomegranate MK symbolism in modern times is here, "Sex Kittens don't drink milk!"]), Zeus' bestial rape of Leto (interesting name meaning [Lotus] and the rape resulted in the birth of twins Artemis and Apollo) and many others (Greek mythology is largely all euphamism/sexual suggestive use of horns/snakes/etc, which obviously gives you more of an idea into the minds of the writers of our 'Classical Literature' our Universities are so obsessed with).

Found this article from the Daily Mail, cute if slightly twisted (if you get the dual meaning anyway, I taut I taw a Puddy Tat; see the 'Kittens Breaking into the Bird Cage' post), and to finish off this post [btw I did see all the blatant bird alter symbolism in Americas Next Top Model which would have been worth posting here but I think I'll leave it till the season finale see what that throws in the mix before I post on it] I wanted to show this nightclub called 'The Electric Bird Cage' (opened in 2007; sounds exactly like the kind of thing you'd use to program bird alters [an electrified human sized bird cage]), note all the expected symbolism (bird cages, duality, checkerboards, tigers, mirrors etc the carousel bar being it's focal point [designed by Shaun Clarkson]); the club has been used by Simon Cowell (always +1 kitten) and others no doubt. Another 'Bird Cage' nightclub was the target of MI5's usual psyop they do every once in a while (arrest some random, innocent Muslims; make a huge organized media show of it to have the intended psychological effect on the masses ["Grrrr, Muslims!!!! BLOODY IMMIGRANTS IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT WHY DON'T THEY LEAVE!!! I need my 'The Sun' paper for comfort."]) so people don't forget who the enemy is and who will be responsible for the next terror attack (Islamic extremists originating from Pakistan).


Anonymous said...

Ben, u will like these pics of ADRIANA LIMA. They are scary, especially the one in which shes holding a knife:


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Through your great posts and other sites, plus my own research on occultism and its documentation through art and media, I feel as though it is becoming rather abundant, blatant, and almost as if the occultists want us to decipher/understand their messages. As you've mentioned in previous posts, these symbols can serve as triggers, even for people like us (like the Manchurian Candidate). We don't know if we're hypnotized/programmed to respond to such triggers (but more than likely are given our upbringing and "babysitting" by the tel-u-vision). Maybe these negativity-mongers are casting a wide net in attempts to propagate a clusterf@ck - instill strong feminist roots into modern [lost] women then stir mass confusion by hypnotizing them into becoming sluts/sex kittens/slaves/etc. It's a brilliantly diabolical method to entice uproar and also a great way to measure how much media-based hypnotism is working.

Always good to read your work,

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say that while I don't necessarily believe your intent is to portray the occult in a bad way, occult practices are not negative by their self. Occult can be used for both good and bad.

The reason for the attack on the occult today is due to the power that can be gained from occult works and 'knowledge'. The elitists do not wish for the blinded public to waken to the knowledge that is found in the occult. 'Occult' simply means "concealed or hidden from sight". There is nothing bad about the occult.

This MK Ultra stuff is accomplished through means of occult knowledge. Obviously this is an awful way to be using the occult knowledge. Never should knowledge be used for negative or selfish purposes.

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