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Necessary Evil and Illuminati: Ordo Ab Chao

Quick post here, I've got lots of movies to cover (just got a Coraline DVD Rip yesterday so need write that up at some point [but there's obviously an infinite amount of material to cover so need to do a few posts before getting started on that, so many movies, + a couple of interesting French ones like Martyrs and Chrysalis ((+the main MK'd girl in that who is the symbolic victim in Babylon A.D.))]) but I just came across this movie 'Necessary Evil' that I thought was worth showing with Lance Henriksen ([note his childhood; ended up in childcare and such, he seems to constantly be working/never given a break] his most well-known role [for me anyway] is in the X-Files creators' 'Millennium' which is full of MK themes ((mind kontrol cults and the like)); though he's obviously been in loads of other pertinent roles [see his symbolic posters also] and I always enjoy watching him [may write this one up once I've seen]). I found it a humorous coincidence/synch that the DVD is coming out on my birthday (July 28th) in America.

Deborah Fielding, seeker of the truth, will stop at nothing to uncover the layers of corruption that lie deep within the walls of Edgewater Psychiatric Institute, even if the cost is her life. In a series of twisted events, this budding investigative journalist unlocks a Pandora's Box of deceit. As she confronts uncertainties, authorities and demons from her past, she realizes they have been dwelling closer than she thought. She finds that her seemingly perfect life is nothing more than a perfect lie.

Edit: "Reficul spelled backwards is... Oh go back to sleep... hehehe..." [great ending line to the film spoken by Lance; watch the film for the symbolic context] So I watched Necessary Evil, pretty good film (stick with it, seems a bit crap to begin with but improves a lot [some of the acting is very questionable]) though it helps to have some occult/conspiracy knowledge regarding the Nephilim/babylon and such (these themes, particularly the Nephilim [portrayed as reptilian in NE] are very relevant to things like Godkiller further down [with 'return of the nephilim'/alien type themes]); there's TONNES of MK in it also (even a hilarious prostitute/kitten scene that I found so surreal "Here comes the Kitty Kitty! Kitty wants to play with you... Meeow!" and much more serious programming aspects).
So he plays the "Doctor"/programmer at a mental institution (most have been 'madhouses', and I'm talking about the medical establishment not the patient victims subjected to electroshock and other horrors used in the more severe forms of programming) he plays a very similar role 'Dr.' [representing a Mengele type programming figure] (with the same MK programming themes of electroshocks/insane asylum and the like) in the 2004 film Madhouse [as always, note symbolism on the various posters; fractured word/letters above for example, screenshot below shows the fractured glass psychological symbolism in it also].

Last "film" with Lance in (voice-over, he does a lot for video games and such); that I wanted to post (of his countless other relevant ones worth posting on, if I catch a really blatant one on TV or whatever I may do a proper post on Lance), Godkiller is based on an interesting graphic novel, which you can read in full at it's official site.
Godkiller takes place in a dark future after economic collapse, after nuclear holy war, and after Earth is colonized by alien races. Tommy and his kid sister Lucy live in an orphanage in one of the few remaining city-states, but Lucy is critically ill and desperately in need of a new heart. Tommy's odyssey to find a new heart for his sister begins when he follows an organ-stealing prostitute named Halfpipe out of the city-state and into the savage borderland known as Outer City. Godkiller mixes unforgiving brutality, quantum physics, conspiracy theory, and secret history for an iconoclastic hero's journey like none before it.

With 'Angels and Demons' currently doing the rounds people are being really exposed to the concept of a global "Illuminati" conspiracy; it looks like things are going to get even more overt this year as they release "Illuminati: Out of Chaos Comes Order" (well known Freemasonic 'adage' Order out of Chaos/Ordo Ab Chao[see it on Pike's double headed eagle and such]).

And just as another example of an upcoming film of Lance's with MK themes (serial killer/dehumanization/caged victim/etc). Think Miley [the film is called Cyrus] as you watch.

"Baby did a bad bad thing..." [song in Kubrick's truth revealing Eyes Wide Shut (Chris Isaak's other songs have also been used in David Lynch's 100% MK movies, see Isaak's wiki)]; official video features butterfly ((Letizia is a genus of butterfly)) kitten Laetitia Casta (Edit: Fixed model confusion ((p.s. apologies for a few simple errors like that lately, dealing with some personal stuff/changes+quite sleep deprived)), I'll re-post the info that was here at a later date)].


skrambo said...

Thanks for presenting Godkiller, I'll have to keep up with that... Not because I share a name with one of the main characters or anything (he even looks like me, I remember in my early days of doing this sort of "synchronicity" research when everything I found with these symbols seemed to have some overt connection with my life, take for instance the show "Malcolm in the Middle", MM, Malcolm is my middle name, lol, even now I find it cool that we share an astrological sign), but because it's genuinely interesting and it's been a long time since I've read a graphic novel.

Lance Henriksen was also in the movie "Aliens" as an android named "Bishop", more dehumanization/robotic stuff plus added Chessboard + religion resonance. He is eventually sliced in half by an alien (masonic procedure punishment, besides the alien part, and another "butterfly split" theme, a butterfly split in crafts is when something is split symmetrically in half creating a mirror image).


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Always was intrigued by the fact that HENRIKSEN was illiterate til very late...

She was supposed to play JANE BIRKIN and she died, and JANE's daughter in real life won:


jerry_beck said...

WOW! Lance is one of my favorite actors (even if he plays mainly in crap movies) but i must say i never looked into his bio. This look really suspicious, but i know from the comic-con type of events that he is very gentle,kind, nice guy, no sign of mental problems, no scandals around him etc (so maybe programmer???, with his deep, very hipnotic/charismatic voice it's possible). He is just playing whatever he gets his hands on, it's like he don't know how to refuse (or he just like to work).

Millenium is loaded with occult stuff, as in X-Files, both from Chris Carter (readers of this site should also look into his other short lived series HARSH REALM (science fiction television series about humans trapped inside a virtual reality simulation - nothing supsicioys here isn't it :))with convicted peadophile Scott Bristow.

Ben: I was meaning to ask you for some time if you do know book from David McGowan Programmed To Kill ('s it's about serial killers and their ties with military, pretty essential MK stuff (his main "plot" is that virtually every serial killer is made to kill by MK)...if you don't know it i can hook you up with ebook i bought some time ago...

Mark Ducker said...

Wonderful article, delighted to see attention paid to Lance Henriksen and his work. Godkiller is certainly something we are keeping abreast of looks like a fantastic project. We spoke to Maddy and Anna from the team behind the project and they have been delightful to get to know. Lance has a number of occult inspire projects in the pipeline, one is very exciting, we can't wait for news of it to break. And if anyone reading this hasn't seen Millennium I urge you to, Season Two is so rich in mythology and the arcane it is a masterpiece. Look forward to reading more from you. Mark

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