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Model Flees 'Rape And Torture' By Prince

[Thanks to Chris for pointing this story out in comments, (also on Marc Rocco's death; his films are look interesting and absolute MK, he wrote 'The Jacket', directed 'Dream a Little Dream' etc [most of his film have MK themes]), here's the original link to the Manohara story 'I was drugged and abused'; I've posted Sky News' one. Obviously the general theme here is the "elite"/royalty's sociopathic mentality and how they treat "their" women. Sadly this one model is just the tip of a colossal iceberg (in terms of the elite's use of models as sex-slaves and other things that could possibly never be going on); hopefully stories like these will contribute to shattering of said iceberg when people realize what kind of people have been in charge throughout all of history. The vast majority of slaves (people forget just how misogynistic and how controlling 'elite' society has always been, wives have always been treated as dehumanized property in those social circles, while they've never had any problem screwing their mistresses/prostitutes/sex-slaves on the side) like this used by the powers that be will not have caring mothers to save them from enslavement.] Manohara Odelia Pinot is a very typical MK'd model as she started modelling at a very young age before being kidnapped from Saudi Arabia in the Prince's private jet, the Prince himself would have been abused as a child (as this behavior is testament to the sociopathic nature of those in power; most of these 'royal' families are multigeneration abuse families themselves [this explains how he could be so sadistic/sociopathic; he's just doing what he's 'learned' form his parents and what they 'learned' from their parents etc etc]). It's worth reading the wikipedia's description of the recent events (I assume this will be altered to go along with the global establishment's line later on).

Purple Sociopathic Royal (like most royalty/establishment institutions across the globe)

A teenage model has returned to her family in Indonesia with claims of abuse, rape and torture at the hands of a Malaysian prince.

Model Manohara arrives in Jakarta after alleged royal sexual abuse in Malaysia

Manohara Odelia Pinot, 17, said she was treated like a sex slave after her marriage last year to Tengku Temenggong Mohammad Fakhry, the prince of Malaysia's Kelantan state.

Her mother Daisy Fajarina said she would press charges against the prince, 31, and blamed the Malaysian and Indonesian governments for trying to cover up the alleged abuse.

"Manohara has suffered physical abuse. She's got several razor cuts on her chest," Ms Fajarina said.

"I'm like his property and I was in his room and whenever he wants to play with me he just goes into the room and plays with me" Allegations by Manohara Odelia Pinot

The Malaysian government had ignored her pleas for access to her daughter and blocked her from entering the country, she said.

The Indonesian embassy also said Manohara - a well-known socialite in Jakarta - was fine with her new husband, Ms Fajarina went on.

But Manohara insisted her life at the royal palace involved a "daily routine" of rape, abuse, torture and occasional drug injections that made her vomit blood.

Pinot welcomed home by her mother

The model said she was usually held under guard in her bedroom at the palace and was injected with tranquilisers whenever she complained.

She is back in Jakarta after escaping the royal family during a trip to Singapore over the weekend, with the help of local police.

"I've been treated like an animal [dehumanization is part of the "elite's" psychological makeup, as discussed]. I'm like his property and I was in his room and whenever he wants to play with me he just goes into the room and plays with me," she was quoted as saying in The Jakarta Globe.

The teenager's fairy-tale wedding to a prince captured the imagination of Indonesia.

But she would be tortured if she did not appear to be happy when she attended social functions with Fakhry, the model claimed.

Manohara said she secretly called Singaporean police, who allegedly warned Fakhry to let her leave after she pleaded for officers to help when the royal family took her to Singapore.

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the government would not investigate the allegations. [what a shocker!]

"We need one to two days to gather evidence before we file a lawsuit to the Malaysian police," Manohara's lawyer said.

[the above is pasted from Sky News' article]

The name Manohara means 'Stealer of the Heart', the name Odelia means 'wealth' [i.e. she's owned by] and the Hebrew definition 'I will praise God' [god=handler/programmer] and also refers to Ophelia (means a tranced girl basically [covered here with corporate slave Kylie Minogue as Ophelia in one of her videos and here with another kitten Rebecca Romijn portrayed as the tranced Ophelia]; pedophilia, this name is often used in association with MK such as the 'Alice' type figure in Pan's Labyrinth is called Ofelia); her mother is called Daisy (probably also MK'd).

"Manohara is a kinnari [part bird, part woman; adept at performing (Manohara Odelia's story here is basically the epitome of a 'caged bird', see bird cage tag for more on this + more throughout; this myth is VERY significant here, easy to interpret in relation to the story here.)] living in Mount Kailash. She is the youngest of seven daughters of the kinara king. One day, she traveled to the human realm, and got caught by a hunter, who later gave her to the king of Panchala. The prince Sudhana fell in love with her, and married her.

Later, when the prince was away in a battle for months, Manohara was flamed that she would bring bad luck to the city. She flew away, back to the kinnara kingdom. However, she left a ring and a direction to the kinnara kingdom to a rishi, so that prince Sudhana could follow her.

Prince Sudhana came back from the battle and followed her. It was a long and adventurous journey. He had to pass a lot of tests of strength, perseverance, and wit until he finally found Manohara, and lived happily ever after." [wiki Manohara (typical mythology where women are treated as property (('given' to the king then the prince 'falls in love'/wants her for himself; Manohara's 'falling in love' with the Prince in the myth is a standard fairy-tale)), even by the supposed 'good side')]

For more on this type of revealed 'elite' usage of famous models and such as sex-slaves see 'Popstars slaying reveals hidden world' post (Middle East "elite" use of famous 'celebrity' sex slaves) and 'South Korean Actress Commits Suicide; Used as a Sex Slave for the Elite' (more in Asia); hopefully there's a picture shaping of just how global the problem is and how much the establishment is invested in keeping such things under wraps because they're the ones perpetrating most of it.


Dedroidify said...

I apologize up front, but LOL at first I thought how is Prince (the singer) going to rape anybody ;)

Anonymous said...

PINOT, like the wine... PINAULT, like SALMA HAYEK's husband/handler...


Anonymous said...

Ben I read about this film today - you must do a write up
(review by Metro)
French writer/director Pascal Laugier takes torture porn to new depths with this disturbing Gallic horror that many will struggle to consider entertainment.

It leaves you cold from the start, with a bleeding kidnap victim fleeing her tormentors.

Fifteen years later, said victim knocks on the door of the couple responsible and shoots them and their children. What seems to be a simple revenge storyline then takes an even darker turn as the nasty truth behind her abduction is revealed; in a nutshell, it involves a secret society and sadistic experimentation on young women.
Laugier might believe this tale is justified by its eschatological theme but that doesn't change the fact it's essentially 95 minutes of graphic brutality beyond belief with no ray of light at the end of it all.

Credit must go to Mylène Jampanoï and Morjana Alaoui for their chilling portrayals of the victims

Anonymous said...


Benjamin S said...

Martyrs is high up on my list of stuff to post on; it's VERY revealing, extremely shocking, compelling and very well put together. I mentioned it here/linked to the trailer. It's all about the eyes... there'll be some interesting/shocking HQ screen captures (got the blu-ray) to show a lot of these horrific, yet truthful themes (well-connected cults/secret societies who have been doing this stuff throughout history [torture/mental effects, it's not hard for torturers throughout history to recognize "that look" (glazed over eyes/dissociation) in the victims eyes, though they give it a spin of the 'secret society' are deluded and only trying to achieve a spiritual/'see the other side'/transcendental experience in the victims ((you have to read into a lot of it as usual in movies, as being symbolic/allegorical of what's going on in reality which I'll go into))]) Though maybe I should start writing about serious issues like the "expenses scandal" instead ;P (sorry, only UK residents will get that; the media focusing on such a non-issue putting the masses in a manufactured uproar, it's very funny to watch)

Benjamin S said...

Interesting pin you've got there Kanye West! [double headed eagle Chanel pin (remember in Ms Coco's famous Paris apartment it also has the double headed eagle motif, on a MIRROR)]

Anonymous said...

^^You know that's just really sick. When a BLACK man whose ancestors were raped and enslaved by the royal dynasties whose symbol that belongs to wears their emblems today liek he's one of them.

Just sick. Kanye is a f****** fool

Anonymous said...

Take a look at CASEY PARTRIDGEs tats:


skrambo said...

It's the deformed eagle again...! The Coco Chanel (33 channel/trance-mission?) thing is also a Vesica Pisces, in short it's a vagina... So, add up "vagina" plus "two heads/split identity" and you have "mind controlled sex slave" (probably signifying something he undoubtedly owns)

The stuff about "Ophelia" is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Cyrus family:


Anonymous said...

Britney attempst to sabotage robot status

jerry_beck said...

I watched yesterday MARTYRS and it's shocking movie, certainly not for all...main plot with looking for 'that look' is ofcourse ridicoulous, but when they torture this poor girl i have this feeling that they blink to us...this is like handbook of HOW TO MAKE A DISSOCIATION, this love/hate treatment of this girl is 100% what said Springmaier in his books...i'm just thinking whole day what's was the purpose of this film... i have some kind of hope that this is uncontrolled message from inside, where director, writer, producer etc is passing this warning, wake up call to us...but on other hand nothing on tv and cinema is has BIG BUDGET all over place, fantastic cinematography (if this was some underground production for 2/3k one could think this was uncontrolled, like SALO from Pasolini which is as a movie CRAP but shows veeery much (and he died for this)...this is just perversive, sick joke i'm afraid...we do this and no one can stop us...or can we??

Anonymous said...

After following the link provided by the earlier commentor (about Cyrus family) and then links within, I hope Miley Cyrus' little sister is not being turned into another Miley. They have her dressed in black & white alot and what looks like a pink tutu. Could be innocent but in that family I doubt it.

48lawsNdreams said...

QUOTE (from above comment): "^^You know that's just really sick. When a BLACK man whose ancestors were raped and enslaved by the royal dynasties whose symbol that belongs to wears their emblems today liek he's one of them.

Just sick. Kanye is a f****** fool"

AMEN! that is how i feel every time i think of Kanye, Nas, Jay, etc. It makes me sick this is going on in general, but for our Black men to be a part of it (and the funny part is-- the REAL elite, the real Nazis are using them as pawns anyway and are laughing at them because they're not apart of the elite's planned evolution of pure blond-blue eyed transhumans!) is ridiculous. Shame how we've been blinded to follow the oppressors standards of success-- lusting for material wealth that Lucifer promises us. I don't excuse any of it, but I ESPECIALLY hate to a Black or other colored man involved, thinking he's "in" when he's just as much a pawn....

48lawsNdreams said...

Another thing: this post made me think about Indian/Hindi actress Aishwarya Rai...perhaps you could do a study on Bollywood-- I'm sure it's full of such intrigue as I've heard the Bollywood machine is intimately tied with the "Mafia" and actresses specifically "chosen" at their whims....but if that's just what ordinary people have been "leaked", I know the real truth is deeper and more sinister.

Anyway, Aishwarya Rai is like the top Bollywood actress, on a pop/mainstream level. She is married to Abiskek BUT I remember reading headlines about...a year ago...that "revealed" she was only married to Abiskeh to cover up that she was "in love with" HIS father. Now I am inclined to believe the marriage is a cover-up but more disgustingly is to cover up the fact that Abishek's father is her (and his?) REAL handler and Abishek is just used to fool the public. Would anyone agree with me? Just sharing my suspicion. Ben, If you have any thoughts on Bollywood and/or the Aishwarya situation, please let me know...

Benjamin S said...

Jerry, great points; I'll be going down that route in the post. Coincidentally I actually have that Salo thing on blu-ray also (dehumanization on the cover pretty much tells you what it's about though I had no idea about it [bought a bunch of blu-rays I thought looked MKish when I bought a new pc recently; to have HQ screen caps for posts on them like Paprika]) still in the wrapper... maybe I should rip it open. Also I watched that Horsemen film, by the Jonas guy who directed GaGa's Paparazzi and it's also pretty revealing (themes of child abuse etc); certainly feels like the 'veil is being lifted'.

Yo Tommy, here is Kanye's Kitten; Amber Rose [had these images for a while, I'll probably post the double headed eagle image + some more if they go overboard with Kanye's next video]

Wow Chris thanks a lot for that I think :| I hadn't seen those but had planned on posting some images of Noah in my next MC post, those ones are so blatant ;S (here's a little preview [skullandbones+cherry+pentagram+flower+crown+piercedheart]). In Noah's Ark, she must be a cat (on her pink short shorts). I recently watched a bio thing on Miley and saw that she (and Noah) was in a cheerleading group the Premier Tennessee panthers... (you can just about make out the word 'Panthers' in the 'and noah' link at 0:06) I realize that's all pretty F'd up (how are those cheerleading outfits/lipstick/etc appropriate for children of that age?; and those Noah images that were linked to are even worse); but it's necessary to show just how twisted the situation is I feel [growing up in one of Tennessee's many isolated 'ranches' must be hell (I saw Hannah Montana movie btw; some very pertinent scenes including a hugely MK symbolic revolving door scene and such, cover all this stuff soon probably)].

48lawsNdreams you make some really stellar points in all your comments thanks a lot; Bollywood would definitely be something interesting to look into. The only actress from Bollywood I've heard of (I can't really comment on Rai but I'm sure there's definitely something to it no doubt) is Shilpa Shetty so did a quick look... PETA's ["beaten lonely and abused"] is as usual the most blatant.

P.S. Next post has been a bit in limbo; sorting out some personal shit, should be back to normal in a few days/week.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

DAVID CARRADINE, dead by suicide/hung... R.I.P...

Btw, have u heard of the TORONTO (IL)LUMINATO FESTIVAL? Its gonna happen these days anyway and CIRQUE DU SOLEIL will be there too...


jerry_beck said...

"sitting in a wardrobe with a rope around his neck and genitals"

You don't tie a rope around your own genitals to commit suicide... you just don't, that's really strange thing (there was reports with genitals thing at first but not now, like they released something they wasn't suppose to and now cover it up)...72 years and suicide? there is something strange in this...ofcourse i could be wrong R.I.P. David, you was always a great movie villain...

Benjamin S said...

Very sad to hear about David Carradine (compels me to write-up Kill Bill; just watched the end with Uma at the end "THE LIONESS HAS REJOINED HER CUB AND ALL IS RIGHT IN THE JUNGLE" then listing all her AKA's), though jerry I think it is more than likely that he did die from screwing up auto-erotic asphyxiation (though the fact that he needs to do that to get off says a lot about the mental state of these actors) which that is referring to I guess.

akaider said...

Sup Ben, lil update on the Berlusconi scandal

the internet age hasn't been kind to our overlords! lol
guaranteed there's much more dirt right below the surface...

akaider said...

Links on Sara Ziff's fashion expose

"The irony is that the women in Picture Me may be earning large amounts of money - Schell laughingly recalls piles of cash like you see in movie scenes - but they seem to have little power over their lives. "You become this living doll," says Ziff. Every decision is made by someone else."

Benjamin S said...

Cheers mate, great links. Saw the Berlusconi photos story on Sky too so made that into a post just now, glad someones finally come out of the fashion industry with a film like that showing how fucked up it is, it's about time! Probably post something on it tomoz.

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