Friday, 1 May 2009

Crashing the Monarchs

Quick post on the recent car crash in front of a bunch of Dutch Monarchs felt very symbolic to me; with the car plowing through people, all the glass shattering (see this post for car crash MK), through bicycles and then into a phallic monument. They have no idea what the motive was, other than he was pissed at losing his job and apparently he was targeting the royal family; this reeks of the kind of thing they'd send an MK'd individual to do (similar to suicide bombers) but who knows, he had no history of mental illness so we'll wait and see what more comes out (if you have any additional info on any of this please comment).

Princess Maxima is the one with the black feather head-thing.

I also found this a strange synch as doing some research (aka googling) for a post before the event occurred I found out that one of the onlooking ("in horror") Dutch Monarchs, Princess Maxima (note her Argentinian father's career in politics/big business [aided significantly by his daughter's Monarch enslavement]; she married the Prince of Orange [also the monarch colour]) actually had a butterfly tattoo of her own (looks like it was a temporary one for that event or something [like Salma Hayek], more images here)! This was a day or two before the crash, I didn't really pay attention to which nation she was a Princess of at the time. The event was 'Queens Day', the concept of patriotism and worshiping a Monarch (the very existence of it also) is something that has always baffled me; but the day was cut short in a fitting way in my opinion (death and destruction; RIP to the innocent victims).

Long-term readers will remember the below image well when I posted it here, this relates nicely to recent posts also as 'butterflies on the head' has popped up a lot lately and this is obviously a very clear example of that (they are specifically Monarch butterflies also). This is Princess Beatrice; the above celebrations were for Monarch Queen Beatrix [Beatrice/Beatrice; all royal families are essentially the same entity].

This Princess is not only a butterfly, but also a leopard! (That is Maxima with her Prince husband)

Churning out lots of Monarchs for the bloodline!

Two checkered Monarchs, Princess Maxima and Belgium's Princess Mathilde (pictured below, at the end of March she visited Mexico... and then came Swine Flu in April!).

Being blue blooded assholes, Maxima and the Prince walked over a blue carpet (symbolizing their blue bloodline [royalty/aristocracy/'elite']) for their wedding on February 2nd 2002 (2222; standard obsessive ritual behavior of these sociopathic class).


Anonymous said...

To go with the brainwash/mk angle, read somewhere the guy driving the car had gotten a mohawk hair cut like the Taxi Driver character and similar clothing style of high boots, probably combat boots.

Anonymous said...

Take into account the date this event happened: Beltane/Illuminati society creation (officially), so a sacrifice should have been done (remember Maddie's disappearance was around the same day).


aferrismoon said...

carcrash on CORONATION street set



Anonymous said...

Ben, try cover some time the case of JONATHAN BRANDIS. Thank u:)


Loren Coleman said...

Great minds are seeing through the fog, and perceive similar twilight language.

Good job here.

Yes, see also below...

The man who drove his car into a crowded Dutch royal parade, targeting Queen Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, had shaved his hair into a Mohawk, like the homicidal anti-hero of the film Taxi Driver, before launching the attack.

Intriguingly, there are also links here to the Masonic obelisk, Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, Hitler Youth, the Wehrmacht, John Hinckley, Jr., and Mena, Arkansas.

More details,


Anonymous said...

Please feel free to compare the following pictures of Prince Willem-Alexander with the actual video footage:

Notice any difference? Me neither....

Ioana said...

Chris, I wonder if our country is in the same shit....just saw this pic, didn't know the girl, then I googled her name, went to images and found lots of pics of hers like this one...

Gabriela Maria Vlad

Ioana said...

@9:49 anonymous: OMG! Good photoshop....Thanks for noticing
I repost the links you gave us in URL format, it is easier for people this way ;)
Maxima and prince Willem-Alexander-pic1Maxima and prince Willem-Alexander-pic2

Anonymous said...

Our country is in the same shit and whats worse is that were one of the dumbest. Westerners especially are waking up, but here its like "paradise", if u know what I mean. Anyway, somehow were beginners in such things IMO but we must align to the "normality", rite? We stink to high heaven either.


Ioana said...

Ouch, I really want to talk to you then.
Please contact me:

Anonymous said...

The guy in the grey suit (Prince?) looks like he is thinking 'hey, everything went according to plan'. Pleased rather than shocked.

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