Tuesday 14 April 2009

Lana Unleashed!

So I saw the news late last night that someone in the music industry has finally been convicted of something! Phil Spector shot his long-term kitten, Lana Clarkson in the head. Murdoch's Sky News showed images of her in Barbarian Queen and other images of her (like the above one) so it was obvious she was a kitten and I should do a quick image post. I don't have the energy to go through Phil Spector's life, all the MK'd people he worked for, all the details of the case (probably some symbolic times/names/places and such involved) and his own MK himself (had a history of mental illness, he also had a history of abusing women so he's obviously guilty of a lot [and this murder too probably]), he describes himself as "relatively insane", as far as I am concerned the real criminals will never be seen publicly (though this guy is obviously very guilty too here). The name Lana, like I'd just posted on Lena Headey, it comes from 'light' in Greek ('precious' in german and others) [the Superman character Lana Lang immediately comes to my mind anyway when I think of the name, in Smallville she was played by a KK pixie Kristin Kreuk (her TV movie Snow White is worth looking at, I randomly caught on tv a while ago and it was full of the usual stuff)].
Anyway Lana, in perhaps her most blatant MK role as "'Alpha Beta' Princess of the Moon" (I shit you not) in "Amazon Women on the Moon" (pictured below), the film looks very suspect from all the different actors involved and the general insane theme going on in it (+MK symbolic poster [things (top hat wearing reptilian and such) coming out of a Mummy's head]).

Remember 'Femme Fatales' (in the literal sense) are usually programmed delta-beta slaves (assassin-sex), hear she is portrayed as most kittens are, [I found this image on her official site (gallery 1), it looks like it could be Michelle Pfeiffer though (Catwoman in Burton's Batman), confusing but her name is mentioned so the suggestion is still there (Pfeiffer was in Scarface btw, Clarkson also had a bit-part in the film as a dancer in the Babylon Club)] as Catwoman (see posts with others; struggling to link to them [I should label better] but here is a pretty recent one).

She played Dr. Sarah Bellum with her evil alter-ego 'Mindbender' in 'Black Scorpion' (not her on above cover, but note purple etc) TV series. Obviously, Sarah Bellum is a play on words of Cerebellum (sounds exactly the same yes?): "The cerebellum (Latin for little brain) is a region of the brain that plays an important role in the integration of sensory perception, coordination and motor control." So obvious MK here in this role, below is a life-size doll head featuring her 'Mindbender' mask (note the leopard-print table).

A standard Oz-type programming movie 'Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II' here which she featured in as Amathea (amathea is a species of butterfly).

This film 'The Haunting of Morella' also appears to be MK: "A witch is put to death in Colonial America, leaving her husband and infant daughter behind. Seventeen years later, the daughter has grown up and stands to inherit money set up by her mother's family. Now that the stage is set, the mother wants to return to life by taking over her daughter's body."

But she was a young fashion model before all that.

In Barbarian Queen [No man can touch her Naked Steel (swords are obvious phallic symbolism)] she often wears cave-woman style leopard print (saw it on TV but can't find images now), but obviously she is treated in the usual manner subjected to bondage/rape and such (below [note the robot hand], you can watch the scene here).

Speaking of bondage (this isn't strictly connected), Dollhouse finally got round to putting Eliza in the dominatrix/bdsm alter-personality I've discussed a number of times (decided not to post every week on it; I will probably write up when the DVD comes out [check out my previous posts on some of them though, click Dollhouse], I hear they chickened out of airing the final episode [helped by their 'legitimate reason'] of the series anyway). The programmer was dressed in a yellow owl t-shirt in this episode for more blatant symbolism (I'll be going into more detail of these episodes in future posts; I'll try and post anything as blatant as this in similar quick posts).

I found this interesting from here, as all Marilyn Kittens, she takes MM as her 'idol': "Two months before she was killed, after a long drought in which she had appeared only in downmarket TV commercials, she had landed a part in a play called Brentwood Babes by John Barons. It was about famous dead blondes [this leans me more towards the ritual sacrifice angle], including Sharon Tate and Nicole Brown Simpson. She had been cast as her idol, Marilyn Monroe. Many actresses and models idolise Marilyn - Anna Nicole Smith, for instance, who reportedly told friends that she wanted to be buried next to Monroe in Westwood, not realising that Hugh Hefner had already bought the plot." That article seems to have a lot of good information on Phil Spectors life/mental state that is defintely worth reading (just read parts myself). Anyway, a few more images of her as a leopard kitty, it's no coincidence that her official site (note the company 'Living Doll Productions' [you can also see it in the top left corner of the 'Lana Unleashed' poster/cover at the top], huge hint) and myspace/public tributes (see below image) etc are covered in the stuff.

These images (and one other further up) come from the same set as the top symbolic poster (two beams of light making a V, HOLLYWOOD, star, leopard-print, red shoes, suitcase etc) heading up this post

Such dedication!

Her bedroom was decorated in the usual kitten way, lots of Marilyn Monroe photos, leopard print, red etc.

Watching the news conference, also no surprise to see all her representatives wearing leopard-print ribbons in memory of this kitten.


Anonymous said...

of course we all know what is done with unwanted kittens, right? they are drowned or otherwise disposed of as excess baggage. Good to see Specter go away for this.

Anonymous said...

No sane beautiful/pretty woman would have hung up with a scum/ugly shit like this (or HOWARD STERN for instance). Sure his magnetism isnt in his eyes or appearance, lol. From wiki: "Spector's domineering attitude led to the dissolution of their marriage. Bennett was forbidden to speak to the Rolling Stones or tour with the Beatles, for fear of infidelity. Bennett claims Spector showed her a gold coffin with a glass top in his basement, promising to kill and display her should she leave him. During Spector's reclusive period in the late 1960s, he reportedly kept his wife locked inside their mansion. She claimed he also hid her shoes to dissuade her from walking outside, and kept the house dark because he didn't want anyone to see his balding head. Spector's son later claimed that he was kept locked in his room, with a pot in the corner to be used as a toilet. Ronnie Spector did leave the producer and filed for divorce in 1972. She wrote a book about her experiences, and said years later, "I can only say that when I left in the early 1970s, I knew that if I didn't leave at that time, I was going to die there" [3]. She and Spector separated in 1973 and divorced one year later."


mal said...

Great info, as always.

You might find this story in the New York Times about how Disney attempts to get into kids heads interesting.

Disney Expert Uses Science to Draw Boy Viewers

Anonymous said...

Take notice of the "Barack Obama Rocks" button Spector is wearing.


skrambo said...

Lana backwards is Anal. Notice how most of the time she is dressed in Red, color of the "root chakra".

OnlinePosterPrinting.Com said...

This is a great post. And great thread of choices! I love the designs, very artistic. Thanks, enjoyed reading this!

Anonymous said...

Jew rocker Billy Joel did a song 'All for Lana'
all for anal? another Billy Joel
song 'Say Goodbye To Hollywood', was
"I remember Ronnie Spector talking about this song on a late night show(possibly rick dees into the night), and saying that it was written for her by Billy Joel and had to do with her"escaping" from Phil Spector because he was keeping her "captive" in their L.A. mansion."
- JR, philadelphia, PA

Anonymous said...

at times I wonder if these 'cat walk' girls are even modeling clothes. Maybe what they are really modeling is the look of an mk slave, to accustom us all to it. Notice the gaunt, pale, bodies. The dark circles under the eyes, the demeanor of total ....... who knows. Its not pleasant. Its like they are conditioning us all for our future look of concentration-camp chic.
and the term 'cat-walk' speaks for itself. A pet cat is a possession, a domesticated, docile, possession.

Anonymous said...

Who is Phil Spector? According to CrimeLibrary.com (Notorious Murders/Celebrity Crimes) in an article titled I'M TOO EVIL, we read...

"Throughout his career, Spector embraced his public image as a 'mad genius,' but a more sinister image began to emerge as his preeminence as a hitmaker was challenged. Stories of his eccentricities found their way to the press, painting a picture of a demented recluse haunting his California castle.

Jeffrey Ressner in Time Europe reported that Spector 'took to running around his hilltop mansion in a Batman costume.' Spector allegedly kept a "glass coffin in his basement" and swore that if his wife 'Ronnie ever left him, he would kill her and display her body like Snow White's.'

In Mark Ribowsky's biography of Spector, songwriter Doc Pomus said that Spector would typically change his clothes four times a day and 'each time he'd have a different gun to match the outfit.'

Four weeks after Lana Clarkson's death, Spector told the London Daily Telegraph, 'I take medication for schizophrenia, but I wouldn't say I'm schizophrenic. I have a bipolar personality, I'm my own worst enemy. I have devils inside that fight me.' " (emphasis added)

"In a 2000 interview, Vanity Fair asked Phil Spector what his greatest fear was.

'That God won't let me into heaven because I'm too evil,' he said, 'and that the Devil won't let me into hell because he's afraid that I'll take over.'

Perhaps the most condemning charges came from Spector's two adopted sons, Donte and Gary Spector, who revealed horrors from the childhoods to the Mail in December 2003. 'For years, we were just caged animals to be let out for Dad's amusement,' Donte Spector said. Their father's abusive behavior toward them increased after his divorce from Ronnie Spector.

Donte claimed that as a child, 'he was forced to perform simulated intercourse with his father's girlfriend.' At the age of 9, he was blindfolded and handcuffed 'for her amusement.'

Gary Spector said that he was also blindfolded and sexually molested, told by his father that it would be a 'learning experience.'

The brothers concurred that they were held prisoner on Spector's estate where the windows in the house were secured with bars and barbed wire. 'We were locked in our separate rooms by our governess, let out for breakfast, then taken to school by guards,' Gary said." (emphasis added)

Sara said...

Good post once again Ben. Have you happen to catch America's NExt top model yesterday. It was SOOOO much 'kitten programming' suggestives in that last episode it was unfunny. The models had to also had to do a 'photoshoot' with fellow monarch slave, R&B singer, Ciara. The girls were wrapped in some time of coils that looked like snakes....i'm guessing this is NOT a mistake. Also, Jay and one of the judges kept making remarks about Goddesses, 'Bird of Paradise' and kittens. It is all so fascinating and scary as hell at thes same time. keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

And the symbolic occult handsigns there of course.A double El Cornuto in one and a double Wiccan Moon Goddess in another.

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