Friday, 3 April 2009

Houses for Cats

[Apologies if I'm wrong in assuming prostitution (the girls waiting behind window, images below should give you some clue!) goes on here behind closed doors (majority of dancers are just regular people not involved or aware of any of it, they only need a dozen or so sex-slaves to function as a 'cat house' aka brothel)] This post isn't ordered very well, the reason for the Luxor shots (I try to make things more interesting with pictures in symbolic/ritualistic order [recycled 'into the light/illuminated capstone' images from a CSI post]) is because Cathouse is located inside the Luxor Hotel/Resort ([Las Vegas'/Sin City's own illuminist pyramid as everyone knows] added a few more images in above to make this clear) which opened a couple of years ago replacing the ISIS and Sacred Sea Room restaurants, obviously Luxor (Lux=light) is loaded with occult architecture/themes (the Egyptian illuminist pyramid, obelisk, guarded by a giant sphinx [cat-body; lots of cats in/around the pyramid it seems, quite Bast-centric] etc etc [see wiki for more info on Luxor]).

Spot Dita! And other kittens from history (also those beauty mirrors feature a lot, including on the banner of CatHouse further up with a kitten looking into it), note the black cat in the middle picture. Another night club in Las Vegas that was probably likely involved in sex-trafficking/prostitution was the 'Late Night Empire' (now permanently closed [check out the myspace gallery for kitten images]) evidenced by it's gold double headed eagle (at it's simplest level, just another 'elite'/empire symbol [but please see posts for Freemasonry + other relevant connections) logo (it was probably supplied a lot girls from Albanian sex-traffickers).

Edit: Wasn't sure if this was too obvious to mention but; Dollhouse/Cathouse.

This year old story isn't in very good English (because it's from Pakistan) but you can obviously get the gist of it ('elite' using sex-slaves in brothels [extremely effective tool for the powers that be in blackmailing politicians and such], and the 'cat' name relating to cat/kitten sex [beta] programming [p.s. I have no problem with brothels in general but when there's obviously abuse, trafficking and programming/drugs involved and they are all controlled/used by a small section of society it is obviously a bad thing]), I've included a video from Las Vegas' own Cat House (+ auditions of the bevvy of wannabe kittens) located inside the illuminist's pyramid/Luxor hotel (again note the keyhole symbolism [in the A, A's are often used as symbolic pyramids such as in the Coraline poster with an eye in the capstone] I talked about in the Disney post [easily synched up to a commenters observation on old style keyholes from that post, as it is located inside a pyramid], their "lingerie clad staff delivering an experience unlike any other in Las Vegas" are the cats/kittens). [P.s. Is it just me or did virtually every newspaper today in the UK announce the "New World Order" (exact words were used as the headline on at least 2 papers) proudly on their front pages...?] Danielle Dax has a song called 'Cathouse', interesting video in black/white spiralish clothing and plenty of MK imagery (mirror symbolism/dissorientation/spinning head etc).

Jenna performing at the Cathouse.

Various mainstream kittens showed up for the opening of 'Cat House' such as Jenna Jameson (Tito Ortiz wrestler, probably MK'd; Jenna is definitely MK'd [see memories of being raped and traumatized when young, most experiences will have been blocked out though; her and her family's use of LSD/heroin/etc also suggest MK; like Dita she also did a suggestive 'animal birth control' shoot for PETA]) and Tera Patrick [I'd rather not post my sex-kitten/MK suggestive images of these two, but there are a lot out there (for future 18+ blog (did not know ultra-sex kitten Carmen Electra's real name was Tara Leigh Patrick; obviously fits though, a tonne of suggestive images out there on her which I'll probably get to in this blog)] with current handler, one of her porn star directors (and actor) Evan Seinfeld (see his role in Oz,seal of solomon tattoo etc), clearly just by looking at him you can tell he's an all round nice guy!

Naturally Tera (like them all it seems; they can't help it ;p) is big Hello Kitty fan (Kelly also is, see the post I linked to her), here's Terra's trip to the Disneyland of Hello Kitty effectively ("Kitty's House").

See 'Pink Panthers' post for more on Kelly's kitten programming. Adrien Brody (The Jacket and loads of MK movies) with his porcelain kitten Elsa Pataky (Elsa, El is a Hebrew name for god and the name literally means "My God is a Vow", similar to Eliza etc), a Spanish model (few images below for necessary background). There were a few other people who showed up like Jaime King (interesting tattoos, named after the Bionic Woman [which I think is probably the reason for the other Jaime's like Jaime Pressley], etc) I could post on but no time, might add in tomorrow (need to do a quick movie post then get stuck into the Disney one ASAP).

A Sun and Moon (note her crescent moon tattoo on show in the below symbolic snake shoot).

Elsa was of course in Snakes on a Plane; offering up wonderful opportunities for them to do some more obviously suggestive (snake = phallus amongst other things [i.e. original sin etc]) photo shoots!

[Link to article; a year old but obviously still very relevant. (there are probably lots of other examples, I just stumbled on this one randomly the other day)]

"Cats and dogs are everywhere so why astonish at such houses? Islamabad is bubbling with brothel houses, massage parlours and such rakish dens. The current raid on Cat House Club in Islamabad is just a tip of the iceberg.

This Cat House was launched as beauty parlour and boutique house, then gradually it got converted into dancing club, then night club and then a full blown brothel house. This evolutionary process wasn’t got completed in a single day, rather it took some months.

Many ministers, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, top businessmen and bigwigs of Islamabad were the regular customers and patrons of this sex club of Islamabad. When police raided the brothel house it arrested many naked men and women dancing dipped in liquor telling the stories of enlightened moderation. These arrested top shots included a newly elected MNA from Muzzaffargarh and a diplomat of a friendly country. [more on politicians/diplomats arrested but released due to political pressure, and how there were girls trafficked from China and Russia there; at this link]

Saturday night was considered a special night on the Cat House, and girls were supplied for this occassion from the sex racket in Lahore, and it was a norm in this club. Now the thing is that it’s a common knowledge that such brothels and whorehouses are present in many places of our cities especially in Islamabad, so what does that show? Do we as a society want to have such things? or is it an elite which wants it?"

Here's the raid from a year ago; not very dramatic but worth a look (it's obviously a sad situation we're in when police raids like these obviously make the girls' situations worse than they already are).


Anonymous said...

So, you're not against brothels. Do you think any woman who is free would be raped for a living?

J.A. said...

You mentioned PETA, so I wanted to share a "fun-fact": Their headquarters is near me, and I've recently discovered that PETA has routinely murdered thousands of animals. They accept them from owners who believe they'll find a new home for their pets. PETA find homes for only a fraction of the animals. The rest, murdered, thrown in a walk-in freezer until final disposal. PETA, when confronted, actually claims these are all "damaged beings" and they are doing what is truly "humane". They say they lack the budget to help these animals. Their annual budget: around 32 million.

Take care Ben, appreciate the work.

Stephen Morgan said...

I just wanted to point out the janus-symbolism of the two-headed eagle.

Doughnut said...

PETA: Where only the women are treated like meat.

Unknown said...

evan seinfeld, tera patrick's husband, was in a violent brooklyn skinhead-style crossover hardcore band in the 90s called BIOHAZARD. i just read: "He spent his early summers with his parents at Camp Lokanda in Glen Spey, NY where his father was the girls' head counselor."
from the wikipedia entry.
and the nazi-friendly jewish thug in oz is a safe match, not difficult for him to pull that off convincingly.

Unknown said...

also, ive been meaning to sit and read this:

Anonymous said...

I'm from Pakistan...and I'm shocked. Disgusted. Dumb hoars...that sounds judgmental but, coming from Pakistan, some women there are brought up to be damn cows, cus the men there are really stupid =| I love Pakistan, and all of what I've seen there was normal day-to-day life, so you can understand why I would shocked. My gosh...

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