Monday, 20 April 2009

The mad hatter: Lady GaGa shows off her latest fashion fetish

When appearing on a radio show, clothing is the last thing a celebrity needs to worry about. [Daily Mail article link (posting for the butterflies, black/white duality, Alice in Wonderland suggestion etc). I can barely bring myself to cover this doll :| I just find her so incredibly depressing, I kind of hoped people might pick up on her dirty as fuck and MK suggestive lyrics her songs have and her obviously programmed demeanor; but alas she is apparently "original", "inventive" and with "her own sense of style". Riiight. Check out some of her previous videos (assuming they're still working, you can always google if they don't) at my previous posts on her, and the other video I haven't posted is at the end of the post, usual sex-doll suggestions and such]

But not being seen on radio was no reason for Lady GaGa to give up her usual immaculate appearance as she arrived at the BBC Radio 1 studios to discuss her new single Paparazzi.

As a bona fide style chameleon, the singer doesn't hang on to one fashion for long.

After sporting a variety of inventive hairstyles in recent months, the eccentric New Yorker decided to give her locks a rest and showed off her new fashion fetish for hats.

Hat's entertainment: Lady GaGa flew into London last night in a black straw hat, and sported another black and white hat this morning [poor butterfly ;S, they are even on her shoes]

The 23-year-old arrived in London last week to promote her new single and to celebrate the success of her debut album The Fame, which has been at the top of the UK album charts for three weeks.

After a brief sojourn to Germany over the weekend, Lady GaGa returned to London last night sporting her newest accessory - a black star hat.

The hat was pinned up off the singer's face with white butterflies attached to it, matching her butterfly-adorned leather gloves.

Tea party: The singer arrived at the Radio One studios carrying her favourite cup and saucer [added older picture in purple wig below, something fishy about that 'tea cup' no doubt (like Britney and Co I assume she has a British alter, probably something to do with that; also Alice in Wonderland mad tea party etc)]

This morning, the pop star showed off another item from her hat collection - a black and white stripey number.

In contrast to her recent risqué sheer and minuscule outfits she is famous for wearing, the Let's Dance star has been going for the 'lady who lunches' look in recent days.

Entering the Blakes hotel in Kensington last night, the star - real name Stefani Joanne Germanotta - wore a white puffball skirt and black v-neck top with her oversized hat and sunglasses.

[Like Katy Perry, she also released an album under her real name (Katy Perry/Hudson; see split mind cover in the linked post) with expected themes (red and blue important colours [combined make purple ((see her purple hair streak below))], one eye covered [one of her trademark standard illuminist slave ritual posing, one eye covered/encircled/whatever] by hair 'Something Crazy' etc) before she was almost literally turned into a doll.]

Lip service: The eccentric star had her mouth painted into a puckered pout

Arriving at the Radio 1 studios this morning to perform during Jo Whiley's Live Lounge, GaGa looked like she was going to a wedding or Ascot in her white suit and hat combination.

She added a touch of eccentricity with Geisha-girl style [also doll style] lipstick and carrying a China cup.

Lady GaGa has a fondness for a patterned china tea cup and saucer and was left distraught last week when she temporarily misplaced it.

Don't rain on her parade: Lady GaGa was sheltered by an umbrella even though the sky was clear

She left the cup and saucer at Nobu last Friday and sent a black cab to the restaurant to collect it once she realised her error.

Her spokesperson said: 'Lady GaGa does not want to reveal anything about the teacup itself, but drinking ginger tea is very good for singers.' [All this batshit insanity should give some people a clue something isn't quite right...]

As well as appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week, she is also set to appear on The Paul O'Grady Show later this week.

Writing on her Twitter micro-blogging page last night, she said: 'En route airplane, back to London.

'Can't wait for Paul O'Grady and to flutter around the beautiful city [she is a butterfly; the internet adds a very interesting dimension to celebrity Monarch slaves], I love you my amazing UK fans.'

[Anyway, the below video for Love Game I should post with her wearing chainmail and cage style metallic glasses, phallic light stick, standard GaGa electroshock symbolism, she is encrusted with jewels (a la Britney Toxic), standard black bondage/biker hat (with one eye hat tilt), the crotch grad (Michael Jackson-esque) that ends the video is significant also, I'm mainly posting for the lyrics (i.e. "Don't think too much just bust that stick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.") though (also didn't the word "love" used to actually mean something? probably before I was born).

Chanel's interlocking C's are very symbolic (see Chanel post)

Lady Gaga - LoveGame
Uploaded by LadyGaga

Quickly to show the MK used by her handlers (set designers/managers/actual MK handlers all have a say, the performer virtually never does) in concert, shattered mirror is the major theme in it (also note her pink/purple hair streak; black/white duality, if you watch the second video down you'll see all the usual one eyed shots/mirror symbolism in the intro videos). Not sure if I need to say it every time but it shows her shattered mind, don't forget 'gaga' is an expression used on someone who is "crazy" (so mental illness/MK suggestion).

The above article tells of her Catholic school upbringing, then onto stripping, drugs etc; now a world star (she went to the same school as Paris Hilton and others, big hint).

Couple of earlier shots here of Stefani (Gaga), below rocking the tranny hooker look (note disco ball [fractured mirrorball] zebra-print and such) with 'Lady Starlight' (see below).

Again Lady GaGa + Starlight (note leopard-print, iron maiden [torture device], phallic mushroom etc).

She seems to be twinned with 'Lady Starlight' or something (Starlight is in red shoes + love those horns ;).

She wears a lot of black latex catsuits (+note the chains).

GaGa in black latex catsuit + ballet fetish boots.

Headache Ms Gaga?

Are they fucking serious?! [worth clicking both (hand of fatima, mannequin-thing (("The World's most fashionable Scarecrow!", so oz programming)) wink, etc usual kitten suggestions "purring" and such in the left page)]

[last image is fanmade, you can obviously see why he/she made it though (same hair as Barbie, she's a doll of course)]


Michael Skaggs said...

I think GaGa is just a rebound quick Britney fix, since Britney's fall...

GaGa creeps me out, nothing there, no soul...

Great work Ben.

Anonymous said...

She's a Masonic creation (aren't they all) but what I still can't figure out is what sets this below average looking-unattractive chick (who has a barely passable voice if we could hear it without synthesizers) apart fom any other girl who could be programmed this way?!

Who ARE these people?! What makes her and others (Paris etc.) so special that they should be groomed, rewarded and presented this way to the world. Do they pick the best (3 out of 4)little girls who can be the most demonically possessed or something?

Cause it certainly isn't her looks or talent!!!!!!!!

skrambo said...

I could have gone without seeing her hairy cooch busting out of her underwear, lol. This post is too much for words, really. The pictures are enough. "Love" is a word people use to describe their new iPhone.

Anonymous - I too find myself wondering "who are these people?" because I genuinely have no idea what "regular people" see in this sort of thing. All I see is dehumanization.

GaGa is also a noise a baby makes. Not to mention GG/77/Oz. She reminds me of an '80s style coked-up sex slave (probably as a trigger of some sort). The truth behind this stuff makes it really hard to joke too much about. It reeks of abyss-like corruption.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I was potentially curious about Ms. GaGa (I love the song that is supposedly her namesake!) But when I see pictures of her or hear her music, I'm not really impressed. She is downright strange-looking. (Which is sad,because if she wasn't "dolled up" in such a trashy way, maybe she could be made up to look more attractive.) Ew to the pic of her "eating out" her friend...

toure said...


Anonymous said...

Gaga looks either drugged or in a trance (or both) when going to town on Starlight.

I wonder how these soul-sucked MKs would handle seeing a post like this (with all the MK spelled out for them)? Are they ever aware of the occult symbolism? Are they participating because it makes them "pretty" or to please their handlers, or from fear of their handlers?

Before any knowledge of this, I always found these types of pictorials bizarre. But wrote it off as "artsy" or "shock factor". Now it makes [some] sense.


aferrismoon said...

Re: Katy's Cherries. U might find it amusing [ or not] to check out the logo of KSCM [ Kommunist Strana CeskoMoravska] The CeskoMoravian Communist Party.

U say they're soulless , maybe that's because they're clones


Michael Skaggs said...


Great point! Never thought of that, perhaps they are indeed actual clones, would not surprise me one bit!

Ioana said...

The symbols, the spinning thing...
I wonder if the programmed slaves like Lady Ga Ga and so on read your blog, can they wake up? I doubt, but still...oh my god, this is so sad it makes me cry.
This is pure evil.

björn said...

koons refers to jeff koons ny artist who was married with hungarian porno queen cicionella who sat in the Italian parliament...greetings farmer

Ioana said...

Check this lyrics of Lady Gaga's "Shake your kitty
"Mother, mother , mother's for babies, just call me kitty"

Ioana said...

Subliminal message of Poker face:
Po-po-po-po-poker face po-po FUCK her face...:

Anonymous said...

Did you guys know that Rose Mc Gowan, the ex-girl friend of Marylin Manson and one of the witches in "Charmed" was member of the same cult "Children of God" that River Phoenix ("Stand by me", died of drug-overdose at age 23), belonged to? The cult is said to be involved in pedophelia and child abduction.

Anonymous said...

did anyone see the ross interview? she covers her left eye at one point as ross is talking and the camera cuts away. very peculiar.

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for comments all, did not see the Ross interview. Re: Rose McGowan, yeah I covered her a few times, most recently here and in a few other posts (picture of her trapped in a dollhouse in Charmed at this post, her playing the cat-god Bast called 'MISS KITTY' in Monkeybone here). Phoenix here, I could do with some more focused posts (instead of the odd throw-away lines in posts) on that cult as it all makes it pretty damn obvious what's really going on. Here is a pdf on the subject and a good site on the typical MK cult (excellent resource, really shows what the cult is all about; may use it for a post [some of the images are damn insane... people are so naive it's kind of sad]). Cheers, always worth emphasizing such important things.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be crass, but what's going on with 'Lady' Starlight's hoo-hah, really? Looks like some sort of condition is going on there.

As for 'Lady' Gaga herself, I've been watching some of her interviews - I won't lie, I love 'Just Dance' and did so before I knew it was sung by this tacky freak - and I found her to be exactly like the girls I attended school with, down to the slow speech, raspy voice and attempt at looking charmingly aloof, whilst just looking overly baked, really.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating piece...once again;0). Just found out today that she has admitted in her blog to being a HERMAPHRODITE!!! See for yourself

Hmmm, now all of the duality imagery in her videos is making EVEN MORE sense...these people ARE SICK!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm i like lady gaga. but idk it kind of freaks me out how it all looks like signs that she is a masonic creation. I saw a picture of the evil eye(eye of fantima) and the mannequin of her. Really looks the same. lol if this is a mind control scam i think i might be one of those 'dolls'. very interesting article. it makes me wonder...

Anonymous said...

Freaks you out? Creeps you out?

I LOVE HER! she is refreshing and fun and shows her fans love.

A bunch of cry babies about mind control while you sit in front of your goddamn TV's night after night day after day staring off into a screen without a thought in your head and you're worried about mind control... That's rich!

GrahamHendren said...

Okay. She is talent. Fuck off guys. She is an artistic gift to the world and you need to stop with this stupid paranoid stuff. You are all losers. Get a life. Listen to her work. Mature. Happy New Year, Cunts.

Unknown said...

This is all very laughable... Agreed there is a lot of symbolism in music these days which could be there for many reasons ...but how the hell could you be some... what did you call it?! .... Mind controlled Masonic creation!?!?! OMFG people how do you get through the day with such PARANOIA about the world?!?! There probably will be a NWO one day ....migyht be a good thing... Sovereignty is fucked up anyway!!!

Why don't you just get thr fuck on with life!!... You create your own reality in my personal opinion and yours is clearly a fucked up reality!!!!

Right I'm off back to hell to pray to Satan with GaGa, Beyonce, Jay-Z and all the other devil worshipping celebrities in the world!!!


Anonymous said...

never look directly into her eyes XD

oh god shes weird!

ehh i dont care

its weird i like her music and shit but i dont WANT to show it??? hmm??

definatly (or definatley) mind controll or just plain good! you decide.

back to listening to lady gaga on sites like


ps the codey thingie made me type vasgnnea

close to well you know...

Anonymous said...

if you really did hate gaga this much you wouldnt waste so much time and effort writing the biggest article on her ive ever layed my eyes on, it is now obvious you have a secret infactuation with her

financict said...

lady gaga is original

Anonymous said...

It's called performance art get over it this is a free countryy Gaga tells people all over the world to embrace your inner-freak/eccentricities and do whatever the hell makes you happy and if that means dressing up every day like its Halloween then so be it!

I lover her long live GAGA

The Truth said...

wtf?! R U Crazy? R RU a mason ur self? How do you go from talking about her evil persona to liking her and saying shit like:"It's called performance art get over it this is a free countryy Gaga tells people all over the world to embrace your inner-freak/eccentricities and do whatever the hell makes you happy and if that means dressing up every day like its Halloween then so be it!

I lover her long live GAGA"
U make no sense and u probably like the masons!!!

Da Truth said...

o, and fuck u financict and all u Lady Gaga/Mason/Mason celeb <3rs out there. All they're tryna do iz get yall to worship the devil w/o knowin it. (Listen to "Run this Town" played backwards on YouTube and follow the related vids. Watch the true meaning vids on there also. And don't frget 2 check out and all the related links and other stuff vigilant citizen mite have out there and other Satanic opposing sites/books/etc. Shout out 2 Ben and vigilant citizen, Gr8t work u guyz. Keep it up. After all this, you'll be surprized of all da stuf out there nd would b more careful nxt time watcha listn/follow. Trust me. Truth out. Duces!

XbeingoflightX said...

Ever think that she might know about the symbolism and is making a commentary on it? A large part of art is making commentaries on the things people fear, love, and hate.

Justin said...

Dude, in the one pic, the has the same post as Baphomet (thelema). I didn't know if you knew the pose or not. Great work man, I've read these type of articles before, and wrote the authors off as being nuts...but you really know your shit dude

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