Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Ellen Von Unwerth Shooting Leopards

More imprisoned leopard images from Ellen Von Unwerth (see similar themes employed in her shoot with Christina Aguilera), it almost feels like these photographers are just playing along or something. Seems to fit together TOO perfectly lately (like it's a weird game of 'cat and mouse' ;p). These come from the April 2009 issue of Dazed & Confused. The model kitten is Skye Stracke (obviously note the zebra-print, red tipped heels, tribal mask in the above image too), who comes from Perth, Australia (Oz, Perth is where Heath Ledger came from) signed by DNA Modelling Agency based in New York (NY/OZ, 1 letter up) where she now lives. I covered another 'Skye' at this post, perhaps associated with the area in Scotland (so Scottish-rite Freemasonry) and the 'sky' has MK implications (up in the clouds/floating away; dissociation, +sky has 'eye' in it). All the slavery/imprisonment symbolism (so behind bars, chains etc) always go without saying.

All of the above ones are from the same Ellen Von Unwerth shoot in the April 2009 edition of Dazed and Confused, the below one is from a few years back with kitten Estella Warren (synchronized swimmer [fits into the gymnast/ballerina, flexible/spinning MK bracket] turned model turned actress in Burton's Planet of the Apes and such [you can see her in a Chanel No 5 'Little Red Riding Hood' symbolic purrfume ad at this post]), slightly less suggestive of kitten programming/slavery (no tranced in a prison/chains/mask/posed same as a stuffed leopard/etc) than the blatant set above.

Here is another photo by Ellen of Estella Warren with the usual Marilyn Monroe invocation.

Another interesting, slightly disturbing shoot she did had a model being tattooed and pierced.

Last one from the above 'tattoo' set, note Kali and such.

So I've decided to expand this post (apologiez for any inconvenience in taking it down today) to show more from Ellen's career with obvious MK (Ellen [again, like Lena and others in very recent posts means light] she was orphaned at age 2 and worked as a circus girl in her teens in Germany by the way), particularly worth looking at is her Duran Duran video 'Electric Barbarella' embedded further down which sort of sums up what all this is about (models are often programmed high-class robotic sex-slaves/kittens).

Here we have a photo she did with Drew Barrymore (another butterfly; debuted in Altered States then in E.T.), this one was literally titled "Two Kittens" (source)... which sounds like something I'd call it! (often write things like that under images of kittens, i.e. 'two kittens' under the Deschanel sisters, think I've done even more similar captions to images but hard to find them in the blog)

Unfortunately I don't have time to describe which editorial/photoshoot all these images come from (above from a "Original Sin" gallery) but the main source for them is here, they are all Ellen Von Unwerth. I will give the odd description where necessary.

She did a shoot with rockstar daughter Liv Tyler, showing her wild/kitten side!

She also shot cult mind control and Marilyn Manson victim Rose McGowan (covered a bit in this post), "From growing up in a cult to getting engaged to Marilyn Manson.."

Christina Ricci portrayed similarly by her.

Shot Victoria Beckham with a kitten suggestion (black panther below + the Shhh) in i-D magazine with it's trademark illuminist one eye covering.

There are a few disturbing images in her portfolio, not sure who this is (perhaps her daughter Rebecca [as I think this is over a decade old, she's now much older anyway]). I may remove it if there's an overwhelming response to do so (I'd like to think most are mature enough to handle it though), but I feel it is necessary in showing the minds of these people (why even make something like this public?! It was published in her 'Couples' book [click for image source]).

The below little girl is Rebecca (Forteau), this image titled "What is it mama?", something integral to kitten programming of course, a pussy. It has been noted that she often uses Lolita themes in her shoots. Source for below image.

Shooting Paris here with standard kitten suggestions (holding a white kitten [from the tail, ears and nose shape I'd say it looks more like a cat than a dog] soft toy + conscious focusing on her butterfly ring [click name to see her butterfly tattoo and such]).

Demi Moore (childhood abuse, now Kaballah programming) treated in usual MK way, sex-kitten leopard suggestions + masks. She acted in her first film, not sure of the content but you can probably guess; titled 'I create myself'.

Her shoot with Naomi Watts (note father's MK symbolic involvement with Pink Floyd, Naomi of course from Oz, Mulholland Drive and others [have posted on her before) is interesting, featuring an Egyptian Bast + pyramids in the background, Marilyn Monroe looking in the mirror, leopard-print etc.

Note she is also wearing a wig and is waiting seductively on a bed next to a big Bast statue...

^"Flower Puppet"^

Remember this ad (she's trapped in a bird cage as a bird, and a kitten tries to get her)? Here the kitten from that Vanessa Paradis is photographed by Ellen over leopard-print (confirming her kitten programming). While we're on the topic of Chanel; Audrey Tautou will play Coco in the upcoming biopic (click Coco for info on her, the film will be loaded with disinfo), photographed by Ellen (first one is just a poster for the movie not by her) in the usual themes (butterflies etc, leopard).

Bjork + Chinese porcelain doll.

Britney's Ellen photoshoot featured her in a featherd tutu (+mirrored and one eye hat tilt) and the usual top hats.

Monica Bellucci (just mentioned in Breaking Butterflies post) in predictable attire.

Evan Rachel Wood (another kitten used by Marilyn Manson; along with the aforementioned Rose McGowan and Dita Von Teese and others) in leopard-print shoes + lolita style of shooting (eating candy) and below in black/white stripes in front of CocaCola.

Eva Green [good symbolic purrfume ad 'Midnight Poison' here with Eva btw (Space Dementia by Muse; the glass clock shatters... she is mirrored... fetish ballerina shoes... she spins... spiral staircase etc, I might as well embed it here again it's so symbolic)]

Two Barbie Dolls. (Claudia Schiffer, photo by Ellen) The video she directed for Duran Duran's "Electric Barbarella" (note all the MK on that wiki page on the cd cover etc) shows where Ellen is coming from with all her MK themes, and it "involved a robot sex doll played by American model Myka Dunkle." This couldn't be more blatant, how do people not see it?! This video actually upset me quite a lot (you are looking at a genuinely programmed robotic sex-slave/doll/kitten here [sex-robots are usually always programmed to be controlled via remote control ((though the actual trigger is the audible command and/or showing the slave the pressing of the button)); so they genuinely believe they are being controlled by the remote and are a robot/not human [dehumanization/depersonalization])), always programmed to move in that robotic way when triggered and to 'freeze' and other standard robot attributes). The other one she did for Duran Duran was 'Femme Fatales'. She did other symbolic videos too like 'Bring it on' (mask and such), 'Are Friends Electric', 'Ain't Nuthin' but a She thang'.

This images featuring the robot hand worn by Beyonce (below shot by Ellen) and other robotic kittens, this is from the 90's I think showing the theme isn't new.

The above symbolic shot is admittedly excellent (below are part of the same 'dark city' set).

Above shoot titled something to do with 'Go-Go Dancers' who dance in cages (with lots of usual kitten suggestions [note her snakeskin boots also], the above image [and 6 below] also comes from the set).

Invoking recently deceased kitten Bettie Page (set with Eva Herzigova 'Back to Betty').

Here is Eva's recent TV advert for H&M, total MK (the many confusing red doors in the endless hallway [disorientation/confusing up with down/etc]; I covered doors, stairs, h and others in posts way back [accessing compartments of the mind/entering trance; most hypnotherapists use these types of imagery/visualization in accessing repressed/compartmentalized memories and such (("you are walking down a corridor.. you see a door... through the door you are 3 years old tell me what you see?" as one potential example of infinite))]) from start to finish, she wears the usual; zebra, leopard and obviously all the Alice in Wonderland style of MK imagery [disorientating/confusing/being stuck in impossible situations/etc] in this advert, as the guy/handler [she tries to answer a call from him at one point but isn't able to] tries to chase her [she escapes out the window using dissociatively/disorientating large red thread as rope]). There are another couple of recent H&M ads out there with similarly blatant MK in them, not with Eva though (will post shortly).

A few screencaps from the ad (all of it is worth looking at though).

Some relevant kitten images of Eva (obviously all the Eva's/Evan's and such come from 'Eve' [other names in this post are symbolic ((Demi meaning 'half' and such)), slaves' names usually are]) by Ellen to go along with the above ad, first one Ellen conjures up the image of Marilyn Monroe for her (according to wiki she was the "Marilyn of the 90's" so obviously a kitten, look who she has been used by in the wiki also).

The above masked kitten is Eva, below are from two random Ellen shoots (I've posted some from the second image below here) again showing this theme (note black/white masks so duality).

That's your lot, this could literally go on forever as all of her photoshoots are symbolic (apart from the odd few); this site is an excellent resource for them if you want to look yourself (the names of the variuos editorials and such should tell you a lot immediately). But please check out my Adriana Lima post (Ellen discovered her I heard) for lots more of Ellen's pictures (and more on her label [recent one with Emma Watson and such] click name).

Some images of Skye Stracke to finish, all symbolic.

Couple of tranced models (Skye on left), waiting to go catwalking.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if you have come across any MK on Kimora Lee Simmons, I know she started very young in modeling. In addition her line is "Baby Phat" always brings to mind sexualization of childen.

Benjamin S said...

Yeah I think so, from reading her wiki page and I think I remember noting something about her a while back when I caught her show on tv once or twice for a few seconds, usual stuff (leopard print etc, from looking at her books and crap it's covered in the stuff too; actually the only thing I can remember clearly from that show is the damn word 'fabulosity') I don't recall much though (+very late now tired), someone else may probably have payed more attention to her in America.

There was one thing that springs to mind when you hear Kimora, probably another play on words/double meaning I think (good for programming) for Chimera; which was a monstrous fire-breathing creature.."composed of the parts of multiple animals: upon the body of a lioness with a tail that terminated in a snake's head, the head of a goat arose on her back at the center of her spine." (all symbolic, worth looking at it's wiki too)

I agree with your take on 'baby phat' (Ah, now I remember baby phat's cat logo [wiki calls it a 'sleek cat']; maybe I should do a post, its also similar to Beyonce's own suggestive kids line), though I haven't looked into her (having a Barbie is always a good indicator) as I said someone in the US has probably payed more attention to her. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

SKYE looks like SASHA PIVOVAROVA. About to say "uncannily" ressenbling, but in the given context nothing is uncanny:


Anonymous said...

I'm Mel's Russian Doll says Oskana. In the charts at age 13.

Anonymous said...

For more disturbing pics see the W magazine "family" photo shoot by Brad Pitt of Angelina Jolie and their family. One of their adopted sons has his face painted like a tiger.

mal said...

Ben, have you seen the Wrestler yet? Mickey Rourke's character is named "The Ram." He hears a Ram necklace that I'vs seen posted on this blog. He also drives a Dodge Ram. There's a glaringly obvious Luciferian image at the very end of the movie (I don't want to spoil it too much, but you'll know it when you see it).

As for the story, Mickey Rourke plays a wrestler who, in a moment of clarity, realizes he's spent most of his adult life MK'd. One of the few that actually deals with what a MK'd individual who has managed to surivive has to look forward to as he/she gets older. Really stunning movie.

Anonymous said...



mr_pessimist said...

Great work as usual! Plus, you found some great pictures/links of the Drew Barrymore butterfly tattoo thing I was reminded of recently.
That H+M video (I watched it on mute) - how f*cking creepy! It'd be neat surrealism if this sick crap didn't really occur. BTW, is Vincent Gallo a programmer then?

Anonymous said...

von Unwerth is an interesting name, too. It combines "von", an indicator of pedigree with an old-fashioned somehow literary in style form of "unworhtyness". What a name! Cheers, Xenia

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