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It's all right Olive. Everything's going to be okay.

After a bunch of filler episodes (with a few MK themes/symbolism [posted one image from an interesting episode]), Fringe finally got back to it's primary business of pure MK (see Monarch in Fringe post) showing the protagonist Olivia Dunham's childhood programming and the government's involvement in using children as guinea pigs. [this post is reasonably rushed, edited it a bit but probably has some errors anyway]

The episode begins with a mother taking her daughter 'Lucy' home from the Circus; the song 'Nellie the Elephant' is symbolically sung (dehumanized [as an elephant obviously] circus performer [not just used on circus performers though obviously], this song certainly seems useful for it [all ryhmnes/child songs like this have these sinister alternate usages, it's difficult to know which were originally created with that in mind and which have been twisted]), it goes "Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the Circus. Off she went with a trumpety-trump. Trump trump trump." [originally sung by Mandy Miller then Toy Dolls] Pink elephants, of course have nothing to do with drug-induced hallucinations! [and sex, phallic trunk + pink (in the below cartoon based on it anyway, voiced by Lulu ((she is one of the typical performers in the MK'd media circus' 'big top')); herself probably having gone through this programming) + 'packed her trunk' could always be a euphemism, and I'm not talking about the trunk/luggage one ;]

The child has butterflies (annoyingly couldn't get a shot of them facing the camera, but you can make out the shape) on the end of her dreads ("strand twists").

Olivia's twinning programming partner Nick Lane (note the scarred face, evidence of a lobotomy or some other MK procedure [gone into "scarface" symbolism earlier like here]) is let out of a mental asylum after many years (programmed slaves are often released like this to caused organized chaos), then causes chaos by essentially making people kill themselves (unintentionally, but obviously all programmed victims do not 'want' to do the things they do]), he seems to have the ability to create an alter-reality (but this alter-reality can only be seen by Olivia in her dreams), in reality however the victim 'catches' Nick Lane's "hyper-emotive" state (so if he was happy he would "light up the room" if sad, the opposite effect), causing them to become over-emotional and kill their partner/themselves/whatever (Olivia sees it in her dreams, as herself killing them instead of Nick due to their shared twinning programming [Nick does not physically kill them in reality, she is seeing a literal/physical representation of Nick's emotional effect on the victim; "Agent Dunham's mind is recognizing the effects of his emotions on his victims, transforming them into images our dreaming mind can recognize."]).

One example of my probably confusing above description is here, except this is intentionally induced with Olivia underneath the red and green flashing lights inducing the hypnotic state necessary for this 'shared reality' (wouldn't be possible without the twinning programming [this sort of 'psychic link' is the kind of ((of many)) psychic ability that often results in victims of programming]).

His hyper-emotiveness infects the stripper (Lady GaGa's 'Starstruck' is playing as this scene occurs [the show is always using music symbolically; they used the abused Jackson 5 in this episode ((Olivia was programmed as a child in a military base in Jacksonville, Joshua Jackson, their song 'Get it Together' was played in this episode also))])

Anyway, the stripper is 'infected' by Nick's post-sex depression and kills herself. Of course shattered glass is used here in this symbolic mirror scene (having the throat cut is a very symbolic/ritualistic death [to Freemasonry anyway]) as a glass is shattered and a shard of said glass is used to cut the stripper's throat.

In regards to twinning (I had always assumed they had to be of the same sex for some reason, no reason why they can't be of opposite sexes [I have previously covered this in a Simpsons post and an X-Files one with excerpts from IF describing the twinning process]) Walter says,
"Often when we experimented on children. We would put them in pairs, like the buddy system in summer camp. This pairing kept them from becoming frightened or feeling isolated. Sometimes an intense bond, a bond which could be greatly amplified by a drug like Cortexiphan."

He is marked with a tattoo which is of course very MK symbolic showing the tree and it's roots [trees are an often used internal structure]. Here's a quick quote (probably not the most relevant, I definitely encourage readers to read more on this) on the purpose of internal systems (the internal world of victims of MPD/DID, 'places' where each alter 'lives' in a sense [this article has a concise summary down the page of this and other relevant things]; for slaves to be useful these need to be organized by internal structures) from Deeper Insights Illuminati Formula which sums up their necessity in programming: "The purpose of the mind-control is to build a System within the mind that is a human robot. It would do no good to torture the slave and get thousands of pieces (fragments of the mind, alter personalities) if these were not structured. Very few Multiples have ever really gotten to see the deeper parts of their Systems. [i.e. down in the deep roots of the tree (I must stress that Illuminati Formula has a lot more information on the tree internal structure specifically, and the different types of tree used and whatnot); the early initial/core splits, and the most deeply dissociated alters and memory fragments etc]"

A Chessboard is focused on (in Nick's apartment), remember Joshua Jackson and his programmer father character Walter are both Bishops. MK'd slaves are pawns/pieces to be used in the global chess game (played out through the media).

This one almost made me laugh! A double-headed goat, which Walter gets all excited about. But obviously this has a serious point to it (they worship goat headed baphomet), anything double headed is MK symbolic and of Janus.

Another humorous little thing they put in was this giant '17 Again' (this episode is #17) Disney slave Zac Effron poster (Nick picked up a bunch of mindless drones about to jump with him on the way to the building).

When Nick is reunited with Olivia (calls her 'Olive' [affectionate nickname/dehumanizing programming name ((alters can be made to think they are anything, even inanimate objects; 'Olive', like 'Katy' is listed in Illuminati Formula as a codeword used in programming))]) it becomes clear that Olivia has compartmentalized all memories of her traumatic experiences as a child as she remembers nothing from the traumatic programming (dissociation is a good and necessary thing in these traumatic situations). Anyway, he says to her: "Olive, you heard me, you came! You were always the strong one, whenever I got scared you could make me feel better. Do you remember, Olive?" Olivia: "I'm sorry, no I don't." Nick: "It's ok, I think they meant for us to forget, I just couldn't. I did what they told us, I waited Olive. The soldier to come is both natural and unnatural. I waited to be called up. Stay fit. Stay focused. Stay ready. I wore the blacks and greys.... [etc, describes that he was ready to do what he was programmed for but no one came to tell him to do it then asks Olivia to shoot him which she does but not fatally])"

The bit I really wanted to show was the ending though where we finally get to hear Dr Bell (programmer, now head of Massive Dynamics [big shadowy corporation ((comparable to those in charge of today's big corporations)), check out it's symbolic viral site]) in a programming session, where something has just gone wrong and they can't locate 'Brenner'. I may be wrong on this but I think it is one of Olivia's alters and she and Nick (his voice as a child, so some people thought it was a random assistant but it's pretty clear to me that it's Nick) were undergoing a programming script involving a military/war-based alter-reality (they think they are in a war-like situation [something triggered Olivia out of it though ((her "Brenner" probable military alter-personality)), hence her traumatized state in the fetal position], you can tell this from the language like "casualties").

Here is a transcript (skip to the end of the video to see it),

Dr Bell: "Is the incident contained?"

Nick: "Yes Dr Bell." [in hypnotic alter-state (Olivia has been triggered out of it, now in a traumatized state sitting in the corner in the fetal position)]

Dr Bell: "How bad?"

Nick: "Bad.."

Dr Bell: "Casualties?"

Nick: "Not sure yet, we can't locate Brenner." [you can hear Nick is still in the shared hypnotic alter-state, whereas something triggered Olivia (as "Brenner") out of it into the standard dissociative traumatized, unresponsive state (virtually always shown by the child in the standard fetal position)]

Dr Bell: "Is she (makes me think Bell is referring to one of Olivia's alters rather than a separate third party called 'Brenner') okay?"

Nick: "She's fine."

Dr Bell: "Hell. Do we know what triggered it?"

Walter Bishop [big revelation that he was present when Olivia was being programmed as a child, I have already posted on the fact that Walter electroshocked his own son as a child]: "Obviously she was upset William (Dr Bell). It's okay, it's all right now. No body is angry with you, you didn't do anything bad. It's all right Olive. Everything's going to be okay."

[More on the below kind of thing at 'Breaking Butterflies' post and lots more (understanding the effects of child abuse, and the forces that want people to not understand just how much childhood trauma has affected the world ((ffs even Hitler was a victim of child abuse... he was programmed, wake up, his strings were being pulled the whole time!)) is largely what this blog is about)]

The episode was called "Bad Dreams".

The drug they used in programming these children is the fictional (doesn't take a genius to figure out there is a real-life counterpart that this fictitious drug is based on) 'Cortexifan' (named partly after the 'cerebral cortex' [and other cortexes in the brain, all of them are affected in MK, I only picked out this one, but all are obviously important]: "The cerebral cortex is a structure within the brain that plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.") which has an odd looking viral site, featuring the usual eye, and lists their test subjects and the various codes related to them (it probably has some hidden meaning you can decode or something).

Quick summary of MK in some previous episodes, including 'facelessness', a 'feral child' (in the sense he grew up in total isolation and developed MK-esque abilities), a deranged serial killer using MK themes and quite a few I haven't shown.

'The Artist' is the name of the serial killer in the episode with the above kid in it too (he writes backwards, again this is the kind of thing that victims are often programmed to do [read/write backwards/upside down/etc], he has developed some psychic/telepathic ability also), the killer gives cryptic MK warnings with broken dolls used on one 'invitation'.

The victims are all 'dolled up' (post-mortem) and posed in a ritualistic way, invariably with twin pillars near them (at Churches usually) and such (the statue behind the below victim in a Marilyn Monroe style dress is an angel; and the one below that note the dark/light square pattern arch doorway). For more on Fringe see the Fringe label (main one is Monarch in Fringe though), considering adding some more to this post tomorrow.


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Those arent dreads man. Those are two strand twists.

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Two "familicides" in less than a week in the state of Maryland. (Police describe methodical killings in hotel.) Sounds eerily like what happened in the episode you analyzed.

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