Monday, 13 April 2009

Breaking Butterflies

Slaughter is a film that reveals a fair bit, showing how Monarch programming works to a degree and how these types of serial killers are created. The above poster featuring the standard 'Shhh' we've come to see even tattooed on various MK'd victims, and virtually everyone using it symbolically (essentially just portraying they're hiding a big secret). When I look at the above poster with it's red lips (separated from the rest of the face, MK symbolic; + suggesting victims can't speak/made silent and also oral trauma is invoked here [mouth in knife]), I'm not sure which true events this film is supposedly based on, there are probably many examples of things like this happening as they've fucked with more and more little childrens' heads who have grown into potential psychotic killers [if programming goes wrong]. I also can't help but think (as the mouth is shown) they are laughing at the masses as Slaughter is just Laughter with an S (below image from Dark Knight post), the reason why I say they are laughing at the masses' ignorance is that it seems so obvious yet people are so blind to it. They are Roaring with Slaughter! [P.S. took a few days break from the blog over Easter, going to definitely get stuck into the next Disney post, and do a few shorter posts in the meantime over the next few days; and also thanks a lot for posting updates on the Sandra Cantu case in comments, I'll probably do another post when some more comes out (or more likely doesn't) during trial and such]

The film features standard MK with one eye shots in scenes of trauma, obviously incest and multi-generational abuse is a huge MK/Monarch theme; the fact that she wears a butterfly necklace during the abuse as a child right up to her murdering men (she has some serious 'daddy issues' for obvious reason) and is shown wearing a butterfly hairpin, now if we think logically for a second these things cannot be coincidence. I will go into more detail on these with their respective images.

This film is part of After Dark's annual "Horror Fest" festival (the last poster above is from 2007 one not the latest [included for the snakes]), I have already covered Perkins 14 (pure MK, especially remember the clearly conscious Humpty Dumpty shattered mind symbolism in it as this theme features a lot in the movies I cover here [The Broken is also part of the festival]) and have since seen Butterfly Effect 3 and most of the others that I may or may not cover (featuring MK themes of cannibalism, keeping the bloodline pure, inbred Tasmanian Tiger [really a dog], incest [Dying Breed, some good images of a literal bloodline and others I could post]). I've read some reviews on horror movie websites and they completely miss the point of all these films, while not being great they do have some powerful, moving and quite truthful scenes.

Lucy Holt plays the female serial killer (not the main theme of the film); remember serial killers are made, not born, the vast majority of all serial killers have a history of childhood abuse [and most of them are programmed for blood ritual sacrifice purposes]. The prime/most well known example of female serial killers who were sexually abused as children is Aileen Wuornos (as usual wiki page virtually ignores the issue, please read this link for decent analysis of what I'm talking about here), who like many children she suffered sexual abuse as a youth then went on to become a prostitute (this kind of over-sexual behavior of a child is often a symptom of previous childhood sexual abuse), her father was a child molester (though she apparently never met him) and she was impregnated at age 13. The wonders of the American Justice System (is there any bigger serial killer than "American Justice"?! It's always been executing the mentally ill) executed her in 2002, and they made a movie of her featuring Charlize Theron (won best actress Oscar for it; she is a standard MK'd ballerina as a child who went on to various symbolic roles [The Devil's Advocate etc]) and Christina Ricci; I include a couple of it's posters to illustrate the blatant MK symbolism (fractured mind/flower head [I wasn't bothered to look up the type of flower, but the specific type is probably eveen more symbolic]). Please note all the usual MK symbolism/psychological motifs, the first one featuring her fractured mind (fractured due to the break in the mirror) and the fractured word motif (symbolic of fractured mind) I've posted on many times also (you don't need to be a conspiracy theorist to at least register in your mind these psychological motifs/MK symbolism).

I'd like to at some point probably do a post on Charlize Theron as there's obviously a lot there to cover, above are a couple of her Aeon Flux movie posters for more obvious MK/illuminist symbolism (one eye/half face covered, eye in the pyramid etc) which have probably been posted a lot elsewhere but I think it fits well here. "├ćon Flux is an assassin-member of the 'Monicans', an underground rebel organization who communicate telepathically through use of pills and are led by The Handler." She eventually realizes she's a clone and all that predictable MK stuff (more in The Broken further down).

Further MK symbolism comes in Lucy's (Lucifer) character's name, which is Lola as I've said. Lola, as most will known comes from Lolita (and a title of the Virgin Mary, hint hint), giving the sexually abused girl the name of 'Lola' is consciously suggesting pedophilia here.

Lucy used to be a model before switching to acting, here are a few shots from her modelling portfolio (note the flowers, red shoes etc). Other things she has been in worth noting are 'Ripple' (ripple MK symbolism; acts of traumas [especially when young] have a huge, long lasting impact on the mind. The mind is 'whole' and calm like a pond before an outside influences comes and "disturbs" it completely [a drop in the water ((act of trauma)) creates ripples that spread across the entire pond/metaphorical mind, ripples are also circles within circles too]), her first two films Cashback and Hallam Foe she played a character with her same name, Lucy (Lucifer; the name literally comes from 'light' also), she played Sandra in British drama 'He Kills Coppers'.

Anyway Lucy's abused/Monarch programmed status is shown by her constant wearing butterflies (she wears a butterfly necklace her whole life, please see photographs of her childhood abuse further down and her wearing it just above), wearing one on her head and having one around her neck is even more MK symbolic. She is pictured with Faith who she tricks into becoming friends with (for reasons described further down). Both the actresses are British, their American accents (particularly Lucy's) is excellent; probably because they are "performing" whilst in a programmed alter-personality state for the film (with the accents, lines, mannerisms, emotions etc programmed in [I think most of these types of actors do though, Lena Headey's American one in Sarah Connor Chronicles is suspiciously perfect]).

Every time a murder is shown, we are treated to the usual one eyed shot of the victim; which you'll often find associated with scenes of trauma in movies. Faith originally thinks that it is the abusive father who is resposnible for the murders (it is, but indirectly) and he says he's not the murderer saying, "I'm no killer, I just created one." Lola kills her victims by sleeping with them then chopping them up, they are then eaten by the pigs in the slaughterhouse and their cars dumped in a lake.

Lola is always dressed up in symbolic things, like the above yellow t-shirt unicorn (probably could have capped a better image).

All the usual mirror symbolism features.

She is extremely easily sexually aroused/too sexually forward which is often a symptom of childhood sexual abuse [see further up].

Faith, played by Amy Shiels (more on her at end of this movie's bit); decides to investigate the slaughter house and makes a horrific discovery: a locked back room was used for abusing/programming Lola, we are shown various photographs taken by her pedophile father, showing it is organized (i.e. programming); her "progress" is shown as the images are cataloged by age.

You can make out the butterfly necklace (it's clearer on a bigger screen/in motion; it is obviously supposed to be the same necklace though), the exact same one she still wears as an adult, this for me is clearly showing she is a programmed butterfly, sexual alters often programmed to view themselves as butterflies [legs up in butterfly position/rape/trauma/drugs/etc (posted on in a Britney post); butterflies and kittens are the usual choices] which I think is partly what all the butterflies are referencing here on this long-term sexually abused girl. Remember it's also a lot to do with (obviously heavily associated with the programming too) the butterfly's symbolic characteristics, they are fragile (easily broken [like young children, mentally and physically], many types of butterfly have a fragmented pattern anyway, particularly the monarch), transform from one creature to another (the process of programming is essentially a transformation of the person's mind), the original creature being ugly/phallic caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly inside a coccoon, butterflies are beautiful, they are symmetrical (mirror symbolism), and various other characteristics I have discussed before (in regards to Monarch programming, the monarch butterfly's ability to pass on information genetically factors into multi-generational abuse/highly dissociative families) and many I haven't. To quickly show a real-life example of this type of thing, I recently posted a picture of victim Lisa Marie's own butterfly necklace, quite the beautiful butterfly.

The abused girl's pedophile father is a 'hanged man' as Lola gets payback.

Lucy had been playing Faith the whole time though, choosing her to fake her own death to escape from her abusive father because she looks similar to her so she can shoot her head off with a shotgun and they won't be able to tell it isn't her for reasons stated further down.

She makes sure the plan succeeds by removing her teeth, dental extraction is another commonly known (it features in a couple of the other After Dark movies), historically used torture technique. A standard/simple trauma that would logically be used on slaves, along with various other dental traumas, specifically related to no-talk/silence programming [look at the way her mouth is firmly shut, this type of feeling/state of keeping your mouth shut at all costs, has obvious relations to 'silence' programming ((when a victim feels they want to talk about something like the abuse they've suffered that feeling ((("Keep your mouth shut!"))) will be triggered, as programmed))].

"Why So Serious?"

Note the mirror symbolism as she removes some of her own teeth (mirror symbolizing the splitting that often occurs during these traumas) so they think Faith is actually Lola (mistaken/confused identities is also standard MK) when they check the planted teeth (she plans on blowing her face off with a shotgun so all they can check are the teeth).

Lola's young brother (note pinned butterfly) originally evades death by symbolically putting glass jars filled with trapped fireflies where his body would be, so when Lola shoots the bed (thinking it's him) the glass shatters releasing the fireflies.

But she eventually kills everyone, including her pedophile father, incestuous (for obvious reasons) brother, Faith and a few others in what is a very memorable finale with dramatic music and it's lyrics (can't find who it's by, sounded triggering to me): "Steady trigger finger, cool hand.. Quiet, they're all so quiet... I'm on fire!"

Faith (the other main girl, pictured above) was also abused, and also stalked by her ex-boyfriend (hence why she wanted to hide out at their secluded ranch [where more horrors were waiting]), she was played by Amy Shiels who appeared in one episode of Jericho as Diana Hunter; a very symbolic character name as the Roman goddess Diana was a goddess of Hunting, her name also derives from Roman mythology as 'Amata' was the mother of Lavinia, who was treated as property as she was "given" to Aeneas, Amata killed herself when she realized Aeneas was about to 'win'/own her daughter Lavinia. Sticking with her mythology themes, she played a Cleopatra with a K (=11 mirror/mk symbolism), Kleopatra in 'Young Alexander the Great'; an image of her in the role is below.

But the one I really wanted to post that really tips the MK scales is the poster for her movie 'Shattered', please note the ludicrous amount of butterflies (I did not immediately recognize them as butterflies) on it below. The words ("Change everything") and shattering and such relates to what I was discussing earlier (their fragility, easily broken, butterfly effect, etc; their minds are easily shattered/broken), the plot seems to be MK related (serial killer and previously discussed themes): "Experimental low-budget TV drama following the story of 4 people connected through the actions of a serial killer.... This fast paced tale tells the story of the only surviving victim of a serial rapist/murderer, Natalie Encore. Her loose-cannon boyfriend Matt is the detective charged with catching the maniac but he too has dark secrets about his life. Natalie survives the brutal assault on her life, but will she survive the betrayal of those closest to her?"

In the same year (2007), Hollywood released another 'Shattered' movie related to butterflies as it was AKA 'Butterfly on a Wheel' or just 'Butterfly', it was made by "Butterfly Productions" about an apparently happy couple on the surface, whose life is dismantled ("piece by piece") or shattered by sociopath Pierce Brosnan. Usual symbolism on the posters (fractured/shattered glass, halved/fractured faces, mirror, "lives will be broken", along with the butterfly theme). This film 'Shattered' was released in 2007, the same year as the other TV 'Shattered' (also with butterflies) and also in the same year as the 'Fracture' (click here for info + posters) was released with essentially the same fractured/shattered mind symbolism.

I posted a few more 'shattered'/'fractured' movies in the post 'In Shattered Dreams' for more info on this (i.e. the below Wolfgang Peterson's Shattered in 1991 features a car crash [lots of shattered glass, more on this further down] then amnesia, memory fragments/flashbacks and other MK themes).

Next up, 'Shuttle'; basically about two girls who are kidnapped from the airport and are then sex-trafficked, sound familiar? While obviously very different to Taken, the similar themes are there (two young girls are tricked into trusting someone who then traffic's them, one of the girls dies like in Taken too). I don't want to spend too much time on this movie, you can make out some of the general themes from the trailer above (don't ask me why they make these trailers so outrageously awful, it's not as bad as the trailer makes out [though it loses it's way in the middle]) as some are chained up like dogs (dehumanization), you see one girl shattering a mirror at one point and such things. Here are a few pertinent screen captures.

On the above picture, Mel played by Peyton List is on the right and the other trafficked girl is Cameron Goodman; excellent "performances" in my opinion. Note Lightning film company, electroshock symbolism on this movie about sex-slaves (often programmed in part using electroshocks, not the kind of thing shown here though).

Skipped out a huge chunk here, here they had to stop off and get supplies for the future trip to East Asia (to be a sex slave), the camera held on this "Magic Paw Kitty Litter" for a second consciously invoking sex-kitten programming involved in sexual slavery (he makes her buy it, along with other supplies for the long trip in a box).

Peyton leaves a message on the supermarket's CCTV (also gives note to the cashier, you never find out if the police ever were called or whatever), here saying "I Love You" in sign language ;p

A draw full of ID's is shown, showing just how many people are trafficked.

He asks them if they have any tattoos (must be clean/unmarked produce), the more promiscuous one has one on her "ass", which he burns off with a solder iron. Peyton List's character is made to dye/bleach her hair blonde (all part of removing the slave's identity/own personality; altering the hair is a simple first step to do this).

They are then made to wear high heels stand infront of bright lights and be inspected by the slave-trafficker boss (or paying customer, you never find out who he really is; you see him looking at them at the airport before the other guy takes them in the bus).

Note the symbolic use of shadows (like mirror symbolism, easy to interpret yes? [also think of the shadow symbolizing your 'dark side', duality symbolism; the way the lights are positioned gives each girl two shadows, as if it is alter-personalities ((shadows)) splitting apart from the main one ((the physical girl))]).
They way they robotically spin round slowly is quite disturbing, obviously this whole ending is again extremely disturbing (they have no idea what to do in an impossible situation so are static/robotic), I for one am glad they've started giving films more realistic endings.

He finds out she has a yeast infection/thrush and kills her (slaves with STDs don't sell) by gassing her in the shuttle, leaving only Mel (one with her hair bleached and no tattoos) to be trafficked to East Asia into sexual slavery.

Nothing phallic about this method of this murder!

She realizes she can't be physically damaged as she is 'precious/fragile cargo' so decides to shatter the mirror and use a shard to threaten to scar her face and attempt to escape, she fails.

In her box she is left the supplies she bought in the supermarket and also a photo of depressed nude kittens (so all the time she is trapped in a box she will be thinking of her future role [programming herself practically], hence the 'Kitty Litter' too [which she uses to go to the toilet in for the trip]).

Showing how these things work so easily, one of the workers at the shipping yard hears her screams but takes the block of money; which is a sadly true indictment of society, these things have always gone on because of it (greed/power/corruption/etc; it seems to me the masses live in some kind of 'La La Land' where none of this exists or has ever existed). In reality people are trafficked in boxes/cargo containers every day, human trafficking/slavery is a multi-billion dollar industry (corporations, working with organized crime are heavily invested in this industry [whilst reaping the benefits in terms of using sex-slaves, using sex-slaves for political blackmail and such]), has only grown in recent years, and will continue to grow; the New World Order is built on slavery and is a sex-trafficker's paradise, being completely ignorant to the darkness in the world allows it to happen.

In a "butterfly effect" type suggestion (smallest action leading to something huge), the film ends showing Peyton's suitcase on the airport's carousel the day after as it had arrived a day late, if it had arrived on time with the rest of the luggage and they got out of there early then none of it would have probably happened; very emotional finish.

I knew I recognized the main kitten from somewhere, I had actually posted her picture in this post as she was the madam of a BDSM club in an episode of CSI positioned symbolically infront of the firey angel, inside the hidden compartment/room (see the post for details; masked mannequin, cages etc) were electrochocks and other devices used in bdsm/torture/programming.

Her performance was somewhat memorable as you rarely hear actors on TV shows like this talking about America being a fascist state and that if she gives her DNA it would be put on an Orwellian database, she eventually is forced to give in by a domineering police officer (literally forces her down) then she seductively takes the swab in her mouth (showing it is phallic symbolism, putting it in your mouth is extremely small but still a kind of nazi-style humiliation process [obviously it is the easiest way of getting DNA though]).
Her role in Law and Order:SVU (she's done the usual cycle of CSIs and Law and Orders etc) is standard MK fair as she plays a rape victim (that split mind lighting [half face in darkness] is not coincidental) model Chloe Dutton, who survives (below being interviewed in a confused state) but is then murdered anyway; the episode was called 'Soulless'. She was also in another episode I don't think I've seen in which a young gymnast is murdered, the episode called 'Pixies'.

Similar roles in a CSI:NY/Miami crossover where she looks traumatized above and dead by blunt force trauma to the head below.

Like many of these MK'd actresses/models she is a trained ballerina, note the duality on SHINING STAR, ballerina shoes, peacock feather (eye), pentagram ring, purple hair tint and such. It tells of her first prominent role being 'Lucy' (Lucifer) in As the World Turns, across the world MK'd actors are originally used in average soaps like this (Eastenders and co in UK, Home and Away/Neighbours in Oz, the many in the US) before going onto bigger tv shows/movies. Below, she just about covers one half of her own face in a fragmented mirror top. She also played a Lucy in Smallville as Lucy Lane.

Quickly on Peyton's fellow victim in the film, Cameron Goodman; obviously most relevant to her kitten programming is her role as "Kitty Cutie" in 'Succubus: Hell-Bent', not sure what her role involved (she isn't the succubus Lilith [check out video]) but I'm sure you can guess.

But back to Peyton, who as mentioned also appeared in Smallville as Lucy Lane (above with Lex Luthor/Crowley), her first major movie role was in Disney's 'The Greatest Game Ever Played', the aforementioned soap she was in was ABC/Disney too. I wanted to post some images of her namesake (what are the odds that too girls with the exact same, extremely rare names would be in the same industry) Peyton (Roi) List

Both Peyton and Cameron appeared in Mad Men (Peyton in it below).

I wanted to post some images of her namesake (what are the odds that two girls with the exact same, extremely rare names would be in the same industry and have such similar characteristics) Peyton (Roi) List who has a twin Spencer List also a model/actor, like the elder Peyton she is also a ballerina (and other MK flexible/spinning actitivies): "When List is not acting or modelling she enjoys dancing, ice-skating, singing, cycling and writing. List currently lives in the state of New York with her two brothers, a cat, and her parents."

Things to note: ballerina shoes, leopard-print leggings, pink ballerina's tutu, black furry top (black panther).

Wow, her smile does not look forced in the slightest!

Blonde twins with creepy blonde doll, at Kit Kittredge [should have just called it "Sex-Kitty: An American Girl"] premiere.

Ending near where we started (All seeing eye in a triangle/pyramid in Aeon Flux [dollar bill one below]) with her attending the National Treasure: Book of Secrets premiere in another ballerina outfit.

Obviously shattered/broken mind is the major theme in these posters (will be obvious why in my analysis of the film), the word BROKEN is fractured below too for more of that; it shouldn't surprise anyone (with a basic knowledge of MK symbolism) that they edited the above poster, removing (see it included below) the split mind symbolic splitting of the O... making it ever so slightly less blatant. The film revolves around soulless replicas coming out of mirrors and killing their originals, the film is tailor-made for mirror programming; in fact I think they lessened the quality of the movie by doing this.

The Broken is the last film I'm covering here, I have posted these posters a while back before but now that I've seen the film and the MK elements in it they're worth posting again, also because they are excellent illustrations of the 'broken (shattered) mind' I've been discussing at this blog for ages and a good summary for this post. Lena Headey performs as 'the broken' protagonist of the film, as always you shouldn't take the people coming out of mirrors as literal. I think it is pertinent to go a bit overboard with the screen captures, but overall obviously shattered mirrors is a major theme (it's a major plot device) but essentially mirror images/doppelgangers (their hearts are on the other side of their chest, to show they are mirror copies) of people are breaking out of mirrors (shown physically walking out of them [film very useful in programming polar opposite alters]), I'll explain this more as we go through it.

Note the line through the circle in BROKEN here, again another simple split mind symbolism (also on the red logo below).

Things start off suitably cryptic and occult with an Edgar Allan Poe quote from 'William Wilson' [WW], the short story's obvious relationship with MPD/DID (MK programming is essentially 'Forced MPD') has been noted by various authors (one example, and briefly mentioned here in a United States of Tara review). "William drags his "unresisting" double — who was wearing identical clothes — into an antechamber, and stabs him fatally. After William does this, a large mirror suddenly seems to appear. Reflected at him, he sees "mine own image, but with features all pale and dabbled in blood": apparently the dead double, "but he spoke no longer in a whisper". The narrator feels as if he is pronouncing the words: "In me didst thou exist—and in my death, see [...] how utterly thou hast murdered thyself."

Lena as her doppelganger sees her original self driving in her car which she follows back to her apartment, she sees a picture of herself and her father along with a doll-size ballerina sculpture. She doesn't recognize it (and the picture, which confuses her as she should remember having a picture taken with her father) as her own apartment because she is the doppelganger (so has no memory/recollection of it) but does not realize this (for reasons stated below) until the very end when it is shown how she killed her original self using a plastic bag to smother her and a ballerina sculpture to bash her head in [any sort of trauma to the head is MK symbolic, and obviously using a ballerina statue is inredibly blatant] immediately after (not shown until later in the film through flashbacks and such).

On walking up to her original's apartment she flat next door is consciously panned across for symbolic purposes, for the 33.

But this is not shown until the end as it cuts to her driving in her car, she looks at the rear-view mirror intently (almost not recognizing what she sees in it [herself; these are important aspects of MK ]) which causes her to have a serious car crash.

Car crashes have deep psychological impact, she also blocks out the extremely traumatic memory of the incident leading up to the car crash (her murdering her self), so she thinks she is the original (forgetting that she had just killed her original, who the flat belonged to). We are shown flashbacks of the crash throughout the rest of the film as car crashes are incredibly MK symbolic due to the myriad of shattered glass, bent/broken metal (disorder/chaos) and the physical and psychological trauma endured by the victims.

This is further symbolized (psychological impact/MK in car crashes) as when the hospital's counsellor asks about her having no memory of the crash she says: "Lena: Not really, just um.. fragments... Counsellor: Well fragments are good I can work with that..... [he later says]: Well you sustained a sizable knock to your head, and what tends to happen is your brain will shut down [dissociated, amnesia wall/barrier] large chunks of memory, now gradually these chunks of memory will come back when your brain feels able to cope. [he suggests going back to the last thing she remembers (the crash, car wreck) and says]: Go and see your car, it might help prod those fragments. [as in "prod" all the fragments back together, trigger them into a whole memory]" memory fragments as the traumatic incident caused her mind to dissociate. This is a good article on MPD that describes car crashes as an example of traumatic events that can cause dissociation.

Her boyfriend picks her up from the hospital and takes her back to his apartment, with a checkered floor.

Note one eye is red (blood shot) and one eye is blue.

Sitting in the bath (she covers/masks her face with a washcloth), more flashbacks/memory fragments occur (showing the ballerina sculpture used to kill her true self).

These occur around the point water drops into the bath (the boyfriend is murdered by the doppelganger/mirror-self), creating ripples (see further up; symbolic of trauma [also described in the Disney post]) triggering the memory fragments (embedded video clip below).

Her boyfriend is replaced and more symbolism of this dark self is shown as a dark entity is literally shown taking over him and and he also rapes Lena aggressively. The psychiatrist tells her she has Capgras delusion, she herself is an impostor though she doesn't realize it yet due to her crash/amnesia.

What does a giant phallus hide? [The Gherkin/30 St Mary Axe] Two pyramids of course! This is conscious symbolic/ritualistic cinematography as the camera is angled to reveal two pyramid shaped rooves hidden behind it (you will find this in virtually all shows that have city scape shots, CSI's, the Apprentice in particular is full of it [they will line up things like the London Eye and the O2 arena, Canary Wharf's pyramid and suchlike]).

Lots of memory flashbacks are shown in various symbolic ways (i.e. triggered when a light goes out [above, one flashback from it below; she sees the photograph she took from the real Lena's apartment], or when dreaming/resting her head against glass, ripples in water and such), and random things occuring in reality are also symbolic for example when visiting her wrecked car she hears some glass shattering and looks up to see two caged fighting dogs and all sorts like that.

She goes in for a brain scan so they can check if she has that syndrome where you think friends/relatives are impostors and not themselves. But this for me was more suggestions that her brain has been manipulated (note red grid over her).

She finds the photo she took from the real Lena's apartment in the car that she had recognized from the flashbacks since her crash.

Richard Jenkins, who has been in his fair share of MK movies like Me, Myself and Irene (note split mind poster; check out his other movie's posters [sex-kitten one here]), his double is hiding in a cubicle.

The only properly graphic murder (before the big finale reveal) that is shown is Michelle Duncan; readers will be interested in her various symbolic roles such as the big one (more than likely MK'd through her life, then ritually sacrificed to the extreme [crashed into the 13th pillar etc, take what I've said about car crashes and relate it to Diana's death too, more MK]): Princess Diana (below).

This film seems to be about programming mirror-image alters, you can certainly see how helpful this film would be in programming alters. Victims are told there is a mirror-image world where everything is reversed (this is shown in the images [two up] showing this world in darkness [as opposed to the light of the 'real' world]), standard mirror programming of making the victim think the person has a double (who exists in the mirror-image world so is evil/opposite of them) is aided significantly by this film [the double seen in the mirror becomes an alter when the dissociative splits occurs in the mind (through drugs, trauma etc, explained a few times)].

Naturally this horrific (and extremely suggestive [talk about deep-throating!, the previously shown phallic building is part of this symbolism]) action happens over the Freemasonic checkerboard floor (duality). Remember duality is a big theme here; mirrors in general are duality but here even more so as the doubles that come out of the shattered mirrors appear evil (whose primary function seems to be killing the original) compared to the good originals.

Note the hexagonal tiles.

Then the mirror is shown shattered, showing where the evil double came from.

Richard Jenkins about to be murdered by his double (conscious use of symbolic lighting, with half of the double's face in darkness).

Michelle's boyfriend arrives home to find the shattered mirror and the double symbolically cleaning the bloodied checkerboard floor.

Lena tries to get to the bottom of her flashbacks and returns to the scene of the apartment she stumbled upon following the original Lena there.

She enters her apartment block, symbolically pictured behind a cage (the doorman's area, he recognizes her and lets her in).

She arrives at the scene, imediately greeted by evidence of a struggle and more shattered glass, it's worth noting fans; as simple as they are they are often used symbolically (this is also the case in Slaughter) as is the case here because it is consciously focused on, obviously they spin. This is used more symbolically a few images down as it is pictured with the ballerina statue as ballerinas do a lot of spinning; ballerinas are often programmed (covered ballet a lot in the past).

She notes the shattered mirror, which she herself broke out of.

The ceiling fanspins with the ultra-symbolic murder weapon on show (and more hexagonal tiles).

She finally realizes she is the double who murdered the original (major trigger point in the movie I feel) and the entire memory of the event is shown.

The black ballerina statue is again symbolically positioned (pulling up to bash down on her head) with the spinning fan in the frame (all of this is conscious).

The Black ballerina statue causing some blunt force trauma to the head.

Poor little dark ballerina statue :'(

Nice 666 here as she returns to her place of work (she is a radiologist), also shows Lena's character name which is ([it's pronounced Jeena ((so genes)), but I think it is supposed to be suggestive of vagina)Gina McVey (phonically the same as the military programmed Oklahoma City bomber). She returned to confirm her suspicions that she was the double, which is confirmed by looking at the above x-ray showing her heart is on the wrong side of her body (she's a mirror-image alter). In programming I think we can assume something like this would be done, fake x-rays will be shown to the victim to make them think they are a mirror-image person rather than a real, normal person (if the victim [in whichever alter] genuinely thinks it is actually a clone or a double then it loses it's humanity and becomes robotic/easily controlled).

The brother shows up (apparently having escaped his own double's murderous intentions) and he looks concerned at his sister, who gives the standard Terminator style robot-look (she has remembered, and accepted that she is the double) he can see it is not his real sister so legs it.

Contented at her existence, we see her driving off in the car; finishing with some good old fashioned sun symbolism as the sun/light is obviously used symbolically here. PRAISE LUCY, BRINGER OF THE LIGHT! "Lena" means 'The bright one'...

To round this detrimentally long post off, some more info on Lena Headey (some of her stuff I've already covered in this post); here are her MK symbolic posters for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (she is Sarah Connor, not a robot), her face superimposed over a robot...

A robot-head (half face) superimposed over Lena this time, below.

More broken glass in front of Lena.

Note the standard robot hand (seen on Kylie, Beyonce, Ciara etc etc etc) on Summer Glau, click name for more on her.

The below one has Lena bathed in the sun again ('Lena' literally means "Sun Ray"/"bright one" in Greek... I already covered Headey [obviously containing head; her head/mind has been broken] in the original Broken post), her butterfly tattoos are consciously left on show for symbolic purposes (this seems obvious because tattoos are easily removed, and they usually are in movies/productions; through makeup/editing the image, why leave them in?).

On her butterfly tattoos, check out the below image, describing her new butterfly tattoos as a "new beginning".

Lena's flowery top is worth noting considering her other major tattoo, a lotus; very MK symbolic flower as it starts at the riverbed, in the chaos of the rushing water/mud and dirt, it rises up through the chaos and up towards the light out of the water as a beautiful flower [symbolic of the trauma/chaos/etc involved in programming eventually producing a beautiful flower basking in the light, the fully programmed finished article], there are undoubtedly lots more attributes associated with the lotus flower that relate to programming [it symbolizes sexual purity and more]). The above scan also tells of her practicing yoga, the lotus position is of course a famous position from that encourages meditation, which is more dissociation (Carl Jung even warned of dissociation in Yoga).

If you click the below image to see it in HQ (these came from the 300 premiere by the way, thought she was very good in that as Queen Gorgo) you can also see her small twin pentagram tattoos on each wrist (+ on image below that).

Looks like these ones have been removed, those red roses in particular (bird standard MK) is interesting, reminding me of the symbol for a house of British heraldry and are very symbolic in general and the different coloured roses are used in programming (subliminal pentagrams also).

Below you can see her other tattoo on her foot, along with red shoes.

Not sure why she was wearing horns for promotional stuff at the 1997 Cannes film festival (there is probably a genuine reason for it).

Sticking with the "Satanic"/Luciferian theme she plays 'The Devil's Bride' in 'The Devil's Wedding', with it's tagline: "All Hell's going to break Lucifer."

In 'The Hunger' she plays some doll-looking (remember in Bladerunner the acrobatic [this ties into how these slaves are often ultra-flexible as a result of programming] sex-slave replicant Pris does the same eye spray-paint/mask [a couple images of her below, but please read the wiki description for obvious MK/slavery synchs ((replicants/robots same deal, note she plays with broken barbies))]) girl who fucks Daniel Craig, I think she is supposed to be posessessed in the film or something.

Being a replicant kitty (programmed sex-slave played by Daryl Hannah) she naturally wears other suggestive things such as a tiger fur coat and dog collar.

Lena with other headless mannequins.

Thought this outfit was slightly suspect, very "school-uniform" type, duality black/white with a M over a shield.

Evidence of her kitten programming comes (more below) in her role as Colette in Band of Gold, Colette is a prostitute/dominatrix.

Perhaps most relevant to MK is her role with Heath Ledger in 'The Brothers Grimm' where she licks the toad (kissing/licking a toad is an often used trigger in MK hallucinogenics in MK [not in this movie, it helps them find the way or something; don't remember exactly]) and is treated in usual ways (the finale of the film has loads of shattered mirror MK symbolism [she is trapped in an Ophelia-style trance inside a stone coffin, like a doll in Dollhouse; or Sleeping Beauty]).

I must write up Monica Bellucci at some point, seen lots to do with her worth posting (she is the ultimate sexy "Mirror Queen" that's for sure!).

Lena plays Angelika (Angel, the k is conscious [k=11 mirror symbolism]), Her father is a woodsmen [think Tin Woodsman in Oz] transformed into a werewolf [Lena's father in reality is a police officer] by The Mirror Queen's spell.... Angelika is drowned by her father, becoming the 12th victim.... The climax ensues with the death of the Mirror Queen, caused by Jake shattering the enchanting mirror in the tower, therefore preventing her to complete the spell that will restore her youth. The werewolf transforms back into Angelika's father (the woodsman) and destroys the rest of the mirror by jumping out of the window with it and Will.... Cavaldi informs Jake that he can break the spell and awaken Angelika, which in turn resurrects the other 11 girls and Will."

Note her daisy chain crown. A few images of her from earlier in the film below.

She voiced ULTRA (as in MKULTRA [note the purple, U symbolism U=21=777, + SEVEN DAYS and such]) a cartoon featuring many MK elements (other "super-heroines" included an Aphrodite, model turned super hero; and Cowgirl, a trust fund baby called Jennifer Janus) that never aired.

The Parole Officer was another one with some interesting suggestions (I watched a lot of her movies as a kid, I really liked the live-action Disney Jungle Book when I was young in particular), remember her real-life father was a police officer (he was training people Bemuda where she was born) shown wearing the standard British police's Freemasonic checkerboard and other kitten suggestions, her character was called Emma (she has always done nudity without question + above ritual phallus is broken off by her).

Nudity followed by black/white (leopardish more dalmation style) spots.

She is occasionally undercover as a prostitute, more kitten suggestions.

Disney always gives us clues as to who is and isn't a slave, Lena appears to be a kitten as in Disney's 'The Jungle Book' she plays the man raised by animals' (obvious dehumanization themes here, feral children are the prime examples) "love" interest, her character is suitably named 'Catherine Anne "Kitty" Briden', the film ends with them kissing under a waterfall.

Another cat name, Kate in 'The Red Baron', this guy's kitten. I'm sure there are more symbolic roles, can't cover them all! Feel free to tell me some more info on her + a movie you may have seen of hers, in the comments.

She is in reality a pink tiger (see Peta ad at end for context).

In my opinion confirming her status as a dehumanized Hollywood slave, check out this advert she did for the Petaphiles; very disturbing considering what it is really referring to and who the circus "animals" really are...

"Circus trainers often force elephants, bears, tigers and other animals to perform tricks by beating and whipping them, shocking them with electric prods and jabbing holes in their skin with sharp metal hooks," she says in the online ad.

"When they're not in the spotlight, these animals are kept chained or locked away in cages where they spend the majority of their lives. And that's no life at all,"

To give you some more idea of what Peta is about (commenters know much more than me on this; just thought these were so obviously related to dehumanization programming I should post them).


Anonymous said...

U mentioned "splitting of the O" which reminded me "The story of O", a French novel (and movie subsequently) about a castle to which women were brought there and turned into sex slaves for the elite, even marked with hot iron. UDO KIER played in the movie, interesting guy himself as well, appearing as an occultist in MADONNA's video DEEPER&DEEPER and as a sex aggresor in LARS VON TRIER's BREAKING THE WAVES. In fact, one of VON TRIER's fave actors...

GINA MCVEY and 666 - ANTON LE VAY/LA VEY and that says all...

Licking the toad... In the satanic church theres a parody of Xtian ceremony of baptism in which a toad is dressed in velvet clothes, enchanted (and probably kissed/licked)...

the pics below the ones with girls wearing Mexican hats has them (still in Mexico)next to a skull (between them)...



David Stewart said...

OT - Marilyn Chambers died today/yesterday, Famous for the 1972 abduction rape "movie" BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR which became an American phenom - the same year as the kiddie porn EXCORSIST conducted it's mass hypnosis.
Remember how in EYES WIDE SHUT all the action was set into motion by the Piano Player with loose lips ? - well check out the lyrics to the the song that inspired the the title for the rape celebrating film here. And also the all seeing-eye on the cover of that album here.

skrambo said...

Excellent post. I just have to say that dissociation isn't always bad, if you initiate it yourself that is (the purpose of trance meditation which I practice regularly, it's about taking control of your mind back into your own hands). If it's forced upon you, as it is in these cases, then it can be used for bad, bad things as it opens you up to extreme suggestibility especially if you don't know what dissociation even is, and the only way to really know is to experience it yourself. If you disagree, I would understand.

Phil Spector found guilty of actress' 2003 murder

Anonymous said...

re: Shuttle and
the theme of abduction in pairs

reminds of the twinning theme,
and also the pair of little girls
taken together by Dutroux, and the two young girls together in 'Return to Oz', also the Simpsons featured Lisa and her friend taken together , also dolls are twins, ie: every Barbie looks the same
this could be partially connected to the elite's obsession with one world eugenics, ie: interbreeding the world into a single race of nearly identical people, with one language, one programmed culture, etc. My guess is that dehumanizing the victims into dolls makes it a lot easier for their 'workers' to work on them, ie: the people they hire to inflict trauma and/or death on the slaves can forget the humanity of their subjects, the same way farmers forget the suffering of animals by depersonalizing them in large herds. Remember that a lot of people claim that blacks all look alike, and have to wonder if some slavers intentionally selected negroes similar in appearance, the way a farmer might stock a barn with a certain breed of cattle.

Anonymous said...

Charlize Theron's mother killed her abusive father, with a shotgun.

Anonymous said...

^good for her

Monarch Deprogrammer said...

I know what you mean about PETA. The whole organization seems to be about dehumanization. If you talk to PETA activists (who are not the same as sane vegan animal rights activists), they generally believe that animals are the most victimized on the planet. It's true that animals have it pretty bad by the hands of humans and big changes should be made, but to deny the suffering of humans while idealizing compassion for nonhumans is pretty twisted.

If you look into Peter Singer, a philosopher famous for his book "Animal Liberation" that prompted this whole thing, you'll find on his website an essay entitled "Heavy Petting". At the end he concludes, "This does not make sex across the species barrier normal, or natural, whatever those much-misused words may mean, but it does imply that it ceases to be an offence to our status and dignity as human beings."

Those who are "in the know" about manipulative NLP/doublespeak will be able to see that what Peter Singer is really saying here is "go ahead, have sex with animals."

Just look at all the MKed sex slaves that promote PETA in TV commercials and posters.

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