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The Hayek Hotel

The above video was originally posted at this post (lots of similar 'masked models' ads in the post too worth looking at), but is worthwhile posting it again here for context to the masquerade theme that was used in her "marriage" to some French billionaire (inherited from this guy who owns Gucci etc); article pasted below more info on Salma Hayek. Daughter of Diana Jiménez, an opera singer and Sami Hayek, an oil company executive; she was raised a devout catholic and was sent to a Catholic programming school (I am convinced these 'Network of Sacred Heart Schools' [the Hiltons, Kennedies, Lady GaGa and others went to the New York one I've posted on before] religious schools are all involved in programming) at age 12 where she became an accomplished gymnast, but 'daddy' wouldn't let her join the Olympic team (more money to be made in Hollywood!). She was sent to live with her aunt until age 17, then dropped out of Uni to pursue acting ("to the surprise of her family", I don't buy that).

As an over-stimulated adolescent teen a few years ago her performances in Dogma and From Dusk Till Dawn are easily her most memorable, she plays "occult strippers" in them both essentially (in the former a muse who gets a body on earth, the latter a vampire). Tarantino's Dusk Till Dawn has more relevant symbolism in it though so I'll just cover that one, note the above symbolic poster for it showing Salma's split mind.

She comes out decked out in occult/MK symbolism with snake jewelry, skulls etc and of course the actual large phallic snake. I've often shown this type of snake/phallic symbolism on various other slaves (symbolising their dominance over the slave [sexual abuse obviously being a major factor in MK, obviously a very effective trigger]), i.e. Britney at the VMA's some years back.

Note the leopar-print walls, and more kitten programming suggestions with a big tiger painting in view (note her feather hairpiece thing, and the skull and bones below the tiger image).

She enters on a pyramid shaped platform ('step pyramid' symbolism; similar above her in red neon light) with twin pillars of fire either side of her, the jewelry attached to her bra can be considered pyramid shaped also.

Speaking of pyramids, in Frida (one of her more serious roles; probably lots in that) she visits some central American ones.

But getting back to the theme of masks, in Bandidas her character (and Penelope's) pretend to be masked prostitutes (note cage-like top hats).

She is a butterfly, performing as a MM Minerva Marabal in 'In the Time of the Butterflies' who becomes known as 'the butterfly' (though based on this novel, it's still ritualizing Salma in this typical MK way [butterflies/MM]; see trailer for more)

She attended the annual Chrysalis (=cocoon/pupal stage of butterflies [I should check out this French movie, with MK themes of altered identity/memory; as you'd expect featuring standard split mind symbolic poster]) 'Butterfly Ball' where she received (or presented) framed butterflies for some reason (here's Chrysalis' official site ['The Monarch Group' is part of it, note it's purple logo]).

By the way, I should mention the top image of Salma covering her face with two Eyes of Horus (mirrored, and pyramid symbolism on the duvet [squares within squares, smallest central one being the capstone]) comes from the November 2002 edition of Elle, with a few what look like butterflies on the cover (in case there was some doubt if it was Salma).

Like most of them, their 'charity' and campaign work is usually ironic (what is it with these people [Madonna etc] treating African kids like their property).

At the above charity event for "helping children" (note symbolism), she was pictured with one of the Fanning sisters, Dakota covered in hearts.

"Lady Liberty": the ultimate global ironic joke. [more phallic/rocket symbolism below from the same set (rocket/phallus shooting her off into space/dissociation/extasy)]

Back to Salma's kitten suggestions, and below with another random South/Central American (or whoever [maybe a reader recognizes her?]) tigress.

Some random images to finish, notice the subliminal symbol in the below shot by Ellen von Unwerth? [there's something quite cat-like about the look in her staring eyes too in my opinion]

Salma in a wig + dragon shoes and whatnot.

Split/shattered mind symbolism above/below.

For me though, the thing that confirms her Monarch slave status was when Salma Hayek attended the 1998 MTV VMAs (the same year as big-cat handler Marilyn Manson attended with his [note both are in leopard ((you can just make out Rose's leopard-print thong through the chainmail))] cult-programmed kitten Rose McGowan [Speaking ((earlier)) of Tarantino, I'll probably save this for a later post on Rose but note all the MPD mirror symbolism in her own stripper scene]) which she attended covered in fake butterfly tattoos (I count at least 5; obviously not all slaves will be permanently 'marked' hence the stick-on ones for special MK events like the VMAs, I get the sense Salma is perhaps treated better than the likes of Britney and co).

[Following is the Daily Mail article on her Masquerade wedding to a well-connected French billionaire (Venice is a very symbolic location for this [Venus, all those canals ;) etc]; this French billionaire and the rich attendees ((though many of them are slaves, i.e. Lily Cole [check out her label + my comment at a secret sun post (((also Chris over at Secret Sun has been on top of it here and here [probably others too]))) for more on Lily Cole's Marilyn Manson/Wonderland/etc connections])) types of people that are the biggest users of MK'd slaves around the world; in the top advert note the fact that the hotel's lobby is 100% symmetrical, so mirror symbolism.)]

The people of Venice could have been forgiven the film festival had come early this year when the City of Lights was besieged with A-lists stars on Friday.

Actress Charlize Theron, supermodel Lily Cole, Vogue editor Anna Wintour and even former French president Jacques Chirac jetted into Italy this weekend to celebrate the second wedding ceremony of Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault.

The Mexican actress, 42, and French billionaire, 46, are hosting a second wedding for friends and family after their private civil ceremony in Paris on Valentine's Day.

Celebration: Newlyweds Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault and their daughter Valentina board a water taxi in Venice ahead of a masked party to celebrate their nuptials

The couple kicked off the festivities on Friday in true Venetian tradition with a masquerade-style rehearsal dinner at the 17th century Punta Della Dogana, the canal city's old custom house.

The building is one of the most photographed in Venice as it divides the city's Grand Canal and Giudecca Canal.

Frida star Salma showed off her stunning curves in a midnight blue designer dress and killer heels, and completed her outfit with a black and gold Venetian mask.

Following her own to the water taxi was her new husband François-Henri, looking dapper in a black suit and matching mask, who was carrying the couple's 19-month-old daughter Valentina.

Party time: Francois-Henri entertains his daughter Valentina with his mask, while Salma bonds with her stepson

Boarding the boat with the family was Salma's new stepson, François-Henri's son from his first marriage.

In a boat leaving Venice's famous Cipriani Hotel shortly after Salma was Oscar winner Charlize Theron and her actor boyfriend Stuart Townsend.

The South African actress got into the spirit of the masquerade wearing a mask and black dress.

Looking summery in a multi-coloured dress was supermodel Lily, who jetted in from her university studies in Cambridge for the weekend's festivities.

Bashful: Charlize Theron hides her behind her mask as she arrives at the party with partner Stuart Townsend

Fashionable arrivals: Supermodel Lily Cole and Vogue editor Anna Wintour

Leggy: Lily is helped into a boat at the event as she tries to keep her modesty intact in a very short dress [what pale porcelain you have]

Former French president Jacques Chirac arrived via water taxi with his wife Bernadette and François-Henri's billionaire father François Pinault.

Also expected at Friday's party were Salma's close friend Penelope Cruz, Frida co-star Ashley Judd, Gael Garcia Bernal and Lucy Liu.

Earlier on Friday, some of Salma's famous friends were spotted enjoying a spot of sight-seeing in the city's famous Piazza San Marco before the evening party.

Woody Harrelson and his wife Laura Louie met up with magician David Blaine and his fiancee Alizee Guinochet, French actor Olivier Martinez and Salma's ex-boyfriend Ed Norton and his producer girlfriend Shauna Robertson to sip over-priced cappuccinos as they gazed at the Basilica San Marco.

The bride: Salma looked stunning in a figure-hugging midnight blue dress and satin jacket

Chic: Charlize wore a plunging black dress and coat with a mask to the masquerade party

On Saturday, Salma and François-Henri will renew their vows at the billionaire's 18th century Palazzo Grassi on Saturday.

The Palazzo Grassi, a historic white marble palace, holds a special meaning for the couple because it is the location of their first meeting in May 2006 - where François-Henri was hosting a gala.

They originally wed in the City Hall of the Sixth Arrondissement - owned by the Pinault family - in the St Germain area of the French capital on February 14.

The couple's civil marriage on Valentine's Day in Paris took many by surprise because they had announced the end of their engagement just seven months earlier.

Guest of honour: Francois-Henri carries the couple's 19-month-old daughter Valentina on to a boat

Riding in style: Former French president Jacques Chirac (L) and Francois-Henri's father Francois Pinault (2nd left) arrive at the party

Tight security: Guards surrounded the Palazzo Dogana as celebrities arrived for the party

After a low-key courtship, they announced their engagement and the Mexican's actress's pregnancy in March 2007.

Salma gave birth to their daughter Valentina Paloma in a Los Angeles hospital in September 2007, but announced their split last July.

They blamed geography issues because Salma is based in LA and François-Henri lives in Paris, where he runs his luxury brands firm PPR, which owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga.

But by September, rumours began they had reconciled began after they were spotted together in Paris.

A friend of the couple told People magazine they were 'very evidently in love with each other, very affectionate in public' when they attended the Dubai Film Festival last December.

Sight-seeing: Actor Woody Harrelson, his wife Laura Louie, magician David Blaine and his fiancee Alizee Guinochet stroll around Venice's San Marco Piazza on Friday morning

Celebrity cafe: Woody, Olivier Martinez, David and Ed Norton met up for coffee and cigarettes in Piazza San Marco

Ex factor: Salma's ex-boyfriend Ed Norton was spotted in Piazza San Marco with his girlfriend Shauna Robertson

[Edit: Updated link + images from the day after the above (26th); interesting to hear the Wizard of Oz dissociation programming song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was sung by all the MK'd actors (cheers to Kris for info + link, hadn't seen that)]

[Salma is a very well preserved flower at age 42]

Masked Lily ([check out this post with her 'My Delicate Masked Retreat' photoshoot, and the ones previously linked to on her further up] more flower MK symbolism in her name [actor Enrique Murciano has use of Lily currently]), and some more of Charlize below (with added feathers). It's also worth noting all the female masks had feathers (dehumanizing), while all the male masks did not (as far as I could tell).

Stella McCartney (Paul's daughter; pictured above with Charlize + roses [MK flower symbolism portrayed blatantly on one of her Monster posters at this post by the way]) veiled and masked [check out where Stella's allegiances lie, designing a double-headed eagle for he catwalk (scroll to end or click here)].

Bono showed up with his wife Ali Hewson, I see a creepy owl face, though it seems to be mirrored birds or something.

Last addition; Salma was out during the day (26th) in Venice in black/white duality stripes, along with Francois-Henri and his Venetian mask.


Anonymous said...

Hoping Im not wrong, the "tigress" next to Salma is the Mexican actress (mainly of soap operas) VERONICA CASTRO. After Ed Norton, I wondered somehow how Salma "chose" a guy like Pinault, moreover having that adorable daughter with him...


Anonymous said...

Any future projects on David Blaine?

toure said...

Damn. Good stuff. When Salma is on 30rock, i cant look away so i catch all the synchs...

Kris said...

Insightful post as always, Ben. Note that:
"At one point in the ceremony, the guests sang "Over the Rainbow."

see Huffington Post article:

sara said...

Wow....I never though Salma was a monarch slave, although I kind it found it interesting you said that not all monarch slaves where the butterfly stamp, but there are some monarch slaves that have the purple or blue star, such as Cassie Ventura, Nicole Richie, just to name a few.

Also, you said that Salma isn't treated as badly as the others such as Britney, etc. This might as something to do with the receptiveness of the "spirit". Britney seems to keep breaking her programming and sort of fighting back with her programming. She now remembers everything that has happened to her, thus, this only fustrates her programmers, treating her like crap. The mask are a dead give away that most of these stars are mind controlled.

So sad............

Anonymous said...

Pinault isn't that bad. She could have done worse. Like the 80 year old billionaire Anna Nicole Smith married....Pinault is actually not that bad looking for an older guy.

Anonymous said...

More Hollywood twins:


Anonymous said...

Great post Ben and great pics. Looked into Samantha Morton? she's had a tough past: in care, child abuse, and some interesting film roles etc
She is soon to be on TV with 'The Unloved' which she directed herself

skrambo said...

Rise of the child women: The new breed of girls as young as ten who dream of manicures, diets and breast implants'I was convinced I was an alien during my battle with mental illness,' says Kerry Katona

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Benm here's an article I found on the life of Mel Gibson's new "doll". Now is all clearer....


Anonymous said...

Ben, i bumped into this and thought you might find it interesting and somewhat befitting by way of a tie-in or "resonant" (as you guys say,) with the name of this post,

Surreal Estate: Turning a Manhattan Apartment Into a Puzzle Palace

Anonymous said...

Phallic symbol in Mc Donalds Happy Meal at 2.22:

Unknown said...

the 'tigress' reminded me of 'la tigresa' irma serrano. i urge you to read "the spiritual journey of alejandro jodorowsky" for his description of the initiatory process under this satanic entertainer.

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