Monday, 20 April 2009

Hello, Masked Katy Kat!

All those giant cat heads and other kitten suggestive images I posted on Katy Perry's tour (click for all my posts on Katy, tonnes of images + her video analysis [her debut video portraying her as a doll for obvious reasons]) come from her 'Hello Katy Tour' which she is currently doing (ending in Oz), she refers to the giant cat head as her own cat 'Kitty Purry' (below image from older post, probably the name of her sex-kitten cat alter), describing it as "the biggest pussy you'll ever see on stage" (hilarious! what's even more humorous is that all the rapturous fans have no idea what the actual joke is). I thought I should do a post (I'm not very organized to say the least, the Disney post has hardly got going btw) in light of her new video about to air on youtube in a few days (she will be dressed as a Queen of Hearts [trigger in Manchurian Candidate, Queen of Diamonds anyway] ((you can see this on her official site's preview image of the preview video, along with Elvis)), trapped in a money box, Vegas is always good for some symbolism anyway) which I'll probably post in a few days as (along with other images I'm saving for it [some candids, symbolic photoshoots/mag scans, older images etc] this post focuses on her current live shows).

Here are a few images from the preview video released by Capitol, watch it here [doesn't show her as a playing card, I will probably post this video at it's release in a few days]. Starting off with some checkerboard floor symbolism then some good old fashioned Vegas casino occultism (777 being the "lucky/winning number").

She wears Pink + leopard-print bikini.

The V doesn't only stand for/mean Vegas ;)

The main image I wanted to capture is the butterfly hair-band thing (any butterfly on the head is absolute MK [popped up a lot in recent posts here and here]), I'll look for a DVD Rip or something and post some good screencaps from what I assume will be a video full of symbolism (haven't pictured everything symbolic from the preview).
Here are the official merchandise from this 'Hello Katy' tour, obviously no one (who isn't totally ignorant) should be shocked by the Lolita themes on these. The top official alternative poster (main one is also symbolic watermelon piece + mouth covered) obviously features clear sex-kitten programming with the mask (masked/lost/altered identity, replaced by the manufactured/programmed one [i.e. sex-kitten mask] that covers your actual face/identity) and Katy looking seductive over a leopard-print background.

Fresh Cherries = pedophilia ["Harvesting (cherries) since 1984" (taking little girls virginity [cherry = the hymen], they pay a shitload for virgins at sex-slave auctions)], fruits are again all about sex (in MK programming, programs [i.e. a specific perverse sexual act] are seen as fruits in some internal structures [so used as triggers]) and more associated with pedophilia as I think they regard children as 'forbidden fruit'. This kind of symbolism is seen in the bible where Eve's innocence is lost by the slimy snake (phallus) offering her the 'forbidden fruit' (sex[ual abuse]); you can hopefully interpret the obvious metaphor for yourself!

A few more images from said tour:

"Koons is my Kunst!" Anyone care to explain (typical Disney dehumanization aside)? Sounds German and Nazi-like however, Kunst means 'art' in Germany (easily mispronounced into something dirty; Koons is apparently an art designer [possibly made the inflatable stage props], a fashion site [note Mickey Mouse and usual themes in fashion] says it is a reference to Nazi propaganda's "entartete Kunst"). Like other outfits Katy has worn they've also featured on the catwalk (so did her Obama dress and others).

In the German leg of the tour she wore interesting imagery such as a winking eye (not the first time her breasts have been used as symbolic eyes [image further down in link]).

In Munich she wore just a black cat.

But probably the most interesting of the bunch is her trousersuit covered in all sorts of symbols, lots of butterflies, a yin-yang (duality), sun symbolism, a Geisha, birds and lots more (can't make out most of it admittedly).

The set was designed by Madonna's (another kitten, check out these images I posted a while back at this post taken in 1979 [as well as a Katy kitten one from an older Katy post], here are a few more from it as well as the couple I posted [tried to put in symbolic order, ritual poses and whatnot]) set designer according to wiki, so all these big cat heads/fruits/wieners/etc and Katy's various symbolic costumes make more sense.

In the 'Hello Katy' tour, Madonna was invoked with her image on her top as Minnie Mouse, then in a later Disney 'Grad Nite' event in the past few days she herself wore the MM ears (good ol' wholesome Disney, note her leopard-print short dress also ). [Lady Gaga is constantly invoking MM/Hello Kitty hair bow]

Edit: Throwing in this image from an older post (+ have put another few images in).

[Edit: Added better view of more recent shoot wearing the above top, note below leopard-print finger nails as well]

I didn't make the connection at the time but her dark Hello Kitty outfit she wore at The Brit Awards was in reference to her Hello Katy tour (was unaware that was the name of it at the time) and I posted images of her wearing them all in a post, using the obvious title 'Hello Katy' (you've got to check out the video for the dark Hello Kitty MAC line she was promoting there too if you haven't already).

The below 2 interesting images are not Katy, just to clarify.

Nazi lipstick chic! Shhhhh...

The obvious phallic significance of lipsticks is shown in Salon Kitty (interesting movie btw I've posted on it in relation to Katy before a few times [some more symbolic posters above, a kitten covering her 'pussy'/kitty and such], standard themes [lots of mirrors, duality, androgyny and such, not sure if people are interested in write-ups of films like that]), remember Salon Kitty was of course an actual place where kittens were programmed/housed in WW2 for espionage purposes. The below image , which I've linked to the video of before but worth picturing here again to show the clear comparison.


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Koons has also been the husband of Cicciolina, pornstar and ex-parliament member for the Radical Party in Italy... Thought you might find it interesting...

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Thanks Iona, I have recently been thinking exactly along those lines of starting a separate site to make the information/images/etc more accessible (also a forum could work, though there are forums discussing this stuff out there); because obviously this blogger format has some issues ([the large # of images does have a lot to do with the slow down I'm sure] I was kind of hoping someone who knows about designing sites would offer to help ;). I'll be in touch.

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Cheers Ginevra, v interesting I saw it quickly when googling 'koons' but definitely worth mentioning; you can't make this stuff up, aside from all the MK suggestive hardcore pornos ('bestiality', 'bedtime stories' etc) she, real name 'Anna Ilona Staller' (presumably abused and sold by her government official step-father) appeared in Replikator: Cloned to Kill! She was also a communist spy.
"As a girl I worked as a waitress in a hotel in Budapest," she recalled, "and the secret service approached me and asked me to seduce foreign guests. I had to go in their rooms, make them talk, then photograph the papers I found in their bags.

"At the age of 18 I was agent Katicabogar [the Hungarian for LADYBIRD], SPY AND COMFORT GIRL TO ARAB BUSINESSMEN AND AMERICAN POLITICIANS." Interesting article on her (agent 'Ladybird'... nice and blatant [posted on these kinds of spies before + "ladybird" significance]) link here.

Also worth checking out (in my mind confirming what this guy is all about [really the same as most other "fashion"/"art" notables]) his 'Cicciolina embracing the pink panther' (done lots on pink panther) PORCELAIN sculpture, and as part of some Koons' 'Made in Heaven' set, look at this entirely meaningless serpent piece ;) and finally the butterflies money-shot.

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I'm new to your site and am loving it....your research is amazing. Keep up the good work. Like the other commenter posted, my connection is also slow, but only when I'm on your site. Not sure about the reason. And I'd love forums, there is so much to discuss about your findings.
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Hi Ben,

think you will find it blatant enough this one below regarding Ilona by Milo Manara...

Justin R. said...

Rihanna and Katy Perry are
new BFF's as they enjoy a girlie holiday together in Barbados

Unknown said...

you mentioned not knowing if there was interest in your area of study imposed over films such as 'salon kitty.' OF COURSE THERE IS. i would almost be more interested to see your "spin" on these classics, as they laid the foundation for what we are now seeing in the blockbusters and on prime time. please analyze the oeuvre of dario argento and the like, especially joe d'amato. im really perturbed to know of alejandro jodorowskys affinity and collaboration with the pitiful marilyn manson. also, please see 'the devils nightmare' starring erika blanc. thank you

Unknown said...

my friend went into a trance while listening to this song in his car
the car flipped while driving in a tunnel

i too have gone into a deep trance
while listening to this song
the film is telling

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