Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sienna Miller: Chained Tigress

Hopefully this blog isn't getting too predictable, not my fault ;p Nice shot of Sienna Rose Miller's (father is an American banker, mother David Bowie's corporate handler) blue bird tattoo there too. "Beauty and the Beast" (I assume that's translated as; probably other things in the words to) is very common in this type of stuff. Please see previous posts on Sienna Miller (Dark Knight post she features as she was in Heath Ledger's Casanova and also in a film suggestive of her and Cillian Murphy's kitten programming [giant cat statue], but main post on her with short video of her going insane is below that post), she played Edie Sedgwick (daughter of an Alice in 'Factory Girl' which also has her kitten programming suggested wearing lots of leopard print (more than just the coat in the trailer; her other roles are also worth noting [as Katya, and Nikki one of 'Alfie''s kittens, she is next going to be 'The Baroness' in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra etc]).

This photo shoot (more kitten suggestions [untamed heart] + sun symbolism) by Matt Jones features usual themes (masks, mirrors [not pictured, couldn't find decent quality image], and a top hat).

Below is a picture with Sienna's head symbolically positioned in front of/covering the mask (behind one of Casanova's kittens' head) with Heath Ledger's split mind (half face) on show, the poster featured in the Dark Knight/Ledger post.

Quick America's Next Top Monarch Doll update which had some especially blatant MK programming this week with faceless mannequins (one is shattered), then faceless images of Tyra (I covered facelessness/loss of identity/sense of self much earlier in the blog) [this was all about getting the right face]; topping it off was a Beth Stern (formerly Ostrosky, see posts) in a delightful purple number, Tyra talking about going "somewhere over the rainbow" with a fellow model in Cheetah-print, Tyrah calls her a "Cheetah" and makes the cat-like claw/rwar (the coloured dust photo shoot was worth noting as well). I'd like to do another post so I can flesh out a few more details too from other episodes (and a few details in this, the below guy worse a top with words used in programming written backwards/upside down/etc), but here are the images from this one.

"Unleash your Inner Fierceness!" - I feel traumatized just having that use of the word in my vocabulary! (Tygra, I mean Tyra uses it constantly; all about programming of course [primal/animalistic altered states and such, I had a bigger explanation but Firefox died on me before I could save/publish; can't remember if there was anything else I changed/corrected])

Sienna is good friends with fellow victim Keira Knightley (spelled it without an e for most of the posts, kinda screwing up the tabs/search; apologies), here's the domestic abuse advert featuring a fractured mirror which Keira stares at before reality and fantasy are confused (I personally feel this advert is dark as hell; I don't think Keira is just acting to be honest [just like Julia Ormond did in 'The Baby of Macon' this article speaks of]). Thanks a lot to commenters pointing this one out (also that H&M ad which I hadn't seen, got a couple more ads to post in a future post so I'll put it in with them), link to story. It was directed by the same person who did her Coco perfume ad, which I posted on in a Coco post here and noted the MK in it of Keira reflected in multiple/fractured mirrors.

Looking very much like a tranced 'Zooey Deschanel' here (IMO), into the fractured mirror (I'd just posted a lot on this symbolism when this domestic abuse ad was brought to my attention).

More images of Keira from this (Leibovitz) Wizard of Oz shoot at this post, I covered her first major role in 'The Hole' at this post (she was only 15 when she shot this I think). Obviously all her symbolic roles (mentioned her role [not Disney] as the Queen's [monarch] double in Star Wars previously) for Disney (skull and bones occult [Cthulhu etc] Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but before that she was used by Disney as Robin Hood's daughter in Princess of Thieves) are suggestive of her MK (Disney being a major player).

To synch it up to the previous post and give more information on Adrien Brody/Keira Knightley's MK Movie, 'The Jacket'; here are a few MK posters to go along with the above trailer (note movie company Mandalay's tiger logo).

Every type of poster of this movie features MK, lots of red eyes/red.

Of course split mind posters (see linked post) in a few of the variants.

Here we have two fractured mind [below Asian one is symbolizing fractured glass, the above has fractured (into squares/compartments) mind also] symbolic ones (also Keira and Adrien symbolically positioned in the below). Also in the trailer to finish, note movie company Mandalay's tiger logo. The film features standard MK (amnesia, trapped in a box is MK 101 [isolation/darkness/compact space leads to altered states of consciousness/dissociation), haven't seen it in a while so cannot remember too many details (you can notice in the above trailer lots of symbolic one eyed shots and whatnot).


skrambo said...

I knew there was a reason I put off watching the Domestic Violence PSA... :( There's a ton of Masonic symbolism in it as well, the "three pillars" motif with the guy standing in the middle one (the middle pillar is Set or Seth, son of the murderer Cain), Keira's "keys" (Keystone/capstone, Keira itself sounds like "Key-Ra", you might have pointed that out before) being focused on as she "ascends" (reaches higher states of consciousness where abuse can be imprinted further), a spiral-ish stairway just before the shattered mirror, and the last shot looks like the guy's standing on top of a capstone-less pyramid. I'd look again for more but it's so unpleasant to watch (might be intentional?).

I use Google Chrome, I used to use Firefox but Chrome is faster and more compact, though there aren't any add-ons or extensions for it. It crashes less often too.

Anonymous said...


aferrismoon said...

Thinking of the bit about 'unleash your inner fierceness' reminded me of Alan Partridge. In one episode he goes to the mirror and says ' I am a Tigaaar , rrrr' , in the wholly unconvincing way he had.


Anonymous said...

In that America's Next Top Model episode the expressions of the girls were very telling when the mannequin fell to the ground, losing its head and arms.

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