Friday, 24 April 2009

Sweet Dreams Britney

Quick video from Britney's concert (the full length version [more blatant] you can see below; I'll replace the above one with full if it gets put online soon [click name for previous posts on her, info on her MPD/DID, video analyses and such]), I love how they're literally hiding nothing now (it's obviously a very strange dichotomy; I don't want all this to be happening but at the same time the more blatant they make it the more obvious it should be for the masses at large to realize just what the hell is going on [mind control]), even in the lyrics (Marilyn Manson's cover of 'Sweet Dreams' by Annie Lennox's ((definite slave, possible clone)) Eurythmics, "Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused." etc [posted MM's video of it below (note MM in a tutu, acting traumatized and such [described what I think it's about below]), check out another MK video of his in the Dita post]). I recently posted the telephone call she made about her father threatening to take her children away (as part of controlling her; all very sad [you can hear the sadness in her voice]), she has also recently come out and stated that she thinks (correctly) her father is drugging her, she is treated no better than a literal caged circus animal (there is no one looking out for her best interests).

This interlude (I've covered others in posts like this and this [with creepy Jon Voight ((Angelina's dad)) reading a little girl a bed time story and other equally suggestive stuff]) occurs before the 'Freakshow' sex performance. The whole concert pretty much seems to be about slavery, sexual slavery, circus animals and all other themes associated with slavery (if there's a DVD release of it I plan on getting it and doing it as a major Britney post), yet all the fans think it's the "best thing ever!!!!" As an example below, you can skip past the interlude (2:50ish) when an angel in chains flies around (hypnotic voice over the speaker) and Britney comes out (more focused video of this below it) with her masked dancers (along with her own mask of course) and dehumanizing purple tail, more chains, big mirror etc (I posted on these themes before).

Uploaded by beanedave

MM's one above is very symbolic of the effects of abuse on the mind. Should have included the Eurythmics original video, standard symbolism (one eye, androgyny, masks etc the third eye features pretty prominently).

Edit: Worthwhile responding to a comment I was interested in looking up more info on, looks like (from wiki) Jamie King is the tour director (he choreographed the Britney/Madonna/Xtina "kiss" MTV VMA infamous ritual [directed many of the programmed Mouseketeers Britney, Christina, Justin tours and has worked a lot with Madonna, here is his resume]) and Simon Ellis the musical director (he worked with the Spice Girls [and various other MK'd people/groups ((in the UK anyway)), S Club 7 etc]), William Baker is also involved as a stylist (he did Kylie's X tour; he is often known as 'Kylie's Gay husband', probably one of Kylie's handlers). And the costume designers (all the bondage getup and whatnot) are as fucked up as you'd expect, "The Blonds" (they [assuming the androgynous/transsexual manufactured slave one is actually human] also designed Katy Perry's fruit clothing, some of Rihanna's and such; their myspace page is loaded with all of their symbolic "creations"), "Dsquared" (identical twins) and probably other suspect people. I don't particularly view them as very important, they're all just cogs in the machine churning out the same crap over and over for 'them' (the global 'elite'/ruling class).


Unknown said...

It's nightmarish to say the least..
How can parents let their kids listen to:
"If You Seek Amy" or:
"F-U-C-K-Me" ?

Anonymous said...


Nadroj said...

the fact that manson (and/or his people) would license BS's crowd to use that song...shows something.

annnnd, the fact that she looks miserable and is being pulled and pushed around in a daze while people grope and hump her, shows even more of something.

Here's something I been thinking about:

how far have people looked into the credits for this type of shit? Like who designs/films/writes. Couldn't we learn something more by finding the actually creators of all this symbolic mishmash shit?

skrambo said...

In the Eurhythmics video, it's interesting that her third eye becomes a cross, to indicate targeting the mind of the viewer. That song always creeped me out anyway. I remember thinking a long time ago that she looked like a lizard or something.

Anonymous said...

The first commenter said it perfectly: this is nightmarish!

This poor, poor girl. What a tragically sad life. May God set her free.

Anonymous said...

Annie Lennox said she was a clone in a recent interview. Was she joking, or serious?

Justin R. said...

The Guardian:

Child trafficking in Britain up by 50%, says study

Anonymous said...

is the angel in chains in britney's show lucifer?

Anonymous said...

Nadroj, it's cute that you think Britney doesn't want to be there. She doesn't look dazed at all, she looks very aware. Oh poor poor thing!

Anonymous said...

Ben said: "I don't particularly view them as very important, "

Sorry to tell you but if that's the case, you are making a huge mistake.

Benjamin S said...

How am I making a "huge mistake"? I obviously viewed them important enough to write about them and point out who they are (as I have done in past posts too in who is setting up this symbolism in photographs and whose working behind the scenes with some of these people) and what they've done, what more can I do?

Oh yeah and 10:50 commenter, maybe it is supposed to be Lucifer, flying around/being a 'fallen angel' and such. 18:47 that's why I said 'possible clone' but I don't know. Cheers for the rest of the comments/links as always (- the usual emotionless/empathy-lacking Britney hatred comment we seem to get [can remember one off the top of my head went something like "She deserves everything she gets" etc]).

Anonymous said...

Well honey, i know enough about these people from personal experience to make the comment, so if i lack empathy for someone who clearly wants to be where she is, then so be it.

"Hooking up with Justin Timberlake taught me all about hypnosis and how to get into people's minds. Now, thanks to JT, I feel like I can almost hypnotise the listener, take you to another place and tease you."

I'm sure poor ol Brit can relate to that too. And if she is being "mind controlled" (we all are, after all) then it's her karma. I'm sure at some point she did not give a shit about the kind of thing she is doing. None of this people do, its dollars in their pockets.
And "JT" isn't the only one doing this either, f.y.i.

Power corrupts baby. Be ready for the backlash.

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