Thursday 2 April 2009

Blowing the top off a Canary

Quick obligatory post on the protests in London (living near it but too lazy/cynical to show up); while obviously most of them are slightly misguided they seem to be the only people willing to protest against the literally infinite issues the 'elite' have caused. The Nazi-stormtrooper style 'riot police' who are just mindless cogs in the Orwellian machine are not the enemy (well other than the mentality of police officers, who usually choose it for the feeling of power it gives them; with the authority it gives them and the armor/shields/batons/tasers/guns/etc, and lets not forget their indisputably Freemasonic checkerboard hats); they want us regular people fighting other regular people (police) so the real enemy is never challenged. There were a few obvious agent provocateurs in the crowd (one guy with a stick was quickly shepherded in and out of the crowd to hit a police an officer on the head to make it escalate [the media are just hilarious in how much they obviously want to have the "protests turn violent"]), and you've got to be pretty stupid if you think the police's tactics weren't designed to cause tension/violence (there is no such thing as free protest if they are herded around like cattle, ending up pact like sardines in a crushd tin box; obviously people are going to throw things at the people forcing them into such a compact area [analogous to the Israel/Palestine conflict]).

Turn 180 degrees and start hitting the real enemy dummies!

Instead we should be working on something that would actually have some deep symbolic meaning i.e. blowing the pyramid off the top of Canary Wharf [joke, though it's not the worst idea in the world ;p], but failing that they should have just formed a gigantic drum circle around the 'City of London' and smoked some green with the riot police, opening up the minds of the mindless cogs then maybe they would switch sides from faceless corporate globalization to the people, and turn their batons on the suits in City rather than the innocent protesters. [this paragraph is not entirely serious and should not be taken at all literally]

[Canary Wharf images (+ below burning pyramid from last year's Burning Man) added in for dramatic/symbolic effect; the above image comes from BBC's MI5 for the binge-drinking generation/2012 predictive programming show Spooks: Code 9 (more on police's checkerboard and such there too; here for more on Canary Wharf/Square Mile ((no 13th floor, 771 meters tall, 130x130 meters office space... way too much numerology to be coincidence etc)) and elsewhere)]

Leave the White Rabbit alone! Note the police's checkerboard hats, they are robots for the Freemasons that are undoubtedly controlling the police. Freemasonic discrimination (and racism quite frankly, see Ian Blair [Jean Charles De Menezes even the official inquest concluded the police are outright and conscious liars ((gave no warning like they claimed etc))] in the police is something that is extremely prevalent but rarely reported; here is one example of Freemasonic bias in the police [one top former police officer in 2004 said that the reason racism is still such a part of police's mentality is because of Freemasons (scroll down, the article has disappeared from it's original source)].

This guy obviously loved being whacked in the face, he was lapping up the attention all day. Note robotic expressions of the Freemasonic police.

Praise Orwell, they are all being processed in the database as I type.

Finish this quick post off Charlie Brooker's latest show Newswipe (see posts with Screenwipe clips) which I think people might enjoy his take on the news media, stellar analysis of the completely 'insane by design' financial system and other things.

Some symbolism in the show, mannequins in the below one [TV is all about programming; dumb you down to an empty shell to be programmed], Brooker is positioned between the twin towers of tower bridge. Peter Obourne's bit on the ruling/elite political class (which they had to censor) is definitely worth a watch.


skrambo said...

I would much rather they sit in a circle around the pigs, I mean officers, maybe pass around some damning evidence of deep corruption (like they'd be able to! Besides, the evidence is basically our reality now) and non-violently protest than perpetuate the struggle which is exactly what the Elite want (so that they can throw more people in jail or get them in their records, with the police now trained to disregard basic human rights). Even then they'd get smacked around, just look at the sit-ins from the Civil Rights movement of the '60s...

The agents provocateurs really piss me off... Talk about throwing a wrench in the gears.

Anonymous said...

I like that starred bed :)

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