Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Kerry Katona gets the MPD Mirror treatment

A little promo for Kerry Katona's latest Monarch-slave MTV voyeurism show I thought worth posting, this illustrating many of the themes discussed at this blog in relation to MK. KK had a stereotypical upbringing for these media kittens/slaves (dad left her as a baby, mum a druggy; bunch of abusive foster homes etc [I went into more of this, her "bi-polar disorder" and such here]), signed up for Atomic Kitten (posted on this a while back [her last MTV show was also MK suggestive called "Whole Again", implying she isn't whole, she ((her mind)) is in pieces]). The Mirror paper is very humorously MK suggestive (being 'the mirror' after all) with the below image captioned by "She's got multiple personalities... and a dress for each one!" One black one white, duality, opposite/polarizing personalities (obviously the white one being the happier/smiley personality, the darker one looking mean/sad [the quotes tie into this too, and also standard MK ones like "I feel like a new person"]). A split mind shot (half face out of frame), that specific type of infinite mirror cube room (anyone know the actual word/phrase for that?) I've also shown a number of times in music videos and such. Keep it up MTV! This is all just a twisted game (not that it shouldn't be taken seriously, for me there is nothing more real and serious than this), they know it.. I know it, the masses are incapable of making these 'crazy' connections (the fact that her name has two K's in it, so the fuck what?! Black/white is just an extremely commonly used colour scheme. mirror symbolism.. wtf? etc) so it will just carry on like this (all the abuse/programming/control/conditioning/organized chaos/etc); being this blatant and in your face... not that I'll stop showing it.

Cheers to commenter(s) who linked to Kerry with tiger facepaint (mask-like) recently.

But what of the children?! [(eldest first; not sure which is which in the pictures) Molly Marie, Lilly-Sue, Heidi Elizabeth, Maxwell Mark]

"Angel in Training" Below is the same one (I think it is Molly) but older in skull and bones + hearts (quite the confusing mixture ["love" and death ((the kind of total confusion used in MK))]).

I think that is Lilly, she's also on the below Disney pink bicycle (note KK's leopard-print).

The below one (wearing cat + holding owl), I think it's Lilly (may have Molly and Lilly mixed up).

As you'd expect she has invoked Marilyn Monroe (note her red rubies).

Interesting reaction to a zucchini ;) also note the banana.

Picture of the Atomic Kittens (Two of the 'elite's greatest achievements [from our perspective their biggest crimes], splitting the atom, and splitting the minds of millions of programmed slaves) Kerry Katona is essentially the same as tabloid tools Jade Goody (now deceased in an insane media ritual), Katie Price (sexually abused age 6 [one event she is allowed to remember anyway]; she is very much your typical butterfly barbie) and the like (my American readers will probably have no idea who any of these people are but, you obviously have your counterparts [Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian etc]), here is Katie/Jordan's latest book just to show what she is (a butterfly/angel; kitten for variuos footballers [read synopsis, they want all girls to think like this with some success]).

The below images are all of Katie Price/Jordan btw (Jordan is obviously a typical Hebrew/qabalistic name used by these people [biblical river Jordan]), some confusion in comments. She's done so many photoshoots there are bound to be lots more symbolic ones, these are just from 2 minutes googling.


Ioana said...

In the tiger facepaint pic, Kerry Ketona looks so out of her body, it's so obvious!
I didn't know her , as I don't watch tv since years now :)
But anyways, poor girl!

Ioana said...

Hey, since I started to read your blog, I pay attention to everything surrounding me:)
Yesterday I found a magazine in my boyfriend's apartment and it was in english. I read an article on Tom Cruise and the fact that he planned in advance the first 2 years of his daughter.... Sounds scary.
Today I tried to find the news so I googled it, and instead I found this interesting stuff:
Suri Cruise's princess party

skrambo said...

Blindfolded Britney... She's got the same triple-bullseye/spiral thing on her boobs as Kerry in one of the pics you posted.

You're right, I'm from USA and I have no idea who Kerry Katona is... You can't really tell them apart anyway.

Anonymous said...

3 dolls for Berlusconi:


Anonymous said...

Katie Price is a dark, dark woman. She seems very evil to me.

Ioana said...

Tommy, thanks for the link. Guess what? Went to the sun site, made an account there under the name of Divine_justice and wrote in the most elegant manner a comment. I don't remember it exactly but it went like: " Britney is mind controlled, it is not weird that she is blindfloded or dressed like that , it is not for the sake of art , everything has a meaning, a hidden symbol. Everytime you see blindflod, cats, sun, sunflower, leopard print, an eye, mirrors, one eyed covered, half of the face in the shaddow, tiger, lion, etc there is mind control.Just google Britney mind control and check for yourselves"
Well....that's all, didn't give any link or smth, just some comment like this....Guess what?
Yes, you are right: they didn't publish it :)
I'll check tommorow again, I thought it might have been the time difference between the countries or smth,although I strongly doubt it :)

aferrismoon said...

Noticed the PINK LADIES car - seems that pink is popular with certain ladies, young girls and the medias main colour for 'girls' . Its also the colour of the Breast cancer campaign.
Wonder if subconsciously the 2 get connected.

skrambo said...

My mistake, it's actually Katie Price who wears the spiral thing.

Ioana - At least you tried. :) I still try to spread word of things such as mind control around random forums, but I am either laughed out of the place or suppressed in other ways. It's always because they don't see it as being "relevant" to the subject matter being discussed, but this kind of overrides all of that...

Anonymous said...

I think it would be more appropriate to compare these English tabloid fodder with Ana Nicole Smith and such.

Paris, the Kardashians, Ritchie, etc are portrayed as born with a silver spoon in the mouth snotty, rich girls, whilst Kantona and Jordan would be more like 'white trash', who, somehow, made it big.

That's just a very small nitpick of course, as the rest of the article looked interesting.

Did you know that there was a short lived reality tv show aired on E! here featuring Jordan and her husband? It was awful and barely made any impact at all.

I suppose that was a case where there was a huge mistake calculating Jordan's pull in America. She's no more than a tacky Brit Michael K makes fun of over at D-Listed.

Anonymous said...

Jordan is a satanist.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this:

Quote: "Kerry told students that she 'genuinely felt like an alien' when being treated for bipolar syndrome. ... She said: 'I sat on the bed and said "Mark, I'm an alien" - and I really thought I was an alien."

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