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Monarch In Fringe

This post was originally going to be with a few other shows; but the latest Fringe episode tipped it over the edge, others will probably write about it too I'd imagine. Think I missed out a lot, as I state below; would be impossible to write on every MK related thing in the show, I want to move on to some other shows for my next post which I started before this one.

Beautiful but deadly; his hallucination of the butterflies eventually kill him (his mind thinks they're real and are actually cutting him, so his body responds in kind). Highly symbolic of Monarch programming, he even randomly (why not just walk out of the room where all the deadly butterflies are coming from) jumps through the window, shattering it; symbolizing the shattered minds of the victims of Monarch Programming (explained further down). It would be impossible to discuss every facet of mind control contained in this show; so I will just pick out a few themes from the last few episodes, there are ALOT more, loads of subtle and not-so-subtle hints at MK.

Shattered Glass/Shattered Mind. The top butterfly/moth poster features in this MK13 post; as well as the 'shattered in reverse' Fringe intro-sequence which I go into.

Falling is also symbolic in MK, pointed out numerous times previously; falling into a trance, you can also make someone jump off a cliff/out of a window or whatever quite easily (tell them: i.e "jump into the water", or as in 24 recently you don't tell the brainwashed African children "kill the human being", you dehumanize/confuse the intended target/result [what it actually is, 'water' instead of concrete, 'cockroach' instead of human], make it a suggestion that their internal moral value system [which can be broken down too though] won't reject like, "Kill the Cockroach" [anyone else find it hilarious that 24's new big enemy is Angelina Jolie's father/programmer Jon Voight, really starting to mix reality with fiction here in who we should hate]) through post-hypnotic suggestion and everyone will just think it's a suicide/accident (sorry for the long bracket, made it clearer where the sentence ends and continues with bold), described in this previous MKTV post.
Nintendo 64 [# of squares on checkerboard] style N cube below, with Fringe's Massive Dymanics [standard vague name for Illuminist corporation, see Eureka for Global Dynamics (an actual company too)] being an M cube [M=13 so, 13 cubed; also very blatant MK here]. This is the building he jumps out of; showing who is responsible for the horrors of MK (i.e corporations/'elite' that run the whole global 'puppet show'), if you're not getting the subtext of shows like this (all of JJ's shows and movies + most other people too) then you're not really watching them with your eyes truly open. Gamecube also has the cube symbolism made out of a stylized/cubed G [7]. Mario/Marionette (main post on it at end of link) Puppet cannot be coincidence also, as much as it pains me to say this about a company I've spent countless hours on their products, they are certainly involved (turning us into mindless robots/zombies/marionette puppets through constant repetition on screen and such).
Olivia "Back in the Tank" Dunham [played by Anna Torv; Oztralia actress, her father's (who she is estranged from since age 8... wonder why) sister was married to sub-human Rupert Murdoch for 30 years] proceeds to look through the victim's things when she finds MONARCH written on it; triggering the butterflies (as in Monarch butterfly; they are not actual Monarchs though obviously, think one of them is) to flutter, which is only happening in her mind (she has gone through a tonne of MK shit [deprivation tank/psycho-active drugs] so is much more suggestible, more likely to see fucked up shit like that) as the butterflies are dead, pinned against the wall (trapped like the [literally] millions of Monarch victims, fluttering in vein).

She searches for all things related to the word she found, so the Monarch butterfly, European Monarchs and such are shown (Queen Elizabeth: The Ultimate Monarch, ;P wouldn't argue with that [I'm aware the MK name doesn't come from the Monarchy, but the butterfly's name does so therefore it sort of does (unsurprisingly Oztralia has a thing with it calling it the 'wanderer butterfly' and has been known there since 1871)], these fucked up misogynistic men creating HIS-tory, they would never have a woman in 'power' unless she was under total control). Just after she stops reading about the Monarch butterfly (like a trigger), she receives an email (in her mind, her consciousness and John Scott's merged when they entered a shared-consciousness state in the first episode) from her dead ex-boyfriend which leads her to find the toads with the skin seeping hallucinogens.
Some brief background on the Monarch butterfly and programming from here, going into some of the other themes in the show (salt water deprivation tanks etc; some of this is already pasted in Britney Part 2 and in other blogs/websites obviously [more from it on deprivation tanks + drugs here]):
One of the primary reasons that the Monarch mind-control programming was named Monarch programming was because of the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly learns where it was born (its roots) and it passes this knowledge via genetics on to its offspring (from generation to generation). This was one of the key animals that tipped scientists off, that knowledge can be passed genetically.

The Monarch program is based upon Illuminati and Nazi goals to create a Master race in part through genetics. If knowledge can be passed genetically (which it is), then it is important that parents be found that can pass the correct knowledge onto those victims selected for the Monarch mind-control.

There are many traumas, which can be carried out, which leave no physical scars, but do leave the child with the deepest emotional and spiritual scars. This is often necessary when programming young children who the outside world will see soon after their programming session. Holding one’s arms out is a simple torture. Tickling and sensory deprivation are two tortures that leave no marks. Burial caskets, some outside and some at inside locations are often used on slaves. That is why many slaves fear being buried alive. The Programmers place all types of creepy insects in the caskets when they bury the person alive.

Another type of sensory deprivation is done by placing the victim in salt water (for buoyancy and weightlessness). Then the victim is fitted with sensitive sensors that shock the person if the victim moves. The shock puts the person back into unconsciousness. The brain is trained to stop all external body movement from the conscious mind. This type of sensory deprivation is used to place in the posthypnotic commands to do something at some future date far into the future.
The program is placed into the mind at the same primal level that the mind uses to tell the heart to beat. One of the "appropriate" tortures is to place a bar between a little girl’s legs, which spreads the girl’s loins for rape. Then the bent spread legs are flapped, while the victim is specifically told she is a "Monarch butterfly". Many victims have created butterflies in their minds while being raped. The programmers may tell some of their victims that out of caterpillar-worms come beautiful butterflies. While raping the child, the Programmers will describe their sperm fluid as "honey comb", and will cry out "hallelujah" when they come. It doesn’t take long for the child to realize it has no ability to resist what is being done to it. The will of the child victim is destroyed, and in its place remains a pliable slave.

MONARCH 6662724 [she figures out it's a phone number; obviously the subtext is far more important (666, Monarch Programming, 33), the brainwashed sheeple totally oblivious to] add up those numbers and you get...... 33 I'm sure it's just a coincidence. And to further confirm this, predictably Olivia Dunham's has 33, as her office is #3233 [click for clear view, probably symbolic painting; 32 (white/black square on checkerboard) and 33 (rd degree Freemasonry) very important]. You should always be aware in movies/tv shows etc that door numbers/randomly shown numbers are often put there for a specific purpose with occult meanings, or some other subversive meaning privy only to the producer/director/co-producer/etc that requested it be put in.

Some of the history of MK is shown as Walter Bishop (played by John Noble, gone into in this post), the excited/confused/dissociated/victim himself (in an insane asylum; he says in one episode to his son Peter, "You cannot imagine what it's like for a man like me to not have access to PARTS OF HIS MIND." [how this is done is described further down in regards to an Asian fella who has lost access to parts of his mind in the same asylum as Walter's]) ex-programmer Walter Bishop shows some of his exploits in making a victim actually think he is being burned in an extremely suggestible hypnotic state, and the skin burns even though it is just an ice cube and not hot coals as the victim believes; because of the power of the mind [thus the power of MK; both the power of the mind and MK are massively underestimated by the masses at large (those 'in the know' however understand this all too well and have exploited it for far too long)].

Walter's son Peter Bishop, played by Joshua Jackson (another obvious victim, changed name to Jackson [as in MK'd Michael], initiated into The Skulls and in a bunch of other MKrap [like with Stepford Wife Katie Holmes in Dawsons Creek (who he dated, and made a cameo appearance with in the Muppets [puppets]) and such, I've pictured one MK symbolic (fractured glass [some type of fractured something anyway, could be paper], all seeing eye [JJ's half face in light/shadow too, also see that on the Nazi kid in Apt Pupil poster in other movie posters link]) Urban Legend poster but note his other movies' posters too for MK, one of his with MK is Cursed and was in Christina Ricci's post]); it's a fascinating dynamic to watch as naturally Walter had (as most programmers have done to their victims) electroshocked his own son when he was a youngster, in a previous episode he finds this out and only then remembers this happening (it triggering his previously compartmentalized memory fragment of it)... his original apartment was number 141 (scroll down this excellent link to find some of Carissa's work on that number specifically), I think they changed to separate apartments (having been sharing previously) since then, he still may reside in it though.

The episode before the latest episode (going backwards here) one was perhaps even more blatant with green (3) and red (1) flashing lights putting people into a suggestible hypnotic state (or a hypnagogic state as Peter refers to it), the main victim here is called Ben; a musical genius (random personal sync, Ben obviously + I was pretty well musically programmed as a kid, which is no bad ) because his brain suffered trauma allowing him to access previously inaccessible parts of his mind (the creative/musical part of it [Peter's own trauma as a child gained him a 190 IQ] giving him instantaneous genius-level musical ability).

Notice that red lights up one half of his face, and green the other half. [split mind; confusion between the colours leads to dissociation]

It is common knowledge (well not, people are so fucking braindead) that flashing/strobe lights causes altered-states in the brain; as epileptics of course will tell you, but even in people with "normal" brains this is the case. This is because it (the flashing/strobe lights) creates dissociation in the mind; 'they' want us drugged/docile, as dissociated from reality as humanly possible to keep us under control. Aided by the fact that clubs and similar things feature strobe lighting/lazer/sensory bombardment to a ridiculous degree, turning them into zombified Marionettes... "DANCE MARIONETTE DANCE!", add that to the video games I talked about before where you could argue a similar sort of sensory bombardment is going on too (playing for hours on end, headphones/loud surround sound speakers, plenty of fleshing lights etc) as you immerse yourself in it's universe (putting a Fallout 3 post together, I'm far from anti-gaming at all, I think they can open your mind and have positive effects too).

Walter messing with his kids mind some more above, he is extremely suggestible due to him being electroshocked and such as a child by his own father. Here he is put in a suggestible trance by the green green green red flashing light sequence and his father toys with him like a Marionette Puppet in this state, making him cut off his arm sleeves with scissors.

The obviously programmed (probably by Massive Dynamics or whoever the mysterious dude with the red apple machine who kills her at the end of the episode is really working for) programming chick called Joanne Ostler [Oz; real name Joanne Ritz, as in the 'elite' hotels] is the very attractive Gillian Jacobs, who you'll be seeing in Richard Kelly's new movie The Box next year as Dana [Gillian Anderson/Dana Scully (skull), Dana/Diana, both Gillians called Dana interesting sync and also the Monarch butterfly's tribe (see link for other mythology about it) is the Danaini (obviously Diana ties in here as the Goddess/sacrifice), it's 'Binomial name' being Danaus plexippus, linked to where the name comes from overtly, interesting mythology + perplex=confuse], she plays a stripper (so a stage/alter-name and a real one) in Choke.

She makes Ben think that her dead mother is actually there (when really this is all happening in his head [your brain sees what it most desires (i.e Ben's mother alive)] through a mixture of electroshock and other high-tech methods (the flashing lights and I assume harmonics), leading to this controlled dissociative hallucination; the mother has a scar on her face [which bleeds, as she is traumatized in his mind because he can't complete the piano music/formula, eventually Joanne gets the formula])

Predictably there is a carousel above the 'dungeon' she takes her victims too (very symbolic), inside the red castle (all very fairy-tale), carousel is another big part of MK; see previous posts on it. And opposite from it where Olivia notices it, consciously in the frame with Olivia is a black butterfly image (bottom left).

In the insane asylum Walter goes back to in this episode; the man he tries to get information from has obviously gone through electroshock programming as when he tries to think about equations and other pertinent mathematical things his body gives a 'shock' type jerk/flinch (accessing that part of the brain triggering the electroshock pain memory, stopping him from going deeper into it and getting the information he needs from said part). Above image from the same sequence, with chess board; MK'd slaves are pawns (and sometimes Queens, like my Queen Elizabeth ;) etc, checkerboard massive Freemasonic symbol, which ties into MK [duality, polarizing alter-personalities (evil-good, dumb-smart), etc]. Walter and Peter Bishop is no accident [another piece on the global checkerboard floored stage]. There is also a jigsaw puzzle being built by one of the victims of the insane asylum, jigsaw = fragmented mind; their mind is in pieces, obvious conscious analogy.

Programmed (through electroshocks) response in attempting to access this part of the brain: "Mathematical formulations are not conducive to my mental stability." In this insane aslyum, he causes a ruccus and is thus kept in it; where he proceeds to lose his mind slightly (mental institutions are not made for curing people, quite the opposite) again in seeing himself, a common MK theme of his alter-personality (he is lying in bed in the image below).

I'd like to transcribe an interesting exchange in regards to the father/son programmer/victim dynamic they have going on, "The trouble was he [Jimmy Hoffa, this show says he was assassinated] had a shockingly [nice MK humor there ;p] low electro-sensitivity when I turned on the machine it instantly fried his brain like an egg. Everyone has a unique tolerance to electro-stimulation, mine for instance is remarkebly high, yours Peter unusually low [This is why it is so damn insane (not if you understand why they're doing it) to start handing out tazer guns to all police officers, YOU CAN NEVER KNOW WHAT EFFECT IT WILL HAVE ON THE VICTIM (it could have the desired effect of hurting them enough to subdue them, but it is completely dependent on the person's unique tolerance so you can never know if it would give the victim a heart attack or whatever else it could fuck up in their body/mind), things like this are all a part of it too]. As for our friend here, we don't know, too little current and it won't work, too much and we will overcook his brain so I will..." Peter breaks in quickly, angrily: "You used to do this to me. You attached wires to car batteries and then you would shock me." Walter: "Yes I was accumulating data." Peter: "No you were experimenting on me!"... and he never gets an answer to these horrors, looking forward to see how this develops, it's bound to 'come to a head' at some point.

Both the dead man (again, the overt plot is not so important) and Peter are hooked up to the synchronized electroshocks to try and get the information they need off him, but Peter's head isn't clear so Walter gives him a hypnotic sedative (to 'clear his mind'), regressing him back to the child-like state (one Walter seems to be familiar with; remember he did this to Peter when he was a kid, hence his 190 IQ as the constant electroshocks/trauma can give access to previously inaccessible parts of his mind, giving him high intelligence [see Cathy O'Brien and other examples of it, I've gone into it previously]), Peter says "Daddy" to signify this (below).

In regards to electroshock usage in Monarch I have posted on it before but I think I might as well paste some more info from Illuminati Formula to round things off in this post, which most will be aware of already of course:
Another basic component of the Monarch program is lots of electro shock. Stun guns, staffs with hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves. Electroshock is used to create the dissociation from trauma during the programming, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a reluctant slave. Slaves generally carry horrible body memories of excruciating electroshock tortures to their entire bodies. As the slaves begin a therapeutic deprogramming process they will recover these horrible memories, not to mention many other painful memories. A slave often shows electroshock marks on their feet, or back, or buttock or legs after they have been used. An owner of a slave will ordinarily carry a stun gun. This is perhaps a 120,000 DC volt stun gun to erase & compartmentalize memories, but some of the stun guns go up to 200,000 volts DC to erase the memory of his slave. They will apply their stun guns to the base of the skull.

After giving programming instructions they will usually give a high voltage shock to the base of the skull to imbed the instructions deep in the subconscious. They often use hypnotic cues along with the shock. For instance, they will tell the slave they are "now going over the rainbow", and that when the sun goes down they will forget everything, before they shock the body.

The shock destroys and scrambles the memory which is still stored in the short term memory section of the brain. They must shock the person within 24 hours, to insure that the short term memory doesn’t get into long term memory as a coherent memory. This means that if a slave is being used daily, they get electroshocked daily.

When a slave is taken to an impromptu programming site--a hypnotic drug is injected into them for a quick induction while a metal band is put around their head and a current of 100,000 volts will be run through for say 5 seconds into their heads. This will cause the body to shake, the eyes to close, sweat to pour out of the body etc. The hands are tied down with restraints. Sometimes the mouth is gagged so that the tongue doesn’t protrude. After imbedding the hypnotic commands deep into the mind, the programmers might adjust the automatic timer on the equipment and give the victim another blast of voltage for 10 seconds. The person’s body will shake and quiver for a while after this. They may dribble spit. Finally, the person will be brought out of their hypnotic trance, instructed not to remember anything, to feel happy and sent on their way.

This entire programming session can last 15 minutes. Programming sites like this can be the back of a van, a back room in a restaurant, or any other place that the equipment can be set up at. This is why a slave, who has been used recently, may hobble a little, or when they get memories feel a tight headband around their head along with awful headaches & flashes of light. The memory will feel like a robotic state to the slave. The slave handler will also carry a black or grey spiral book with all their own slave’s access codes, triggers, cryptic keys and programs. All this will fit into a brief case.

A working knowledge of hypnosis is helpful to understand how to deal with the slave in certain instances. Because the slave is under the most powerful combinations of mind control and is so divided against his or her own self, it is almost impossible to have many problems with the slave if the handler does what he is supposed to do. However, some handlers get drunk or loan the slave to inexperienced people, etc. and problems do develop.

Of course the slaves always end up taking the blame for everything that goes wrong. If the slave gets out of hand, because the handler doesn’t know what he is doing, a stun gun comes in handy to control the mismanaged slave. In other words, a brief case with the programming book and stun gun are basically all that is needed to control a Monarch slave for the rest of his or her life. Some of these stun guns are only a few inches long and look like boxes. Other stun guns are imbedded in staffs. The canes and the staffs that Satanists carry around, like Michael Aquino (in public in fact) are actually stun guns to control their slaves.

Monarch programmer (I believe he's been mentioned in a comment a while back) Michael Aquino [AKA 'Mickey', as in Mouse; to some of his victims] with his long-term slave Lillith, and electro-shock tipped staff [this guy is ex-Army (click previous link for info) but you can never really be "ex-army" (they'll always have a hold on you due to their 'build you up, break you down' programming techniques, which is common knowledge; as well as the vast amount of MK that goes on in it which is hidden), all of this "Satanic" BS is just an excuse to get away their horrific programming, I personally think most occult rituals and such are more about perversion (and desire for control) than anything truly spiritual/demonic/"Satanic"]. [Temple of Set's website for anyone interested + wiki, nice spiral staircase on the main page ;P] Edit: Link to some more info on Aquino.


Anonymous said...

The younger, the better:


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Is that the same Michael Aquino that is the god-father of the military and intelligence community's PSY-OPS (psychological warfare) division at Ft. Bragg?

Benjamin Singleton said...

Could be, interesting Above Top Secret thread (as everyone knows, ATS is filled with Masonic apologists/unwitting disinfo agents like Masonic Light, so be wary of that) going into his involvement in psy-ops and such, I dunno if he was specifically the god-father of the Ft. Bragg division though, perhaps someone else does. The man himself even makes an appearance in the thread, and as always with this type of person he seems sincere and genuine, but that's how these people's minds work... you don't get away with it for so long without being as cool as a cucumber, as most sociopaths are [the "successful" ones (abusers) get away with it for this reason, as well as the top 1%/'elite' being on 'their' side, controlling the courts etc]. An email correspondance/5 minute conversation with him would probably result in you thinking he was victimized himself, a martyr for the new, "enlightened" philosophies/beliefs, deeply misunderstood, so people have just made up all this crap to villify him. Another, fair article on him here.

Vaguely related, I go somewhat into military psyops (in regards to 9/11 and such) in a movie post for General's Daughter.

Benjamin Singleton said...

Oh yeah and another article on the abuse coverup, from 4 days before I was born ;p And his own site, just hilarious (he thinks he's Indiana Jones! [typical egocentric sociopath]), his "Stories" like the Star Wars 'The Dark Side' are used in programming ['programmer becomes Darth Vader, which is then reproduced as an alter within the victim' according to IF]... looks like he comes after people who talk about his past deeds on the internet, best watch my back. But he wuvs animals so he must be innocent! ^^


Anonymous said...

This wasn't the first time Fringe showed electroshock. In another episode they demonstrated how electroshock can allow a psychic/telepathic person to easily access someone's thoughts directly after being shocked! Looked very real to me, like something they had tried in real life for psychic spies maybe.

I've seen odd bruising on some of the stars when they're wearing bikinis like Paris Lindsay etc. that look like little round spots the size of a dime. It was even commented on in the celeb blogs as to why they always seemed to be bruised.

Benjamin Singleton said...

Yeah, like I said there's a tonne more MK in there that I didn't cover, thanks for mentioning it though so people know just how prevolent it really is in the show. I was only covering the past few episodes (though what you describe sounds like Peter being used to get memories from the dead guy which is covered here, I'll probs have look back see where there's more like it) as the latest one summed up what they were getting at with all the electroshocking/MK in previous episodes... Monarch [the episode being called Dreamscape too, all about illusion, fear/trauma, hallucinations scaring someone to death etc.]

You think this is bad though, wait for Dollhouse, scroll down for main post; you've probably read about it already but for those who haven't [with double headed eagle/phoenix Eliza Dushku (you mention Lindsay Lohan, check out her double-headed eagle/phoenix)];p I find it interesting that Fringe and Dollhouse are the first two shows to use FOX's "Remote-Free TV" so they last longer with less adverts and such, why did they specifically choose those two shockingly blatant MK shows to do this with I wonder.

Great point on the odd bruising, I'm sure it's absolutely true though I haven't been looking out for them myself, I will be now.

Thanks muchly.

Anonymous said...

They said something about going to "Omaha" in that Ep., as I recall.

Made me think of Offutt and the woman from 'Rumor Mill News' that writes about MK, spies and her husband at Offutt, AFB.

Rising Hawk said...

MindKontrol is apparently coming out of the closet, even though it hides its true identity/intention.
With the latest Fringe, I was pretty amazed to see the use of the word MONARCH in direct relation to butterflies... and triggered mind illusions no less.
My first thought is that those in the industry 'in the know', and with a bit of conscience are trying to expose the/their puppetmasters. Dare to dream right?

Mind Control seems to be the in-thing in media content lately, Christian Slater as prime time Jason Bourne, The Mentalist skirting and softening the edge.
Just like the theory of Artificial Intelligence becoming our masters, I think the programmed alters could possibly be evolving as well... the cat seems to be out of the bag.

I think the era of secrecy is closing, their time indeed is short.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mind Control is trendy right now, everyone is doing it! All musicians and artists, let's play damaged robots!

Anonymous said...

"My first thought is that those in the industry 'in the know', and with a bit of conscience are trying to expose the/their puppetmasters. "

No one is exposing anything, everyone is playing along for it's the hot new thing!

Pitchfork: What exactly is "universal mind control"? I've heard the song, but what about the record as a whole?

Common: I really believe that that title is saying, "What I'm thinking in my mind and wanting you to feel, YOU WILL FEEL, because I'm gonna create music that will make you feel it." And it's also symbolic of the global sound that I wanted to create, something universal, something that would touch all parts of the world, 'cause that's what it was inspired by. And I also wanna say, I just like the way that sounds: "universal mind control." It sounds so futuristic, like a movement.

^^^yeah it just sounds cool, you know! it's that hot new shit!

Anonymous said...

""Just like the theory of Artificial Intelligence becoming our masters, I think the programmed alters could possibly be evolving as well... the cat seems to be out of the bag.""

Great point!! they are revealing the method now because the method has changed. Its all digital now, baby! Welcome to the machine! :D

Rising Hawk said...

Common exclaims in the earlier link:
"Another song deals with, in a very upbeat way, my journey of being an artist, and the things that I went through to keep who I was, and to believe in who I was. It's called "What a World". It's really a celebration of me believing in myself, no matter who said I should do what, it was like, "Hey, I believe in myself, and in sticking to what I believe in." I'm able to holla '"what a world" now.

The wicked witch of the west proclaimed "what a world" as she melted... common seems to be clueless of what he's tapped into, or what is bleeding out into his conscious awareness. One of his 'creative friends' saw what it was right away, and is why he changed the name of the album. No reference is made to the darkness that mind control is... it's 'symbolic of a global sound' he states.


Benjamin Singleton said...

Rising Hawk, I've also thought along similar lines lately about perhaps they are being so blatant about it all (in pretty much every form of media) because they want it to come out; it must be pretty torturous, them existing for all these centuries constantly being put through, and putting others through trauma (etc).. I'm sure there are some involved that do want it to end (like a serial killer will sometimes leave clues because he/she actually [sometimes just subconsciously] wants to be caught, is one way of looking at it).

Interesting comments, agreed on your sentiments (which you can tell from the post I'm sure), cheers!

And it's always nice to have an alternate view on things anony, so thanks also... :) I can see where your coming from, though we come from different perspectives, yours is appreciated in making me rethink some of my assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Rising Hawk said...
"One of his 'creative friends' saw what it was right away..."

BINGO!!! That's the one i am concerned with. What is the agenda of that particular person and towards who. Sounds like a sheep in wolves' clothing.

So going back to Benjamin's point, i agree now that this artist IS being mind controlled. Not by a mysterious forces in the record industry who tell him what to write about but by suggestions of a peer, in the name of art and spirit of collaboration.

Psychic warfare, my friend.

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