Sunday, 2 November 2008

From Fairy to Kali: Heidi Klum is the Goddess of Death and Destruction

More images here [note grid mirror floor; also obviously all the imagery on the Goddess (decapitated heads, limbs, jewels etc)].

Here she is with Pink (seen that Carousel tv ad?), her latest (quite old now) video for So What has her originally getting a tattoo that says VOID (as in, her mind is a void/empty canvas/etc) and causing chaos. This costumes fits with her new album Funhouse, the cover being a rocking horse (dissociatively rocking back and forth, like the carousel goes round and round, and up and down; carousel horses are shown on the TV ad below showing this. Her tattoos on the cover are obviously worth noting too.), Britney's new album Circus and cover also fits in with this theme [the UK cover features one eye symbolism, covered by her hair], and lmao just seen this randomly Girls Aloud's new album is 'Out of Control' (note mirror floor).

Third eye gem/jewel/whatever is green, the main one above it though is purple on top of a six pointed star.

Heidi dressing up as this blood-ritual Goddess is all part of her MK'd existence. Goddess Kali wiki link (there's more on her and how the goddess relates to deeper 'crone' alters and the Goddess' blood rites/rituals in Illuminati formula). One such potential Kali blood ritual is depicted in Spielberg's Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom in the below clip.

Just recently she had "Spread Her Wings" as a Victoria Secret fairy... quite the transformation in a week! [at a previous Halloween she dressed as a sex-kitten, image at end of Cat People post] Edit: From comments (cheers for the links, had the cat one covered, but I might as well throw it in anyway ;), another couple of hers from a previous Halloween dressed as a serpent and apple (Garden of Eden/Original Sin).

A couple more Halloween images (been kind of dissapointing really; where are all the Oz alters?! Will add more images in to this post should more interesting ones emerge.) Masked Suze Orman above (media progandist tool), all the dollar-bills. Below has beauty-queens Crystle Stewart (crystal) as catwoman/sex-kitten (note bdsm whip), and Stevi Perry as pocahontus. Note the rose in a green square at the event, more images here.

Daisy Lowe (main info in first post in that link; she is no longer 'with' Mark Ronson) from a Daily Mail article with spiders all over her, red mask, note the other guest's Eyes Wide Shut (that looks like her 'ex-boyfriend' Will Cameron) mask. Other guests worth noting in similar debauched and macabre outfits are Pixie Geldoff and others, see the Mail link. Similar type of mask on MK'd MJ's kids, see elluminati.

Edit: Mariah the Cookie [Cookies = MK'd sex-slaves; Katy Perry's "boyfriend" can't keep his hands out the "cookie jar"].

And Lydia Hearst-Shaw, heiress (note 666) to the publishing dynasty who I wrote about in this post, wrote about her specifically and the Hearst family programming get-away fairy tale home.


Anonymous said...

Just like with KATE MOSS, i never saw the big fuss about this German Jewis ordinary/charmless HEIDI KLUM. Oh yes the usual overhyping. Her relationship with SEAL is also suspect, like 1, 2, 3 she knew him, 4 got pregnant, 5 married etc, meaning all happened in a short time. Involved with kabbalist ANTHONY KIEDIS for some time. Check this out from wikipedia: "Seal proposed to German supermodel Heidi Klum on 24 December 2004 at 14,000 ft, in an igloo on a glacier in Whistler, British Columbia". Isnt that numerology nice? :) Plus that SEAL belongs to a strange religious denomination, forgot its name...

Michael Skaggs said...

Man, I'd love to be a "fly on the wall" in Hollyweird during Halloween!

Nice post bro.

That Kali get-up is just whacked.

That post with Pink where she has the sword to her throat..look at Pink's eyes, and hands behind her back, perhaps there is more to that look that just for a photo op!

Cheers Ben!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, what i costume i wish i would've thought of it! Most pics i have seen of Pink as clown she has that
face. Why so sad, clown?


Anonymous said...

anony 1,
check out these HEIDI KLUM posts for more high weirdness!

Anonymous said...

ALI G/BRUNO, whats next?

Cohen's Bruno Gatecrashes Anti-gay Rally

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is causing more chaos as his fictional alter-ego Bruno - gate-crashing an anti-gay marriage rally in California.

The British funnyman is currently filming scenes for his new movie Brüno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt.

Cohen has already been ejected from a string of high-profile fashion shows across Europe after a series of stunts, including sneaking onto the runway.

And on Sunday he caused a commotion in Los Angeles by arriving at a rally backing the controversial Proposition 8 bill - a high-level state vote in the upcoming November election to make same-sex marriages constitutionally illegal in California.

Cohen turned up in disguise wearing a blond wig and preppy outfit and marched along with protesters. But he was quickly whisked away by his production team when people began to discover his real identity.

Anonymous said...

Look at Heidi Klum last year then...what the..

and as a cat

Anonymous said...

if you couldn't open it before - link too long

Anonymous said...

Britneys song Mannequin lyrics - you work it out!

They always talkin' 'bout me
I can't be left behind
I'm blonde, tall long And sexy
And all gone like a 6 sexy sexes

I get along step out of line stolen my life
You want a sexy lady and then I close your eye
I like it and I do what I like
And I do what I like and I like it

If you wanna, just scream your lungs out
Just cry your eyes out, that's what i'm about crazy
Baby baby, I don't care i dont care i dont care i dont care
The love that I don't give ya, it goes pop it's like a mannequin

The love that you don't give to me,
The feeling of energy,
The love that I dont give you it goes pop its like a mannequin.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little knowledge ...
(seeing as the CAT, RABBIT, and SNAKE, have been making regular appearances in the pages of this blog)

2010 "Year of the TIGER"
2011 "Year of the RABBIT"
2012 "Year of the DRAGON"
2013 "Year of the SNAKE"


HIDEY's Kali has only 8 arms while the Hindu Goddess KALI has 10 arms.

Anonymous said...

While I'm at it - PALIN is an anagram of LAPIN which is simply RABBIT in french.

Did you see SNL, Tina Fey and the PALIN in 2012 tee-shirt ?

feb 2011 - jan 2012 is the Year of the RABBIT !

Anonymous said...

Can't make heads or tails out of that mess of a song.

Anonymous said...

saw that Klum picture couple days ago--automatically thought of pseudo occult-good job.

Anonymous said...

Heidi's Kali - Symbolic chemistry at its very best!

Kali (108 g/mol) is Silver (Ag) the destroyer and eater of demons (blood).

Silver is in fact a 'blood purifier' in that it destroys many pathogens (demons-Asuras) but can result in you turning BLUE if you over do it.

Shiva on the other hand (Hydrogen, 1.008 g/mol) can dance the Tandava more energetically than Kali and in doing so can even create or destroy worlds. (think hydrogen bomb)

Even when Kali stands on the whitened body of Shiva it portrays the knowledge of HYDroxides and HYDrochlorides.

Indeed all RELIGIONs have always been the best place to HIDE the magical arts (sciences) of the Priest-Class.

The lower castes will always perpetuate the knowledge (even post-cataclysm) through the designed ritual making it recoverable later by any of the Priest-Class.

Anonymous said...

Blue man drank colloidal (sp) silver

Anonymous said...

LAPIN? Rabbit?
Rabbi T
La Pin.



Anonymous said...

Pendragon->Pentagon, if Im not a bit too far-fetched...

Anonymous said...

Cookies = MK'd sex-slaves

"I am the muffin"

as Laura Palmer put it.

Anonymous said...

and then the creepy bartender said: "and what a muffin you got"

I know TPFWWM by heart, it´s all about MK.

ashi said...

Ma Kali "get up"? On Halloween? That makes Heidi not only hideously insenstive , unclutured , uncivilized and uncouth but also a total social and cultural illiterate. She is lucky that the Hindu Community or even any other religious community didn't hang her upside down for that . No matter how many names or faces you have for God ....God is the same for all children. So, if it is Lord Christ or Ma Kali , her disgusting act is a humiliation of God. Offering an apology isn't enough.... this brainless fashion cover should be put to rigorous communtity service too!

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