Thursday 19 February 2009

Imprisoned Kozmik Kittens

Kittens on their way to lockup (Daisy in her trademark leopard-print leotard [leotard/leopard]), forgive me for not looking into the other MCMs (mind controlled models) Eliza/Portia. Note Daisy's 33 and other symbolic numbers, obviously all the leopard-print, prison themes (I get a mental asylum feeling from it also). And on the MCM Eliza (think Eliza Dushku also), ELIZA: "1966 computer program designed to simulate a therapist or psychoanalyst."

The Imprisoned Kittens have some fun, consisting of tying each other up, and other kitten suggestive activities.

Daisy Lowe, Peaches Geldof, Pixie Geldof, Alice Dellal, Lily Allen etc are all products of the same programming... and look who is next on the scene! Cobain/Courtney Love's daughter! (16 year old party, "suicide-theme"?! not sure how they can describe her as a model either.) [David Icke Kurt Cobain thread worth a look (as is the other one in the links to the right, with the same themes as this blog, some posts/images feel a little too similar!)]

Peaches (below images from here) is another victim (of BOB), interesting reading material she's chosen too! Philip K. Dick's The Cosmic Puppets.

Note she has twin blue birds (Project Bluebird), daisy chain (gone into daisies used in programming in the past [obviously Daisy Lowe above too]), a Unicorn, snake, and other symbolic ones (described [in surprising detail] in the link)... but to top it off she has a cat face with the words "Hello Cat", which obviously relates to Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Drummey/Geldof's (her wiki page has shortened that name since I posted on it in Pink Panthers post where I cover her sisters [Pixie/Fifi Trixiebelle/Heavenly TigerLily/etc] also) sex-kitten alter (in the unlikely event you come across Peaches in reality, see what happens when you say 'Hello Cat' in a hypnotic tone ;).

I've discussed Peaches on an number of occasions but here are a couple of relevant images I should add to her equation; as a child with the usual MM Minnie Mouse Disney programming then, in September 2007 MM Marilyn Monroe (she dressed up in 3 dresses worn by MM in movies). Obviously these images aren't from the W shoot, below one of Peaches as a kid + Paula Yates (murdered kitten [OD'd on heroin allegedly], covered her in Pink Panthers post) her mother from Daily Mail. Princess Suri went through the predictable Disney programming trip recently by the way, and evidence of Michael Jacksons' Disney programming (amongst other things); as always thanks a lot to Chris and others for links (some I saw, some I hadn't so it's always worth linking to them).

From MM... to... MM. Purrfect transformation!

Some more images from last year Peaches' Agent Provocateur occult campaign (Satanic pentagram, snake, apple, etc), her sister Pixie did one with MK themes (bird cage) recently.

Peaches looking very Cheshire Catish (pink/purple striped cat [it is more similar in the actual Disney movie than the below image]) with New York as the backdrop.

All of the Kaged (note diagonal grid) Kittens are wearing leopard-print stockings (+the bag). End of WMagazine series, which by the way was the issue featuring Madonna and her Jesus mankitten, W Magazine [WM] has always had a history of subversive photoshoots, such as the one below from last year, I previously covered another WM shoot of Kate the Kat Moss [KM]), this is exactly the kind of shit I'm talking about [similar themes in Playboy etc].

Clarifying, the above one is from last year not the 2009 Madonna issue (which the Daisy Lowe/Peaches kitten ones are from), found here. Edit: To clear up a commenters query on the images' source; those Daisy Lowe/Peaches Geldof in prison ("Imprisoned Kozmik Kittens" is just my usual way of titling posts) images come from the below W Magazine issue, this is a link to the online version. And here is the Daily Mail article where I originally came across the images.

Note Jesus Luz (light) tattoo, obviously this has some fucked up suggestive incest implications, what with Madonna being Jesus' mother Mary... [Daily Mail; surely all of this Jesus/Christian crosses imagery/symbolism informs some people that Christianity (and all religion) is a total fraud, a front for occultists (considering Madonna is a kabbalist wearing the crucifix)] "Madonna's toyboy" (toy i.e. doll) is very much literal (enjoying some of the fruits of her less controlled later life [i.e. rewards for having spent most of her life as a corporate/illuminist slave]).

What's the big secret Lily, Lindsay and Rihanna... I wonder [Daily Mail; see this link for Lindsey MM invoking + search and click their tags for more on all 3]. This just illustrates how these celebrities are marked with these kinds of similarly suggestive tattoos, and if you research the types of programming, and know that slaves have historically been marked by their owners (and by modern day human traffickers/slave traders) you can start to understand how all these tattoos factor into this (search back through the blog for more of these girls' tattoos [here's Paris' butterfly ((+as a DOLL)) I posted on a while back, and her older one; I've covered Britney's and others in their respective posts]).

^This is the true face of the entertainment industry^ [Leaked police domestic abuse photo with Rihanna's (real name Robyn [bird] Rihanna Fenty) Roman numeral tattoo (birth date of Rihanna's programming twin "she's a blood sister") on show, Chris Brown is the alleged perpetrator (victim of childhood abuse himself, I posted on this a few ones back); symbolizing (this is the kind of thing that isn't conscious, but synchronicity working against them, I see it as) she is a number, not a free woman (to pervert a 'The Prisoner' quote).] I'm getting started on some more more substantial posts over the weekend by the way, I did a Red Ice Creations interview a couple of days ago; obviously I forgot a lot of important stuff and was quite nervous (rarely speak about this stuff out loud) so blanked on some info I'd usually remember, future shows will be more focused on specific things so should have the info at hand (my memory is pretty poor); thought I should link to it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Madonna's Jesus has a "LUX" tattoo


codeword: submis

har har har

Anonymous said...

Heres a real stunning "cat" for u. A Persian one...


Anonymous said...

Paul Zolezzi, a male model, hung himself after leaving a suicide note on his facebook page. He referred to himself as a "shooting star over everywhere" born in san francisco.

Anonymous said...

Those imprisoned kozmik kittens photos are really disturbing. I read the post a second time but I'm still not sure where the pictures were originally published. My apologies in advance if I missed it. Great blog.

Anonymous said...



Elizabeth Twist said...

Dropping by for a visit after listening to your Red Ice interview, which I thought was great. You're doing fascinating work - inspired me to check out Springmeier and Wheeler. So, thanks! This is all interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey man. I want to say NIIIIIIICE WORK! I come to your blog everyday. But I got a new post idea for you. Remember the singer Aaliyah? Well, I have connected that she could have been a matyr (sorry if mispelled) for the illumanti.

Aaliyah has had connections with Damon dash and Jay Z head of Rockeller and we all know the story behind them. Aaliyah dated both and new photos have came out that aaliyah may have been a goddess sacrrifice! Here are links to her holding up the "roc" sign with damon dash at Jay z barbeque.

Also, here is some other facts about how the illumanti uses celebrities for sacrificing

Something about how they use celebrities in something called the "operation Mockingbird". Pleaaaase write a post on aaliyah because I think I have found the link as to why she died. Plus, there are also strong numerology hints as the day she died tied in to the twin towers and lisa left eye lopez death. I'm looking foward to you writing a post about this...and keep up the good work!

john stack said...

I think it's important to comment on modern day traffickers and slave traders.
This problem is much bigger than many folk believe and is multinational. There was an interview on British BBC Radio during 2007, where a youg woman was telling her story of being kidnapped and held prisoner as a sex slave for 18 months in the UK. She stated that there were '"many" women being held at the same place as her during this period. I was so affected by her story that I am now actively working to raise the awareness of this problem. It is estimated that between 600,000 and 800,000 women are illegally transported for sex each year! you can read more on my blog
I have also written a book (fiction) which highlights the problem -

Benjamin S said...

Thanks Elizabeth and everyone for the nice comments and on the radio show.

Aaliyah is on my to-do list anony, great comment. Some amazing clips of her in Queen of the Damned that I'll post in relation to her sacrifice/monarch, thanks for those links they'll definitely come in handy when I get to post on her (saved those images), it may not be for another couple of months or so but I will get to Aaliyah at some point as it is a fascinating story behind her.

John, those stories really pull at the heart strings don't they; the sad fact is there are virtually infinite, very similar stories from victims like her. I'm glad you've posted that figure which is important (do the math people, this has been going on for MANY years; easy to see how huge an issue it is). It doesn't enter people's thinking that there are literally millions of real sex-slaves on this planet; perhaps if they did they might start to question just wtf is actually going on on this planet. I always try to emphasize the human trafficking/sex-slave aspect of it; in my latest post I've wrote a bit on Japan's.

I'll be doing more on human trafficking soon when I post on the movie Taken, but there's a quick one here: and there's some info in a Dita Von Teese post: Though obviously it should really be handled from a more mature/professional perspective. I look forward to your future blogs, here is a link: to the blog, powerful words and a good article you've posted from:

Quick thoughts on the article, that Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 hasn't done shit though I suspect (I haven't heard any stories of major trafficking ring busts or anything anyway; the powers that be can't be seen to do nothing so they have to pass the odd meaningless act, make the odd public statement about how horrific it all is and whatnot) and I think it's wishful thinking that "Law Enforcement is working to stop the awful trade" (not that they have all been corrupted, but in the high positions that matter they have [blackmailed using sex-slaves in controlled high-class brothels used by politicians/police chiefs/rich businessmen/etc, many of them Masons it should be said]). Cheers and keep up the noble cause.

Anonymous said...

The Geldof girls all look so genuinely miserable, on the rare occasions one of them does smile it looks faked. Very sad and disturbing!

Anonymous said...

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