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NikitA Sex-Mashinas

Mashina - Nikita
Quick post hammering home the whole trafficked Eastern European sex-slaves (+ [may write up Taken soon])/catsuits(+ponytail)/Playboy slaves/dehumanizing tails etc this video [usual one eye symbolism + tails + horse bit + white orbs = ovum (perhaps suggestive of genetic manipulation involved in creating this endless factory line of attractive Eastern European models)] featuring Ukrainian sex-kitten double act called Nikita, which is an interesting name in itself (meaning 'Victory of the People'); I do have a post planned on it (going into the delta-beta slave [assassin/sex] movie/tv show).
Above video is definitely worth watching called 'Bunny' ["sexy bunny dolls", it's all pretty overt], their others probably have similar themes [like Soldat, basically as performing sex-slaves for the usual crowd (dirty old rich men)].
Megan Fox's probably fictitious sex-kitten/stripper she had a lesbian fling (synching up to above videos themes too) with was called Nikita, see short post on her. Nikita, Nikitans (kittens; like Ikki twins having 9/11 [cats' 9 lives, 11 mirror symbolism] in their name [must write up that show 'Double Shot at Love', MTV has gone totally overboard with MK stuff, see the Celebrity Agency and other crap]), Nikita numerologically (14+9+11+9+20+1) = 64 which is the number of squares on the Masonic checkerboard so conscious checkerboard symbolism (there is overt checkerboards in the Nikita movie/show which I'll post the images of in a future post and go into this more), when I was watching lots of Nikita stuff; synchronicity presented me with a movie on Channel 5 called 'Little Nikita' [AKA The Sleepers] which is about Soviet Sleeper agents in America, starring River Phoenix [insanely symbolic name] as Nikita (he doesn't know it's his Russian name originally; Nikita is actually a boys name in Russia [couple of Russian Nikita's here (considering his 9/11 resonating name it's interesting he died on a 9/11) and here], showing gender confusion/androgyny). River Phoenix had been abused by the Children of God mind control cult (I noted that cult's leader calling the act of his abusing little children 'the green door' in another delta/beta slave featuring show Chuck [more on that show shortly]), Phoenix was starting to remember so he had to die (a downward spiral towards programmed self-destruction, culminating in his death just outside Johnny Depp's [at the time] Viper Room); as one example of an MK'd Nikita. In the delta/beta slave TV show (the creators then want on to make 24 [13M+11K=24]), Nikita is played by Peta Wilson, standard model from Oz; who later went on to do Playboy in July 2004, then appeared as a NASA spokesperson in Superman Returns. I will of course be covering Peta more in the proper Nikita post.

Twin Whorses ;) (serious point though on the English language horse/whores phonically similar; dehumanization)

Dasha Astafieva is the main one I wanted to focus on (as she has become Hugh Heffner's latest main kitten [see images further down]); the name Dasha is obvious MK as it is a variant of Dorothy (as in Oz, the reindeer Dasher springs to mind also, more dehumanization?): "The girl's name Dasha \d(a)-sha\ is a variant of Dorothy (Greek), and the meaning of Dasha is "gift of God"."

[See Playboy is Monarch]

I'm fairly certain that is a birth mark btw [though it is missing in this photo shoot and some others I've found (probably just edited out after the shoot though)].

Some random new posters to finish; Presidential Model sex-slaves coming to a cinema near you? Gretchen Mol plays Marilyn Monroe-based character Catherine (cat/kitten; see Mol + leopard below trailer) Caswell [CC 33 (MM can be viewed as 33 on it's side)] and fucks JFK, you get the deal.

Toni Collette's new movie Mary and Max [MM]; Toni plays Mary, an 8-year old girl from Oz while Hoffman plays an obese 44 (=8) year old Jewish man with aspergers syndrome from New York (showing the NY/OZ connection [NY go up one of each letter and it's OZ etc, covered before] you'll notice in the below trailer that the twin towers are still present). Movie poster with Magic Mirror symbolism (Mary in colour in Max's mirror) and spiral, standard MK.

More Sunflower (sun) symbolism for Phoebe in Wonderland (half of Elle's face is covered by the sunflower just about), please see big post on that movie (+the Fanning sisters and such).

Sorry but I can't help but find this movie absolutely hilarious, watch the trailer below to see what I mean. Also see post where I go into the original 'Satanic Horns' poster (what LA is all about ;) as electroshock bolts (or whatever those two metal things on the ends of tazers/cattle prods are called).

See Dark Knight post for Russian ballet info (though I focus on the Bolshoi Theatre), worth clicking wiki on the one this is about. "Ravishing" is an extremely appropriate word (enchanting/entrancing [also pertains to sexual violance/dominance]) for describing what all these unbelievably flexible activities are about and how they tie into MK. Note the mirrored BALLERINA (illustrating the MK mirror symbolism).

Edit: Also see above linked Dark Knight post for info on Doctor Parnassus, this is a newly released Asian poster for that Illuminist Heath Ledger mind fuck; speaking of Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan's new film will definitely be interesting and loaded with MK themes/symbolism by the way:
Inception is described as "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind."


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Check out this movie with PETA WILSON (I saw it years ago) and her part:

Theres also another Oz actress, called PETA TOPPANO...


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I have to go through Grand Central Station in NYC when I go home from work everyday. There's a new ad campaign all over the station for Wicked, the OZ theatre show. All the train station platforms have banners written in green ink on a black background which say:

"You are now leaving Oz"

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