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Who Killed Little Miss Sunshine?

Child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was murdered on December 24, 1996 [This is copied and pasted from Daily Mail, see wiki for more + link to any good articles (I remember reading a few a while back) on her MK/ritual sacrifice in comments]

When this six-year-old beauty queen was murdered, police were sure her parents were guilty - only to see them cleared. Now, 12 years and 100 suspects later, disturbing doubts remain... and the family face new questions. [Obviously these kinds of investigations are controlled and never reveal the truth]

As a veteran of the child beauty pageant circuit, the precocious six-year-old had amassed two dozen trophies and titles, including America’s Royal Miss Colorado, State All-Star Kids Cover Girl, Little Miss Merry Christmas, Little Miss Sunburst and the National Tiny Miss Beauty.

Then, in a crime that made headlines around the world, the body of JonBenet Ramsey was found in the basement of her family home. The little girl had been sexually assaulted, her skull fractured and then strangled with a makeshift garotte.

It was a brutal murder but one that the police had every confidence they could solve quickly.

In fact, 12 years since the body was found, the case remains unsolved. So perplexing has it been that a taskforce was set up this week to re-examine every shred of evidence to see if finally the person responsible could be brought to justice [another cover-up job]. To many who know the case well, it seems not just a long-shot but well-nigh impossible.

The theories about the killer have varied from known sex offenders and serial killers to psychopathic drifters. But one theory has dominated the investigation throughout and still — despite public statements by the police to the contrary — continues to overshadow all other [bogus] inquiries: was JonBenet brutally murdered by her own parents?

Certainly, as soon as the girl’s body was found on Boxing Day 1996 at their home in Boulder, Colorado, the parents responded in a way which was bizarre to say the least, and — according to many — indicated their guilt.

Less than 48 hours after the murder, the family — John, a computer tycoon and Patsy, his social-climbing ex-beauty queen wife [mind controlled model/victim] and nine-year-old son Burke — was being represented by a team of high-powered lawyers and refused to co-operate with the police.

Friends who pressed the Ramseys too closely about the murder found themselves on a list of suspected killers that John’s lawyers handed to police.

The family had enjoyed all the trappings of wealth, including a lakeside holiday home and use of a private jet. Patsy threw herself into grooming JonBenet for the beauty pageant circuit.

Mystery: Patsy Ramsey, who died in 2006 [such devotion], and husband John Ramsey

Patsy later insisted that while JonBenet loved taking part in pageants, it was just a little hobby. Experts immediately pointed to the coaching, dancing, singing, music and beauty sessions — along with the outrageous cost of outfits — that made it an almost full-time occupation.

JonBenet had been competing from the age of four, dressed like a sex kitten with a full face of make-up and highlighted blonde hair. Visitors to the family’s imposing mansion noticed that her bedroom was full of trophies, medals and sashes rather than toys. [this is all extremely typical of most child beauty queens; they are all extremely controlled even if they aren't outright Monarch MK'd]

The family spent Christmas Day that fateful year at the nearby home of their best friends Fleet and Priscilla White. They returned home at 10pm and put the children to bed.

At 5.52am on Boxing Day, Patsy called the police to say her daughter was missing and she had found a ransom note. Patrolman Richard French arrived three minutes later.

He thought the Ramseys’ behaviour odd. Patsy sobbed, while John paced. They never once looked at each other, let alone embraced.

The two-and-a-half page ransom letter, addressed to Mr Ramsey, had been scribbled in a mixture of upper and lower-case letters on a sheet of paper torn from a yellow legal pad.

Siblings Burke and JonBenet Ramsey pose in matching clothes

It began: ‘Listen carefully. We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. At this time we have your daughter in our possession.’

The letter demanded $118,000 (£81,500), warned that the family was being monitored to make sure they did not call police or friends, and was signed: ‘Victory! S.B.T.C.’

A search of the house uncovered the legal pad — complete with a ‘practice’ ransom note addressed to Mr and Mrs Ramsey — but no signs of a break-in.

The amount of money demanded was odd, too — it was the exact figure John had recently received as a company bonus. Detective Linda Arndt — whose career was destroyed when she was accused of botching the crime scene and getting too close to Patsy — arrived just after 8am. She sat with the family and their friends awaiting phone instructions from the kidnappers.

At 1pm she ordered John and his friend Fleet to search the house for ‘anything unusual’. The two men went down to the basement, a rabbit warren of storerooms and corridors. John loudly pointed out a tiny broken window, then went straight into the wine cellar, where he ["]discovered["] his daughter’s body.

[Royalty (I didn't name these imagefiles btw, I wouldn't disagree with the above one though)]

JonBenet was covered in a white blanket from her bedroom, duct tape was plastered across her mouth and a garotte made from tweed cord and the broken handle of a paintbrush was wrapped around her neck.

She was wearing a white knit shirt and leggings — clothes that Patsy later claimed her daughter had not been wearing when she went to bed. [Patsy is obviously all 'mixed up'; probably having no memory of her role in the murder/sacrifice]

John ripped the duct tape off JonBenet’s mouth, then carried her up the stairs with his two arms outstretched as though he was holding a large doll. He placed her body on the hard wood floor. Patsy fell wailing on top of her dead daughter.

By now the crime scene had been trampled over and the evidence contaminated — something Patsy pointed to months later when asked to explain how fibres from her clothes were all over JonBenet.

The bristle end of the broken paintbrush was discovered in a tub of Patsy’s art supplies, but the final third of it was never found.

The coroner didn’t arrive for another seven hours and spent less than ten minutes at the crime scene. He later concluded JonBenet had been strangled by the garotte and her skull smashed with an unidentified blunt instrument.

He said there was no evidence of rape but could not rule out a sexual assault.

He also noted that JonBenet had eaten pineapple before she died. Patsy insisted that was not the case. Yet police found a bowl of the fruit and a spoon in the kitchen. The spoon had Patsy’s fingerprints all over it. Yet she still denied feeding anything to her daughter. [Patsy is another victim I'm sure, died in 2006; in case she remembered what really happened]

JonBenet performs during a beauty pageant, in a shot from a family video [standard Freemasonic checkerboard; previously posted her dressed up in duality (note bruise on arm; check out crime scene photos here, 'What are these marks from?' Electroshock/Tazer bolt scars?, you'll also note the Ramsey homes' checkerboard floor) in a Miley Cyrus post; odd synch I was in the process of putting together an MC post when I saw this and posted it]

[What kind of parent does this to their child? (it's fairly obvious!) No child should look like this. Below, all-American girl salute]

Talking among themselves later, the detectives wondered why Patsy would lie about something so inconsequential. By the following day, the Ramseys’ behaviour had become even odder.

Detective Arndt tried to question Patsy but was stopped by lawyer Mike Bynum, who said the couple would not answer any further questions.

The Ramseys quickly retained separate lawyers. When John’s first wife, Lucinda, was approached by police officers, he hired an attorney for her, too.

They also assembled a team of private investigators, a public relations guru, an ex-FBI criminal profiler and two handwriting experts to look at the ransom note, arguing that the local police had botched the initial investigation.

District Attorney Alex Hunter called John ‘The Iceman’ in a TV interview and the police leaked like a sieve to the Press. Detectives dismissed the intruder theory, loudly whispering that the Ramseys were acting guilty.

Three theories quickly emerged. The first was that Patsy had beaten JonBenet in a fit of rage [entirely possible considering Patsy's MK'd mind] after she had wet her bed and that the child had either died from her injuries or Patsy had murdered her to cover up the original attack.

The second theory was that John had been sexually abusing JonBenet and had murdered her to shut her up [not to "shut her up" though; all these blond-haired young girls with well off families (Madeline McCann etc)]. Thirdly, it was thought that Burke, jealous of the attention his younger sister received, had killed her and the parents then covered up for him. [no chance]

JonBenet was buried in Atlanta, Georgia, but her grave was later desecrated [the desecration is 100% correct ('Love, Purity and Joy' 'A gift to her family and the world' 'Home in the peace of God', 'angel' image; fake Christians make me sick)]

On December 29, John flew his private plane to Atlanta, Georgia — where JonBenet was born — for the funeral. During the flight his best friend, Fleet White, asked him why he would not co-operate with the police. John said nothing, but days later his lawyers passed Fleet’s name to the police, saying he believed he was the prime suspect. Other friends and business associates who questioned the Ramseys’ attitude soon found themselves on similar lists.

Without the Ramseys’ help, the police and district attorney’s investigations struggled on. There were inconsistencies that made no sense, like the call Patsy made to the police.

Patsy insisted Burke was asleep while she phoned. Yet when police enhanced the tape, the boy was heard asking questions in the background.

After months of negotiations with the Ramseys’ lawyers, the couple finally agreed to be interviewed separately. Detective Tom Haney led the team that questioned Patsy for six hours.

At one stage, she snapped: ‘You’re going down the wrong path, buddy.’

She still refused to acknowledge she’d fed her daughter pineapple or that Burke had been awake during her 911 call.

‘The simplest, most obscure little thing could be significant,’ Haney said. But if he expected her to crack, he was disappointed.

Then there was the ransom note — detectives let it be known that there were several similarities between her handwriting and letters in the note.

Detective Lou Smit spoke to John for 90 minutes and formed a very different impression of the parents.

‘John Ramsey came through very, very sincere. When I left that interview, there was no doubt in my mind that he had nothing to do with the death of his daughter,’ he said. [Smit was probably just incredibly naive, (of course he sounds sincere! sociopaths always do).]

Smit believed an intruder murdered JonBenet. But he was a lone voice on the D.A.’s team and quit the investigation in disgust when his theories were ignored.

The last picture of JonBenet, taken Christmas morning 1996 with her mother Patsy. She was murdered that night by an intruder

Now 73, he continues to work on the case independently. He carries a picture of JonBenet in his wallet and says that at any one time he has 25 to 50 good leads.

In 2002, he named convicted Oregon sex offender Gary Oliva as his prime suspect after discovering the drifter had been in Boulder in December 1996. But Oliva’s DNA did not match samples taken from the body.

Today, Lou Smit still believes the murderer will be found. Of the garotte, he said: ‘That’s one of the best clues left behind by the killer. This shows what’s going on in his mind. This is a sexual device. I’m looking for a paedophile that’s a sexual sadist.’

Dr Leigh Baker, director of the Colorado Trauma Treatment Centre, agrees. ‘There’s no question that he’s going to strike again and he’s done it before. They’re serial — very rarely does it happen once,’ he said. [Trying to get you to think it's some shadowy lone drifter/loner who goes around snatching little girls and killing them in their own basement... give me a break!]

Two years ago, there appeared to be a breakthrough when convicted paedophile John Mark [Mark = MK, Mark Karr = MK, KK] Karr, who had struck up an email correspondence with British documentary maker Michael Tracey, admitted being at the scene when JonBenet died. [I remember watching the media frenzy on this, it was so fucking insane (FOX News practically dedicated the whole day to him traveling in a plane, ritual media madness); this guy was just another pawn to distract the masses]

John Mark Karr [click for his fucked up, obviously abusive family (his abused mother traumatizing him then she was sent to mental institution etc)] admitted being at the scene when JonBenet died, but was later cleared of her murder

Karr, an effeminate 44-year-old from the Ramseys’ hometown in Georgia, was arrested in Thailand and flown back to the U.S., where he was immediately cleared as his DNA didn’t match samples taken from the body. He was then packed off to California to finish off a previous sentence for child pornography.

Karr was far from the only suspect from outside the family. Over the years, 140 men have come under scrutiny only to be cleared by DNA. The Ramseys were initially cleared by DNA results in 2003, when the district attorney’s office announced that unspecified samples taken from JonBenet’s underpants came from an unknown male.

New tests carried out last summer also identified skin cells from finger tips found on her leggings and under her nails. After these results, the district attorney in Boulder formally exonerated the family.

But still the culprit has not been found. DNA samples from 1.6 million offenders — 86,000 in Colorado alone — have been checked over the past five years and forensics experts update those files once a week. The DNA should be enough to clear the Ramseys — John’s latest lawyer, Lin Wood, describes the evidence as ‘compelling’ and has successfully sued a number of U.S. publications for calling the couple killers.

Yet the infallibility of DNA evidence in general has been questioned over the years, so still there are many involved with the case who have lingering doubts over the Ramseys’ account of their daughter’s death.

When Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner announced the new ‘cold case’ investigation, he said he had high hopes of solving the killing that destroyed a family, friendships and the careers of several investigators.

With the passage of time, some avenues are now closed to the investigators. Patsy died of ovarian cancer two years ago, aged 49, without ever fully explaining the circumstances surrounding JonBenet’s death. [Remember she was a former beauty queen herself; coming form a similar background/programming as her daughter, I doubt she had any clear memory of what happened that night]

The new inquiry means Patsy and John could be cleared in the court of public opinion

For John Ramsey, who now lives in a modest house in Michigan, the new inquiry could mean finally being cleared in the court of public opinion. He has sold his planes, boats and mansions, and claims his savings are fast running out. [It's what happens when "they"'ve finished with you, before it they build you up with wealth, private jets, mansions etc, tell you what you're doing is right (in terms of abuse/programming) then it's all taken away as they destroy you. It's a misconception that these public media ritual murders are 'rewarded', there is no need to when they can just blackmail/destroy the abusive father or whoever.]

He has rarely spoken about JonBenet’s death but last summer he gave an interview to a website that offered an insight into the suffering his family had endured.

‘The fact I’m no longer under suspicion will never bring back my life,’ he said. ‘Once your reputation is tarnished, it stays tarnished.’

He conceded that before Patsy died she ‘wondered if the beauty contests she had put JonBenet in had drawn some paedophile’.

And showing a side that had never been revealed before, he added: ‘Sometimes, in a crowd, I will see the flash of a little coat that looks like JonBenet’s. I can’t stand to hear children cry, I really cannot bear it.’

'Slave sandals' (described as such by link I got most images from)

Caylee Anthony is another similar victim; the grandparents wore Butterflies (comment from a while back pointed this out), FOX News is always helpful in providing overt MK information, as Greta Van Sesteren visited Casey's tattoo-parlor 'Cast Iron' with a checkerboard floor (you can just about see it here), which she visited a few times a year and even got inked 2 weeks after Caylee's 'dissapearance.' The tattoos she got July 2nd/3rd (went missing in June) spelt 'Bella Vita' or 'Beautiful Life' [having just killed your kid; obviously her mental state is in question, to say the least]. The real guilty ones are the ones we don't see, those manipulating (a Marionette puppetteer is called a 'manipulator') these people behind the scenes, Casey Anthony obviously had 'help'; JonBenet's parents were likely being blackmailed (over the abuse/programming [which was itself ((potentially outright Monarch programming)) encouraged by them during her life], hence their unwillingness to coorporate) by the powers that be who probably ritually sacrificed her.

Like Patsy (who had troubles remembering tiny/unimportant details); Casey also has "memory problems" (symptomatic of MK): "Cruz said she thought Anthony was bipolar [often confused MPD/DID]. At times, Anthony would ask her something one day, and then would not remember later that she asked the question. " (from previous link) Obviously though people/the masses will never consider that Casey is anything other than a child murdering monster, which is very sad in my opinion.

Proud to be an American? [not that everywhere else isn't as fucked by design]


Anonymous said...

This whole thing just gets weirder and weirder but it's beginning to make PURRRFECT sense!! Check out our latest favorite Disney Queen hamming it up in some early photos. Don't worry, it's O.K with Mom and Dad!
Or just simply google srollerderby and look fot miley cyrus's first photos

The Secret Sun said...

Who the hell thinks that beauty pageants for toddlers are a good idea? There are huge swathes in this country where the entire worldview is totally alien to me, and this hideous exploitation is a perfect example of that.

word-ver synch- exiume ("exhume")

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, but when it comes to Casey Anthony I think she's just straight up a case of a 21 year old self absorbed,narcissistic sociopath. Not everybody who does horrendous things is "MK'd." In her case it's become known that she viewed Caylee as a burden inconvenience to her social life of partying and booty calls, calling Caylee "the little snot nose" and lamenting that she couldn't take some vacation trip to Mexico with some guy because of her, etc. etc. Later she was apparently researching chloroform on the internet, as well as stuff having to do with children going missing.....indicating that she was already tossing around the idea of how to get rid of her. I think the chick was straight up crazy, a by-product of what's been done to the younger generation nowadays. You have a generation of self absorbed, empathy-less narcissist socipaths running around in the world who only care about themselves. Partying and having fun, money, materialism, looks/vanity, sex, video games, porn, no responsibility. She seems to fit that bill pretty well from what has been reported. And she probably had bipolar going on as well, as that's the prime age when it occurs. But, that's just my opinion.

When it comes to Jon Benet, in that case I can totally believe that Patsy was an MK'd multiple, as her strange behavior indicates that she truly seemed to have no idea what the hell was even going on. Why lie about such trivial things like the pineapple, or making the 911 call alone after all. It makes no sense, unless there was some MPD going on.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I think Jonbenet was killed as she was being "trained" to perform/undergo S & M, violent sex through deliberate asphixiation (forget what its called).

High level monarchs like her [her dad worked for Lockheed Martin as a weapons defense contractor] would have been expected to be able to endure this kind of sick treatment for the powerful men who use them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, love the website, I think you are spot on about alot of things. People think celebrities and models and luckier somehow, of course the reverse is true sometimes, and when the cracks start showing they are quickly covered up, such is life. May I ask how you got into knowing this stuff? ... Thanks.

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for the comments, I think you could definitely be onto something there 12:47 anony, first anony cheers for the link + agreed on your sentiment, I know what you mean Chris thanks for commenting; great work over at Secret Sun as always.

Carissa I have to disagree on Casey (it's good though imo, we're not all of one mind which is important); even if she was just crazy I don't think the maternal instinct can be broken so easily without some kind of outside influence (in a sense though, you are saying she is "MK'd" by society as we all are), sounds like that guy who wanted to take her on a vacation to Mexico is probably one of the people behind the scenes I'm talking about. I don't think to be "MK'd" you have to be a full blown programmed multiple (many levels of MK); just be under the influence of someone (taken advantaged of Caysee's drug-induced dissociative states on her nights out partying ["Girl, You should KILL THE CHILD, she just gets in the way, KILL THE CHILD then we can take that trip to Mexico we've always wanted" (entirely speculative)] that kind of thing, keep suggesting it and she'll do it). But she could have proper MPD based on the not remembering little things; alters can make plans in the future (I did follow the case at the time, remember reading about her googling shovel and duck tape and all that; the media's narrative of it only convinced me otherwise [if Caylee was killed by her accidentally or something I could have bought it]) and use the internet to further/research these plans which they continue next time the alter surfaces. "Little Snot Nose" sounds like a quote from a nasty/aggressive alter (probably the one which made plans/did the research on how to get rid of her), which you often see portrayed in movies scaring their children shitless (whereas they enjoy the child-like alter who they play with and all that). Casey/Cayleek (2 K sounds) K K 11 11, not coincidental; anything the media focuses on so insanely/ritualistically like this case (with all the usual butterfly/checkerboard imagery) is always suspect in my book.

Re: How you got into knowing this stuff? 20ish years of constant media programming mixed with the last few years of conspiracy research; in regards to mind control, Cathy O'Brien/Fritz Springmeier's/Freeman Perspective works click things together nicely + Carissa's incredible mind control themes/triggers in movies article, Stygian Port's Mind Control as Entertainment and other great links are out there. I'm doing a Red Ice Creations radio show next week and we'll be going over how I got into it there, so probably answer your question from a more personal perspective in that if you tune in.

Cheers again all.

Unknown said...

Another thing I find odd about the JonBenet case is that her father eventually started dating Natalee Holloway's mom....and we all know what likely happened to her...

Anonymous said...

"Less than 48 hours after the murder, the family — John, a computer tycoon and Patsy, his social-climbing ex-beauty queen wife [mind controlled model/victim] and nine-year-old son Burke — was being represented by a team of high-powered lawyers and refused to co-operate with the police."

The above description sounds a lot like the similarly Colorado-based Harris family, as in Eric Harris of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting. The shooting occurred April 20 and the Harrises didn't give interviews to police until August.

Further, they and the Klebolds were deposed in court a few years ago by some of the victims' families, who were desperately trying to get some answers. However, the deposition transcripts have been ordered sealed for twenty years and the families barred from discussing their contents.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to disagree regarding the Cacee/Caylee thing. I just think something else was going on there. MK, as well as your theory about somebody slipping in suggestive commands in the middle of a conversation to kill her daughter doesn't sound or feel right to me either. Conversely, the JonBenet case just smacks of MK, ritual abuse, MPD, etc. through and through, so I'm with you there.

(Good point that "Anna" made, about how JonBenet's dad later went on to date Natalie Holloway's mom. Really weird.....)

Something else to keep in mind with regards to any of these types of stories is negative entities. Working through people, getting them to do horrendous things. It's not something many are knowledgeable about, as it tends to sound like the superstitious ways of the past. And in our technologically advanced, science-based society the idea of negative entities, demonic possession, etc. doesn't really have a place. Nevertheless I think it's a very real factor in many things that go on in our world, from abuse, opportunistic murder, out of character behavior, and so on, and imo it's something that should be considered when trying to make sense of some of these stories. If links to MK can't be firmly established or definitively proven, consider the possibility of good old fashioned negative entities/possession, etc., exerting its influence on a weak soul. I personally think that's half the reason *why* the media has become as out of control as it has, with its agendas of hate, fighting, discord, disconnection to other people, sociopathy, narcissism, materialism, animal cruelty, pedophilia, gender rewiring, rampant's to weaken the population, making them more susceptible to external influences. And not just of the MK variety. Talking about hyperdimensional entities and the like. But, that's just my take on things.........

Anonymous said...

Great piece, but you left out an entire episode of the JonBenet Ramsey case that potentially blows the whole thing wide open, at least insofar as knowing the truth, NOT getting at justice. I give you the testimony of one Nancy Krebs, who had first-hand knowledge that John Ramsey and Fleet White were part of a pedophile cult:

The story of what happened to her attorney at the hands of Fleet White is enough to give one pause and adds credibility to her allegations.

Anonymous said...

at work there was a girl who used to work as a 911 operator in the center where she worked at she recieved a 911 call from patsy the mom of jhon beney she sead that something had happened but she hanged up. nobody got send to the residence the nest day the 911 operaters got warned by their supervisers that they should not say anything about the insident so no one told.

Tilly said...

there has to be an antidote to all this satanism and occult crud and there is his name is Jesus.check out John Todd and the illuminati,he explains it a lot better than I can. Thank you Ben for your brilliant website

Lori said...

this is kind of weird but the picture of the mother looking at jonbenet's grave, she is holding her neck in a choking way. they killed her by choking her. it just seems like she is unconsciously replaying the murder...

swansend said...

I agree Carissa! Great article, Benjamin! As far as the MK programming I believe they can and do conjure up the demonic entities to inhabit humans. check out this excellent website;

Anonymous said...

Read The Ultimate Evil (Son of Sam Murders) It will explain to you what is really going on. It will blow your mind wide open. Read David McGowans Programmed to kill.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I have always wondered the same thing about the case. In regards to self proclaimed killer,John marx Karr, he is just as dangerous as the parents..and very much an MK brainwashed brainwasher. Check out this link on his teenaged former student who helped him look for children to molest...
There are tons more articles on line about his "Murder Groupie" it makes one wonder just how many other young ladies have succumb to his brainwashing techniques. as a young woman myself I cant imagine finding anything "charismatic" appealing or charming about this sick creep and the justice system did a terrible job losing his computer with so many child porn pics..something just isn't right there its as if they are letting him roam and hunt literally!
Keep up the great work on this site, solid work!

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