Saturday 14 February 2009

Katy Purrs

Bad Kitty! Please click cat/kitten programming for extensive posts on other media sex-kittens (obviously Katy Perry's posts are full of it, click label [start at beginning]); turning all their little 'kiddy' fans into 'kitty' fans (they've always been used in this way; see Britney and co).

Katy's obsession with fruits is entirely innocent, all the banana's, cherries, strawberries etc (not to mention the wieners!) have nothing to do with sex! These last few are from her performance at the Grammys by the way, the leopard/tail/ears one from a performance at the Marquee Theatre on January 3rd, the first giant cat head one from the Wiltern Theatre in LA on January 31st, the second giant cat head is from the Filmore Theatre in San Francisco January 28th.

Edit: Uh Oh, Paris Hilton's 'ex' Benji Madden was ensnaring Katy on Valentines Day, earlier that night (I think) she was dressed up in zebra-print.

[Below image included for Katy reflection on triangular prism + the fat dude's T-Shirt says a lot!]


Anonymous said...

All this feline paraphernalia lead also to Egyptian goddess BASTET...


Anonymous said...

Check out her necklace:


Benjamin S said...

Yeah absolutely agreed on Bastet and cheers for all your comments, posted on the goddess a while back; wanted to keep this short and sweet (considered no words at all).

Another obvious ritual bast (bast is a fertility goddess [the goddess is very much related to sex, went into this here]):

Pregnant Kat in leopard-print + see-thru Catsuit
"The angel wings are because little girls see themselves as angels." - AKA Tinkerbell programming (never grow up [angels/fairies same shit really]), childlike alter in Peter Pan programming.

More on the tattoos that I'll probably put in a post at some point; was watching The Celebrity Agency on MTV and Bianca Gascoigne (skull and bones dress, another link showing her kitten programming + copying Britney) and her 'manager' was taking her for her first tattoo, obviously she had no say in the matter (the managers/agents always choose what design, this is described in the latest Chuck I need to write up), it looked to me like a tribal stylized butterfly kind of shape, Bianca was in tears during it. Naturally the tattoo parlor had checkerboard floor/walls.

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