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Face to face with the women suicide bombers

I've posted on brainwashed/MK'd young female suicide bombers here and here, this feels like a followup from the Daily Mail. Obviously it won't tell you exactly who is behind the brainwashing (and I disagree with a lot of it [standard a bit of truth mixed in with a lot of blatant propoganda]), i.e. CIA/MI6/Mossad etc using undercover [as Islamist insurgents/Al Qaeda] agents working in brainwashing camps to keep the chaos under their control. Islam is one of the worst religions when it comes to misogyny/MKing the fairer sex (covered faces [lost identity] etc, their many wives are often treated like shit, though all religions are pretty equally culpable in that department); "Islam" means 'Submission' (to God) simply anyway, religion keeps you in a state of submission/mental slavery to Dog.

Some are raped, others are ruthlessly brainwashed. In this exclusive dispatch, KEVIL TOOLIS meets the women who become ["]Al Qaeda's["] human bombs.

Dressed from head-to-toe in black, seemingly invisible and blending in with the shimmering heat of the Middle East, she is the perfect weapon: the female suicide bomber.

There is no real defence against her. In traditional Arab society it is haram - forbidden - for a man to shake hands never mind search a strange woman, even at a security checkpoint.

In the latest spate of deadly attacks across Iraq, Al Qaeda-style insurgents have turned to women to deliver their murderous message, killing at least 445 people and injuring thousands over the past two years.

Chilling fanaticisms: Manal Saba'na, 22, who recruited her two best friends to become suicide bombers

Mosques, pilgrim processions, supermarkets, even schools, are mercilessly attacked. Dressed in the traditional flowing black abaya, some of the bombers even pretend to be pregnant - and thus carry a bigger explosive payload.

In the last bloody attack, a woman detonated herself amid a dense crowd of Shi'ite pilgrims in Baghdad, slaughtering 36 and wounding 72.

But how could a woman from a traditional Islamic society turn herself into a human bomb?

We all know that the male suicide bomber is promised 72 virgins in the gardens of paradise. [Yes, we all know it is that simple! There is nothing more to it! ;p] What, then, does a female 'martyr' get in return for her suicide?

Haggard, scowling, as she stares at the prison camera, Samira Ahmed Jassim, a middle-aged Iraqi shopkeeper, hardly seems the type to inspire dozens of young women to blow themselves up.

But this week she was paraded by the Baghdad authorities as the woman who managed to recruit a staggering 80 female suicide bombers to her cause in the feared Ansar al-Sunnah insurgent network - which is allied to Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda. [fictitious "boogeyman" organization, offshoot of CIA created mujahadine; a lot of this article is clear propaganda]

Suicide bombing is never just a personal act. There is always a network, a recruiter. It was under the codename 'Mother of the Believers' that Jassim groomed her recruits for death.

Jassim, a mother of four, explained she played on the women's sense of shame. 'I was able to persuade them to become martyrs. Many of the women were broken, depressed, especially those who were raped.'

She even claimed some of the women had been deliberately raped by insurgents in order to then turn them into suicide bombers. [trauma-based mind control 101; gone into numerous times]

It is hard to think of a more pitiless form of warfare.

You rape and mentally torture your victim and then, with the aid of a hateful old crone like Jassim, convince them to kill themselves on your behalf.

But in the Middle East, with its fusion of religion, hatred and bloodshed, every human evil is possible. [-Middle East +Entire Globe; ignore WW3 propoganda]

The 'honour' of the family in traditional Arab society is built on the concept of the chastity of the women in the family.

Once she reaches puberty, a young girl is no longer allowed outside the home for a walk to the shops without a chaperone.

Women are used to smuggle bombs under their clothing because in traditional Arab society it is forbidden for men to search them (file photo)

Pre-marital sex is forbidden, as are boyfriends.

Women are controlled by men - their fathers and brothers initially, and then their husband and his brothers, who monitor and supervise every aspect of their lives. A woman is the possession of the men in her family.

Rape is the deadliest assault on this honour code. But few sympathise with the victim herself.

Whatever the circumstances, rape victims are almost always blamed for bringing shame to their family by somehow provoking her attackers. [this happens in the West too]

Or simply by being somewhere away from the protection of the male members of the family.

In a marriage culture that prizes virginity, a rape victim will never find a husband and never recover from the sexual shame. It is a living death.

Jassim's role was to manipulate these rape victims - persuading them they would be better off dead. And once the women had volunteered to become suicide bombers, she delivered them back to insurgents ready for death.

The truth is suicide bombing is a cult [similar cult mind control techniques, of course]. It twists parts of the Koran, parts of Arab culture and genuine political grievance into an easy but deadly myth.

As your body is blown to pieces you will feel no pain. And all your sins, the shame of your rape or adultery, will be cleansed in an instant. If you blow yourself up you'll go straight to Jenna - the green fields of paradise.

Female suicide bombing is not an easy phenomenon to study but, aside from the extraordinary confession of Samira Ahmed Jassim in Baghdad, there is a place where you can discover the truth from the women themselves.

Surrounded by armed guards, barbed wire and dogs, Israel's Hasharon prison is a forbidding place. [You can bet Israel has programmed some of these female suicide bombers waiting in prison, then used them in false flag attacks (build up anti-Palestine hysteria and all that)]

But deep within its walls is the world's only jail for failed female suicide bombers - arrested by the Israeli security forces on their way to blow themselves up.

Nicknamed the 'living tomb' by its inmates and packed with more than 100 failed female 'martyrs', Unit 12 is a grim but fascinating institution.

I spent more than a month there researching Channel 4's Cult Of The Suicide Bomber series talking to these Palestinian women about how they were recruited and why they wanted to kill themselves.

And, although recruitment techniques might not have been as barbaric as rape in every case, they were just as effective.

Among the most chilling inmates was Manal Saba'na, a striking 22-year-old with pale skin and arched eyebrows, who comes from a picturesque village near the West Bank town of Jenin.

But Manal was unique for another reason - she had recruited her two best friends, Sabrine, 22, and Ayat, 19, to be suicide bombers.

Against tradition, Manal persuaded her father to let her go to university in the northern West Bank city of Nablus - and live away from home albeit in an all-female university dormitory.

It was Manal's first taste of Western-style freedom.

Ironically, Manal immediately became more religious. She started reading the Koran and secretly joined a university-based cell of the deadly Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad, becoming its organiser.

And her first target was her classmate Sabrine A'mara.

Striking up a close friendship, Manal, who is exceptionally intelligent, cultivated Sabrine, who soon viewed her as an older sister.

Many female suicide bombers are rape victims manipulated by groomers who fill them with shame (file photo)

Manal often visited Sabrine's family at home, discovering that Sabrine's father was dead and one of her elder brothers had been killed by the Israeli army in 1988.

And Sabrine was the youngest child in her family of eight.

Sabrine was a perfect psychological target. As we discovered, most of the failed female suicide bombers in the prison came from fractured or broken families. Their fathers were dead, elderly, or sick. [typical fractured/broken family of all/most MK victims across the globe]

The prisoners' mothers were often second wives - 20 years younger than their husbands. This age gap was vital.

As the fathers and stepfathers grew older - most were now in their late 70s - the Arab patriarchal structure weakened and their youngest daughters began to ignore traditional social constraints that might have stopped them from being recruited.

A weak father figure also made it easier for extremists to sign up his daughter, as it was less dangerous for the militants - with less risk of the family exacting retribution on them.

In Arab society any unauthorised contact between a woman and strange men would be seen as a slight on the honour of her family.

Her brothers and father would be compelled to seek revenge. But Manal, as a woman, could easily groom Sabrine for death over morning coffee.

The dead father, her murdered brother and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land - they were all easy psychological buttons to hit. [It had been planned for centuries; one of the intended results of the colossal amount of trauma and evil involved in the creation of Israel]

'At first, I told Sabrine that I needed someone to take over the female side of the Islamic Jihad group at the university. And she kept asking why. And then I told her I was going on a martyrdom operation.

'After a week, she asked me if she could go with me. We were like sisters. [low level twinning] I said yes and we agreed to do it together. But about a week later I told her it was just for one person. And then she volunteered to go in my stead,' explained Manal.

Manal's other job in Islamic Jihad was moving guns and explosives around - women are obviously less likely to be searched - and 15 days before the bombing she smuggled Sabrine's suicide bomb vest into her student dorm.

'When Sabrine first saw the vest in my room, the wires, the strange-smelling explosives, she cried. She was nervous, excited. And she cried because the time, her time, was near.'

It was always clear who was in charge. Sabrine's 'will' - her martyrdom statement justifying the proposed attack on a restaurant in Jerusalem - was written by Manal.

But Manal was also busy recruiting Ayat Kmeil, whom she had known through secondary school. Ayat came from a very strict religious family which had lived in Saudi Arabia.

Her father did not believe that women should even be allowed to drive and he kept a watchful eye on his daughter. After she failed her exams, Ayat was marooned at home.

Not allowed to leave the house without her mother, she spent her days watching Arab satellite TV and dreaming of escaping a family house that had become a prison.

Manal recruited Ayat at a family wedding when the two women were briefly alone. Manal told Ayat she would have to wait for the right time - but Manal knew she now had another would-be martyr in waiting.

Manal's plan was to use Sabrine to blow up a Jerusalem restaurant.

Instead, they were all arrested and sentenced to between four and five years in Hasharon. The three women insist they are still best friends.

'I often think of Manal as my sister. At first, my parents were angry at her for recruiting me, but I do not blame Manal. We have each chosen our path to God,' says Ayat.

In her cell I asked Sabrine what was going to happen to her in paradise after she had blown herself up.

'In paradise the male martyr gets 72 virgins but the female martyr becomes queen of those virgins. The rest of the virgins are her maids and they wait on her. She is the best and most beloved.'

Queen of the Virgins? It seems almost childish, and beyond the prison walls Ayat's confidence in her parent's forgiveness was ill-founded.

'If I had known what Ayat was planning I would have told the Jews. I would have stopped her,' said Ahmed Kmeil, her father.

'In our religion it is forbidden for a girl's body to be uncovered even at home. How could a girl allow her body to be smashed to pieces and then collected up by Jews? This is absolutely forbidden.'

Even Manal's family insisted that female suicide bombing is wrong.

'With a man it's different. For us, a girl can't show her leg or wear a short T-shirt. How can you then be a good Muslim woman and expose your body to the world? What Manal was doing recruiting those girls was wrong,' said her mother Nadia Saba'na.

Like most of us, Manal's and Ayat's families are unfamiliar with the aftermath of explosives and the human body. It's not pleasant. Most of the torso of the bomber just disintegrates leaving the head and lower limbs.

But what was shocking was none of the families of the would-be female suicide bombers expressed outrage about the innocent civilians their daughters would have killed.

They did not seem to be particularly concerned about their daughter's death. What they were worried about was pieces of their daughter's body being exposed to strangers, or worse still, to Jews. They saw everything through this false prism of 'honour'.

The same lessons, of course, apply in Iraq. If you are a woman blowing yourself up, exposing your body is forbidden and a sin.

The truth is that Iraq's insurgents have turned to female suicide bombing as a tactic of desperation.

Even in Baghdad, with all its security checkpoints, a woman dressed in the all concealing abaya is still more likely to succeed with a suicide bombing.

But the even greater truth is that raped, shamed, and psychologically manipulated, Iraq's female suicide bombers are, all too often, not seeking paradise but fleeing the hell of their lives on Earth.

Here is one such victim, aged 15; about to blow herself up but the police caught her, she was drugged (and probably a lot more), see this post.


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Powerful stuff, Ben. Good work.

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Check this out, Ben:


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Legions of the mutilated(I wrote this):

Anonymous said...

Here it is(somewhat speculative, but I think there is something to it):

They live amoung us, the legions of the mutilated. They fear, so they
feel that they must be feared. Products of atavistic cult rites,
these sad diminished creatures pass on their loss to the next
generation. Sexually and psychologically crippled and naturally
insecure, they are readily convinced of external threats like Al Qaeda
because the rational mind is swamped by the fear that was placed into
them at an early age. This conformist herd, led by the circum-cult of
predatory Zionist Judaism has managed to cripple the once-mighty USA
by steering it to unneeded and costly war, taking the world economy
with it.

They live amoung us, the legions of the mutilated. They fear, so they
feel that they must be feared. Products of atavistic cult rites,
these sad diminished creatures pass on their loss to the next
generation. Sexually and psychologically crippled and naturally
insecure, they are readily convinced of external threats like Al Qaeda
because the rational mind is swamped by the fear that was placed into
them at an early age. This conformist herd, led by the circum-cult of
predatory Zionist Judaism has managed to cripple the once-mighty USA
by steering it to unneeded and costly war, taking the world economy
with it.

Physical, Neurological and Psychological Mutilation

Picture the infant mind. The nervous system and the brain are
developing at a rapid pace, as the newborn adapts according to the
sensory stimulation of the new world he finds himself in. He is
soothed, kept warm, fed and happy by those who have been his guardians
to this point. All is good, and normal development of the parts of the
brain that govern higher thought is proceeding. Suddenly something is
very wrong, a world of pain as a part of his body is amputated. The
developing nervous system shrinks at the violation. Parts of the brain
that were developing wither and die.

Circumcision as Psycho-Surgery

Most forms of real, depatterning/fragmenting/penetrating mind control,
as we know it practiced by intelligence agencies and cults throughout
the ages, involve some form of trauma or torture. What better time to
implement a deep subconscious fear of castration by the state,
something that can be invoked later. More on the effect on society
these damaged people have later.

Circumcision seems to be an effective technique of trauma-induced mind
control at a time when the brain is at it’s most plastic and
receptive- the baby remembers and internalizes everything at the
deepest level.

Immerman & Mackey (1998) set forth an informed hypothesis that
removal of the sensors in the prepuce cause brain disorganization/
atrophy. Thereafter they seek to justify circumcision by arguing that
brain disorganization/atrophy has desirable social effects.

Anand & Scalzo (2000) hypothesize that early abnormal stimulation
of the nervous system (such as the pain of circumcision) affect the
development of the nervous system and influence behavior.

An unconscious life lesson is imprinted- one that is used later by
their controllers, no doubt the ones who mandated this control

“Enough evidence now exists to say with confidence that male
circumcision causes psychological changes. The trauma of the
experience is injurious. It can have long-term deleterious effects
later in life.”1


Isn’t it interesting that the more sane, advanced(or rapidly advancing
and hopefully liberating itself like China), peaceful cultures are
ones that do not practice circumcision:

Among the non-circumcising nations are Holland, Belgium, France,
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia, the U.S.S.R., China, and

The places that have the highest rates of circumcision 75-100% of the
population are North and West Africa plus much of East Africa3

And of course there is Israel, which has to be about 100%.

What of the most violent country in the world, that has been at war
since it’s inception?

In the US, it rose during the 2 - 5 years after each war the US
has been involved in. It peaked at 90% in 1964, according to the
Laumann study (based on self-reporting by adults).

Well, what do ya know, it seems that the circumcised world has a near
monopoly on violence and corruption!

Domestic violence in Israel is on the rise. Approximately 200,000
Israeli women are battered each year, according to the Israel Women’s
Network. Some 40,000 of them reach emergency wards. Last year, 15 of
these victims died… …”I think it’s a very aggressive society we live
in,” said Rachel Bialer, director of the Jerusalem shelter. “Our
history has a lot to do with it.”4

Coincidence? Hmm looks like there is a cause-and-effect scenario here,
which again explains the legions of retarded ‘conservative’
warmongers, and herded gatekeepered, idiot ‘liberal’ twits in the USA.
There is even a feedback effect as the warlike ritual abusive society
thinks of circumcision as a Spartan-like ritual.

The “war” connection (”It’ll make a man of him”?) suggests it will
rise again, perhaps using the “desert sand” myth.5

Damaged Goods

It seems like the George Bush/ Bill O’Reilly/ Rush Limbaugh type of
neurologically damaged, genitally(and genetically?) mutilated freaks
is unique to the USA and increasingly, Canada. I wonder if there is a
neocon anywhere who is not circumcised.


Fucked in the head and penis- circumcised neoncon Jews

With this in mind, it would be prudent not to have such ‘damaged
goods’ allowed in any position of authority. Does this explain why the
governments of northern Europe are sane(before being infiltrated by
circumcised Zionists, you get the pattern), but the Jew/circumcised/
Israeli/USA/Brit/Arab realm is like a bunch of regressed two-year-
olds? Should we allow these dangerous neurologically damaged and
mentally volatile toddlers near any political power?

No empathy, rage, a desire to see enemies even when they aren’t there
(possibly still trying to find the cause of their psycho-castration in
the guise of Bin Laden- sorry guys, he wasn’t the one that mutilated
you), a lack of respect for nature(lack of feeling/amputation/
calloused). You only see this type of person in Canada or the US.

Typical brain damaged/circumcised American/Canadian Bush/Israel
supporter, still trying to drown his buried pain and fears

The are the idiots ripping up the landscape on their ATVs, who see
nature as ‘recreation’, not as something that should be respected in
it’s own right. Damaged Goods type of people have no appreciation for
the beauty of the world, because simmering inside their subconscious
is the knowledge that it could happed again, someone could be plotting
to castrate them:
Covenant With G-d


Circumcised demonic/vampires Obama, Emmanuel, Kissinger, Chertoff, and
Bush: something is missing from their psyche. Image from

The Jew is told that this mutilation was their covenant with God, and
they accept this. Built upon this is the persecution of Jews… so
whenever mention of Israel comes up, the Jew switches to his alter
persona, that of the ‘chosen one’, and is not above lying or any
dishonest tricks to advance the cause of the chosen, mutilated and
mind controlled. Latent circ/castration anxiety is conflated with the
state of Israel and Jews’ chosen status- no wonder the Jews cannot
discuss things rationally, they have that subconscious fear.

For British/US/Canadian circumcised slaves of Zionism, they also bow
to Israel(when they aren’t worshipping that other false idol,
Churchill), because they know that the world is a terrible place of
treachery and betrayal, they were taught it at a young age when the
sexual part of their body was destroyed, it is part of their being to
be(or to cheer on) bloodthirsty, credulous, killers, because of their
ingrained insecurity.

How else to explain bloodthirsty Britain(high circ % in upper classes)
which spawns bloodthirsty USA(high circ %) and genocidal Canada(high
circ %) and finally their child Israhell is born, who shows the
parents how to perfect barbarity to a science?

The USA’s terror campaigns in Asia, Africa, Central and South America
and the Arab world are an example of what happens when crazed and
heavily armed ‘Muties’ do their thing. Now the gentle people of Mexico
and Central America, the children of those killed or displaced by US
backed death squads are taking over the southern US. Poetic Justice.


Circumcised/denuded vampire-thief Bernanke-thanks to Incogman for the

Brain damaged, sexually mutilated, emotionally sterile, morally
deprived, spiritually depraved by-design monsters is what we see in
the circumcised Zionists, as they steadily increase their power and
have increasing influence on political parties, media, and finance, to
be consolidated in the current upheaval, no doubt.

The lunatics rule the asylum, practising their atavistic rites, that
perpetrate the violence and misery which they cannot help but sow,
damaged as they are…

The severe pain of circumcision and the changes to infant-maternal
interaction observed after circumcision raise the question of the
effects on the mother. The typical hospital circumcision is performed
out of view of the parents, in a separate room. However, a few are
observed by parents, and many Jewish ritual circumcisions are carried
out in the homes of the parents. There are no studies of how these
parents respond to observing their son’s circumcision. Personal
accounts vary and may include strong emotions. Some parents regret
their son’s circumcision and report that they wish they had known more
about circumcision before they consented to it. Margaret Viola
submitted the following comments in her letter to a magazine:

‘My tiny son and I sobbed our hearts out. After everything I’d
worked for, carrying and nurturing Joseph in the womb, having him at
home against no small odds, keeping him by my side constantly since
birth, nursing him whenever he needed closeness and nourishment–the
circumcision was a horrible violation of all I felt we had shared. I
cried for days afterward’ [20].

Melissa Morrison was having a difficult time 7 months after she
had watched the circumcision of her son:

‘I’m finding myself obsessing more and more about it. It’s
absolutely horrible. I didn’t know how horrific it was going to be. It
was the most gruesome thing I have ever done in my life. I told the
doctor as soon as he was done, if I had a gun, I would have killed
him. I swear I would be in jail today if I did have a gun’ [21]

Other mothers have reported to the author’s institution that
watching their son’s circumcision was the ‘the worst day of my life’.
Some mothers clearly remember their son’s circumcision after many
years; Pollack reported 15 years after the event. ‘The screams of my
baby remain embedded in my bones and haunt my mind.’ She added, ‘His
cry sounded like he was being butchered. I lost my milk’ [22].


There is compelling evidence pointing to the fact that circumcision
causes many negative individual cognitive and psychological/emotional
impairments, with corresponding societal/governmental pathologies.
While all circumcised men may not be as psychotic as a Henry
Kissinger, the evidence points to a correlation between this bizarre
act of bodily vandalism, and corresponding mutilation of human rights,
freedom, and human dignity. Surely the Legions of the Mutilated have
lost their dignity and wish to lash out and do the same to others(fuck
the world), never knowing what is really motivating them. The
Mutilated/cognitively altered circumcision victims thus are a danger
to us all.

bernie said...

It should be noted that Muslims killed more Muslims in one year in Iraq, than Israelis have killed since 1948.

Also, I have linked to your article from mine: Ask the Vizier - Who Is the Prisoner?

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