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Freemasonic MKULTRAbeat

Dance music is awash with MK (I'm talking about commercial/corporate crap MTV-pushed dance music btw, obviously 'dance music' is something you cannot physically control), you only need take a look at some of the DJs ('spinners')/artists/producers/etc to realise who is in control of it; with people like Freemasons (check out the url of the pub wiki links to [http://www.geocities.com/freemasons666 that's just bloody hilarious! also the seal of Solomon, probably other things there] that this band's name is based on [end of story ;p everything's coincidence]) I have already posted most of that dance-groups' symbolic videos here (reposted further down). Clubs are clearly designed to be as dissociative as possible, with massive sensory bombardment and alcohol/drug (many being dissociative drugs) use occurring (+ things like foam showers, other random stuff). I am not against them, I am absolutely for them if there isn't an agenda behind them (no harm in getting wrecked every once in a while); fun things to do are often dissociative and used in programming (i.e. amusement parks and clubs), but to me it is clear that 'their' agenda is being pushed (through looking at their videos, the government's own [based on the logo/name] "Ministry of Sound", I don't know how it became the done thing to get pissed out of your mind [colossal social engineering no doubt]; not that it isn't fun at the time [and is now]). I personally think that this has a lot to do with why it's so difficult to bring this stuff up with your average person going about their life, they had to prevent people wising (and rising) up as previously hidden and dangerous (to them) information was becoming readily available in the 90's-00's (through the internet) to the masses, which they prevented very successfully; as a good night out (from my experience at uni + before anyway) is only considered a good night (slight exaggeration) out if you blackout and can't remember any of it (due to all the drink/slight dissociation [though quite a lot of it really; I've done my fair share, though I wasn't thinking about dissociation at the time ;p] the night before). We've been fucked in the head by design, the result being generations of ignorant (extremely suggestible/controlled) robots. Which brings me to the first video from the group in the title of the post Ultrabeat depicting this in visual form (androids go clubbing, clubbers do 'the robot') called Disco Lights (dissociative strobe/flashing lights used in clubs).

Though most Freemasons are not involved in MK and the global conspiracy, certainly it has been used by groups with common interests as a means of keeping their misdeeds in a shroud of secrecy it and secret societies like it (religions/governments etc are all involved in giving them the power of authority over helpless people) have provided throughout history. For this post, I'd like to re-post their (Freemasons band, which should give you an idea of Freemasons' mentality in general [again, obviously not every Freemason]) videos along with some other videos I've been itching to post for a while (like Ultrabeat). [partly due to the insane (but great snow) weather we're having delaying my new PC's arrival for another day or two so I'm just doing one of these as they're easily put together on my laptop (a week or so until I get going properly again)]

Chris Lake feat. Nastala [below split mind shot from myspace (all seeing eye if you click on pics in that link; most of these myspace pages read like advertisements for a product, I doubt she accesses it tbh)], video is interesting, certainly suggestive of MK], the above features your standard Eyes Wide Shut style 'revealing' (the masked dude with the phallicish type mask (more on it further down with links to comparison) with the stick (symbolic phallus, makes sense considering what's portrayed in the video I think), ritualistically bashing it onto the ground signalling them all to go off to their rooms] before Chris is rapped in the red tape (looks orange due to lighting/effect) bloodline and is blindfolded with it.
Chronological analysis from start: glass table, camera pans up to reveal Chris' reflection (with light behind him), Newton's Cradle (connected pendulums), his reflection is focused on, Nastala appears singing next to glass, reflection silhouette in view(camera switches back and forth between her and cradle), Chris receives red envelope (probably with location of sex-slave party), first shot of masked (+ feather) Nastala (this scene, of her dancing seductively for master/client/owner; is shown often I won't mention every time), shots of Nastala being bored (without her handler) playing connect 4 (or something, with herself apparently) waiting for him to get home, Chris arrives at the party/ritual where naturally there are twin pillars (also in Eyes Wide Shut scenes [posted on it much more earlier on in the blog, but to quickly show Freemasons Hall]) focused on suggesting Freemasonry, all the masked slaves in attendance looking happy (and masked 'users'/handlers/etc of course), then is the aforementioned long-"nose" masked man (this specific kind of mask is used in many things, Mirrormask being another example as well as Eyes Wide Shut, images of both in mirrormask link and others [Ledger]) with stick bashed against the ground signalling/triggering them off to their respective rooms, but before that he is blindfolded and entwined by orangey red tape (bloodline/ritual [i.e. Freemasons are hoodwinked/blindfolded in their initiation rituals]) and led to the room with masked Nastala waiting to perform for him. I think the overt plot is that Chris doesn't realize it was actually Nastala performing at the 'club', so he feels guilty when it was actually her (his slave), by focusing on the mask at the end.

Note the V inside the O which features on all their covers.
Showing these same themes in a Freemasons video; I've already posted it so won't go into as much detail as the previous one but obviously note the checkerboard at the start and end + all the various symbolic masked kittens (sex-slaves [one who takes the main dude off to a room is dressed as an actual sex-kitten 1:12]; I'm sure it's just an innocent fancy dress party ^^) with bunny ears, flashing lights seem random and other such pertinent things [CD cover, MK symbolic with keyhole (locked compartments in the mind; seems logical that it is referring to the compartment where the sex-kitten is housed, or just simply their minds are under lock and key)]. To get another important Freemasons video out of the way, Uninvited appears to be about a victim (Bailey Tzuke [standard musical establishment family]); the bird cage, mirrors and other themes in the video are all standard MK I've shown many times [as well as Uninvited (as in the uninvited intruder [programmer] in their mind), further showing this as MK, a movie called The Uninvited has come out recently which I have posted on].

Freemasons - Uninvited

Rain Down Love's cover [video here, girls with tales + other ritual aspects] depicting a Freemasonic grip/handshake (btw white skin/darker skin duality + V inside O), and below is their album cover for Shakedown; also a Freemasonic grip [If I'm missing something obvious feel free to enlighten me on their meanings or whatever, the below one looks like a Roman handshake I think I've seen in movies/tv].

The girl who sung in both the Freemasons' 'Watchin' and the below 'Love On My Mind' is called Amanda Wilson, with this split mind (half face covered) photo on her wiki.

Their video for Love on My Mind features the typical Freemasonic checkerboard seen everywhere in the media. Speaking of which, back to Ultrabeat; their video for Never Ever (Never Ever Give You Up, You Are Mine; slavery/ownership [+Never Ever Land programming probably]) features the checkerboard (sliver[light]/black) on the Marionette (not literal, I mean in the way they look and dance) dancers' skin-tight dresses, the start is obviously symbolic with the dancers unmasking themselves (those black masks look damn creepy), various other symbolism/themes feature (on the Marionette/mechanical checkerboard dancers).

Never Ever - Ultrabeat
Ultrabeat's big hit was Pretty Green Eyes a few years back, the video featuring standard suggestive lesbian titillation, one eye shot (she changes after the camera zooms into the eye [before in front of a mirror, after with purple light and the 3 dance seductively + mirror, the next one eye camera zoom triggers the change to the club, the third one goes back to the 3 dancing seductively, 4th back to the club, fifth and final one to finish])

Pretty Green Eyes - Ultrabeat
Back to the Freemasons; their video for "When You Touch Me" features twin pillars, circle within a circle and has a similar ritualistic feel to it as the earlier "Rain Down Love". Katherine Ellis is the vocalist on this and has various aliases/alters, pictured below.

['Cause baby when you touch me on my body I lose every feeling that I used to know And baby when you touch me on my body I'm losing my mind every time here I go]

When You Touch Me - Freemasons
This has been emulated by Beyonce Knowles, in this video (standard mirror symbolism throughout + goes over the top with the duality theme [black/white stripes etc], either Solange or MW is wearing a silver/black large checkerboard dress, it even has a girl painted silver trapped in a cage... a must watch; with Solange [her sister] and Ledger's wife's namesake Michelle Williams, both MW's born in the same year) Freemasons seem to be the universal remixing group who get to officially mix all the biggest MK stars (Kylie Minogue, Beyonce etc); you can see her copying some of the themes from 'When You Touch Me' in the Freemasons' mix of 'Beautiful Liar' (+ Shakira, the original video being suspect enough as it is!) official video, where Beyonce the Kitty Kat video (showing her blatantly as a sex-kitten with the leopard-print and giant cat) is also shown and other clips from her videos.

Beyonce - Beautiful Liar (Freemasons Remix) -
Hopefully you've noticed the white/black duality theme in the above video, a Ministry of Sound (to show the gov't based logo) CD features this as you'd expect.

Typical of illuminist slaves one eye covered/on show.

A couple of random dance videos now; above is September (Petra Eos Markland, started recording at age 12) - Cry For You an obvious slavery theme going on here (in black [latex catsuits, because they represent the army of programmed sex-kittens(slaves) out there], guards in white; duality), the one who escapes servitude does so through a hexagonal doorway; emphasis on the purple. The original version (below) is also worth watching and has more symbolism than the above as it portrays her split mind, ritualizes her as Cleopatra (Egyptian hair), twin wig-wearing backing dancers (in red shoes), she's dressed as little red riding hood and all that good stuff...

Cascada to finish; with it's lead singer (this is one of many of their videos with symbolism in it), Natalie Horler. That type of infinite mirrors (gets insane at 2:28, then with black/white stripes to top it off) also features in a Rihanna video (and Ministry of Sound cover below), see the Rihanna video post; also Disturbia is of course insanely blatant [even if the obvious symbolism/imagery means nothing to you, surely the lyrics (see Disturbia post) give you some indication as to what's really going on in the music industry?].

Cascada - Miracle - Cascada

[Extremely rushed post, apologiez for any errors/rants (at start); watching that blatant Beyonce video makes me want to write up some more of these media kittens, so the next big post will probably be on Mariah/Beyonce or someone.] Edit: I had this up for a short time but took it down, now it's back up again after some editing; apologiez if you were reading/commenting at the time. Another Edit: Originally intended on having this one from Tommy Sparks - I'm a Rope, near the start of the post but forgot to include it, audience is hypnotized into thinking he is amazing (real thing, using a stage hypnotist); quite amusing though they could have done more with the video (obv note mirror start, then mannequins/body parts and such).
Tommy Sparks - I'm A Rope


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My jaw is on the floor. If I ever met someone who was into "Freemasons", I don't know what I'd do.

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Anonymous said...

SEPTEMBER's middle name is EOS, the Greek goddess of dawn. PETRA EOS equates with the BENBEN to me, also its like (JAMES)PETRAEUS.


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WESTWOOD hag is fucking disgusting...


Anonymous said...

As a former "raver" in the 90's ;D I have to admit that dance culture is rife with monarchs, but then, so is most of life these days. Anyway, at a huge party in Philly once, I remember a black suited govt. type dude just standing in the basement room watching 14-16 year olds dancing with a grim expression on his face. It was the most surreal thing.

The first regular party I went to was called NASA, complete with the NASA logo on every flyer. It was a very popular party in the early 90's.

I think they developed a lot of that music especially drum and bass and early techno in think tank conditions not to mention the heavy "grey alien" themes that were floating around those parties (at least in America) It makes me wonder just who exactly funded and sponsored them.

When you consider that military intelligence fostered the Laurel Canyon scene leading to the birth of the west coast counter culture in the 60's and the rise of LSD, why wouldn't "rave" culture and ecstasy be also?

Government controlled Cults of Dionysus.

Anonymous said...

check out a book called 'The Cultural Cold War, by Frances Saunders, it's all about CIA creation and control of popular culture.
also listen to this

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Send in the fucking clones:

An Indian, just like nutcase NADYA SULEMAN


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