Friday 13 February 2009

Welcome to New York City of Love!

As I sat down to watch some TV last night, I was pretty amazed by the synchronicity of having just finished the previous post (on sex slaves/double headed eagle/eastern europe etc) then having virtually all these themes pop up in a CSI:NY episode (downloaded so latest from America). I keep putting off other posts though so I want to get this done ASAP so it will feel rushed probably.

Tara enters New York City of LOVE! [It is no coincidence in them choosing that name for the main victim of the show.]

Tara is greeted by Katie (going by the name Caroline here [symbolizing lost identity/sense of self] "Caroline is Katie"), a fully programmed/willing sex-slave handler [presumably offered a way out of the horrors of sex-slavery but only if she becomes a handler herself (making her think she is 'one of them', entrapping her further)] who greets future slaves; making them feel safe and welcomed [so not suspecting at all of what's to come; why wouldn't they trust a young girl like themselves?]), they both run into another victim of trafficking/slavery, the father of a trafficked sex-slave from Eastern Europe (see Julia Ormond description below further down).

"His daughter had disappeared, she came in from the Ukraine she was promised some kind of a modelling job [see "We're Going To Be Models!" post for more on this + New York] and he hadn't heard from her since. Ronnie, that was her name. She was one of those people who falls through the cracks, language barrier, lack of information of as to where she was, who she was with."

Julia Ormond gives the above quote, who I covered in reasonable detail in a David Lynch post where she campaigns against slavery/human trafficking in reality (and in fiction; both worlds [reality and fiction/fantasy] are pretty much the same to these MK'd actors) to various corrupt institutions (US Gov't/UN). She gives an emotional dialogue with Sinise later in episode, about how her 14 year old niece Rachel went missing (implying she's been trafficked).

The father came over to America from the Ukraine to rescue his daughter from the slave-traders. Bright Lights referencing the lights of New York, further emphasized by the new slave being taken by Katie (programmed handler) to a photo booth, with more bright/flashing lights [bright lights, strobe/flashing lights cause dissociation]. You can just about make out the Russian double headed eagle on the father's passport watermark.

He is killed by a slave-handler, symbolically stabbed through the I of BIG (eye) into his heart; Big Apple/Original Sin, Manhattan/Mad Hatter, NY/OZ these are all pertinent connections here and many more.

The "models", at what they think is some sort of welcoming party are drugged as the music slows down symbolising their loss of time/consciousness, note Empire State Building positioned behind Tara.

Their drinks are spiked and they all pass out (for transportation to the sex-slave den [images further down]) one by one, as the drug takes hold of each of them...

And symbolizing their shattered minds we have a glass dropped and shattered at the end of the scene (then they are taken to the warehouse where they are traumatized [mind shattering programming] and drugged).

Another Julia Ormond quote from the episode: "This place was probably filled with 30 young girls just like her from all over, Eastern Europe, Latin America, even the US. They all left home with big dreams and now they're living a very real nightmare as sex-slaves; being beaten, drugged who knows what else." [there's a reason why electroshocking is virtually never mentioned in things like this as probably the most effective form of traumatizing thus controlling slaves, whilst leaving them with virtually no physical scars (so their price doesn't go down)] Then Gary Sinise says their "handlers" must have known the police were coming.

More Original Sin symbolism (Tara [one from start] offering another victim an apple), then it's shown how she refuses water (which is drugged) so she is beaten.

Katie in purple is the one who stays behind (probably ordered to by the main handler to find out how much they know and such), and she escapes through the bathroom window (back to her handler). She says how she has no family/or at least none that care about her (standard MO of victim, gone into many times the family situation is always an important factor [though victims can easily be led into thinking their family is dead/doesn't care about them (even if they do and are looking for them) so they give up hope/don't try to escape].

When Tara is finally reunited with her overprotective father, she apologizes (to "daddy") for disappointing him ;|

As mentioned earlier, the Empire State Building (the illuminist empire is built on slavery [British slave trade up to modern day slavery; it's always been a lucrative/helpful business]) is consciously used symbolically (positioned behind Tara), the quick panning across the city skyline camera shots these shows always have are also symbolic as they focus on the Chrysler Building, with it's illuminated triangles (and all the other symbolic towers). The Chrysler Building is basically a Freemasonic stronghold as evidenced by Matthew Barney's (Yale/Skull and Bones, long-term Bjork handler) Cremaster 3 where the aforementioned double headed eagle is rediculously prevolent (one example from it below, I wrote up some of Cremaster 3 in this post; though obviously if I wrote it up today I'd cover more of the obvious misogyny/dehumanization/MK in it).

Anyway, skipping out a large chunk of it (they rescue them, happy days) the next slave who expected to become a model (see "We're Going to be Models!" post for more of this kind of thing) and enters the bright lights of NY/OZ is greeted by Katie, who is arrested.

[Cased Closed, never mind that she is obviously a programmed victim herself, all is wrapped up nicely; slavery/trafficking has been cured by arresting this young girl.]

This episode felt kind of ironic as the previous one included a "salsa instructor" called Ms. Love, dressed suitably in leopard-print (sex-kitten programming) with mirrors + sun symbolism as she spins around whilst dancing.

And even more blatant in the episode before that [Help], I include White Rabbit ears + wedding day Mannequins for comedic purposes (the whole concept of the wedding ritual is a complete sham in my opinion; you do it just because everyone else does, get excited/go nuts about a dress etc. [hence the Mannequins])

Note the sets of Twin Pillars , leopard-print masked dancers (on illuminated squares).

To emphasize the building symbolism (towers/phallus/occult architecture/etc), it cuts straight from the above masked sexy dancer (in leopard-print, hard to make out) to a shot of the Chrysler building (again, synch to the double headed eagle/Chrysler building/compass square image copied below).
The episode was about a sociopathic serial rapist who runs the masked dancers club (and his wife is stereotypically ignorant to his true nature) AKA the illuminist fuckers at the top of the pyramid who are involved in trafficking millions of people around the world for countless reasons all associated with control of the planet.

The rapist gives jewelry he takes from his victims and gives them to his wife, which she symbolically keeps in a hexagonal box, also note the glass limbless statue (that Lynch/Julia Ormond post has lots on loss of limbs/losing a part of yourself).

Please click CSI label for more on New York (lots more MK in the previous episodes related to this [i.e sex dolls]) and Las Vegas. Sex-slaves/trafficking also featured in a recent CSI (a mentally ill couple who pretend to be FBI agents, amazingly so [as they are alter-personalities] synchs up with Julia Ormond's film Surveillance), I have lots more to say about that one but no time so I'll just post her in leopard-print signifying her sex-kitten programming.

Above is a group of slaves being transported, below she is being interviewed by the fake cops (she is shot in the head 3 days later) note the times on both are symbolic.

Law and Order Special Victims Unit (based in New York) has started getting into some real issues, with an episode on abusive Eastern European father, programming his daughters to be 'geniuses' (programmed in a basement where he forces his daughters to study, whilst kneeling on rice [painful], hitting them with a cain etc; he called it 'hothousing' (name of the episode: Hothouse).

Elsa's (the dead victim) sister describes how "Elsa was papa's exotic flower. She needed devoted care and attention to flourish."

Mariska pretends to be a 'Madam' (sex-kitten/slave handler/trader [with Ice-T in the background, check out Cocobots post for info on him and his 'wife']) and she inspects the girls, recognizes they are drugged between the toes, to hide the injection scars.

Sarah Hyland's character is hopped up on pills and is sleep deprived (sleep deprivation another well known method of MK [described as a torture technique in the episode]), because she is training to be a Chess Master. Her drugged/sleep deprived state leads her to kill Elsa.

The school she goes to (high pressure leading these kids to abuse drugs; happens everywhere in reality also) is Morewood school, you can see that kind of symbol ([on the red shield above] I've wondered about it for a while; I'm pretty ignorant about it, please let me know if you have info on it [Edit: Surprise surprise it's a symbol of the Monarch/'elite', a lilly and an MK psychoactive, see tommy's comment]) very faintly on the handler injecting heroin into a victim further up.

Sarah's notebook (where her drugged/sleep deprived-induced altered-state leads to the above writing) is purple, covered in butterflies.

Speaking of victims as flowers; they are often even named as such (Rose/Lily/etc) as a little girl is kidnapped called Rosie in the latest episode where butterfly imagery is all over her room (and masks and others).

Mariska Hargitay is for another post (daughter of 1950's sex-kitten [her father is one too]; her mother was killed in a car 'accident' with Mariska in the back seat [obviously very traumatic]) as there is a lot on her worth going into.

But the episode before 'Hothousing', called 'Stranger' featured sex-slaves as it's main theme with a girl (who is not the girl she says she is [identity confusion]) who has returned to her family (not really hers) after living in sexual-slavery for the past few years (which she had been). Above image is from it, see one of the Sex and the City chicks (that shit is total brainwashing [the above newspaper obviously referencing it, note colors]) with MPD/DID in a previous SVU from this post.

Note 333, the apparent victim's sister (not her actual sister) wearing a butterfly (you find out by the end that this girl wearing the butterfly, had actually killed her real sister) and also a ballerina painting framed with Mariska [I'm sure if you took the time to research the various guest stars; like Ellen Woglom below, you'd find interesting things].

Very first scene of the episode has her in a monster's mask, an early indication that she is the real murderer of her sister (we're never told what messed her up creating this 'monstrous side').

"After four years he's established total domination over her. Heather's programmed to follow orders blindly and without question, the ultimate test of his power is taking her out in public." [referencing the programmer having taken her to Church on a few occasions] Quote from the psychiatrist who goes on to describe examples of others who took a victim to a karaoke bar and no one noticed, this fits with MK/Monarch slaves described as being taken and used at karaoke bars (this link goes into it).

She has a tattoo (symbolic of marked slaves) to convince the family she is Heather.

As soon as they find out she is not really Heather everyone turns against her (despite the genital bruising from abuse and other evidence of her slavery) as she is charged with identify theft (basically what MK [Mind Kontrol] is, stripping it's victims of identities to be replaced/programmed with another, false one). She cuts her wrists in a suicide attempt, and tells Mariska that she didn't report him (explaining the elaborate identity theft [which is obviously MK symbolism also]) because

We find out she had been kept in a prison by her own father and used as a sex-slave for six years; he thinks he has programmed her to be totally obedient but she managed to escape (tricked the dad into getting the tattoo then ran). This story had clear and conscious similarities with the Joseph Fritzl case, the media frenzy over it I think gives the false impression that sexual slavery is only limited to isolated cases of creepy old loners abusing their children for many years; rather than the global problem it is (and continues to grow every year).

So yeah, that CSI:NY episode kind of forced my hand with this one; it allowed me to get a few other shows' episodes out of the way I've had on my mind though.


skrambo said...

The symbol on the red "Morewood" shield is the Blue Lotus, a psychoactive used in Egyptian mystery school rituals (it grows on the Nile)

It's also used to represent Monarchy as the Fleur de Lis.

Anonymous said...

No other comment necessary, lol


aferrismoon said...

The knife through the T-shirt - The BIg Apple, has the blade piercing the I [ Eye] which seems to cover the victims heart.


intheknow7 said...

One of the best blogs for decoding MK symbolism and exposing horrors of MK in pop culture --this abominable prog must be exposed! Cindy McCain BUSTED giving Jesse Jackson “controller device” for Kissinger’s latest MK-bot Sarah Palin @ Clinton Global Initiative…

Be Well & Stay Vigilant

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