Thursday, 12 February 2009

Jozz's Mechanized Dolls

"'I think I'm a machine.' Sexy and Soulless! Double your Pleasure. Dames of Deception!"

Summer Glau [Summer/sun] plays Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the above trailer for tomorrow night's TV on FOX, with predictable themes. Summer Glau questions her humanity "I think I'm a machine", tin man/robot programming ties in here (which, like various animal types of programming is another form of dehumanization).

More on Terminator and robots here, Lena Headey ([Sarah Connor] her fractured mind, newer poster below with similar themes) here.

"Although canonically referred to as Cameron Phillips, she used that surname only in the pilot episode. Since then, she generally poses as John Connor's sister and, accordingly, uses the same false surname used by the Connors at any given time. In the second season, that name is Baum, an homage to L. Frank Baum, whose novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Sarah used to read to John when he was a young boy."

If anyone else has enjoyed Joss Whedon's stuff in the past, they will remember Summer from Serenity/Firefly where she plays that attractive, dissociative girl River Tam [the following is from wiki]:
River is a seventeen-year old psychic genius. She and her brother are taken in by the crew of Serenity after he rescues her from an Alliance Academy where her brain was "Toyed with".

River wanders into the bar and observes a television advertisement in which the Alliance has embedded a subliminal message especially for River. It causes her to immediately and brutally attack the other patrons until Simon arrives and utters a code phrase, which renders River unconscious. Thoroughly confused, Mal takes River and Simon back to Serenity, where Simon reveals that River was conditioned to be an Alliance assassin. Mal contacts Mr. Universe, a reclusive techno-geek who analyzes the bar security camera footage and discovers that a subliminal message in the advertisement triggered River's attack.

Summer's uber-flexibility (doing the splits above) is of course a-given, as you'd expect Summer is a trained ballerina; when an injury ended that career she witched one dissociative activity for the land of dissociation, LA ;p [obviously her parents were in total control of her during her childhood]. Below is a video from the Terminator show with her doing some ballet in front of the mirror; her robot's model is based on 'Allison' (Alice) Young.

Her very first acting role (just before Firefly) was as 'Prima Ballerina' in Angel, above and below images are from that.

"My dance background helps me on Terminator because my character is robotic.."

The below series of images goes with the wiki quote further up describing River being triggered in a bar.

Great trigger sequence scene here (probably cover in more detail if I come back to Serenity/Firefly, lot's of other interesting scenes); this triggers her assassination programming and she starts beating the crap out of everyone (in her single-track minded [kill!] altered state).

Quick flashbacks of the programming she endured (+one eye of programmer etc) in creating this assassination program, now triggered.

Note Summer's half face in darkness [I have Serenity/Firefly, I may do more posts on them in future].

'Wizard World' [yellow W (brick road)]

Summer, ruby slippers, red carpet

Edit: A few image adds, I forgot that she was in 4400 for some reason though I was an avid viewer of it; playing a typical role of these victims, a schizophrenic in a mental hospital called Tess (below images from the episode "Daddy's Little Girl", those checkerboards are obviously just completely coincidental [lmfao]).

Last add (symbolic ones above are obviously interpreted), showing her broken/shattered mind (broken glass).

Standard leopard-print seen on various slaves playing similar roles [showing she is a sex-kitten (portraying a 'delta-beta'/assassin-sex slave in the show) robotic slave (hq image, this type of thing ((gun+leopard showing delta-beta programming)) is often used; here is one example)].

"Somewhere in the city is an illegal establishment, that rents out to the very rich and the very connected programmable people, people who can take on any personality except there own." [edit: fixed video]

"Dollhouse" Musik Video - MyVideo
In the below video Eliza tells of how the show is essentially biographical because of her "crazy" life.

To me, the current TV environment almost feels like a game they're playing, testing how ignorant the masses have truly become, even when they are told in virtually every show what is going on in terms of mind control and other obvious realities that exist in the world. At least some fans of Dollhouse have at least brought up the obvious connection of Dollhouse' themes to brainwashing/mind control realities ["Mind Control - More Than Science Fiction", only going into the likes of brainwashed Patty Hearst (endless other examples throughout history), rather than full on MK'd split-personality/programmed multiple-personality slaves (read Cathy O'Brien etc [though the author does go into the Jonestown cult MK massacre]) which is what this show is really referring to rather than Patty Hearst's low-level of MK].

New York Magazines has an interesting review called 'Split Personality', that I haven't read in full as I want to avoid spoilers (yeah this shit's evil, but it's damn entertaining!): "Whedon has touched on these themes before. On Buffy, the satirical “Buffybot” [see robot programming further up] was the docile fantasy blonde prickly Buffy could never be, and one episode featured a girlfriend programmed never to cry; on Firefly, a damaged young woman crackled with repressed memories. Like United States of Tara, another show with a splintered heroine, Dollhouse is ungainly at first glance, but full of rich themes: about false consciousness (that old feminist bugaboo, when a woman can’t tell if she wants something—implants, marriage—or has been brainwashed into it), the mystery of personality, the nature of memory in an age of digital copies."
And on Tara, I want to do another main post on that when the season is finished as there are more things in it I want to cover (lots of imagery on Brie [+humorous personal synchronicities, Brie's ex-boyfriend (abusive) called Ben wearing a top hat with Brie in purple skull kitty purple t-shirt] and such; I want to get the DVD as the downloaded rips are pretty poor), I'll just add another butterfly image above showing the Monarch programming connection again [do read United States of Dissociation for Tara and more on Dollhouse]. In the horror/mind-fuck movie Wrong Turn she wears the double-headed eagle ((if you look back through my blog you can clearly see that the double headed eagle is not only to do with Albania/Russia [I view their use of it as testament to how controlled that area is in particular, Eastern Europe/Russia is where many of these slaves come from])) on her shirt, showing how their real life programming is used in the form of symbolism/themes in their movies/tv shows/etc)].

Why no double headed eagle (on the left one it is positioned directly above the central 6 of 666) on the below main poster to the right [main American one]? Something to hide....?

KM 666 [MK 666/999] illustrates more what this movie is about (intergenerational incest/inbreeding), along with what the double headed eagle she got whilst taking a trip to the Albanian [her father is Albanian-American, and they were Mormons which is immediately suspect] community in Kosovo (oz) is really about [think why they would use the double headed eagle in this movie, which has nothing to do with Albania, nor does Eliza's character in the film]. Now as soon as you mention anything related to occult/"Satanism" that automatically somehow triggers humor for most people, despite the shocking abuse/programming it is unquestionnably related to.

Albania is a hotbed for trafficking young girls by the way (you'd never have guessed right? ;), even moreso than most other Central and Eastern European countries (everywhere is bad though), quoting this book [my words in these]:
Albanian crime groups [run by big business; human trafficking/slavery is worth at least billions] traffic thousands of women and girls into Italy for prostitution every year, and they are known for their ruthlessness and retaliation against anyone interfering with their trafficking business.... While Albanian crime groups traffic women for prostituion all over the world, they traffic the largest number of women to (or through) Italy. [the author focuses on Italy a lot, but they are picked up and trafficked all over the world]: ...Albanian traffickers use "ferocious methods against young victims to induce them to submit to inhuman conditions and effective slavery." [<--quote from the Italian Interior Ministry (they are talking about standard MK here)] In some cases, the traffickers have burned or otherwise tortured their trafficking victims for disobedience, and in one case [of obviously many] girls were tattooed with the group's symbol. [Eliza's double headed eagle tattoo]

Albanian Coat of Arms (based on the flag)... with "surmounted with goats' horns" [Eliza is another one of Lucifer's Girlz ;p (baphomet is considered goat headed; horns on their own symbolise it never mind goats' specifically), though the goat horns look odd (owl eyes or something also?)]

This post I go into the double headed eagle a bit (though in more detail in later posts [i.e. on Ledger, ballerinas and such here]) note the 33 on Pike's one and on Eliza below.

How Eliza is treated in Wrong Turn is more MK ritual/theatre: "Chris finds Jessie [Eliza's character] tied up to a bed and gagged with a dog leash [dehumanization]. He goes in and unties her and the two end up destroying the cannibals and their cabin by setting it on fire and they make it out of the woods alive."

In The Alphabet Killer similar themes are present as a psychotic killer, with typical MW/MM themes with the first victim being Wendy Walsh, and the second being Melissa Maestro; random cat references (victims covered in cat hair, Eliza goes topless; more cat/kitten [sex] programming hints). Dushku is treated in a typical way in this film, she is traumatized, dissociative, starts hallucinating and generally suffers a psychological break (MK victims are always the best at playing these type of parts) the film leaving her in a mental asylum (hint hint). The actual MK'd 'Alphabet' killings (most serial killers etc are MK'd [I include general abuse as a child as a form of MK, mind has been manipulated/moulded into a monster, never just happens]) are even more symbolic than the names they chose in the film as they all point to Freemasonry's 33 (CC 33, MM 33, WW 33) Carment Colon, Wanda Walkowicz, Michelle Maenza (the movie does MW but no C, showing more the 3 connection though it uses an EE [like M/W this can be viewed as 3 spun/rotated], see 33 on Eliza just above), even the towns of each respective murder started with the same letter as the intended victim.

Eliza's first prominent role was in Juliette Lewis' That Night, where she played MK named Alice Bloom (Alice in Wonderland/flower coming into bloom). This was followed by an early Leonardo DiCaprio movie with Robert DeNiro, This Boy's Life; with standard MK themes of abuse/split mind (half of Leo's face in darkness). She then appeared as Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter :| in True Lies. This random Mormon raised girl getting these parts so early on with such big stars seems odd. Do you see yet how 'their property' are 'given' the roles alongside 'their' bigger, also MK'd stars?

Pyramid of Slaves, promo photo of Bring It On (where she played sex-kitten flexible cheerleader 'Missy Pantone'), Kirsten Dunst as the capstone of the pyramid (they had plans for her, she is the highest up on the pyramid, hence why she is a bigger star; appearing in the Spidermans and such [Eternal Sunshine MK movie etc]).

She appeared in 'Soul Survivors' (remember these slaves are 'soulless' [apparently], note the shards of glass/mirror.

Sex has been THE major advertising feature of Dollhouse (above catsuit/sex-kitten image from Jay and Silent Bob), with Eliza popping up in virtually every FOX show I saw; draped, naked across the bottom left of the screen with points of pink/purple light all over her. The below image is from Fringe.

And the shows promo photos feature virtually nothing but her naked and mirrored [standard MK].

This post was originally going to be on Chuck's latest episode (with similar delta-beta slave themes [basically following on from the main Chuck post, the newest episode having some interesting things to do with MK'd celebrities/butterflies and such too, I'll probably just start a new post rather than edit it in]). And like Chuck, they have shipped over a girl from Oz to be the other ultra-attractive 'Doll'/'Active'; Dichen Lachman (below, right of Eliza) who played a KK and kitten, Nurse Katya Kinski [aka Kat/Cathy] in Neighbours for a few years before moving to Dollhouse as Sierra; Eliza's 'Doll' is called Echo.

As usual, bunch of random MK symbolic images [red shoes/mirror/enslavement(handcuffs etc)/leopard print/butterfly/.. you know the drill] of Eliza (meaning 'My God is a vow').

That's enough free advertising/Dollhouse promo for FOX I think ;p. May write-up the first episode over the weekend, depending on it's content.


The Secret Sun said...

I don't know how you do it, Ben. You're a very intrepid soul. There's so little out there on TV I can bring myself to watch, it's all so dark and f-ed up. All that steel blue you see everywhere- it just radiates death. Ironically, I find the SCC much less insane than most of what is on network TV.

I believe that Hollywood (for the most part) has a deep and abiding hate of women, which is why so many women become such disfigured freaks if they stay there too long. I think that this is very much a subtext in the new X-Files film and a big reason Gillian Anderson moved to London. Notice she still looks beautiful- and human.

Anonymous said...

interesting synch with the octopus triggering the violence, is that the Defense Department sponsors the reality series Ultimate Fighter [UFC], and the cobatants fight in the OCTAGON. The Pentagon sponsors the octagon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First, I'll echo Chris's sentiment above. How is your psyche dealing with all this exposure? Now, I'll add that I'm glad you're doing it, as I tried watching the Dollhouse premier (yes, on ctHULU) and couldn't make it through it. :-)

Good catch on the Serenity "trigger" scene. Had completely forgotten the octopus. I may have to borrow/steal that. Interesting they would embed such in a children's program.

Watched the "boob" exposure scene and it occurred to me that the two hands in prayer form a pyramid.

Reading this served as much inspiration for directions I'd been wanting to explore. Recall someone asking me if I ever met a soulless person ... I thought it for a while, and mentioned yes. Turns out it was the same person the asker had in mind (in a large metropolitan area). And, I was to later learn she worked in the sex industry. Perhaps they have perfected the INTERCISION process. What soul would want to stay attached to a fragmented robot?

Re: "trained ballerina; when an injury ended that career" Wonder if that injury had anything to do with being introduced to DICK Cheney? Ugh!

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for your comments Chris, interesting thoughts; agreed on Hollywood + Gillian + X-Files, I wondered why she came over here doing random period dramas a few years ago. I tend to think a lot of people watch TV these days for that very reason, it is so dark and f-ed up, sex and death = today's entertainment.

Nice observations celtic, always appreciate your humor ;), + my images etc are always up for grabs, looking forward to your take on it. I don't know how my psyche is dealing with my exposure to this stuff, I'm sure it isn't healthy. I've pretty well ritualized my viewing of some of these shows over the last couple of years in particular, as you become more aware of the subversive themes/symbolism in them it almost makes them more fascinating to watch [I personally think there would be a HUGE difference in brain activity whilst watching, between someone who is aware of them (thinking about them/pointing them out as they watch) and the average braindead TV viewer (if you looked at their EEG)]. I'm sure at some point I'll have to go cold turkey though ;p

Chris, Britney as a Stepford Wife, shocking! And cheers to anony, interesting info.

toure said...

Not sure how I missed your blog in all my research, but I'm glad I found it; I'm writing a Dollhouse post as we speak (should be up by tomorrow). After the Blindness episode I just had to say something... I couldnt believe the double-eagle tatt. And I didnt know about Albania's sex-slave history. Great post.

I've been discussing some of the existential aspects of the show on a few forums that I think you'd be into.

I'll be checkin your stuff; drop by sometime; check me out.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of Eliza Dushku's photos end at her mid-thigh...or she wears boots that give that same look. Wonder why they make it seem like she's lost her legs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what to make of Kirsten Dunst's career/personal slide. In the caption for the photo in which KD is on the top of the cheerleading pyramid you say something like 'they had big plans for her'. It all seems to have gone awry. Before I became aware of MK as a huge, pervasive issue, I felt sad for her, as I thought she was a great actress. I also had the sense that her drug problems had to do with being exploited by her family in her early childhood. I wonder if you have any thoughts about Dunst in particular.
Anyway, yours is a great and fascinating blog.

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