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House of 1000 Dolls

I've just written on some of the themes I thought were relevant for the first episode of Dollhouse, I probably won't do it for them all depending on each episode's content; want to get this up tonight so I haven't read through it properly yet to check for errors. If there's anything major I've left out or anything give me a shout in comments. Check out this article I saw on Red Ice: Five Brain-Manipulating Technologies That Prove Dollhouse Exists Right Now, while obviously not touching on trauma-based mind control, what it talks about is obviously correct.

The show starts with some cryptic background on how Echo ended up becoming a 'Doll' (I assume there'll be more of this interview in the coming episodes), we are led to believe she has done something bad and the only way out is to join them for five years then she's free (probably a lie). This is how governments recruit agents for the really fucked up black projects (assassination, drug smuggling, blackmailing perverse politicians and the like); that of course is one way of getting into it, many (probably most; particularly in blackmailing politicians/providing perverse pleasure to the super-rich) are born into a life of abuse whose abusers are actively encouraged by gov't agents with specified methods of abuse/programming given to them in respect to the child's future role in the global MK structure (whether he/she is to be a sex-slave [(with numerous sex-programs ((dominatrix/submissive/rape victim (i.e. will scream in pain and terror; for the numerous 'elite' sexual sadists out there)/child-like (for the numerous 'elite' pedophiles)/etc)) programmed into certain alters) used in blackmail etc], delta-beta slave [gov't assassination], .

Echo (as a programmed alter-personality) is serving a wealthy 'client' of the Dollhouse; as they ride into a Chinese club between two Chinese lions (see Mr Brightside video for these lions + sex-slave suggestions at this post) on their motorcycles. As they dance happily (Echo has been imprinted with a personality favourable to the client [based on an ex-girlfriend or something], which he got to celebrate his birthday), a snow-leopard can be seen dancing in the vicinity of Eliza (sex-kitten programming).

As Echo leaves the party, the client says: "She had to get to her carriage before it turned into a pumpkin." Showing it's all not real, a fantasy that the victim thinks is real; fairy tales are an important part of programming and confusing reality. Her "carriage" is actually the back of a van, where a quick programming session can take place (not in this, this is only for transporting her back to the Dollhouse) and has done so in reality [think the old cliché of gov't surveillance vehicles disguised as a plumbing company (phone company, or whatever [or just like those below]), except instead of surveillance tech it would have MK tech (so hypnotic drugs, eletroshock equipment [metallic head bands/electrodes/etc], an EEG machine for recording the subject's brain wave pattern and others [most we don't know about, you can bet they come equipped with harmonic/sound wave machines for imbedding more detailed commands]).
Eliza's master/handler waits for her to return; note her care-free attitude (like a content child, using the pole to swing round) and she greets him happily

She is driven back to the Dollhouse where we see another slave/doll/active; a sex-slave oiran/geisha exiting an elevator and being ushered into an MK programming van by her handler.

As with all highly symbolic corporate logos, they are consciously used in movies/tv shows, here is one example (from later in the episode), showing who makes the vans, Dodge with their ram head (a ram is an uncastrated sheep [so sexual allusions], sheep/goats/anything horned for that matter = Baphomet). And if you don't get the whole occult corporate logos deal yet, just take a look at Dodge's logo history with some pretty obvious Freemasonry due to the seal of solomon [with black/white triangles, clear Masonic duality and with a blue background (Dodge Brothers)], pentastar (Dodge used red, Chrysler used blue; this is standard Freemasonry symbolism), now a 'horned one'.

Check out the French Fairy Tale The Ram (as innocent as every other fairy tale ;):

Of a king's three daughters, the youngest was the most beautiful and loved. The king went to war, won a victory, and returned to his daughters' welcome. He asked each one why her gown was the color it was; the older two had chosen theirs to symbolize their joy, and the youngest because it became her best. The king taxed her with vanity, and she said it was only to please him. Then he asked after their dreams. The older two had dreamed he was bringing them gifts; the youngest, that he had held a ewer for her to wash her hands in.

He sent the captain of the guards to take her to woods, kill her, and bring her heart and her tongue to him....

RAM also resonates computer memory; which is more robot/programmed computer suggestions. 'Ram'ming is also suggestive of violence, sexual violence if you want to get really twisted (ramming something into something; the ram has horns, the term 'horny' is all about the horns! [whose up for a Satanic ritual orgy? dibs on wearing the goat skull to become 'possessed' by Baphomet] "As early as the mid-18th century, an erection was known as 'a horn' or 'the horn', simply because it looked a bit like one." Showing the phallic implications of horns, the 'billionaire boys club' love their phallic symbolism that's for sure [it is all about dominance]).

Echo gets in said elevator [symbolic accessing compartments of the mind (described this elevator internal structure in some detail in this post)] and asks her handler if, once her treatment is complete she can be returned to the party (obviously she will have no recollection of any party to return to once the 'treatment' is complete). He responds by saying he'll wait right there and she says happily (above) "You're good people." as her handler sarcastically says "Right..." as he is feeling guilt and remorseful over what the Dollhouse does (you can pretty much predict where the storyline is heading, what with the cop looking into dark places and the guilty handler [the handler will end up working with the guy from Battlestar Galactica to rescue Echo]).

Now the 'treatment' starts; which basically consists of wiping her memory of the previous personality, back to the child-like alter-state. This makes sense in MK as the child-like alter is one of the first ones created in programming, as it is usually the earliest split to occur in a victim's life (as the mind dissociates so far from the pain as a highly suggestible/confused child; that it totally splits apart from reality creating this earliest alter-personality) so is almost like the BIOS (first code run by a computer when turned on; base/default thing you turn to when things fuck up in the system) of alters in a way, most effective state for programming a new alter-personality (due to it's young, highly suggestible/hypnotizable/programmable mental state). Programming is easier to do when anchored to this (the traumas [incest abuse etc] that split the core [personality/undamaged part of the brain, which doesn't have time to develop before the split occurs due to trauma]) early dissociative alter-personality.

Fran Kranz plays the Dollhouse's resident expert programmer called Topher Brink. Frank Kranz went to Yale University (studying Shakespeare).

Her mind is being wiped here, these fragments represent the memory fragments and other programmed compartments/fragments/fractures/etc being wiped from her mind, returning her to the child-like alter state.

Some memories of the weekend (i.e. providing sexual services for the client, with bdsm programs naturally triggered [rope]) are shown and so are some of the false memory fragments that made up the alter-personality (i.e. I think the little girl shown is the ex-girlfriend/child hood sweetheart of the wealthy client; the personalities created in Dollhouse are a mixture of real peoples' with bits and pieces [programs and such] added to perfect the personality).

The programming session is complete and her mind is successfully wiped, and she is back to her 'default' child-like state. It would be foolish in thinking all child-like alters sound like Anna Nicole Smith's! I think they could have made more of a difference with Eliza voice, though the fact that they didn't go over the top gives it a degree of authenticity.

Programmer: "Hello Echo, how are you feeling?" Echo: "Did I fall asleep?" Programmer: "For a little while." Echo: "Shall I go now?" Programmer: "If you like." [she has the illusion of freedom; these slaves' lives are purely false-reality/illusion]

When talking about her with Echo's handler they discuss the moral implications of Monarch slaves (programmable/programmed people up for rent [people like Cathy O'Brien and others, this show is a metaphor for such slaves used by the rich and powerful]), Handler: "She had fun right?" Handler: "She thought so." Programmer: "There's nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so, we gave two people the perfect weekend together, we're great humanitarians." Handler: "Who would spend the rest of their lives in jail if anyone found this place." Programmer: "We're all so misunderstood, which great humanitarians often are. Look at Echo, not a care in the world, she is living the dream." Handler:"Whose dream?"

It cuts straight from their rationalization to the kidnapping of a young girl (showing their moral justifications could not be more wrong as this is often the horrific way in which slaves/dolls are taken) with predictable images of butterflies in the room (I was pretty amazed by some of the similarities with the post I did on the night it was airing in america [I watch it 24 hours later], where a young girl kidnapped also had butterflies all over her room), starting with the child's reflection.

I can't ignore the similarities between this girl's notebook (above purple/spiral/flowery butterfly patterns) and another young girl's in SVU from the aforementioned sex-slaves/tv post.

Other things are symbolically kept in the frame during the kidnapping as she is drugged, like those dolls above and the butterfly of course.

One of the kidnappers is masked with half face illuminated (symbolizing the split minds of these kidnapped slaves) as the girl is locked inside a bag. The masked man doesn't speak (you find out later), while all the others do.

The kidnapper refers to himself as 'Mr Sunshine'.

The show cuts to it's MK symbolic opening credits, embedded above (exits elevator then personality changes from leather-clad badass to sexy white stocking-wearing kitten [note black coat been dropped]).

Various personalities are shown symbolically (mirror images being a staple of MK [I use MK instead of MC for Mind Control as K=11 which is mirror symbolism] and are used in engineering MPD in a person [they will start to see their mirror image as a separate person/identity creating a split, along with the right drugs/trauma/hypnosis/suggestions], infinite mirrors, bendy circus mirrors; and all different types of mirrors have been used in MK)

Each Doll sleeps in one corner of the subliminal inverted pentagram; in coffins (with a glass top), like the elevator's usage this can be considered MK symbolic with them sleeping in these compartments. When the mind is shattered in trauma-based MK; it splits (dissociates from reality/conscious awareness [leaving them in an alter-state]) into compartments and alters ("contained in" [not the best way of describing it] these dissociative compartments/parts/fragments of the mind) can be developed/programmed to the desired specifications [more detail on this further up on the child-like alter-state].

Echo is treated by resident Doctor Claire Saunders whose face was scarred in a razor attack, symbolic of facial trauma/facelessness/loss of (or damaged) identity. A couple of symbolic dehumanization images with zebra/leopard prints are included, perhaps suggesting Amy Acker (who plays 'scar faced' Claire Saunders) is another victim who has had their personality/identity removed (as described below in the show) in Monarch programmed slaves.

Echo asks if she should care about the fact that she can't remember how her leg was injured (she is slowly becoming self-aware in her child-like state); like Anna Nicole in the clown video ("that's a camera." she says obvious things a child would say like when asked if she wants a massage, "They're relaxing." stating the obvious as a child would.

Following this, Echo is attracted to the flashing blue light, a subliminal eye appears framed next to her on the fridge as she walks towards her new partner being programmed (was pretty clearly electroshock programming symbolism, with all the electrodes "mapping the tissue" as he calls it; Sierra, played by Dichen Lachman who has come over from Oz after playing a KK 11 11 and a Kat [Katya Kinski in Neighbours; couple of clips showing sex-kitten programming, lingerie + a 'dream' sequence with her + leopard-print].

The below image comes from later in the show, with more physical programming with her running on the spot (Sierra constantly running but remaining in the same spot [Alice in Wonderland]); symbolically positioned infront of a tree silhouette with light purple. (representative of a victims' system [which are obviously messy, not ordered ((though they will be visualized as somewhat ordered in their internal structure, depending on what it is, so alters/programs/etc can be triggered easily))]; with all all the memories/alters/programs etc contained on branches)

The programmer quickly intervenes, get's Echo out of the room and asks what she's doing here; Echo (in her child-like state) says "She hurts.", he explains "We're making her better, in a little while she'll be strong and happy and she'll forget all about this and you will have a new friend living with you, her name is Sierra." [note the chessboard, these slaves are pawns to be used/abused/sacrificed by the Masons (and co) that run the show]

Enter Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett, father a Canadian politician [whose twin daughters, Tahmoh's sisters have appeared in Psyche and the L Word]), "an FBI agent assigned to the dead-end case designated "Dollhouse". He believes the Dollhouse is a secret and powerful human trafficking operation, but he is not taken seriously. The ridicule only feeds Paul's obsession with the Dollhouse and its occupants—specifically, one occupant, Echo, whom he believes to have been a girl named Caroline in her former life. Ballard acts as a twisted romantic foil for Echo." The show portrays him in a boxing ring fighting a steroid-loaded boxer covered in tattoos (symbolizing he is fighting their marked/controlled thugs), while the below talking scenes go on.

"I'm a billionaire, I can hire anybody for anything, and I'm gonna go to an illegal organisation and have them build me, program me what: the perfect date, confessor, assassin, dominatrix, omellette chef? I'm paying a million dollars for that, I can get that; I have everything I want."
"Nobody has everything they want, it's a survival pattern. You get what you want, you want something else. If you have everything you want something else, something more extreme, something more specific... something perfect."

"The only way to imprint a human being with a new personality ['which we've yet to prove possible'] is to remove their own, completely. We're talking about people walking around who may as well have been murdered, which to me sounds pretty bad."

His superior tells him (paraphrased) "not to jeopardize real human trafficking investigations for a fairytale." Then quote; "You will stay out of every one's way, and you will stop pissing off powerful public figures without any evidence."

Echo is then taken for programming/imprinting the new personality; the new personality is based on one that has been abused.

Note glass statues (appear to be armless; losing a part of your self in MK), symbolizing the fragile empty shells these slaves become when their personalities are removed in programming (and filled with other, false personalities). Eleaner Penn is the name of the personality she has been imprinted with, who had been involved in helping kidnapping situations her whole life; because she had been kidnapped/abused herself when she was 9 [one of the persona's it is based on was anyway]. We see rich daddy with his daughter in the below image, framed by the checkerboard.

When the client discovers she had been abused herself, he wonders why they would put such horrific memories in her head and she has a quick flash of a memory with her being programmed with this personality as her programmed asthma kicks in, she has also been made short-sighted (the brain can be manipulated to make actual physical effects on the body).

The exchange occurs on a boat called Sundancer (remember main kidnapper is called Mr Sunshine).

The child is called Davina, a 'divine' resonant name; which is more ritual.

Echo sees her false-personality's abuser triggering her asthma (in real life, this kind of thing is true with victims who see their abusers in later life start hyperventilating and memories are often triggered back to the surface).

The abuser told Eleaner Penn he was a ghost, as she is breaking down she repeats over and over "You can't fight a ghost." Then tells her handler of the personality's experience, i.e (paraphrased) "He said he was a ghost, but he was heavy. Ghosts aren't supposed to be heavy." and such.

We find out this abused person had killed herself a year ago (the above, 'can't kill a ghost' line is repeated again when she kills the abuser (pictured above), referencing that she is dead), the programmer correctly saying: "She never got away from him" (because of the long term psychological damage; he was essentially in control right up to her death). He says the blue lights represent fear as Echo/Eleaner is approaching the cabin the kidnappers are hiding in [note the pink/slutty doll on the programmer's desk (showing their mindset), there are two chess boards in this room also].

As always there are tonnes of little things I can't mention, the gumball machine here for instance; various alters can be programmed to be triggered when the victim is presented with different coloured sweet (skittles/smarties/etc come in especially handy, Taste the Rainbow indeed ;), each colour triggering a different alter (depending on the person's sexual preference [child-like/bratty teen/submissive/dominatrix/etc etc]) this is described as occurring in reality in Trance-formation.

Echo kills the abuser (who had no intention of giving Davina up, for obviously sick reasons) but a now fully programmed Sierra comes in all guns blazing.

Upon completing the mission they are back in their child-like alter-states at the Dollhouse to sleep in their glass-covered coffins forming sublminal pentagram

But not before this folder ALPHA is shown which the people in charge of Dollhouse are worried will cause them problems, ALPHA is a generic term (named after the brain wave state) for basic models of Monarch programmed slaves, and all the codes/keys/triggers, etc associated with it. The alpha brain wave state is especially good for hypnosis and programming; we'll see how this story-arc develops.

Doll houses are a common theme in mind control programming, it is a well known internal structure. The physical doll houses are used on victims in imprinting this as their alters' internal world/structure, which can be any number of things, but Dollhouses obviously have the added benefit of having plastic empty shells (with their personalities removed/no emotion/etc) dolls like mannequins/statues/etc [you can see this clearly portrayed on a Dollhouse poster with mannequins below, from this post], when the child being programmed can visualize the dollhouse they use during 'play', and all the dolls each living in separate rooms; these will probably become alters (most children give dolls a specific personality and create imaginative scenarios/stories in their doll house) and each room will be where each alter (a doll) will be housed in the Dollhouse internal structure. The Dollhouse set was specifically designed to look like a "life-size Dollhouse".

I thought these posters were very resonant with what I've been writing about here (from 1971 and 1972), The Big Doll House, with obvious MK themes (torture/enslavement/drugs) and it's sequel The Big Bird Cage in 1972, trapped in a bird cage is another common theme in this blog. In the same year as Big Doll House (1971) a similar film, with much the same cast (these 'actresses' are all likely literal slaves in reality) was released called 'Women in Cages', which features in Tarantino's Grindhouse a lot [Rose McGowan is another doll (we can surmise anyone used by Marilyn Manson ((note his leopard spots, he is a big-cat handler afterall)) is a 'Monarch Doll', i.e. Dita Doll) I covered some of Rose's MK (cult upbringing etc) in brief a while back, she was herself trapped in a life-size Dollhouse in a Charmed episode].

I posted on Sharon Tate's Doll movie (Valley of the Dolls) and then her ritual blood sacrifice (bringing us back to Marilyn Manson, whose name is a mixture of Monarch programmed sex-slave Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson mind controlled cult who killed Sharon Doll) in the In Shattered Dreams post, worth a look if you haven't seen it. Check out Jozz's Mechanized Dolls for more on Mormon raised Eliza and her potential MK, I'm looking forward to seeing how her double-headed eagle tattoo will be used in the show in a symbolic/ritual way. I watched her appearance on the Howard Stern show, wearing a leopard-print scarf and talking about her "daddy-daughter issues" (he left her at an early age, but for some reason she still got the Albanian double headed eagle tattoo [went into in aforementioned post]).

How the fuck did they get away with making these films back then? Just call it "70's sexploitation" and it's A-OK?! I was in an airport killing some time before a flight, and I was pretty amazed to see 'Barbed Wire Dolls' on a shelf in HMV which I had to pick up for research purposes, the girls are put on wired metallic bed frames, giving them electric shocks.... this is (in part [childhood trauma etc]) exactly how these 'dolls' [Monarch programmed sex-slave Multiples] are created in reality.


Anonymous said...

Great Post! Its funny how these ex Buffy/Angel stars show up together again. Amy Acker was herself disassociative being rescued from an alter/net demon dimension where she was tortured because of her genius, if I remember correctly from the (Angel) episode. Now shes the demon programming alters, LOL. There are also parallels in the use of electro-accupuncture in the movie (XIII), also found on However, it was used for torture in trying to recover memories in order to make the main character talk. Its a must see, if you have not already. Becareful it will turn you brain to mush as the aliens say on hulu commercial. I also find the aspect of the plummers interesting. The kids are getting a plummerful on Ben10 with the alien alters. The programming continues, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Valley of the Dolls

Benjamin S said...

Damn straight MercurialT; didn't know that about Amy Acker, makes perfect sense. Great observations.

Anony, you may have missed it but I did mention and linked to that other obvious example in the post but thanks anyway, also linked to where I covered it previously in the In Shattered Dreams post where I go into Sharon Tate etc.

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