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Model Felines

Eniko Mahilko is the above kitten, controlled by Elite Agency, Marilyn Agency [all agencies are pretty much interchangable, serving the same purpose of organizing the global MK'd sex-slave models structure. Using these two she belongs to, they are working for the "Elite" creating and controlling sex-slave/kitten "Marilyns"], at fashion week she was put on the Marc and Marc's [MM, Mark/MK] catwalk, with a cat-head on her chest.

Here are two with her in zebra-print shoes, Daily Mail has picked up on fashion week's dehumanization animal-print usage.

Her recent i-D cover feature's the magazine's trademark illuminist wink/one eye covered.

A few more from French Vogue's 2009 calendar (gone into 2009 = a sex-kitten year as one of those inexplicable cat-things [they have 9 lives] can be connected to MK programming), note the butterfly on both of the MCM's breasts below.

Here Puss Puss! [I'm thinking of toning down the twisted humor a bit by the way ;p]

Now a few random Eastern European MK photo-shoots.

Now for some more random ones [apologiez for not giving sources to them all, if there's some you really need to know exactly where they came from/info on photographers/models/etc (some of the models are in the file name) you can ask in email/comments and I can find out in my history].

Gender confusion anyone? Feeling a tiny bit anxious by any chance?

Masked Models you'll always find in photoshoots (haven't pictured some I have; chose this one for the inverted pentagrams), for instance MCM Claudia Schiffer, in May of last year she returned to modelling as a masked "sex-kitten", for Vogue (remember Vogue's French 2009 sex-kitten calendar at the top).

Sophie Meister with Felix the Cat! [Feel|Licks; I seem to remember a lot being written about Felix in other blogs]

Big duality theme as well as obviously the black/white cat (confusing fantasy [i.e. the cartoon cat] with reality [as she is interacting with it, it isn't there in reality] is also an obvious theme) black/white wall tiles, and the checkerboard tile floor.

Once you start keeping an eye on things like this, you can pick out the obviously 100% involved photographers such as Annie Leibovitz (that's just a couple of symbolic shoots [Wonderland/Oz] in there of so many, I've pictured a few of her Disney ones elsewhere). The top two images from this post (suggestive of the genetic manipulation/cloning/spiral/dissociation/red light/etc) are from David LaChapelle (I'm not sure if they are recent or not), who directed Britney's Everytime (with paparazzi flashing lights, she dies etc [will cover when I get to part 3 post on Britney's videos]) and apparently directed (though that's somewhat disputed, I heard it mentioned on MTV though; he was obviously involved in it anyway) the mind-fuck that is Rihanna's Disturbia. I have posted on LaChapelle before in relation to his messed up treatment of Jessica Alba/Christina etc to get people to vote for the new puppet. The below image (Three Little [porcelain] Kittens) comes from the same LaChapelle set, and so does the above one with the MCM suspended in air/floating trapped in a box in zebra-style (black/white duality, dehumanization, also appears to be a serpent-like shape on the dress; her facial expression and such are also worth noting).

And from a different LaChapelle photoshoot, illustrating dehumanization (MCM is a table, general crawling animal theme) and sex-slave Marilyn Monroe [the set was titled 'I Am A Diamond' (diamond = presidential model sex slaves = Marilyn Monroe, hence the picture) in The Face magazine].

Another obviously dodgy photographer, based on the themes/symbolism he employs; is Tim Walker. I previously posted some of his "work" in relation to Lily Cole's MK here (where you can see Lily's i-D one eye cover + butterflies all over her and such), this photo shoot 'Fairy Time' seemed so surreal, containing porcelain face/mask programming and other similar themes (above disembodied head/mask, apples; masks used to symbolize MPD [with the mask being used to symbolize dual-personalities, like the one two images down]).

Oz programming comes in naturally with the Scarecrow.

Another recent one from Tim Walker, is the below 'Snow Queen' [Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale] (gone into his fairy tales before, search) one: "An evil "troll," "actually the devil himself," makes a magic mirror that has the power to distort the appearance of things reflected in it."

The Swan, eggs/broken eggs are also MK symbolic of course (everything is in this post, I don't mention everything that is).

Edit: Should also include Tim Walker's book, with the white rabbits/Playboy bunny cover; and mention he was the one behind the Helena Bonham Carter/Tim Burton symbolic photoshoot posted on here (and obviously tonnes more).

Ellen Von Unwerth is another similar photographer (worked on Britney's Blackout and such), this one with butterflies covering Omahrya Mota's catsuit comes from 2002; but she has a bondage-based photo book called Revenge illustrating themes of dehumanization and such (couple of images below to finish) and even talks about masked balls and other things related to MK.

I've posted on Ellen Von Unwerth's work unwittingly in the past, as images from her Wicked (Witch, Oz programming) show Adriana Lima (check out my big image post on her [illustrating perfectly some more of these photoshoots and the imagery/symbolism they use]) in her sex-kitten alter (crawling/cat/etc).

Ellen's most recent photoshoot that crossed into my radar was her doing a French Playboy shoot with a actress Emma De Caunes in a pink wig (dressed like Marie Antoinette [probably considered similar to MM in a way])...

...but Emma Watson's [another Emma, and note how it's written EMMA, emphasising the MM imo] photo shoot with her was more interesting, with usual MK themes of her and a porcelain doll, a bird cage, mirror. This photoshoot (the doll one in particular obviously) reminded me of Avril Lavigne's living porcelain doll photoshoot.

Welcome to Room 23! [from Lost]

Various MK'd (and not) celebrities will feature in this book, such as Lindsay Lohan (who, as we know has mimicked Marilyn Monroe), this is an image from her Room 23 photoshoot staring into the mirror.

Edit: A few scans from the weekend's newspaper fashion supplements, this first one below blew my mind (what with the gold ram head, butterflies, checkerboard floor, purple, zebra, symmetry/mirror symbolism, etc), this came from an advertising supplement ironically called LIBERTY (showcasing their Spring/Summer collections), with the opposite page titled 'The Liberty Renaissance'...'Sarah Mower on a Brave New Fashion World', referencing Huxley's Brave New World (and all the implications that come with that).

This is the Brave New World, and the below mirror images are again almost a celebration of this brave new world of totally controlled/dominated, empty-headed (literally) models from The Telegraph's magazine supplement, with the series of infinite/mirror cube images (discussed here on a number of occasions) on the front cover with the model in a yellow holding a light strip, with the words "The future of fashion is bright" under the main heading. The multiply mirrored model is Caroline Winberg [there were no words in this series, only about 6 pages of this mirror symbolism].

And unrelated to this post, but very much fitting the theme of Emily Blunt's controlled rise to "Hollywood Royalty" (all these articles almost feel like a ritual "coronation"/initiation of M-ily [Emily/Miley anagram btw, can't resist some Cyrus synchage! ;]) in the Simpsons Dissociation post where you can see more of these examples of the exact same wording used on Blunt's other magazine covers (specifically Hollywood Royalty and such), so seeing this on the cover of Murdoch's Times Magazine this weekened, and her holding her head (on the cover), wearing purple (royalty) and looking not completely 'there' (dissociative) in the actual article; all of that is very predictable (which you can tell from looking at the covers/images in the linked Simpsons post where she voiced an interesting role). I found it also interesting that a couple of pages after the Emily Blunt piece, they were covering the Royal Ballet's performance of Swan Lake (synching up to Tim Walker's photoshoot further up with the giant swan).


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aferrismoon said...

I wonder if this is a form of 'Care in the Community'.
Allowed to integrate in the community but in fact they're completely enthralled by watching themselves watch themselves.
Some of these 'girls' seem not to have matured beyond 8 or 9, though as they're bodies have grown their fantasies can get more 'sexual' and 'provocative'.
As for the photographers [ probably male], still got theoir heads stuck intheir first Cosmo [ entry mag into porno world]
There's not much of it that doesn't seem a kind of imprisonment, with each Kitty trying to reach a higher level of torture, more exquisite.
Each photographer-artist has to come up with a balance between degradation and exclusivity. The more u do the higher u get.

Perhaps many feel these ladies are exploited but the extent to which they indulge, almost competitively, dissonance I can't but think they and millions of men and women desire this lifestyle and would readily drop everything to become an Icon

Loaded teh radioshow, but not listened to it yet


Anonymous said...

ASIAN MK-ed artists (well,more or less artists lol):


Anonymous said...

Hey! Great job on your redice interview! I think you did an excellent job of introducing people to the symbols in the entertainment world. I only wish you had gone a little more deeply into the meaning behind all of this, though.

Yes, the industry uses mind control and symbolism, but its not just for kicks. The people running things have an agenda, a luciferian agenda. You failed to mention the occult angle which is what everything rests on.. yes, even the mind control, which is essentially a high tech form of sorcery and enchantment over the entertainers and over us.

You may not believe in demons and posession (which I sensed you dancing around and perhaps not wanting to "go there" during the interview) but I guarantee you the heads of the industry do, and all of this colorful celeb behavior relates back to that, lock stock and barrel.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to mention that I saw the animated movie Coraline twice in the past few weeks, and you should really do a post on it if you get a chance.

It was the story of a victim of ritual abuse. All the clues were there, and it was actually pretty sick when you read into the meaning behind it. There was a lot of code used in the movie that cult victims would understand. So, anyway its worth taking a look at.

skrambo said...

In the last pic, the "M" in Magazine mimics the astrological symbol for Virgo, the Virgin.

Great job on the Red Ice interview! :D

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I could call that a fucked up name:


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BEN!!! it's Kev! hwz it goin dude?! heard ure interview on redice...pretty kool "playin Counter Strike all day..." SO TRUE!! lol. hope allz good man. gathering during Easter..? leme knw!

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Congrats, Ben! Great job on Red Ice... And also ure good looking one :)

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