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Marionette Kerli

Quickly like to do a post on Kerli Koiv [KK 11|11] whose MK they are not only not trying to hide (thanks to commenter for pointing her out a while back, I had been meaning to cover her for a while + see Mercurial Talismans), but are completely celebrating it in her videos/music. Her Myspace page lists her location as 'Wonderland' 'Christmas Island' (the latter a real place in Oz); her lifestory is typical of most female MK victims coming from Eastern Europe [Elva (El/Elvis/etc), Estonia], she writes: "And they have this saying in Russia "If u don't beat them up, u don't love them". So, I grew up being loved [abusive parents always 'love' their victims/children], but being treated like shit. Nobody respected their kids." [bold/size not added by me] This is also testament to most of Eastern Europe/Russia which is perfect for MK as it's population mostly (well a big chunk of it) consists of drunken (on vodka/hard liquor) abusers. The sex trafficking industry gets a large proportion of it's "product" from Eastern Europe for this reason, parents are quite willing to sell their own children into slavery (of course there is no shortage of traumatized orphans/abandoned kids either with no family or anything who are much cheaper [not that parents ask for a lot anyway]).

She naturally was pushed into activities perfect for MK programming, in particular ballet which is focused on in her video 'Walking on Air' (above in a ballerina's tutu + black lodge style duality floor) and was given her break in a TV show akin to American Idol (all those shows are fixed so their programmed future star will win, all the voting/judging is just a farce), then she was signed up by Island Def Jam (Universal) Records who have numerous MK'd/people involved in MK (i.e Jay-Z [Jaydiohead is interesting btw (could have been a lot better), any other Radiohead fans out there; the final track is quite revealing 'I got that ignorant shit you need... It's only entertainment!' and Lucifer's Jigsaw is pretty good; first track is very interesting], Killers, Mariah Carey etc) on their roster.

Mirror Ball + Grid

dark princess, note chain/bondage, just realized the chain is around the little girls neck it seems (dissociatively hallucinating fairies).

'Dark Angel' with crows.

MK'd musicians/personalities are always used in Baseball (which is filled with MK'd players), note twin towers/11 symbolism directly behind her, Bank of America, McDonald's M, etc (corporations ultimately responsible for all this slavery... REVOLT!). You can usually tell how MK'd a star is by how used they are by these corporations, her 'Walking on Air' song was used in a promo for Monarch-heavy Fringe and she sung the theme for the Quantum of Solace video game, 'When Nobody Loves You' (it is unclear why they didn't use the movies' theme) and did a song for Travolta's The Punisher soundtrack. (please click my Fringe post link, Kerli's butterfly, using her song and the show's use of Monarch is clearly not coincidental)

Dolls + other toys used in programming + ritual pose (butterfly tattoo seen on her right wrist).

Her album cover for 'Love is Dead' with the white rabbit (sowed up, as if it had been split apart/fragmented) Kerli's doll-like alter is portrayed on a swing with the typical spirals, a crown (with eye), flowers etc.
Naturally she is marked (as a victim of Monarch programming) with a butterfly tattoo, you can see her other tattoos in this video.

Her song 'Butterfly Cry' is blatant Monarch, telling the victim to dissociate:
she reveals, "I used to believe there was no lights/But I found out/Life is far too short to fight/Lose yourself/Let go your pain/Taste the air you breathe/And kiss the sky.".... "I used to be suicidal and depressed when I was younger," she says. "'Butterfly Cry' is about getting out of that. It was like my eyes were suddenly opened. It was a rebirth.
From her official site's bio page where it is also revealed:
"I'm a passionate person," declares the blonde-haired beauty, who once drew a picture in a diary when she was 13 that depicted her going to America [every little girls dream, go to LA and become a media sex-kitten apparently]. "Where I come from, it was a shame to show your emotions. You could never be too happy, because something bad might happen [don't show emotions!]... That cycle of death and resurrection runs throughout Kerli's dark-laced songs, from the title track, to the techno-rocking "Hurt Me," a reflection of the mental abuse she suffered as a youngster, and the defiant harmonies of "Fragile," marking the distance between where she came from and where she is now.
Bearing this in mind, Mercurial Talisman's excellent interpretation of her first video 'Walking On Air' seems spot on (well worth a read check it out); I will not be analyzing it (it's all pretty self explanatory, things are backwards/upside down etc [fridge/oven, confusion in MK], the mad hatter/programmer carrying the doll in a box, lions either side (mirror symbolism) of the clock [victims sense of time lost to the programming] she dissociates [it is all dissociation, she wakes up at the end] and enters the wall painting, etc) in detail like that but have added a few screencaps from it of interest. You could spend hours picking apart one music video alone, when they're all so full of it.

Programmer's all seeing eye watching over the victim at all times (these types of things are part of the victims internal structure; so they are controlled/kept under watch [in their heads anyway] without the programmer having to be there all the time)

Marionette Kerly, controlled by Mannequin (no expression/emotion/control) Kerly; over the Checkerboard floor.

The Marionette puppet has her strings cut, put back in the box; the puppet is the above 'dark ballerina' alter [accessed by the mad hatter/programmer ushering Kerli into the mirror]. This triggers the bricks to collapse...

...and she wakes up in 'reality', her pink/purple room... with Marionette Puppet strings still attached (there is no 'reality' for them; this is just another alter-personality 'breaking out'/triggered, living in it's internal world)...

Then she looks shocked at the camera as it zooms out and you realize she is still trapped inside a locked box [locked compartments in her mind (where the various aforementiond alters are housed), accessed by 'key'/trigger], watched over the the Mannequin on a rocking chair (slightly dissociative, similar to the swing, back and forth back and forth [mood-swings are low level personality switches] etc).

Her other official video for Love is Dead, she goes all Benjamin Button; getting progressively younger as roses bloom (victims are often viewed as 'flowers coming into bloom' as they are being programmed), butterflies (yellow Monarch) fly around and she gets her own wings (flower coming into bloom/catterpillar turning into a butterfly/angel getting it's wings; it's the same shit really in MK) as she returns to being the attractive 21 year old blond she is.

The lyrics interested me too, they killed 'love' off centuries ago; now it's just a marketing and programming tool. It goes at one point 'Love don't live here anymore', these exact lyrics are specifically used by a similar singer (in her song, 'Love Don't Live Here'), Ladyhawke who I posted on, it's no coincidence that they are both on Island [Def Jam/Universal] Records; Ladyhawke's videos also featuring themes of dissociation (click Ladyhawke link).

Kerli's live shows feature predictable symbolism with her in the cage/grid skirt, masked dancers, giant all seeing eye, lock etc.

And to give you an idea of some of the other similar puppet performers; here are a few recent CD covers. The first one literally showing Charlotte Sometimes [a programmed alter, using the book of the same name as it's script (confusing identites/time travel/etc, written in 1969)] as a Marionette Puppet on a purple background with stars and the apple with a bite (original sin ritual/bible misogyny).

A double M (if you go to her official site, the MM's are displayed in the loading screen) country music singer next, Megan McCauley doing some blood ritual (note the pink highlights, 'Better than Blood'), makes sense as she was pushed into country music industry at age 7... her abuse is very blatant (see her wiki), it's all very sad, she was born 3 days after me btw. Her song Porcelain Doll (I shit you not) was featured in Disney's Beverly Hill's Chihuahua, and had previously made songs for Elektra (mythology + electroshock) and Fantastic Four. Please watch the below video for Porcelain Doll, note the lyrics (+traumatized state, piano reflection), very tragic. Can't find much on her tattoos but they will no doubt be significant (added some more images, you can see an Ankh/dagger [with the word FOREVER below] and others).

^Porcelain Doll^

Megan did a song for Elektra (Jennifer Garner's split mind, she was the delta-beta [femme fatale/assassin+sex] agent/slave in Alias)

Random Finnish chick called Katya (note the pink wild hair, sun symbolism), Finnish metal has always baffled me but her album is called 'Beast Within' [numerous interpretations, we can all be pushed into dionysian/animalistic states unleashing the beast within (in the video for Beast Within this kind of thing is shown with Katya's primal/beast-like alter shown); but I think it's probably referring to her dehumanization as a programmed kitten] the below video (you can put it on mute, it's all in Finnish anyway) has one eye shots, half face, but I'm mainly posting for the ultra-flexible gymnasts doing the standing splits (at some points, the gymnast does it directly over her half face/split mind shot, with the standing 'splits' confirming the split mind symbolism).

Split mind here, locked door (prison/locked compartments of the mind)

Another similar band to that looks to Hydrogyn, checkout a couple of their videos below. The first being Breaking Down, both having MK themes.

And one more similar band from Spain (metal with female singer, Lady Angellyca [also a pink panther, image above]) called... Forever Slave (their first album was Alice's Inferno in 2005 then Tales for Bad Girls in 2008).

"Alice's Inferno tells the story of a teenager who was admitted in a psychiatric hospital after having been accused of killing her parents, for which Alice didn't remember anything of. When she was 16 years old, her boyfriend died in a psychiatric hospital during a similar situation. Everything pointed to her again and she still didn't remember anything. As a result, she travels to her own hell, which is her subconscious mind."

Note the butterflies/skulls/etc [PS lots of other MK Music videos in the pipeline, wanted to keep this focused on a particular group of victims though]


Anonymous said...

Ladybug umbrella and the obsessive red:


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you covered Kerli; I've been thinking about her for a while.

Did you see Megan McCauley on Dr. Phil? During the interview she hinted at an MK presence A LOT. The control her mother had over her life, the fact that she wasn't allowed around friends, Megan even blatantly says her mother PROGRAMMED things for her to say at a young age. It's very interesting. Also note her red shoes in the interview.

part 1 :

part 2 :

part 3 :

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the shoutout on the Kerli phenomenon. Your right, they love putting the MK symbolism in the videos. I found it interesting that Megan McCauley in her video had two distinct eye colors. Reminded me of the new movie, "Unborn" about a demonic force try to gain control of a girl who found out she was a twin.

In the movie they use a Hebrew exorcism ritual. Checkout this article.,0,641830.story

This of cource is link to Qabalah and the many worlds within. Been taking a break but I keep up with your posts. Keep up the great work. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Check out the MICKEY MOUSE on BLAKE's tshirt. He also has a "MICKEY MOUSE" next to him:

Blatant ROISIN. Doesnt she looks like SHARON STONE here?


Anonymous said...

Another one of these goth programmed chicks to add to the list: La fee [The Fairy] from Germany. Clearly from a cult background, she's got a tattoo beside her eye. Interesting video below

Also, Charlotte Sometimes is a great song by the Cure :)

Anonymous said...

watch this - doll face. Interesting,

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the programming is sometimes a pleasurable process? like a pleasure/pain principle. these lyrics make me think that its like being on drugs:

"I used to believe there was no lights/But I found out/Life is far too short to fight/Lose yourself/Let go your pain/Taste the air you breathe/And kiss the sky."

Also Bjork. Surely she's worthy of analysis, check out the vid 'all is full of love'

Michael Skaggs said...

Freaking amazing post Ben!!

Sorry I have not caught up on everyone's work as of late, but am VERY glad I stopped in for this one!

Kerli Koiv in her dark princess photos looks amazingly like Brittney Skye [the adult film actress], to see the uncanny resemblance, see Ninn Worx "Brittney Skye: Exposed". She is definitely MMC/MK controlled.

Great work Ben, again, we need to get you onto a bigger venue! To reach more people. You should check out Wise Womans Twinsel Town posts, obviously Hollywood, the Music Industry, and Fashion world are all inter-twined!

Take care bro!

Anonymous said...

To me Kerli looked like Lady Gaga in some of those pics. Same really long straight straw blonde hair with the blunt cut bangs, the eyeliner, even the same facial structure. I couldn't tell the difference and thought maybe you had confused your pics or something. ! Weird.

What's weird is that the music to these songs is really good, like in "Love is Dead," very catchy, dark and dramatic, but the lyrics and the vids themselves are totally disturbing because of the agendas they're pushing ("love is dead," or having a "pokerface" and not showing any emotions as is the case of Gaga, etc.) as well as the MK symbolism they're flaunting. The agenda (for the heteros who aren't succumbing to the gay programming ) is straight up detached sex with people you don't know, with no love, no emotions, no courtship, no long term investment. Dolls, robots, puppets, mechanical animals. No more human.

Anonymous said...

[rant] I'm sorry but Lady Gaga and Kerli have completely different facial features/bone structure. Kerli looks more like a young Claudia Schiffer whereas Gags looks more like a (sorry dogs). Her face is truly unattaractive when you take away that blonde wig which covers half of it to great effect. [/rant]

Everything else i agree.

Anonymous said...

I realize this is not a beauty contest but, jebus! Is that a fake nose? LOL

Anonymous said...

In this interview Kerli is asked about her musical influences she mentions who they are and says they are "the Walt Disney's of music." (!)

At the end of this interview when they ask her about her tattoos she says 2 particular ones form a flow line and does a Baphomet thing with her arms (one hand/arm points up the other one points down) and that they remind her that she is only a channel, a messenger, only a story teller and none of this is about her (i thought all these songs were super personal?) That statement tells me she doesn't write her lyrics.

Anonymous said...

I think part of the similar looking pop stars has to do with making humans into conveyer line products/ objects.

You can already see this with ipod wires and bluetooth hanging out of people's ears and people staring at screens all the time. Computers, PDAs, tvs. Computers will become part of our bodies.

The logical conclusion is cyborgs. This could also explain the plastic looking faces. The fake looking wig-like hair, the shiny skin. Absolutely they don't want us to be human anymore.

Good call on the Bjork video All Is Full of Love

my code was facewing ??!

Anonymous said...

Besides Bjork, I would be very interested in Ben doing a post on her husband, the artist Matthew Barney and all of the symbolism (especially in terms of referencing Freemasonry) in his "Cremaster" film series.

Anonymous said...

Everything is not mind control. There are people who suffered abuse as children, people like me, who become artists....but do not necessarily become FAMOUS artists, who use art as their outlet for the horrific things they've suffered. If you're always seeking to find conspiracy in everything, then you will find it. But the reason so much of the truth becomes buried is due to the blanket assumptions that sites such as this one (and vigilant citizen off the top of my head) always draw.

So ultimately my question is at what point is it ever NOT a scheme to you guys? Why is an artist reaching any level of success treated as a sinister plot to brainwash the world? Have you ever considered that some of the music and images produced from these artists actually helps people get through rough times? Can you not name a song or movie or book that was sad, disturbing, or upsetting simply because it hit so close to home? I was sexually abuse as a child and discovered I have an immense artistic talent (not singing/instruments) at age 12 giving me a positive place to funnel a LOT of depression and negative energy. If I were to become famous for my paintings or poetry, it saddens me that I'd likely be called a puppet of the illuminati or the NWO based on what is simply self-expression and commentary on surviving trauma at a young age.

I realize many of the same themes in the entertainment industry today. But I also have respect for art and how much it has helped people to overcome their demons. While I see and understand what this site and others like it are trying to do, I also believe that it ultimately does a huge disservice, and will result in people having no ability left within them to find the beauty in self-expression. The goal here seems to be to completely eradicate the artistic spirit unless it is only depicting what you happen not to deem a sinister evil plot against man-kind. For that reason, it becomes just another form of psychological terrorism in other words you are spreading the same doctrines you say you're against, the top-most being FEAR.

Unknown said...

When you do a post on someone do it correctly. Her name is Kerli Kõiv, not Koiv. And by the way Estonia is in Northen Europe.

Anonymous said...

bytheway, estonia is in northen europe not eastern europe...obviously your brain*(problably peanut sized) cant comrehend that fact. (considering your idiotic bible-brainwashed theory about the girl whose message is: live your life at the fullest, you can do anything you set your mind to and be positive.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but
a) It's not Kerli KOiv, it's Kerli KÕiv. There is a big difference.
b) Estonia's culture is NORTHERN European, not Eastern. If you had bothered to read about it, you would have know.
c) Read the previous comment (Anonymous). Kerli has always said: one should life her life at the fullest and everything is possible if you are positive and work to fulfill your dreams.
d) This bible-brainwashed shit is crazy. Open your eyes.
e) Don't mess with Kerli, if you don't know anything!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I study conspirative theories about NWO, USA jew-infested government, paleocontacts and so on all the time. So information on this webpage is very understandable for me and really-really STUPID.
I remember when Kerli started to sing and to show up in different estonian magazines a long time ago.
She was the same girl that I see in here. With piercings, clichee teen angst and typical suicidy emotional breakdowns. It´s the same crap only that she has evolved and had some push with her style.
Project MONARCH..... well okay :D You can call all the abusive and destructive people in your life also the activists of MONARCH, why not? Most of the music producers ARE a gang of sexual predators and players thats a fact we all now.
To think that NWO is using teen music to get some kind of control over the world is also understandable.
Because controlling the people through mass media is true.

The main flaw in this theory is that people (read - children) need to have the knowledge of symbols, semiotics to decode them, to read them. They need to have the all-seeing eye, as many of you have here.
So the symbols can´t reach know one except for those who have the power of knowledge. And what about subliminal messaging of texts, visuals, behaviour, selection of words spoken. Guys, when did Black Sabbath start touring? Youre late. This kind of childish misinterpretation of unhidden "hidden" symbols is not really the thing grown up clear-minded people should be practicing. You americans and west europeans should go outside, open your eyes and stop rotting from inside out.
I work as a pressphotographer , also shooting in government high levels. I have studied cultural theories,semiotics and semantics. I´m familiar to all recent and not so recent conspiracies.

Anonymous said...

This is the most dumbest thing that I've ever seen... Estonia is not in Eastern Europe, when will your peanutbrains understand it? Oh well, I'm just glad that you don't think that Europe is a country...
You guys watch too many movies xD This is all bullshit, what you have written here... Who will ever believe it, exept you? :D But, hey, you guys believe in god too xD Rolf...

Benjamin S said...

Ah, it's attack of the EASTERN EUROPEAN semantics arguing clones! ;)

Going along with apparently your main point, the CIA World Factbook lists Estonia as being part of Eastern Europe and while usually described as being Northern Europe is often regarded as being part of Eastern Europe (Kerli made the Russia comment in relation to Estonia remember so it obviously shares some culture with Eastern) so it's pretty strange you'd take such a massive issue with that (I guess if you can't take on the actual substance you go for the little things like my using an English keyboard and I naively assumed people wouldn't be so anal about the Koiv spelling, I'll admit my ignorance to languages I don't speak...).

Oh yeah and I'm in no shape or form a Christian or a "believer".

To the commenter who at least made an effort, I see what you are saying. How does it remove from the symbolism in the video though? I never said it was 'hidden' or 'subliminal' or designed to brainwash the masses. I am fully aware that most of the viewers that see it will not understand the imagery and symbolism, that's kind of the point (only those aware, in the know are aware; all the kids and such just think it's a cool looking video). Are you arguing that the symbolism in the video isn't there? It clearly is, much of it is psychological like the bird cage motifs and being controlled as a marionette (not to mention the overt Project Monarch symbolism with the monarch butterfly in the other video). As far as the other assertions I make in the post, I stand by them and your arguments ("this is stupid") have not countered them.

Anonymous said...

And why it is that you think Eastern European people sell their children for slaves? I'd love to hear about your resources, because if Estonia is considered to be an Eastern European country, then these things should be going on here, right? Well you are wrong. I do suggest you do some research before saying we here are some sick slavedrivers and child abusers.
And by the way, the fact that the girl likes dolls and butterflies doesn't mean she's being controlled by someone. I like butterflies and flowers as well, does that make me a MK victim?

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous commentator who asked if programming involves any pleasure as if on drugs....doubtful. If you have the stomach for it, I suggest you read Fritz Springmeier's expose on How to create an Illuminati mind controlled slave. VERY DISTURBING. Read with caution. No, I doubt the slaves have any pleasure, unless going to a "special place in your mind" while being raped at 4 or 5 yrs old can be "pleasurable"...

Anyway, I would like to know about the Irish singer Enya. How is it that she has been able to amass such a fortune without selling out? No where do I see any "baphomet" or dark symbolism in her work, yet she has been allowed by the powers that be to sing her music and retain a private life. So is the music industry controlled or not?
Thank you for pointing out the dark side of the industry.

Anonymous said...

the funniest thing here.
Elva and Elvis :D
Thats the funniest wannabe associasion ive ever heard!
Elva was founded soon after the completion of Tartu-Valga train route that was built from 1886 to 1889. Elva was first mentioned in an Estonian newspaper in 1889.
Elva is named after the Elva river that has been mentioned in books already in the 17th century.
In 1913 a two grade school was opened.
On 1 May 1938 Elva became a town.
The town center was heavily damaged in the Second World War. In July 1941 Elva was liberated by the Forest Brothers. In August 1944 surroundings of Elva became a bloody battlefield between Hyazinth von Strachwitz's panzer brigade and the Red Army.
From 1950 to 1962 Elva was District Central of Elva district. Elva's town rights were restored in 1965.

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