Tuesday, 13 January 2009

All of TheM DarK Knights

I wrote up the first 6 minutes of the film here (a couple of screencaps now missing due to imageshit) so I'll just kick things off with the scenes following Heath Ledger escaping the bank (the MK; shattered glass/reflective building/Ledger's mask/etc are covered in the aforementioned post) in a yellow school bus [with District 22 on the side; Ledger died on January 22nd; 22nd tarot card is the Fool (see Secret Sun post)]. Be sure to checkout other posts on it from a different perspective over at the Secret Sun and Dedroidify [Vector Equilibrium has a great Jungian analysis of it], I won't be going too much into the occult side of things here (the dog star Sirius/serious clearly conscious usage [trained attack-dogs used often] and all that) which you can probably find in other blogs. There may be some chronological errors and I have hardly scratched the surface of what's in the movie I'm sure (please comment on anything major I've missed); but this is mainly an analysis of the actors involved and their potential MK with a few scenes from the film that I thought were interesting.

We first see Batman, after a fake Batman (confusing identities [he is killed, another hanging man, left with above Joker card]; further illustrated with a scene just before that of 'Who's Batman?' with posed MK'd Elvis, Lincoln [assassinated by delta-slave/MK'd actor/spy]) is shown fighting the Scarecrow, who is our first MKaracter to be 'unmasked' in the film; having somehow been let out of the institute he was put in for the criminally insane (corrupt in fiction and reality). I vaguely remember a lot of MK in Batman Begins ('Jedi Master' Liam Neeson [son of Katherine "Kitty"... and his father was a caretaker at a Catholic boy's primary school in Ireland, see wiki; he would be a fascinating post too I'm sure] as a Ra (sun god) resonating character training/programming Bale; loads of it in the Scarecrows scenes for reasons that will be obvious), but I won't be rewatching it for this post.

The sack-mask reminds me of the Liv Tyler (victim) movie, The Strangers [note Manson invoking], where a man wearing a sack-mask essentially probably used similar tactics to the Scarecrow to get the masked kids to be so sadistic/mindless. I've included a couple of MK movie posters for it [the girl on the poster with split mind/knife is 'Pin-Up Girl'; the other masked girl (blond) is 'Doll Face'].

"The Scarecrow is a former psychiatrist who uses a variety of drugs and psychological tactics to exploit the fears and phobias of his adversaries. He does not commit his crimes for wealth, but rather as a form of "research" to further study the effects of fear on humans, making the innocent citizens of Gotham City his unwilling guinea pigs." Sounds just like the standard lifestory of many real life MK programmers? Dr. Jonathan Crane with evil alter-personality "Scarecrow"; all very typical Wizard of Oz mind control programming.

Issue No. 373 (=13): Cillian Murphy's favorite film is the 1973 [Edit: anything like 73/37/373/etc, is Crowley suggestive, 3 7s: 777 to answer original comenter] Al Pacino film Scarecrow. Below he is pictured with Stepford Kat, the former Rachel Dawes (Batman's sacrificial kitten).

"Crane is a psychiatrist with a specialty in phobias. Using a variety of toxins that cause his victims to hallucinate that their phobias have come to life, the Scarecrow can instill fear in all who see him. However, recently he has displayed the ability to literally frighten people to death without relying in the chemical, suggesting a great ability to dominate the human psyche using fear as a weapon. In Batman Begins, the fear toxin he uses is extracted from a mountaintop blue flower from Tibet, and only works in vapor form. Crane uses his Scarecrow mask to enhance the effect of the hallucinogen as well as to avoid being poisoned by his own toxin. It is not perfect, having been used against him and have had no affect on the Joker."

Scarecrow escapes in a van, and goes round and round and round the spiral ramp (spiral staircase; spiralling into an altered state/tumbling down the rabbit hole/the cyclone from oz [synching up with the obvious character stolen from Baum's Oz the Scarecrow]/victims are trapped in an endless dissociative spiral, etc), whereas Batman symbolically doesn't go round and round, he jumps straight down... timed perfectly to land on the Scarecrow's van, shattering the glass (shattered glass/Cillian/Bale's shattered mind). Then he is 'unmasked' by Batman, revealing Cillian Murphy; this whole appearance felt completely random and unnecessary (so it is surely ritual/symbolism [it's all about mind control]).

Now that Cillian Murphy ["He is often noted by critics for his chameleonic performances in diverse roles[2][3] and distinctive blue eyes."] has been unmasked, I'll take a moment to look at his other films, I am a 'fan' ['fanning the flames' of the global MK (MK = Mind Kontrol/Mind Control) fire, needs to be put out] of Cillians work as stuff like Danny Boyle's Sunshine (standard ritualizing the victim as 'the sun'/a 'star' and he flies towards the light [Luciferian])


But he first broke onto the global scene with another Danny Boyle film 28 Days Later. His films seem to focus a lot on rage and fear.

In 'Red Eye' he plays a Delta-slave (assassin), invoking MK'd serial [kitten] killer Jack the Ripper (and the Jackson MKlan) as his character was called Jackson Rippner. Again, note the sun reflected off the aeroplane (also the sun consciously positioned behind Cillian in the Japanese 28 Days poster). Remember Ledger died at age 28 in 2008.

But his very first film was Disco Pigs (dehumanization): "they create a surreal world where there is little division between reality and dreams and Pig's and Runt's two personas. Pig is a strange, volatile dreamer." Naturally then, the poster features typical MK with a boxed/compartmentalized eye (with reflection) and the half face in darkness/half face illuminated conscious motif.

This type of split mind symbolism is also on his poster for Intermission, though I don't think that's him [Cillian is pretty androgynous looking in general, even if that isn't him] (also note Colin Farrell's split mind shot, the yellow colour too).

Speaking of Cillian's androgyny; remember sex-kittens are not solely something females are programmed to be, men are also victims of this as MANY transvestites/drag queens are likely MK'd. This is portrayed in his movie 'Breakfast on Pluto's' ['pluto' is a codeword known to be used in programming; obviously note the rainbow, pink and umbrella in the poster]

Cillian below as 'Kitten', the character he plays is called Patrick 'Kitten' [sex-kitten alter name] Braden... with kitten's trademark phrase being, wiki quote: "He's supremely well cast as the androgynous Kitten ... [and] smoothly makes the transition from broad comedy to drama. He delivers Kitten's favorite line, 'Oh serious, serious, serious!' with the full implications of its dual meaning."

Still not convinced of this kitten's MK? Well check out what you'll be seeing him in this year: "In 2009 comes the biopic Hippie Hippie Shake (again alongside Sienna Miller), in which Murphy stars as Richard Neville,[7] editor of the psychedelic radical underground magazine Oz [remember he was the Scarecrow in Dark Knight], which, in 1971, was at the center of what was then the longest obscenity trial in British history." and 100% confirmation, leaving no room for doubt: "He will also star in Peacock [eye feathers], a psychological thriller about a man with a split personality who fools people into believing he is also his own wife [more androgyny for this man-kitten]; Ellen Page co-stars as a woman from his past." Ellen Page is the girl from sick movie Hard Candy (it is not on the side of the abused kids/against the perverse photographers, that's for sure) and to hopefully convince some of you of what I've just written Ellen plays Katherine "Kitty" Pryde in X-Men: The Last Stand....... None of this stuff is hidden at all, it's all part of the plan.

'Who Is Zonad?' A scene from Zonad with Cillian playing Chess [so more Knights; these slaves are 'chess pieces']. He is also going to be in a Salvador Dali biopic and that's all I'm covering, but The Dark Knight's director Christopher Nolan: Nolan told Spin, "He has the most extraordinary eyes, and I kept trying to invent excuses for him to take his glasses off in close-ups."

Two Kittens... [Sienna Miller (who was in Casanova as ((probably)) Heath's kitten] and Cillian Murphy who are often put to work together; in the aforementioned movie Hippie Hippie Shake where he plays the editor of Oz magazine] with a big kitty (what do you think they are saying with this?). Please ignore the elephant (big/GIANT cat; Royal Lion) in the room!

This lion is one of four, also used in a similar way in St Trinians ([it doesn't have Cillian in, just synching up to the lions] surprisingly very entertaining if you understand their attitude towards young girls like that, please watch the first part [main girl transformed into kitten/Lily Cole's looking glass; then skip to 5:44 for symbolic scene, with the Girls Aloud kittens singing, 'introducing us to their crew']); note after she is 'made/dolled-up', they walk with all four lions in the frame and the screen is compartmentalized (certain people like Lily Cole [there's more on her in the blog I think] and others, Lena Headey is in the film also, and Gemma Arterton is unbelievably attractive in this film, with her serpentine (didn't make out exactly what it was, and can't find any info online; I think it was just for the film) tattoo on prominent display and her dog-collar with padlock, and the alternate barbed wire collar), fragmenting certain actresses (Gemma Arterton and others are fragmented; Lily Cole get's her own compartment); Russell Brand makes for an entertaining handler of the girls (signified by his constant leopard-print wearing [the above clip, skip that scene if you like as it's like the only scene he isn't wearing leopard-print], and using them to make drugs etc).

But back to Batman (for a moment); we see Christian Bale [even he was trained as a ballerina! check out his background for obvious MK ("talent-manager" father, his mother was one his father "managed" [handled], Jenny Jones, a clown/dancer; and other things suggestive of MK) in his light/grid ceiling stitching up his wound (bitten by the attack-dog [symbolic dehumanization/programmed animals + Sirius], at his Scarecrow encounter, with the butler Alfred, played by Michael Caine asking (kitten reference) 'Did you get mauled by a tiger?' which Bruce Wayne [billionaire/'elite' family with hidden alter-ego, very symbolic of the MK'd 'elite'] corrects him '...big dogs. More copycats with guns...'[paraphrased; cat/bat first letter 1 down, all of these seemingly inexplicable cat phrases/metaphors/etc are related to MK (programming kittens involves lots of mimicking/mirroring hence 'copy cat')] I will quickly run through these two's potential MK; Michael Caine [mind control; real name Sir (so a Knight) Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr. (MC is his stage/alter-name)] was born in 1933 his first movie was Zulu, he has been in over 100 films so I won't be going through every single movie poster and all that.

What probably tells us the most about him is his roles after Zulu, where he played a spy [MK'd] Harry Palmer (nameless in the book series, namelessness/loss of identity is a massive part of MK, something I have gone into in the past), in The Ipcress File: "A number of leading Western scientists have been kidnapped only to reappear a few days later. Unfortunately, each scientist has been brainwashed and is now completely useless. Harry Palmer is a sergeant in the British Army who was court-martialed for running a black market ring in Berlin. He was given the choice of either going to prison or becoming a spy and chose the latter." More on this type of thing in my next bigish post on Nikita, this is basically exactly one way these hidden spies are 'recruited' (life in prison/death sentence or become a spy). In the trailer we see clear MK as MC is being programmed (0:53), "You will forget all about the Ipcress file... You have forgotten your name." then the narrator with standard MK humor directed at the viewer, "You will not forget his name, it is Michael Caine! Straight into sensational stardom!"[paraphrased] "Move over for today's most sensational hypnotic meeting with suspense!". You will see the standard half face in darkness/half in light motif used always in above Ipcress posters and in The Italian Job below (along with tattooed kitten).

That's as far as I want to go with Caine (Cain and Abel, and a tool used for traumatizing little children at schools up until recently) really, his character in one of my favourite movies Children of Men (all of its posters featuring standard symbolism) is a legend, pot['green']-smoking conspiracist who wilfully sacrifices himself.

Both Caine and Bale [just noticed Bale/Abel anagram] appeared in the goodish Nolan MK movie The Prestige along with sex-kitten Scarlett Johansson who is of course a massive post in herself (The Island [cloned actress/model from NY], American Rhapsody about identity confusion with Nastassja Kinski, used in entertaining the robots like most are, potentially a literal clone [though I'm still skeptical] etc), where Bale plays a magician/illusionist who is essentially 'twinned' in the movie as he had a secret identical twin.

Whenever any animal is used in a movie (lmao, just saw The Spirit in cinema, check out all the kittens! [Nazi Twin Pillars scene was also interesting + other things]), there is usually a subversive meaning behind the overt depiction (i.e. Hugh Jackman/Wolverine about to crush the bird in a cage).

The Prestige was one of three 'magician' movies that came out that year (MK is largely about illusion/confusion/deception/misdirection etc); the others being The Illusionist and Scoop, the latter with Scarlett (the former with Jessica Biel [Bale/Biel] who is also a 100% sex-kitten, the image [note skull and bones in the image also]) playing a character who takes on a different personality ("Jade Spence, daughter of a wealthy oil family from Palm Beach.") in trying to find out if this rich guy is really a Jack the Ripper style kitten (prostitute) killer known as the 'Tarot Deck killer'; as previously mentioned the Joker card harkens back to the Fool in the Tarot deck so I include that and it's duality/mirrored poster. Scarlett was of course in The Black Dahlia with Two-Face (more on him later) Aaron Eckhart, to sync up with it's Joker (consciously) resonant poster.

Note phallic Big Ben positioned under Scarlett's chin, obviously the eyes + tarot.

"Why So Serious?" [eyes cut off, black/white/red; based on real murder where a girl was ritually blood sacrificed: The body of Elizabeth Short (likely MK victim) was found on January 15, 1947, in a vacant lot in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, severely mutilated, cut in half [split in two!], and drained of blood [blood ritual]. Her face was slashed from the corners of her mouth toward her ears (like the Joker, remember this is a very real killing), and she was posed with her hands over her head and her elbows bent at right angles. (all ritual)]

Batman gets his Orwellian, literally 'All-Seeing'-Eyes in The Dark Knight, it malfunctions and he's treated to a nice surprise!

Some of Bale's other movies (I'm sure there are many of each actor I've left out, feel free to tell me what you've seen that I haven't in the comments) are worth noting like his very first role, as a child starring in Empire of the Sun (Stephen Spielberg, massively involved; most of these slaves are made that way by the 'Empire of the Sun' AKA Illuminati AKA 'elite' sociopathic sadists not worthy of some cryptic name; they worship the sun [hence why these slaves are made into ritual suns/sun resonators, like Cillian further up too]). American Psycho is another blatant one as he leads a double life as a psychopath; I've pictured a few screencaps from it depicting some MK.

triangular spiral staircase, dropping the chainsaw on a kitten (as far as I recall; haven't seen most of these movies in years and when I wasn't aware of all the symbolism/themes).

I think a cat toy is given to a prostitute/kitten (may just be a random girl he knows, I don't remember), but this is again another subversive animal/dehumanization [cat/kitten sex programming] theme. Spinning that a bit; this is used in brainwashing, if you are brainwashing a child-army or whatever and you want them to kill without question you tell them (this kind of thing was shown in 24:Redemption) 'Kill the cockroach' rather than 'kill the human'; dehumanization works on many levels (it goes against the brain's natural instinct to kill a human, but calling the victim a cockroach/kitten/dehumanizing them circumvents this instinctual humanity). Jack the Ripper and other similar programmed serial killers were probably told 'Kill the Kittens/Bitches' or something like that.

9/11 comparison image stolen from Dedroidfy's excellent write-up; synching (this is all conscious) up with Bale in American Psycho walking with the twin towers focused on in the background [remember this came out in 2000, just a year before they were destroyed by the American Psychos in the US Government].

He appeared in the virtually sadomasochistic (in his losing weight and preparation, he 'separated himself' [or was separated] from the cast during filming American Psycho so he could stay in that personality [when MK'd actors are doing programmed scenes, their handler/s cannot risk them having their programming messed up by random people triggering him out of the 'Psycho-state' needed for the part]) The Machinist (synching up to the previous post, Dita's dad was a Machinist), which has all the standard themes and imagery of confusing identities/amnesia/hallucination due to stress (half the film is dissociative hallucination)/trauma, etc.

In I'm Not There; he, along with Heath Ledger, chameleon/cat Cate Blanchett, a Kitten's Knight in shining armor (in Pretty Woman) Richard Gere and others all playing characters based on Bob Dylan (who appears to have been MK'd, the below movie poster with his split mind certainly suggests this too, in black/white/red).

That just about covers Bale; his name Christian also resonates Christ/the sun (more sun worship); and his surname resonates Baal which literally means 'master'or'lord' (master/slave dynamic) as well as being extremely important in occult circles. He is set to play John Connor, the savior of humanity/Messiah in the new Terminator movie (cyborg/robot programming), Terminator Salvation. As you may have guessed, this post has kind of moved away from a chronological narrative of The Dark Knight's MK themes; I will miss out big chunks of the movie that do have MK themes in them, but to get back slightly on track, I'd quickly like to mention the main mafia/gangster guy Sal Maroni is played by Eric Roberts who has played MK handlers in two music videos, The Killers' 'Mr Brightside' (watch in this post) and Mind Controlled Mariah Carey's 'We Belong Together' where she is 'rescued' by the bald dude from Prison Break... [Wade Williams] the video features all the standard MK with mirrors, masks (this video is a sequel, the one it follows on from is 'It's Like That' which I've embedded below due to the checkerboard, masquerade ball and all that fun stuff, all of which is of course just entertainment so is entirely meaningless! [/sarcasm]). I fully intend to get to the Mariah Carey post (and back to Britney/Christina etc) at some point early this year.

Moving on in the script, Maggie Gyllenhaal makes her appearance, replacing Stepford Kat Holmes as Rachel Dawes (two separate actors/personalities playing the same character); the Gyllenhaal family are your typical Hollywood/LA family, Maggie's first main role was in Waterland (Wonderland) with Jeremy Irons (Lolita, Inland Empire etc), her "daddy's" film. But probably most important here is her break-out movie, 'Secretary' (their position of servitude/submission towards their boss/master has always been exploited by pervy corporate bosses) a sadomasochistic film about her, an ex-mental patient who cuts herself (symptom of abuse; see Angelina Jolie and others) who is used by her boss as basically his willing sex-slave.

Kat with the Bat.

Ballerinas are treated in typical fashion, with them as essentially sex-kittens for the elite; to illustrate this in reality, the crowned double-headed eagle ([ctrl+f 'eagle'] as well as being important Freemasonic symbol/Russia's old coat of arms showing how controlled everywhere is; obviously double-headed eagle is MK symbolic of multiple/dual/split personalities + duality) has been added to the top of the Bolshoi Theatre's facade (you'll have to click it, obviously note the gryphons etc too); which has been renovated (the double-headed eagle replaces the hammer and sickle, the original you can see in wiki) will be opened this year at some point; the below coin celebrates the 225th Anniversary (the majority of it's ballerinas being mostly MK'd throughout it's 225 year history). "The company was founded in 1776 by Prince Peter Urusov and Michael Maddox." MK goes way back, just look at some of the themes in some of the oldest of ballets; ballet was originally only for Russian Royalty (so you can see that they have always just been puppet performers/slaves to the 'elite'), gone into it in the past here. Michael Maddox (MM thing goes way back too) is certainly an interesting character worthy of a click (I wonder if Angelina Jolie's kid Maddox is named after him? [previously mentioned Angel, to do with her cutting herself, Jon Voight is her father and such. + other famous Maddox's]); he was an 'equilibrist', 'theatre-manager' [handler of programmed actors] Christian Bale of course was in Equilibrium which I'm taking as a synch, "Equilibrium is the condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced" [all the alter-personalities, fragmented parts of the mind, compartmentalized memories, etc everything that makes up a victims' internal system]. Equilibrium had similar themes of communism/big brother/totalitarianism to the totalitarian communist Soviet Union (and today's global society/New World Order).

Bank of Russia's Double-Headed Eagle on the obverse, and male/female ballerinas under an arch (head) + statue (obviously I'm pretty ignorant to/forgetful of some of the more deep symbolism, feel free to chime in in the comments) The Bankers celebrating 225 years of MK'd Baalerinas in 2001.

The above head-girl of the Russian Ballet is played by Beatrice (as in the Monarch Princess) Rosen (very important/symbolic flower; she has alternate names also).

"Why So Serious?"... the ruby slippers, twin pillars, box, clown mask, spotlight probably has something to do with it! Image from some inexplicable thing in Venice.

These images depicting Alice in Wonderland in a tutu (so a ballerina, wearing red shoes and a shitload of totally surreal MK symbolic scenes) comes from Unsuk Chin's Alice In Wonderland Opera; which is actually quite hilariously blatant! (the above penis nosed [they actually erect!] symbolic abusers come up before all the dissociation occurs [following the white rabbit into wonderland and the rest] and at the end) I plan on writing it up at some point, it's amazing how they ('elite', who commission this type of crap to be made, though it was quite good; never thought I'd be able to physically make it through watching an opera!) get away with it!!?? ;p

The Joker attempts to 'recruit' more crooks to his cause, he pretends to be dead, wrapped in black plastic and tells an interesting tale over the Freemasonic Checkerboard (transcribed below; the walls are also a yellow checker pattern too).

"Do you want to know how I got these scars? My father was... a drinker and a fiend. Then one night he goes off crazier than usual, Mummy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn't like that, not.. one.. bit. So, me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it; he turns to me and he says: "Why So Serious?!" He comes at me with the knife... "Why So Serious!?" Sticks the blade in my mouth, "Let's put a smile on that face!" And... 'Why so serious?'." I don't know about you, but to me this sounds exactly the kind of thing an drunken abusive father would do; this is the kind of traumatic/confusing abuse that victims of MK have gone through (and outright Monarch slaves where this type of abuse is more controlled [in creating a slave for a specific purpose]). "Jokers"/"monsters" are not born, their minds are moulded through years of abuse/programming into what they become.

The alternate version (showing how many of these victims have had their memories so scrambled/confused that they will often have two or even more versions of what happened [programmed false-memories] when they were being abused [making them less likely to be believed/sound like they're making it up despite the physical evidence of trauma], different alters often have different programmed memories) of how he got his scars (Glasgow Smile) is told to Maggie, as the camera spins round and round them both (both MK'd). "So I had a wife, beautiful like you. Who tells me, I worry too much. Who tells me, I oughta smile more. Who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks. One day they carve her face, and we have no money for surgeries, she can't take it. I just want to see her smile again, I just want her to know that I don't care about the scars. So, I stick a razor in my mouth, an do this... to myself. And you know what, she can't stand the sight of me? She leaves... now I see the funny side... now I'm always smiling!"

To quickly cover Morgan Freeman (playing Lucius Fox [Lucius = Lucifer, FOX = 666]); below he is in Hong Kong helping the Batman with a bird cage (the camera pans from right to left, symbolically putting the ball shaped cage directly behind Freeman's head [these things are always consciously thought through]), I won't go through all his posters but quickly scanning through them it's usually the attractive female with the split mind motif (i.e Along Came a Spider, with half his face in darknessish; that movie has a lot of MK the fractured glass/spider web theme obviously and I recall a lot in the movie itself, another one with the girl's split mind is Kiss the Girls [they are part of the same series; he plays Dr Alex Cross (Alex/Alice) in both]. And the rest are here.) and his various roles (as God in the Almighty series and others), he was born in 1937, his parents died, he joined the US Air Force (where he was probably specifically programmed for acting; very speculative though of course). Then he went into acting (after being in the Air Force, he was also a dancer) where he first acted in stage-play 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun' (hopefully you are all picking up on the blatant ritual Sun usage with these actors) and in an all-black 'Hello Dolly' (ctrl+f 'hello dolly' to find my stuff on it); then moving onto the small-screen with MKids shows like 'The Electric Company' and 'Another World' (note interlocking rings logo).

At one point in The Dark Knight, when talking about Batman's new Batsuit he says, jokingly responding to Bruce asking how it would hold up against dogs: "We talking Rottweiler's or Chihuahua's? [both types of dogs used in programming; Rottweillers for vicious/attack-dog alters; and Chihuahua's for a victims' pet (which they get emotionally attached to, then they are killed or used in another way as programming [i.e Paris' Tinkerbell]) and for programming transvestite prostitutes/kittens] Should do fine against cats!" [Like I said, this isn't a chronological narrative so a lot of this stuff isn't in order, the below scene [cats] occurred earlier]

Bale get's on his MK marked (MV, but the line across it makes the V look like a K imo) red motorbike (admittedly I could delete this) and heads off to find Mervin White [MW, White, Mervin/Merlin]. Most of the Joker's 'recruits' are MK'd (extremely suggestible schizophrenics; easily controlled [though many "schizophrenics" reported in the media (randomly massacring people or something) really have programmed DID, victims of MK/Monarch; "Illuminati" 'agents of chaos']), one in the prison says, "The boss said he'd make the voices go away. He said he'd go inside and replace them with bright lights..."

Like all good slaves, the programmed robot (Batmobile A.I., female voice) says "Goodbye" then Self-Destructs! [can't beat MK humor!]

Moving onto, Aaron Eckhart and his character Harvey Dent/Two-Face [obvious MK symbolism, dual personalities, split mind; one side is handsome, the other horrific; quote from wiki: "In later years, writers have portrayed his obsession with duality and fate as the result of bipolar and multiple personality disorders as well as a history of child abuse." (this is not how it is described in Dark Knight but it is testament to the split mind/MPD symbolism of Two-Face)]. Aaron's MK should be obvious, as he is Mormon; was moved around the world (from America, to England, to Oz) by his father (a computer executive).

His transformation from all-round perfect hero, standing up against the crooks; to a disfigured, almost 'evil' character is very significant (I'm hearing potential echoes of Obama in 2009, watch him 'change'!). He is know for playing mean characters, his very first main role was as a sociopathic womanizer (like a good Mormon ;) in In the Company of Men, the last film I saw him in was Towelhead (based on a novel by Alicia Erian) where he plays a paedophile (it gets disturbingly physical); and in the previously mentioned Black Dahlia he plays a corrupt cop.

Jigsaw = more fragmented mind symbolism (detailed description way back in the blog), from the Philip K Dick based movie Paycheck; above Thank You For Smoking has Katie Holmes in it also, where he is essentialy a corporate puppet.

Might as well cover Gary Oldman here as his upbringing is also significant, his mother is a Kathleen and his father was the type of abusive alcoholic I spoke of in relation to the Joker and people with a mind similar to his character's (because of their abused past), he played Sirius Black (Why So Sirius? more dog-star resonance + black; Order of the Phoenix [In A Knights Tale, Heath Ledger wears a Phoenix]) in Harry Potter and Mason Verger in Hannibal, and various other pertinent characters [he is going to be in the previously posted on 'The Unborn']. Seems to be a lot of leopard-print (playing a violent pimp [kitten handler] in True Romance) and as Sid Vicious; of course he also played MK'd Lee Harvey Oswald (Oz) in JFK. I've never really paid much attention to his movies so I'm sure others have picked up on more to do with him... evidently, this actor also fits with the rest of this post's themes. I'm sorry but I find it very funny that his sister Laila Morse, is Maureen 'Mo' in Eastenders! His father was an abusive alcoholic; this was past on to him as he had his own problems with alcoholism in the 90's (getting arrested for drink driving with Kiefer Sutherland! [he is certainly MK'd, gone into the past]): "In 2001, former wife Donya Fiorentino claimed that Oldman had a drug habit and abused her," [also married Uma Thurman]. The reality of this whole thing has just hit me and it is extremely upsetting if you truly 'get it'; he currently resides in Los Angeles with his family + new porcelain-face looking wife Alexandra (Alice) Edenborough (Eden). Like Eckhart, he has also played loads of corrupt/'evil' characters (Monarch Multiples make for the best performers in those types of characters, and insane/psychopathic roles).

^The true face of Hollywood^
"Mason Verger is the son of Molson [Solomon] Verger, a wealthy meat packer. A sadistic pedophile, Mason is the main villain in the novel. Verger's father encouraged his cruelty from a young age, often taking him to livestock shows and allowing his son to watch as he slaughtered winning entries of the contests in front of their owners. Mason systematically abused, both physically and sexually, his younger sister Margot while growing up. He repeatedly sexually assaulted his sister, including forced sodomy with a candy bar, biting chunks out of her buttocks, and dislocating her shoulder. As an adult, Mason turns his attention towards running his father's meat packing business as well as continuing to prey on children, still using a Christian summer camp his father owned to find victims to molest." Hannibal's split mind below.

Now some more on Ledger's ritual persona the Joker. He is often shown consciously with fractured/shattered glass [I have previously pointed out director Christopher Nolan's overt use of this in the 'In Shattered Dreams' post], reflections are also consciously used; a few random ones are below.

Creepy reflection.

"The Joker's just a Mad Dog" [more literal than people think

Batman bashes Heath's head against the two-way mirror causing it to fracture; it looks to me like he uses a broken shard of it to get free.

Heath's Joker is always doing the lizard-like tongue motion [part of this 'Joker' programmed alter-personality].

Compartmentalized/fragmented face shot above (the fragments flash on and off).

Heath Ledger's Joker stands ontop of the money pyramid ($ bill is occult with it's pyramid + all seeing eye), this aligns with that symbolism, their controlled puppet standing atop their pyramid before sliding/tumbling down it then setting it alight (payback [their power is an illusion, "everything burns", including 'them']; quite Luciferian also).

After escaping MCU [Mind Control U = 21 =7777], and after the burning money pyramid scene, in the hospital Heath Ledger's Joker goes all androgynous as a convincing (from the look/pose) female nurse wearing a wig [change to the head] and an interesting dialogue occurs: "You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars, I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it, you know I just do things. [MK'd people do things, with no clue as to the reasoning behind why he/she is doing them; other than the rationalization they've been given]


The mob has plans, the cops have plans, Gordon's got plans. You know, they're schemers... schemers trying to control their little worlds. I'm not a schemer, I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are.... It's the schemers that put you where you are, you were a schemer, you had plans, look where that got ya.... Nobody panics when things go according to plan, even if the plan is horrifying... If I tell the press a truck load of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it's all part of the plan [global planned script heading towards NWO]. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS. Introduce a little anarchy, upset the ESTABLISHED ORDER and everything becomes CHAOS... I'm an agent of CHAOS... Oh and you know the thing about CHAOS? It's Fair." Then he walks out and blows up the whole hospital (the building is demolished, more 9/11 resonance [perhaps also symbolic of Heath's collapsed internal structure leading to his demise], note the red/white checker pattern + zebra crossing + 6 pointed star/1 snake caduceus, probably some others).

Heath is further ritualized as the Hanged Man card (specifically hanging from one leg just like the card) as the camera slowly rotates/spins making him appear upright (the camera stays like this for a while), this type of down is up, up is down [disorientating the viewer] camera shot is clearly conscious MK to me. The lighting in this scene is also set up consciously so that Heath's face is half illuminated/half in shadow (in the main).

"I took Gotham's White Knight [Dent], and I brought him down to our level. It wasn't hard, see madness is.. like gravity, all it takes is a little push [programming]... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

This symbolic upside down/upright camera shot is (probably didn't capture the very final frame) the last one of Ledger in the entire film... he looks in serious pain to me (click).

This kind of thing occurs earlier in the movie when the truck is tipped upside down... on the truck is blatant MK with the carousel, ferris wheel [aside from MK, symbolizes the sun/eye], rollercoaster [trapped on a ride they can't control; stuck on rails/trapped on the yellow brick road/etc], circus tent (remember inside this symbolic truck is Heath Ledger) and of course the LAUGHTER with an S added making it SLAUGHTER (confusing emotions [by mixing polar opposites]; same could be argued for clowns/carousels/etc which are all supposed to be fun things but have extremely dark usages* [carousels for dissociation, all amusement park rides in general are dissociative; victims are always taken to Disney World and similar places for this reason (in tandem with their programming script; i.e. Lindsay Lohan going on the Wonderland ride in Disney [also pictured in that post, Lindsay wearing double-headed eagle], remember she stayed at the Wonderland "rehab centre" where she underwent more Wonderland programming)] *that most people are not aware of).

Now on Heath Ledger himself, you can read lots of interesting info regarding his death and such at Through The Looking Glass, as always there are loads of great blog posts/articles and the like on the net (that link has links to others too, here's another great one from Cause WIthout a Rebel, I've obviously missed out loads so apologiez), so I'm just going to stick with my usual narrative. He is from Oz, coming from a wealthy mining family, is mother called Sally Ledger Bell, his father was a racing car driver (often programmed); both Heath and his sister Kate went into acting. It is no coincidence that his first movie was Clowning Around, where he played an Orphan Clown (odd that his 'birth', so to speak, into movies was as a sad [orphan] clown and on his 'death', he was a clown too), a Batman eye-mask is seen in one of his early films that I wrote up, Two Hands.

Welcome to HELL! [+ sun resonant skull, + Michael 'It's the end of the world as we know it' Stipe]

"The Australian [Oz] artist hauntingly painted the piece just weeks before his friend's death. In the portrait Heath is surrounded by two 'mind spirits' whispering into his ears. Vincent says the whispering spirits represent Heath's inner thoughts." - The Sun [I think we know that they represent something more than Heath's "inner thoughts" ;]

I posted on the serene Rose Byrne earlier this month here, where you can watch a video of her describing how 'bizarre' Heath's change in persona (switching to programmed alter-personality for the part) from acting to normal life: "It's bizarre how different he is from when you're acting with him to when he's normal."

All of Them Dark Knights [the darkest of existences (MK'd), and are 'chess pieces' to be used/sacrificed] Heath Ledger's favourite book was 'The Queen's Gambit' [based around chess (so a checkerboard synch)] which he was all set to turn into a movie. Heath's crest thingy in A Knight's Tale, as previously mentioned (synching it up to Gary Oldman's Order of the Pheonix [which you should also synch up to Heath's The Order, it's all consciously connected]) is the phoenix/eagle.

This DVD cover clearly has the double headed eagle/pheonix mentioned earlier (Russian ballet/banks)

In Candy he plays a heroin addict [used in MK, easy to MK someone (without splitting them into dissociative identities), get them hooked on heroin and they'll do anything for a fix]; note all the writing on the walls (usually the case in victims' cells in mental institutions and whatnot [pictures of what the programmer wants the victim to see when they dissociate, that is only one reason for this occurring with MK victims]) + the yellow/sun-flowerish flower, Heath's generally depressed demeanour.

The Order's ['illuminati'] set of posters/covers is loaded with Heath's split mind symbolism, a sun-flower + lines fragmenting his face in the last one [probably don't have to mention it, but obviously don't forget all the sun symbolism on the other actors further up too] and the like.

Heath plays Alex [Alex/Alice], a disillusioned priest who fights demons. I haven't seen it, this will probably not be my last Heath Ledger post; if I see another movie of his I'll probably write it up (like Two Hands).

All Four of TheM K'd. [Anne Hathaway, Maggie Gyllenhaal's brother, the Brokeback Mountain set is ironically (considering all the man on man;) where he met his fiancee (previously had 'dated' Naomi Watts, also from Oz; who was in Mulholland Drive etc) Michelle Williams (MW; started on Dawson's Creek with Katie Holmes and the rest of that group of MKids) who he had his child Matilda Rose with (both symbolic names, mentioned Rose already in regard to Byrne)] Note the above mirror symbolism (reflected mountains off lake). Here's what MW had to say in regards to Heath's death (I don't know if he was killed or whatever [Edit: paramedics arrived at 3:33, he was pronounced dead 3 minutes later at 3:36 (other dodgy things like a Solomon involved, and the 'masseuse' Diana Wolozin who phoned the police)], it's probably 'all part of the plan' however; I don't think it really matters either way [he died in NY +1 to each is OZ]): 'For as long as I'd known him, he had bouts with insomnia,' she said. 'He had too much energy. His mind was turning, turning turning always turning.' "

Also, the MM/MW/WM ritual names is present in the 'federal investigation' [Murray Weiss, Michael C Miller] when the strange 'Mary-Kate Olsen' supplier story broke, I feel that was just an excuse to get the MK'd [MK] Olsen twin in the story somehow.

And below is Matilda Rose in Joker-esque purple.

In Casanova's [Sienna Miiller is also in it] posters, his mind is split (half face) and he is masked (masked personalities, changed identity, loss of self [a theme present in the overt plot too]), with the standard Eyes Wide Shut style masked/masquerade ball. Note the mask is positioned behind the woman with her back turned, very symbolic of misogyny and how this MK has been used, against women in particular throughout history.

Below masks from Eyes Wide Shut ritual scenes (where the double headed eagle is present), see the aforementioned link. [don't know why this is underlined, for your ease here is the Eyes Wide Shut one + Lindsay Lohan slave]

Heath's preparation for this film is interesting (I'm sure most have already read this): Ledger told Sarah Lyall, in their interview published in the New York Times on 4 November 2007, that he viewed The Dark Knight's Joker as a "psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy."[65] To prepare for the role, Ledger told Empire, "I sat around in a hotel room in London for about a month, locked myself away [I doubt he was alone; I'm sure they have designated Hollywood programmers for this kind of thing (moulding a personality)], formed a little diary and experimented with voices — it was important to try to find a somewhat iconic voice and laugh. I ended up landing more in the realm of a psychopath — someone with very little to no conscience towards his acts"; after reiterating his view of the character as "just an absolute sociopath, a cold-blooded, mass-murdering clown," he added that Nolan had given him "free rein" to create the role, which he found "fun, because there are no real boundaries to what The Joker would say or do. Nothing intimidates him, and everything is a big joke." He is pictured above, behind glass, filming with Christopher Nolan. Former Joker, Jack Nicholson (big post necessary, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Shining etc) did warn him...

Already gone into this one, but Bob Dylan did the song Jokerman of course. The Joker is an important part of programming according to Illuminati Formula, which goes into it quite a bit (Joker alters, how Jokers are placed into the internal system to protect it/if the victim starts 'opening doors' [accessing parts of the mind that should be locked, i.e memory fragments of abuse, alters that know more than they should, etc] the Joker comes out and stops them.

Here are some of Heath Ledger's tattoos (marked/branded slaves), the dragonfly is connected to the point within a circle (and to others, obviously having some implication towards his programming). More are added for each movie, like the yin/yang duality one in Two Hands.

Heath was an 'Agent of KAOS' [chaos/K-OZ]

Brothers Grimm is the first MK movie (all the facelessness, fairy-tale themes, shattering mirrors, tower etc [the Grimm Brothers were occultists, their fairy-tales are very important in MK, see Hidden Agendas for a little more on that]) he made with Terry Gilliam. Heath's very last movie to be released post-humously is Gilliam's 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' which makes it's MK themes extremely obvious: "...the leader of a travelling theatre troupe, through a deal with the Devil, takes audience members through a magical mirror [MM] to explore their imaginations. Christopher Plummer, Tom Waits, and Heath Ledger star in the film, though Ledger's death midway through filming caused production to be temporarily suspended. Ledger's role was recast with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell [all are MK'd] portraying transformations of Ledger's character Tony as he travels through a dream world.... The troupe, which is joined by a mysterious outsider named Tony (portrayed by Ledger, Depp, Law, and Farrell),[3] embark through parallel worlds to rescue the girl." The aforementioned Lily Cole also features in this as Valentina, pictured with Ledger below.

And so we're under no illusions as to what this is really about, a stage from it has all the usual occult symbols (illuminated eye in a pyramid/triangle, serpents, two mirrored faces, etc)...

And of course more 'hanged man' ritualization of Heath Ledger in this; as he is hung from the neck, with the triangle (with eye?) + other symbols on his head (MK symbolic). I can vaguelly recall a 'hanged man' scene from Brothers Grimm too but I need to rewatch that to confirm.

Props to elluminati for much of this info/images.

The severed head ['loose your head'] Joker card was replaced with a less macabre one after his death, but still MK symbolic with a head on the end of the stick (see final, fragmented Batman poster made up of Joker cards).

It's that time of year again, as I write this Heath has already picked up post-humous Golden Globes; it would probably be more significant if he didn't win the oscar [Oz/Osiris] than if he did. For me this was an extremely memorable performance that stuck with me, every second of the Joker's scenes were invigorating; but then I view it as much more than just acting. The actors I have posted on here all appear extremely committed, losing weight, having 'chameleon' like qualities; it's amazing how much they can 'change' for each role.

Why So Serious? Introduce a little anarchy! Upset the established Order! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! [Excuse me while I put on my 'insane clown paint' + Batman mask + ballerina's tutu and run off into the night with a chainsaw... Must Kill Kittens! (joke)]

Are we having fun yet?

I'll look at this again and edit it over the next few days (I wanted to get it up tonight though; so am tired and have definitely forgotten somethings that I'll add over the next few days); this one has been pretty exhausting, probably do a few shorter + copy/paste posts for a while before starting another long one. Edit: Probably won't edit this anymore (unless I remember sumit); let me know if there are any glaring errors that need fixing.


Anonymous said...

oh that was fantastic, I'm going to read it again some time. In the RND Deptarment look at the ceiling, the lights are dots, connect them and you see it's a 30,60,90 grid, metatron, flower of life, honeycombs, illusory cubes

What's with the 37 in bold?

Anonymous said...

Great job, Ben! Thanks again. Here I come again:
Poor Amy:

As for no. 28 mentioned by u (28 days after), remember theres another movie "numbered" so: 28 DAYS (with SANDRA BULLOCK&VIGGO MORTENSEN)


Anonymous said...

At least she didnt shave her head:)

HEATH's mother maiden name was CAMPBELL if this can mean smth...

Just watch sometimes the CALIFORNICATION series. Interesting for the "sex addict" DUCHOVNY played back in 1992 in KALIFORNIA movie. Goddess KALI/hotness/hell and the oven u can say, this is another translation of the word forno from "California". Series casting is striking either. It containes 2 MADELEINES: actresses MADELEINE MARTIN&MADELEINE (ROSE) ZIMA. ZIMA played the role of MADDY STORM in THE GHOST WHISPERER.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of liam neeson are there any mkultra regrences in the movie taken?

Anonymous said...


Spookfish’ has mirrors for eyes

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking into Cillian Murphy, I'm a fan of his work too!And yes, he is quite an unusual looking 'person' not only because of MK ;)

Wanted to direct your attention to a great scene in Breakfast on Pluto where he's getting beat up at the police station, like really brutalized, and just when they've really socked it to him, he tells them with an odd smile on his face that nothing they're doing can touch him because he's: "On Pluto, looking down at everything."

A better clue of TBMK could not be found in this movie, and there are lots of clues in it that his character was purposely created to be the kitten he becomes, although they don't explicitly show him being abused as a child (except for one possible scene).

Anyway, it turns out Springmeier had spoken of slaves being taught to 'fly away'/dissociate to certain planets when being abused. Certain alters being literally located in star systems and planets in the victims mind etc. So you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley gives birth to healthy girl clones....Oops, I mean twins! :)


jerry_beck said...

maybe after Batman he was in so deep state, that they must have take him out....this is really shocking performance, he really looks sometimes in deep pain - same for look in real, this whole tatoos looks like he was declining...as for Taken and Liam Neeson, this movie is about teen sex-slave ring, pretty obvious theme isn't it?:)...few symbols i noticed, but i must look it again, i'm pretty sure there is tons of it...

Anonymous said...

when you get a moment you'll want
to check out the new FOX TV series




Benjamin S said...

Ah, cheers for mentioning Dollhouse last commenter; fits nicely with the post as Eliza Dushku is marked with a double headed eagle!(seen at TTLG) I did a little post on it back when I first saw it but I'll be sure to write-up the episodes when it gets started/they bring out posters/trailers closer to release. Insanely blatant MK, starts in a month; I've been 'looking forward' to it tbh.

Cheers as always for the insightful + kind comments/links. On 37 in bold, any 37/73 combo is suggestive of Aleister (Alice-ster ;p, he was born Edward [head-ward] Alexander [Alice], to a fanatical Christian preacher father...) Crowley's 777 [37, three sevens] imo (though I'm sure a lot are coincidence).

Cheers again.

Anonymous said...

the 1st episode of Dollhouse, now called GHOST was originally titled MARIPOSA (spanish = BUTTERFLY!)

Anonymous said...

Before DONYA FIORENTINO, OLDMAN had also a relationship with ISABELLA ROSSELLINI whose one midname is FIORELLA, not to mention the ressemblance between the 2 women...


Look at Mutya:



Anonymous said...

Just a little smth:
SHIA LABEOUF played in DISTURBIA and then was in a relationship with RIHANNA who "happened" to sing a song with the same name. Who the hell paired them two?lol


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen then movie "Old Boy" ? IF not you should check that out...

Saint Santiago said...

Brilliant post! I literally need a cigarette and come back in a few hours to read it again because there is so much to digest.

Something always intrigued me about "Why So Serious?". Could this be a nod to Osiris (OZ) = Why S/Osiris? This could easily link back to Robert Downey Jr's (Iron Man/God of War/Omega) role of Kirk (KK) Lazurus aka Lincoln Osiris (Sun/Land of the Dead).

Everytime I see the Joker burn that pillarmid of money, I think of the bailout...sigh...

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Been meaning to take a look at this "no pants" thing and seeing Chris' Lady CaCa link reminded me to.

No Pants Subway Ride 2009

People are so fucking stupid it's mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed, in the very first picture of the post, an outline that looks kind of like a rabbit? Look at Batman's face, you'll see it.

Don't rabbits represent 'handlers?'

Anonymous said...

oh holy shit you people are all batshit fucking crazy arent you

Anonymous said...

TDK is my favorite movie. If you're at all interested to know what the movie is REALLY about and what they actually intended with the story you should listen to this interview with the director Christopher Nolan :


You know, he doesn't really sound like he had any bad intentions to me ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh and I should probably give the original site for that interview :


I think everyone should listen to it, even if you didn't like the movie. It might change your mind about it!

J Drawz said...

Fantastic blog! just discovered it recently.

After watching "The Dark Knight" the one thing that really stuck out with me were The Joker's tactics: whereas Jokers of old had funny weapons and gadgets and violent gags, Ledger's Joker is straight up paramilitary: he knows ammo and guns, he knows how to disguise himself, he knows hand-to-hand combat and terrorist/bomb-making skills... he is a black op, perhaps CIA, in his interpretation of the classic villain. Now reading your astute analysis of the movie's symbols, it seems to make more sense.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

when i watched the movie, i notice other things too...but that might be due to my paranoia...when he was hanging upside down, i think heath ledger became dissorientated...i think he lost his mind..literally

Anonymous said...

Great writeup, and even better site. I love reading all of your stuff. Keep up the good work.

You should watch the movie "Four Feathers" starring Ledger, and Kate Hudson (Hudson's mom was Disney kid, Kurt Russell's sex slave, so I'm thinking her bio dad, Bill Hudson, was basically a sperm donor, cos Kurt Russell didn't want to molest his own child, or something.) I've seen bits and pieces, but it's a period piece, and is set in both England, and Egypt, so I'm sure the Luciferian iconography is all over the place in that movie. If you watch it, and find it to be worth noting, I would love to read a writeup on it.


Unknown said...

I'm sorry, I just want to ask something here. Was Heath Ledger's death caused by Illuminati? I mean, did he became a member of Illuminati?

(I'm sorry if there are any grammatical errors)

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