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Butterflies Trapped in the Music Box

Should have posted this in the United States of Dissociation post; the girl who plays Kate, Brie Larson's album should have been posted as it continues her theme of skull and bones, cats that featured in her show about MPD/DID. Edit: Made a few corrections + I am aware this post (and ones like it) may seem uncaring or whatever; but I view it as the only way to properly cover the subject in a completely twisted/perverse media, as it is the darkest of subjects out there in my opinion so needs to be handled in a sort of 'this is how they think' type way [Gots to get a little twisted to understand the twisted situation we're in (understanding the mentality at the top of society ((who people like Spielberg work for)) that has kept it going for so long globally), I doubt any of the people I write about will ever come across this type of stuff; they live in completely different worlds (so to speak), so I wouldn't worry about it adversely effecting them].

Finally out of her very special P.E. 'Physical Education' [look at the pink cat drawn behind it (her 'physical' education was sex-kitten programming?), red square #17, skull and bones (see USDissociation post), broken/split heart, rainbow, star; could probably see more if the image was HQ]

"My P.E. teacher didn't like me at all, which was hard to deal with cuz I was usually such a teachers' pet [dual meaning]. So when I found out I got my record deal, I was like, 'Yes, I'm finally out of P.E.'"

Note the spirals/heart/half face in darknessish. At age 12 she wrote the song 'Invisible Girl' which persuaded Mind Controlled Mariah Carey's ex-handler Tommy Mottola to sign her up. I've already gone into her Hope Has Wings/Barbie song and such in the aforementioned post. In the below video for 'She Said', she dissociates (from her fast-food reality [symbolic of her dissociation in MK'd existence]) and becomes a pink zebrafied rock star.

She Said - Brie Larson

Note position of the owl in relation to Brie.

This is "The Naked Truth" from Sarah Hudson a few years ago with the green background, half face covered, pentagram tattoo, h=8. She is from a typical LA music family; she is a cousin of Kate Hudson, her godfather is Ozzie Osbourne (Oz Oz Bourne). And speaking of Hudson Kitten's [synching up to the amazing Hudson river NY/OZ plane crash], as mentioned before on a few occasions; Katy Perry's original name was Katy Hudson (perhaps another relative? the name was changed to avoid confusion with Kate Hudson) whilst growing up with her christian ministry/LSD dealing family (Katy is an extremely obvious example of an MK'd kitten; look at her name ('katy' [cat] is a known codeword used in MK btw, see Illuminati Formula)... she went from creating the below christian album [her split mind is confirmed on the CD cover] was her original album, before she became the lesbian, drool-inducing sex-kitten her public personality is. Just yesterday she "joked" (because she obviously lost her virginity/had it taken from her at a shockingly young age): "I've actually taken a vow of celibacy this year," she tells the new issue of TV Guide. "No kissing anyone. Just my cat, Kitty Purry." Link to Us magazine, it was a joke; but obviously you can can understand the true context of it.

Poor Katy, the Split Kitty Cat [Edit: clarification; the above album cover is Katy Perry's very first album before her name (and entire personality) was altered]. First main post on Katy Perry (analysing her first couple of videos) and another main one, already linked to the Katy Perry label.

January 2009's UK FHM has an interesting piece on full of suggestive words/phrases/numbers.

Worth clicking above, invoking Marilyn Monroe etc.

'Arrogant Cat' waistcoat, polka-dot bra by a Mimi, standard Louboutin shoes.

All of the quotes picked out (and the one I suggested reading connoting Marilyn and such) are worth reading as MK suggestive, "I'm only one person." (she is 'multiple people' actually ;p)... "There were years of just getting by... but I had to keep looking forward."

Sex Slave suggestive image below (dirty mattress/arms+legs wide/red shoes).

Spot the symbolism above (loaded with it); the whole below kissing girls thing is just to get young boys all drooling over their slaves (programming the masses).

Her MTV EMA hosting was of interest; some of these pictures are pulled from this post, with typical Obama worshipping from an MK'd Kitten (like Miley Cyrus).

Katy with the circus ringmaster/big cat handler. [not from EMAs, but from a couple of years ago; the others around this are from the EMAs like her leopard-print yellow dress]

Trapped/enslaves by Sony, note the ruby slippers (on the red carpet) and below, the dark crucifix (having grown up under strict religious programming; note her JESUS tattoo on her left wrist [victims of abuse/programming have often described the perpetrator dressing as Jesus when raping them; Jesus is the most common, we can surmise that this was a part of Katy's programming]).

A few random singers now, Skye Sweetnam; named after this Scottish place, she was naturally trained as a dancer (ballerina), standard Disney slave (variuos soundtracks, voicing Barbie, etc) her above album cover is symbolic with half face covered and one eye emphasised by a heart. Hopefully you'll notice a lot in the imagery and lyrics ("brainwashed by what we see" etc, it is definitely worth watching) of her below video for 'Human' ([other examples of MK songs called 'Human' here ((Goldfrapp's, about sex-slaves)) and here ((Killers', note all the big cats/ some double headed eagle looking sculpture thing in there too)), it's all about dehumanization by the way] FS she's even wearing a butterfly hair-piece ontop of everything else! Some of the imagery [leopard print, one eye] is made clearer at the end changing to comic-book style).

Human - Skye Sweetnam

Taylor Swift next, obviously all the butterflies on the above cd cover are not coincidence and are testament to the colossal amount of Monarch mind control that infests the country music industry. Deff Leppard (deaf leopard) did some collaboration with her, link from commenter a while back. Taylor went to a Christian school with a home-schooling program; ironic that she fought internet sex crimes with a senator... (senators probably being some of the biggest perpetrators of internet sex crimes! [jokingish]).

Justin Gaston (Miley Cyrus' current "boyfriend") is her Prince in this video, and she is his Princess ;) in this music video for 'Love Story' with tonnes of twin pillars/fairy tale themes (angels in stone is something I've noted often too).

Love Story - Taylor Swift
Below images included for symbolic corporate logo backgrounds.

A couple of random MW's, showing it's use in the music industry. Martha Wainwright above, from a musical family (interesting video with her going about in red shoes, as a sex-kitten and the like). And Misha Williams, with a typical dissociation video (from class [similar to the earlier one from the fast food place]; it's morbidly hilarious that she comes across the white rabbit just after she dissociates! Biting the apple [standard theme you should all be familiar with by now] mad tea-party ["twistin my miiind" note the checkerboard + that lyric at 1:54ish], etc) if you click her name and see her official site you'll clearly notice all the butterflies flying around; and obviously below half her face is covered.

Finishing off with another random singer no one has heard of; Joanna Pacitti who is one of the potential MK'd individuals I'm sure they've got lined up as the fixed potential winner of this years American Idol. She began singing at age 5 at her father's barber shop; then went on to perform in broadway acts like the Wizard of Oz, Britney has covered one of her songs and she made some for Bratz and Legally Blonde. Props to Bitten and Bound for info on Joanna. The fact that she has a previous career in music has caused 'controversy' in American Idol.

See her below music video, naturally featuring a totally random butterfly (could be a monarch, but blurred), which of course (like everything in this post + the rest of the blog) is entirely meaningless, it's just a butterfly so what? Wise the fuck up, is all I'll say to that [research the realities of sexual slavery/sex-trafficking ((i.e. this is just a tiny drop in the ocean [random one I came across on Red Ice today, it goes without saying that similar stories, and others related to MK are virtually infinite])), the effects of long-term childhood abuse/trauma ((and even more general domestic abuse, and the effect that has on the victim's mind [even verbal abuse])) on the mind of the abused, etc etc (how drugs are used, how fairytales/symbolism/metaphors factor into the different types/methods of programming, etc there is obviously SO much to it)]; these girls have gone through some of the worst traumas known (and unknown; the numbers of sociopathic sadists out there abusing their own children/children under their care should never be underestimated) to humanity, the same thing is likely happening to Elvis' grandaughters below (as these things are always multigenerational) as I type.

And a video of Joanna as Dorothy (interesting lines then Somewhere Over the Rainbow is sung; Leona Lewis [on X-Factor, Britain's current American Idol-type] and others have been made to sing this particular MK song also [going over the rainbow = dissociation; to escape the horrific traumas they 'go over the rainbow'/dissociate from it]), American Idol is likely full of potential MK'd candidates ready for a life under total corporate control once they "win".

Finishing with the epitomy of MK'd spinning musical box inhabitants; Elvis Presley's (MK'd) grandaughters are predictably twins [Edit: fascinating article on Mengele's genetic manipulation creating twins (he of course practiced serious MK on his victims and perfected many of the techniques); which is where all these Hollywood twins being born right now can be tied to] and from the below images I think are being programmed (note their controlled environment, with the fairies + Disney Palace [positioned behind Lisa's head] in their bedroom [so they are constantly looking up at it]), obviously Lisa Marie is looking like she's never had any problems with dissociation whatsoever! [/sarcasm obviously, just look at those eyes] She is a scientologist like her husband/handler Michael Lockwood; has been married to Michael Jackson (testified in his favour) and had 'relationships' with a bunch of other suspect people.

Harper and Finley Lockwood, note the twin babies' leopard-print (the one on the right definitely, the left is sort of)... and speaking of kittens, Lisa Marie herself appeared, when pregnant in an obviously suspect Marie Claire photoshoot with her wearing a long (like a wedding gown's 'train'), leopard-print coat (with purple inline).

She dances around (child Britney) and round with a white rabbit (may even be wearing checkerboard vest but I'm not sure) then the music box, you can watch the video (assuming it's still on youtube) at the end of the Britney Part 2 post, with horrific human Jon Voight reading a bed time story to a little girl just before Britney comes out of the music box spinning dressed as a ballerina in red shoes [also, bringing things back to Elvis, this was from the Live in Las Vegas tour where she wears an Elvis costume on the cover].

Those all-American showgirls were hiding in Britney's Music Box the whole time! (hint hint, where these puppet performers really come from)


Anonymous said...

ELVIS's top (and probably) only programmer/handler was the terrible Colonel Tom Parker. There are rumours about LISA MARIE not being his real daughter. All possible, of course. Like the unusual likeness between her famous parents. PRISCILLA BEAULIEU PRESLEY has a military background anyway. The marriage with JACKO was just a masquerade, the real reason behind it was that JACKO's fame could provide Scientology Church with more and more money.


Anonymous said...

"My" tattoo:

Twins again:


Anonymous said...

I saw Unborn the other night. Crap movie but it surprisingly contained a lot of what being discussed these days [i.e. twins genetic manipulation, eye color, nazi's etc]

The movie explained the occult belief that twins are mirrors of each other and mirrors are important in the occult world because they are doorways into other realms.

The Disney movie Escape to Witch Mountain explained the importance of mirrors cryptically when it said: "Mirrors bring a house to life"

Also twins are believed to be more psychic than the average person.

James Shelton said...

You don't know what brie larson went through and it wasn't that.skull and cross bones is a christian symbol and the cat is an animal she got your head in the wrong place man.not all people are into sex like you are.haha.very funny.

Benjamin S said...

Ah, sweet naivete.

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