Friday 23 January 2009

Belgium's Joker - I MK'ed Ledger

Please see elluminati for analysis (probably others too [Edit: Great TTLG post]), cheers to comments with links; thought it was worth copy and pasting (checkout the Daily Mail's other linked stories further down). Daily Mail link. Edit: I apologize for the errors in the original posting; this was copied and pasted from the Daily Mail link so I'm not sure how the errors came about, which they have edited since I originally posted it (name of the town, the guy's age etc). And I am always with the victims even if I might sound heartless sometimes, it is never their fault they become pawns in the media circus... there is obviously something more to stories like these that the media will never touch, I won't stop asking the questions. The fact that the symbolic imagery (suns, butterflies, etc) appears in the creche is no big deal, but it is made a part of the media MK ritual by them showing it on a global scale. Couple more links, Belgium 'joker' creche killer [this happened exactly a year and a day after Ledger's demise; please see my Dark Knight post for more on the Joker, my "Excuse me while I put on joker face paint... and kill some kittens." remark synchs up here too ;] and here's an interesting one ('little fable'/'fairy tale' land and such), thanks to commenters [obviously some of them completely miss the point (maybe I should moderate) and all the content of this blog; most of which does not come from Springmeier, whose books I disagree a lot with and only use them (Illuminati Formula/Deeper Insights) as they are excellent resources on mind control (trauma-based in particular)]. Anyway, here's the edited story; won't add in extra blurb, most of it was just common sense anyway (that people don't just do these things for no reason etc [you'd have to remove/get around this guy's natural instinct for humanity in order for him to kill babies so easily like that, but I guess if you don't want to ask questions and just accept the scripted narrative]). Re-Edit: The "Belgium Joker's" name is Kim De Gelder, it's obviously beyond coincidence that his name is an anagram for (he is only 20 himself, my age btw) I MK'ed Ledger [I (eye) Mind Kontrolled Ledger; potentially other interpretations], see comments for other interesting info. Link to below quote (both images are from it too).
"Investigators are examining whether the attack was timed to mark the first anniversary of the death of Heath Ledger, the actor who played the Joker in the film Batman, The Dark Knight.

It has emerged that when he was arrested, Mr De Gelder's only words were: "I have a question".

The words echo a scene in Batman: the Dark Knight when the Joker violently gatecrashes a party looking for a the fictional attorney general of Gotham City, Harvey Dent.

"I only have one question: where is Harvey Dent? I'll settle for his loved ones," says the character played by Ledger, before threatening a woman with a knife.

Patrick De Mey, the police officer who arrested Mr De Gelder, described the suspect as being in a passive and trance-like state."

"When I asked him to step off his bicycle and put his backpack on the ground he obeyed perfectly," he told the Gazet Van Antwerpen.

"But in answer to my questions, he clearly had no understanding. He continued to stare at me all the time with wide open eyes and a large grin on his face."


Since his capture, he has not spoken and has gone on hunger strike.

He was reported to be on an intravenous drip in a medical facility in a prison in Bruges on Sunday night.

Ledger died of a drug overdose on Jan 22, 2008, a year and a day before Mr De Gelder is accused of carrying out the attack.

According to witness statements and police drawings, the suspect had painted his face white, blackened his eyes and had coloured his hair red.

His gruesome and bizarre garb prompted investigators to make the Joker comparison and make a link to another cult Goth film, The Crow, which inspired Ledger in his Batman role.

Belgium's Le Soir newspaper has even speculated on the significance of the fact that the name Gelder is an anagram for Ledger.


Mr De Gelder will be examined by three psychiatrists before a closed court hearing on Tuesday decides if he is mentally responsible for his actions.

The young man, who lived his whole life within three miles of the family home, in the Eksaarde district of Sinaai, has emerged as a troubled loner.

Former classmates at the Roman Catholic Sint Carolus school, in the town of Sint Niklaas, described him as a fan of Goth music who could sometimes behave oddly.

He was nicknamed Satan because of his long black hair."

A 20-year-old man has been charged with killing two toddlers and a carer in a frenzied attack at a nursery.

Ten other children, including a one-month-old baby, were knifed by the man who had smeared black and white warpaint on his face and sprayed his hair red.

Two further adults were seriously injured after the rampage in Dendermonde, Belgium, one suffering face and stomach wounds.

Police are still trying to establish a motive for the attack at the Fabeltjesland creche - which means in English, 'the land of fables'.

Parents were distraught after the fatal stabbing at a creche in Belgium

The attacker apparently tricked his way into the nursery yesterday morning, then ran amok stabbing children and staff before escaping by bicycle. The dead carer has been named as Marita Blindeman.

Prosecutor Christian Du Four said: 'He did not escape from a psychiatric institution. He was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs,' he said, referring to reported rumours about the suspect.

Mr Du Four said the weapon had been found, describing it as a 'large knife' about 12in long.

The deaths left Dendermonde, half an hour north west of Brussels, in shock.

Members of the Belgian royal family have gone to the town to visit the scene and speak to emergency workers.

One man is overcome with grief. It is unclear if he is the parent of one of the children involved

Safe: Medics daubed numbers on children's foreheads to identify them

Murdered: Marita Blindeman was killed at the creche in Dendermonde

About 18 children, some just babes in arms, were at the creche when, police say, a man knocked on the door and was let in.

He immediately produced knives and lashed out at the children - including those being held by staff at the day-care centre.

The attacker is believed to come from nearby Grembergen and to harbour a grudge against children. He had no connection to the nursery, according to officials.

At the bloodstained nursery, medics were in tears as they treated the child victims, who were all under six. Some rescuers had children at the centre.

Only nine of the 21 children in the building escaped unhurt.

Police showed digital photographs of the injured children to parents and relatives in an attempt to identify them. They put numbers on the heads of each child victim to help the process.

'There was blood everywhere and of course there was panic,' said Theo Janssens, a senior member of Dendermonde's department of social services who was on the scene within five minutes.

'It was horrible. You can't imagine it. The two who were killed were just babies. One was already dead when I got there and the other was in a very bad way.

'One of the adult staff was also already dead.'

Parents comfort each other at a crisis centre after one adult and two children were stabbed to death at the nursery in Dendermonde

The deaths have left the town of Dendermonde in shock

Police said the attacker, who was unknown at the creche, muttered: 'I have a question,' as he was let in the front door and then began lashing out with a knife.

Dendermonde's chief of police, Paul Puttemans, said the attack began when a man arrived at the creche on a bicycle - wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Mr Puttemans said he was believed to be carrying several knives and possibly other weapons.

After carrying out the frenzied attack in Dendermonde near Brussels, the knifeman
made his escape on a bicycle. He was arrested shortly afterwards at a clinic where he had been receiving in-patient treatment. [Edit: info from Daily Mail (I checked again and this has not been removed from the story), I doubt they just made it up; if this isn't true then apologiez, but if this was the case in reality then I'm sure the "official" stories would be saying it isn't true as part of the cover-up (changed size anyway)]

He fought back against the policemen who detained him, injuring himself and two officers.

Two hearses approach the crèche yesterday afternoon

A young child carries flowers to commemorate the victims of the massacre

Surgeon Ignace Demeyer, who is hospital co-ordinator for emergencies in the Dendermonde region, said he hoped that the children caught up in the attack were young enough not to be scarred in later life by the memories.

Extra supplies of blood for transfusions were sent from Brussels to the local hospital where at least three of the injured children were said to be in a critical condition.

'But they will be physically scarred,' he said. 'We have 10 children, what I would call toddlers, in hospital being treated for wounds. They will all survive, as well as two adults working at the centre.'

Asked how one man had been able to attack so many in just a few moments with a knife, Mr Demeyer replied: 'The truth is that stabbing children is very easy, especially when they are very small, and some of these would have been sleeping.'

Police at the Belgium nursery where the children were fatally stabbed

A 20-year-old man has been charged with the killings at the daycare centre

'For those who survived, this was horribly traumatic and they are already being put into post-traumatic stress programmes.'

Piet Buys, mayor of Dendermonde, said: ‘The killing zone has been cordoned off and the victims are being attended to.

‘Those who were not injured have been brought to a central crisis centre for care and counselling.

'They are in deep shock and need help. We are devastated by this. We do not know who the perpetrator is or his motives.’

The creche, in Dendermonde, in Belgium where a knifeman went on the rampage

Belgium’s interior minister, Zaken Guido De Padt, promised a review of security in kindergartens across the country.

'We must ask how this assailant was able to gain access to the premises to commit this terrible crime,' he said.

The man was known to local police and had been arrested on more than one occasion for drug-related offences.

He was taken to a police station in Brussels usually reserved for terrorist suspects.


Anonymous said...

sun, butterflies, dolls

You've got it all figured out, what were those things doing at a creche indeed... Stunning analysis... Life must be boring for you having figured everything out all the time. Everyone is mind controlled, most of all you by Springmeier. Maybe you can show a little bit of respect and decency for the victims and people you accuse of being pawns once and a while. Sensationalist piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

yeah, fuck you dyke, I guess you don't like it when another engineered penis-demonization ritual is exposed. Get the fuck off this blog, you constipated lesbian.

Anonymous said...

yeah, well, if the constipated lesbian could explain why Miley Cyrus exists, then maybe I'd listen.

otherwise, butterflies shouldn't appear in such an abundance, I mean-SERIOUSLY--they're everywhere, and i don't even mean just, like, outside, rarely outside, always on the tube, in the ads, on the screen, ehhhh

Anonymous said...

The nursery wasn't called "De Rakkertjes", I couldn't even find an article where this is mentioned, so where did you get it?

He was not known with police. He had never been arrested. Not for drugs or anything.

He was sober when he committed the crimes.

He did not have a mental health history.

He was not caught at a mental health facility and did not offer resistance.

He was age 20, not 28.

The focus in the media was not on new security measures, at all.

rofl at the two other anonymous posters! BUTTERFLIES ARE EVIL! What about caterpillars, are they ok?

I'm glad there's a few lines left in your article that you didn't pull out of your ass. Paranoid idiots.

Anonymous said...

Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal Western European countries with ancient history of child sacrifice/paedophlia. Remember just the MARC DUTROUX case. I'll have to search for a link on Dutroux matter but Im warning u its very troubling to read and see. Interesting how a "simple" man with no criminal records and no mental problems chose to paint his face Apache style and do what he did...

And my "usual" links:


Anonymous said...

Belgium's JOKER killer

More LEDGER connection in the headlines.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood twinsmannia:;_ylt=AtvUk5hsDbdBqn8Ce98LLtAPpxx.;_ylv=3

Daughter of MOLLY RINGWALD named MATHILDA EIRENE. MATHILDA is also the name of HEATH's daughter... Just a thought...


Anonymous said...


The 20-year-old assailant, who had his face painted black and white, burst into the "Fabeltjes" or "Fairytales" nursery building after ringing the bell.

Anonymous said...

This news article says he was wearing a bullerproof vest and also had the name of a second nursery on a paper when he was arrested.

That 2nd nursery was "The SUNSHINE" nursery 3kms from the Fairytale nursery.

"De Zonneschijn, op drie kilometer afstand van Fabeltjesland."

It also says he was Belgian from Sinaai, a municipality of Sint-Niklaas. (Saint Nicholas - SANTA CLAUS / Old Nick, the devil)

And it makes note that "yesterday was exactly a year ago that Ledger died from an overdose of narcotics."

Anonymous said...

"Saint Nicholas - SANTA CLAUS / Old Nick, the devil"

Saint Nicholas is Sinterklaas, who is not Santa Clause, sorry.

How do you connect the "devil" to that nutcase?

Anonymous said...

How quickly we forget...

Bruce Pardo
The Santa Claus Killer

Anonymous said...

you should be "sorry"!

How do you connect the "devil" to that nutcase?

You think that's a connection leap? Try the connection between this an recent news from Gaza.

Saint Nicholas to Beit Jala

here's another link for you to enjoy other Anony-

aferrismoon said...

The name of the nursery - Fairytales coupled with Heath Ledger's death A YEAR AND A DAY ago?

Anonymous said...

The employee who was killed has the same initials as the model who died after losing her hands/feet to septis...

These horrifically grotesque stories steeped/dripping in blood/gore are being fed to us en force.

Am very interested in seeing you do an expose of Angelina & Brad--there is something very fishy going on with that family and their army of doubles.

Benjamin S said...

Ah yes, that story (here's a link to it) shocked me a lot; was thinking of posting it synching it up to my Lynch post where I go into amputation (this picture featured from Boxing Helene and others) symbolism (losing a part of your self in MK and such), which this certainly resonates (synchronicity, I doubt she was consciously targeted or anything like that; but who knows) with her being a beauty queen and all. Btw I wrote up Angelina Jolie when Changeling was being pushed, bound to get round to Brad at some point. Cheers for your comment, and the rest with links etc.

I should probably tone down these types of posts true; they aren't my main focus (I hope they don't detract from my longer ones like the previously linked, and Dark Knight one, In Shattered Dreams, Britney [and the rest of em] ones etc are) of attention really, put together without much thought (I'll probably just straight up copy and paste in future and let the readers make their own conclusions); and they just give those that disagree an excuse to hate, I think.

Appreciate the comments, cheers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Benjamin,

found that link in which theey sua they talk abt ties with the extreme right organization BBET.
That' s the sentence in dutch:
Er is zelfs sprake van banden met de extreem-rechtse organisatie BBET.
in the following link:

thoght you might like it,

Italian dutch speaking reader of yours,

Anonymous said...

and, by the way, can yu see what's written there on the little girl?


Dedroidify said...

Hey Benjamin, I linked your & elluminati's article and posted some updates myself. I'd mention he wasn't arrested at a clinic though, that initial report was erroneous too as so many, and they keep changing!
The age old "loner" label is being used now, his first name and last name's initial and picture have been released: (flemish site). What a day over here.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Read it daily. I posted above about Brangelina.

If you write up Brad, add this one in.....8/1/2007 (at 8pm)....plane crash in front of his house in Santa Barbara....big sacrifice holiday for Satanists.....was Brad sacrificed or threatened.....we have seen a fishy army of doubles who look nothing like him and the occult significance of this date synchs up to something nefarious.....also....the pilot was taken to COTTAGE HOSPITAL....hmmmmm...the new messiah, Shiloh Nouvel, was born at Cottage Hospital in Namibia....all a coincidence, right.....!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like what happened in Dunblane.

It always amazes me when people would rather wallow in a tragedy instead of asking themselves WHY things like this happen.

I think more a of a disservice is done to victims when we turn a blind eye to the CAUSES behind things like this.

Great post Ben, don't worry about asking the hard questions. Some people just don't want to look evil in the eye. They'd rather pretend it doesn't exist.

bongo said...

We're investigating this event over at the Synchromysticism Forum too. Take a look at the thread there, you'll find some additional information related to child sacrifice and even more weirdness..

Anonymous said...

Ever noticed the leader of the new show "The Big Bang Theory" pauses at the piramid (not a real one but the one one the dollar bill). The song clearly talks about: we build the piramids. So that must mean egyptian ones and not the ones on the dollar bill right? (also timeline isn't correct for piramids, which would be BC not 1800 AD)
Fun show though, but clearly not a single smart guy is into toys and completly anti-social in my world, but hey it's tv, so better dumb down?

Anonymous said...

All this information and yet I'm still puzzled.
In my local newspaper it says:
"Loner Kim de Gelder, 20, has been charged with knifing a teacher and two young toddlers to death. Unemployed de Gelder - described as 'living in a world of his own' and going everywhere on a bike - struck after sneaking into the Fairytale creche in Dendermonde, Belgium on Friday. He had cycled eight miles there with his face painted with with black eyeshadow late the late Heath Ledger's Joker character in Batman movie The Dark Knight. Teacher Marita Blindeman, 52, died with toddlers Leon Garcia, nine months, and Corneel Vermeir, six months. Ten other children and two members of staff were left mutilated. Detectives question de Gelder said he refuses to coop-erate but 'smiles like a maniac and laughs through his nose.' Ex-workmates at a centre said he was odd, shy and mumbled but did not seem violent. Mrs Blindeman - who died trying to protect the children from the knife nut - has been hailed a heroine for her brave actions."

I personally think this information is not enough and instead of thinking of the deaths and death tolls, there should be more thinking about why de Gelder did this. Why? Why? Why? Did he have an abusive childhood? No parents at all? Why did he choose The Joker as his character of choice? Why was he such a loner? It also says that he's been put on 'suicide watch' and if they don't find a way to get information out of him before he ends up killing himself (or attempting to), there is no justice in this world. Find out what is wrong with the man before doing anything else!!
My deepest sympathies and condolences go to the families of those poor children and workers. Of course they did not deserve to die. R.I.P
Emma xxx

Anonymous said...

Kim De Gelder
MKi de Ledger

Anagram, how fitting for this MK'ed killer!

Anonymous said...

Kim from JOACHIM (as in Saint Joachim)

Gelder (Eng = One who Castrates)

News reports say his nickname was
SATAN due to his long black hair and goth style.

Satan - The Devil from Sint Niklaas


From Wikipedia we get
"Saint Joachim ("he whom YHWH has set up", Hebrew: יהוֹיָקִים, Greek Ἰωακείμ) was the husband of Saint Anne and the father of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and therefore is ascribed the title of "forebearer of God".

Husband of Saint Anne (say that 3 times fast!)

Anonymous said...

Kim D Gelder

I MKd Ledger

You have to b fucking kidding me.

Also 9 yr old child, 6 yr old child, 54 yr old woman


Also on this post it says "Only nine of the 21 children in the building escaped unhurt."

That pesky 9 again

And finally, 2 recent mass shooting )Miami and Portland) resulted in 9 victims each.

"Police believe a man with an assault rifle shot nine people"

In addition to De Noboa, Ashley Lauren Wilks, a 16-year-old Clackamas High School sophomore, was killed and seven others were wounded in the shooting outside The Zone, an underage nightclub in downtown Portland.

2 killed, 7 injured = 9

Anonymous said...

In another article it says they authorities are calling him 'Kim D.' I realize now his full name is Kim DE Gelder. In spanish De = the

I mK De ledGer

i mk the ledger

So Heath Ledger is alive and his death and this killing spree of children is a "Killing Joke?" A Fairytale (Fabeltjes)? With a lot of 9's, a random 73 (age of lady he previously killed, allegedly)? by a man who may or may have not been wearing face makeup and red hair on a bicycle? Who in Belgium, the news media have dubbed the assailant the "Joker killer."?? As in a kidding around killer???

Am i getting all of this so far?

Anonymous said...

You could remove the sentence: "He was arrested shortly afterwards at a clinic where he had been receiving in-patient treatment." in its huge font as its not true...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

recent heath Ledger / The Joker headlines
No Joker: Thorp intruder's face painted like Batman villain

Anonymous said...

more recent heath Ledger / The Joker headlines,,2-1630-2084_2459565,00.html

Anonymous said...

and more recent heath Ledger / The Joker headlines

Anonymous said...

Batman returns in 2011

Heath Ledger’s Daughter, 3, Settles $10M Life Insurance Legal Battle

Interesting notes:

All these other joker incidents happened within one day of the insurance lawsuit settlement.

Gary Oldman's initials are "GO"

Dendermonde = "The End of the World"

and Nolan's Batman returns in 2011!

Anonymous said...

For those who missed the boat, of course not every butterfly or shattered peice of glass is brainwashing. But you have to wonder why there are so many strange ritualistic beheadings murders and odd events happening around the globe. This is not normal human behavior and its getting out of hand.

TV promotes this type of attitude in many shows. Be responsible and do something for your childrens sake and turn it off. I pity humanity if they can't see what is being done to our children through our own lazyness. TV is not your baby sitter and should not be your main entertainment.

The author is clearly trying hard to wake some people up. Its time to start recognizing real truth outside of your ideals. The world isn't looking any prettier and is mirroring what we watch on the TV.
Are you going to let the producers create reality for your children?

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