Thursday, 8 January 2009

"My name is Dita, I'll be your mistress tonight... "

[Explicit images warning, not to be viewed by minors. (May have to censor if I get complaints or something)]

I was thinking of doing some sort of censorship (don't want to give them an excuse to shut the blog down/censor it) for this post because obviously the images are completely explicit (can't avoid it with the Marionette Puppet one [I picked the least explicit one there was), it's an extremely explicit subject though so I think it is necessary; frustration at my main computer blue screening after about 2 seconds after loading windows (probably nuked; admittedly I haven't been very vigilant with virus protection) so everything's been on hold the past couple of days trying to fix it (failed) and I'm working off my laptop for the forseeable future (not that big of a deal, all I really need is the internet), I needed a new PC anyway though so no matter (which I'll be able to do more for the blog with, uploading/editing images was a bit painfully slow).

"She's Lost Control!"
Here's some explicit MK titillation from Dita Von Teese. Similar kind of Eye-Kandi post to the Adriana Lima one. Difficult to avoid nudity with this one, so kids; please turn off your computer screens. Like Marilyn Monroe and other sex-kittens, that isn't her real name (obviously); it being 'Heather Renee Sweet' a former ballerina ['lessons' since age 4]. Marilyn Manson used her for a time, as everyone is aware so I won't go into him (his involvement should be clear: check out his latest Dark Kitty); the name 'Dita' apparently comes from this MK'd German actress [her 1937 movies were 'La grande illusion' and 'Under Secret Orders', title of post comes from start of Madonna 'Erotica' audio book]. Dita has been in (porn aside, playing characters like Lela) a Salvador Dali short film, and was rumoured to be playing Mata Hari (femme fatale/sex-kitten/actress/celebrity from World War 1; her court documents [ritual sacrifice/executed as 'double agent'] will be released to the public in 2017) a while back, not sure if that is still happening however.
The top video (her as dominatrix in the White House with Bush lookalike) is comedy but is also a lot more accurate depiction of what really goes on in the Oval Office. And an interesting video of her mirrored with a carousel horse. Not going to describe the MK implications of each image, if you don't know them then read Illuminati Formula and do a bit of general reading on the subject (you can usually find my description of things from past posts if you just type the thing 'carousel'/'key'/etc in the Search feature top left. MK and bondage, by definition and in practise are very much connected [I've gone into S&M/bondage/BDSM a bit in this post]. It would only take a few 'sessions' with a 'master' (who you may think is just being a little "over-enthusiastic", but is really an MK programmer) for the 'fantasy' to become a reality and they start testing their control/manipulation by 'requesting' you buy leopard-skin clothing, certain types of jewelry (i.e. padlock + key, these things are usually given as 'presents' though) or do anything that might seem innocent enough but it is all about control/dominance, it's obviously something to look out for if you get involved in that world. Hundreds of thousands of little girls and young women are trafficked every year* (do the math/use your head; times that by even just a few years and we're talking millions and millions of slaves; at the end of 2006 there were 28.4 Million slaves [source, even that is a colossal understatement (obviously the real figure can never be known, I'm quite certain it goes into the hundreds of millions [victims of abuse, even domestic verbal abuse is a form of MK]); most of which are just kept under control via drugs/abuse/blackmail/debt/etc [Edit: The book states that only 1.2 Million of the 28.4 are sex-slaves, that is huge underestimation; and this was back in 2006, the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate], MK extends to all forms of abuse and forms of mind manipulation; the ones that are not made into a statistic like that [infinitely higher than 1.2 Million that's for sure] are usually abused (with their minds totally shattered; with advice on the best mind-shattering traumas/what type of programming to give the child coming from the government and other 'trusted' institutions [if they are being programmed for a specific purpose; i.e. a media sex-kitten]) and sold by their own father/guardian, for example Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Dita Von Teese and the like]) *into real sexual slavery/bondage; but the truly high-class sex slaves are the sex-kittens paraded in the media to manipulate the masses into their decadent thinking [with great success admittedly; most of the images I've had on my pc for years], these ones can only be used in such a globally exposed way if their parents/family are involved in the abuse/programming (from birth; these are total Monarch slaves; with programmed alter-personalities). We are dealing with an entire misogynistic (throughout history, read the bible, look at history etc) 'elite' made up of sociopathic maniacs obsessed with dominance and control; this is the psychology behind all this symbolism and themes put into the media (and movies) that they control, hence it's shocking prevalence and why things like 9/11, slavery, abusing/controlling wives, Israel, setting up the New World Order and all those things that "rational" people "know" are just lunacy, are allowed to happen... it's all about maintaining control and keeping the masses hoodwinked.

"Three Little Kittens"

It's all about, "Animal Birth Control"... it's as easy as ABC, from the Petaphiles.

Cinderella in her Glass... I mean leopard slippers.

This kitten must even be pristine/'dolled up' even when doing something as simple as going to the gym; naturally with leopard-skin scalf (showing the subtext of this 'event' widely reported in the media [really, that isn't news, why else would they "report" it in such a ritualized way?]).

Dita the Peacock [eye], and speaking of birds... I wonder what all her burlesque performances in bird cages are supposed to symbolize! [necessary background is needed (also common sense/logic, think about what a bird trapped in a cage is likely a metaphor for), like I said in intro; use search feature of blog, 'bird cage' or any other theme]

Metal bars/chains [at it's primitive level it symbolises the mental prison MK victims live in their heads (no escape); like a bird trapped in a cage]

She is then a literal 'Lady Bird'.

I found the below photoshoot, with Scarlett Johansson (more on her coming in the delayed post I'm working on) Dominating Dita; with predictable MK symbolism (masked, half face in darkness etc).

'Smokin...' the half face in the dark is obviously just coincidental aesthetics ;)

Hollywood kitten (Dita also lives in Hollywood) Sharon Stone auctioning Dita's stockings; lot's of symbolism in the corporate logos (Audi's interlocking rings, the Weinstein Company's VVV/666 logo, obviously note Sharon's leopard-skin of course).

"Three Little Kittens" in sunglasses. [Claudia Schiffer and Victoria Beckham + Dita]

Note Dita spread arms and legs (bondage) + red shoes etc. this Playboy photoshoot is very interesting... like many of these MKittens (incestually abused/sex-slaves; who become sex objects in the media) she trained as a ballerina; this link goes a lot into her past + a Daily Mail one.

We all need to stop "tip-toeing"/"pussy-footing" around the issue... but it's difficult enough to persuade anyone that any sort of evil/darkness exists in the world let-alone that slavery didn't totally end in the 1800s. Slavery never ended, the only thing that's changed, is the improved intelligence of slave-masters (the business is worth billions; it is BIG BUSINESS, it is not at all a stretch to suggest a few thousand of the millions and millions of slaves might be used by the media [controlled by big business/corporations, with a vested interest in keeping 'slavery' going... not just monetary by any means] in the ways I've suggested)... the only (real) solution is revolution. The rich will always get richer and more decadent.

Duality much? (referring to the zebra crossing as well as the dress)

This obviously dodgey (look at her face) photoshoot she looks extremely dissociative.

Couple of shots of the carousel horse, shown mirrored in a video further up [again scan back through the blog; if you are using the search it's best to scroll to the very first post with the word 'carousel' in it.

Dita's 'trademark' is the dissociatively large Martini Glass dance (multilayered symbolism, as most are; obvious misogynistic interpretation) with the Pussycat Dolls in the below video, also her ostrich [Oz, bird] feather fan things [wings].

Click above and note butterflies on the mind. Edit: And below Dita + MSN/Microsoft's butterfly logo.

The above image comes from a typical masked robot photoshoot + a lot of different ritual uniform (I have many images for future potential posts).

With enough drugs/dissociation; this type of primal fear (spiders/snakes/insects etc) trauma would feel very real (giant spider!) to the victim.

Ruby slippered Red Queen ballerina in a red velvet box [below image symbolizes the existence of most ballerinas]

She is rolled out inside a suitcase (box) then she dances with her fellow sex-kittens in ruby slippers.

Stripes + checkerboard

Alice in Wonderland + Snow White/Sleeping Beauty programming; two kittens.

Some ritual androgny on a black/white striped chair in black and white.

This one is just straight up porn... (wasn't sure if I should post here or leave it for future planned adult pseudoccult blog) anyone who has looked into the fetish industry knows it is saturated in checkerboards [dvd cover below is not from the above scene which has more symbolism in the rest of that set].

Note the types of cat figurines + roses.

Another image symbolic of MK'd cat/kitten programming (tied to the leopard-print piano chair). I may have left out some images I meant to include (and some words, just noticed some are missing) as the browser crashed and I'm not sure what wasn't saved; there was one I can't find now with her lying on a leopard skin complete with it's head (her head over its head) and a few others I may add later on.

Edit[16/01]: A couple of additional images, Dita is a Mermaid + Mannequin (note position of arm, your mind should slightly confuse Dita's left arm with the mannequin's).

MK confuses reality with fantasy; fetish/bondage is the ultimate example of this I think, many of the girls you watch on websites are actually MK'd Kittens living in an actual state of bondage (S&M/Dominatrix alters I have written about in the past; so they look like they're really into it rather than being forced [the only 'reality' they know]) rather than just 'acting'.

Probably won't be churning out posts as quickly as usual until I get my computer situation sorted. And to finish, having seen all the above images; the below Marilyn Manson - Mobscene video (with her in the glass at the end; it sums up this post perfectly I think) should be easy to interpret (model with head in bird cage, mirror symbolism etc + others not in this post like Nazi models with half scarred faces, spiral, mannequin legs etc)... it's a total fucking circus... just 'entertainment', so who cares?


Anonymous said...

A couple things: The makeup while working out demonstrates what is known as the "porcelain mask program". I know you don't like that word, but that's what it is. Think Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, or even Xtina Aguilera. Its the concept of the makeup becoming your real face; its part of the mask she never takes off............because she cant. To take it off would be to lose identity and spiral into nothingness. Very scary for the slaves.

Also, I have to say that in spite of everything, I actually really admire her look. She always does it up to the nines, every time. As someone who loves clothes and art I can't help but admire the work of art she's made of herself. Like a 1940's pin up come to life. Also, that marionette picture looks painful. That is all.

skrambo said...

Having experimented with legal dissociative drugs in the past, I have to say just looking at some of the images which are MK'd have a strange effect on me. Something about the vacant looks. Pretty chilling.

Anonymous said...

One very happy fucked up family:

Another poor little zebra:


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post. And pics. I saw her interviewed on Good Morning once and thought Dita was odd, glassy, expressionless, unmoving. I think your insights are very illumnating Ben, always wondered why/how there seem so many 'willing' women engaged in porn and S&M ie: where do they all come from? we are kidding ourselves if we believe we are living in a more enlightened age where slavery is no more...its still a dog eat dog power mad world full of slaves and their handlers..

Anonymous said...

Dont forget DITTA's clone, actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD, MANSON's next acquisition (split meanwhile)...


Anonymous said...

Something here is a bit strange. Must have been reading too much pseudo occult but why would a 7 year old try and kill themselves? maybe she was fooling around and it went wrong but the juxtaposition of her face and the bratz doll on the daily mail website is somewhat disturbing. 'little princess' etc.

Anonymous said...

U're gonna like this:


Anonymous said...

I enjoy Dita's work. Stumbled across your blog. No FAQ or "about" section, so 2 questions:

What is MK?

Where did you get these pics? I've never seen some of them. Especially the Snow White & Cinderella pairing.

Anonymous said...

Good post Ben. Random comment regarding this:

" they look like they're really into it rather than being forced"

"look" being the operative word, 'cause a female can tell that it's completely fake. :D Just soooo fake. To me that's one of the more disturbing things about the porn that's out there. With the guys it's of course always obvious that they're having their big moment. But not with females. And that's why females have always been able to "fake it," but the problem is, most guys (especially young guys) totally can't tell that it's fake. They totally fall for this over acted porn stuff. If you're a female though you can tell....not real.

What's interesting is that Fritz Springmeier made a comment that has always stuck in my mind about the MK'd sex kittens used in porn -he says that they are actually trained to ***not*** feel anything or get off. They're not *allowed* to feel pleasure while performing...but they must **act** as if they are. Which seems to match what I've seen of the (admittedly limited amount) of porn vids I've watched. All the females are just pretending (but the guys in the audience can't tell the difference).

Also agree with the points made by #4 Anonymous....people need to stop and ask themselves where are all these girls coming from? On the one hand we now have a society that's bred several generations of low self esteem girls who are desperate to get validation anywhere they can, due to lacking good parents who provided that for them. And so will do anything - anything - to get that. And with society's obsession with voyeuristic TV, movies and internet, this gives these girls the perfect platform for their so-called validation. But that can't account for all of them. So another big group of these girls is in my opinion are part of the MK/ritual abuse farm. (I'm also thinking of all the talentless pseudo-celeb famewhore girls that we see in the media looking and carrying on like porn stars as if this is completely normal and the thing to strive for. Maybe some of them are just low self esteem famewhores, but so many of them are probably MK'd or ritual abuse victims of their weird and elite families.)

Always look at the eyes and listen to the voice. Many of these girls seem so glassy eyed and flat, as #4Anonymous also noted. That's kind of the giveaway, right there.....

Anonymous said...

the rope up the snatch... ouch!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A little bit of history repeating, as SHIRLEY BASSEY used to say. 2008 - bad start with actors/singers deaths. 2009 copycat at least til now:

Raised by METHODISTS... One brother died of heartattack on 1 May (Beltane Day), another in his sleep on 9.01.20009...


Anonymous said...

Sounds silly, but its the (programmed) truth. Suri has to become like her "parents":

imdb. com

Suri Tried To Invade Holmes' Broadway Stage

9 January 2009 11:01 AM, PST

Tom Cruise is convinced his daughter with Katie Holmes will become an actress when she's older, after two-year-old Suri tried to storm the stage during a performance of Holmes' Broadway play All My Sons.

Cruise and Suri have been regular audience members during Holmes' run in the play - the actor admits he has seen it "more than 30 times" since it debuted in September.

But he has had to stop letting Suri watch from the side of the stage, after she almost made an impromptu cameo.

Cruise says, "I was watching with Suri from the wings and I could see her feet creeping out onto the stage. I realised she was going onstage. Then she got on the floor and she was going to crawl onstage, and I'm quietly clinging onto her dress.

"So I picked her up and said, 'You can't go onstage,' and she said, 'Why?'"


Benjamin S said...

Re: 'What is MK?' MK comes from the code name of the CIAs infamous mind control program MKULTRA (one we know about anyway; obviously the most serious shit is still classified/will always be for 'national security', as the wiki link says most of it is still 'highly classified'... so assume the worst! [i.e. Cathy O'Brien's story and similar victims ((all would have similar tales of incest abuse/sold into slavery, if they could remember of course [you have to consider that most 'victims' have blocked out the memories of their abuse, and those that have triggered said memories are always never believed])) of Monarch ((the CIA had loads of different projects related to it like Monarch, Bluebird, Artichoke and the like; most are on wiki))]), researching how various techniques (electroshocks/trauma [creating alter-personalities through fracturing/splitting/shattering/fragmenting the mind; this is why childhood abuse is very important in selecting and programming slaves], drugs, hypnosis, etc; which you can tie all together with dissociation, the creation of alter-personalities (programmed in a specific way) could be used (they'd already known it for years however, Monarch/MKULTRA was just an excuse to really step up the programming of slaves, under the guise of 'research'; Nazis/Mengele were big players in perfecting the techniques) to create essentially programmed cyborbs/puppets/slaves to do their bidding.

But MK has been around long before that, as obviously the affects of trauma (and drugs) on the mind would have been noticed by the 'elite'/royalty who are incestuous (keeping the bloodline pure; the high level of dissociation is passed down intergenerationally [programming/'learned behavior'; hence why intergenerational abuse families ((abuse past on from generation to generation in a horrific cycle)), like Cathy O'Brien's are 'chosen']) and are known to basically have their wives as punchbags and have mistresses (you must consider the abusive background many/most prostitutes/mistresses come from, most as a child) for fucking. Let's also not forget torture has always been widely practised all throughout history by 'the powers that be'; again the affects of this trauma on the victims' minds would have been noticed.

So that's where MK comes from, MKULTRA (it is believed the MK stands for 'Mind Kontrol' [this is my use of it], though wiki states that MK means 'that the project was sponsored by the agency's Technical Services Division' which seems unlikely); for me though I use MK as a general term for all forms of mind control/mental enslavement ([not just specific CIA programmed slaves, like Cathy O'Brien; but all slavery in general] + all the symbolism/themes pertaining to it [i.e the described in the post bird cage metaphor]) and the societal structure that allows it intentionally (probably a hard concept if you are new to 'conspiracy' material) to run so rampant (they want people as traumatized/abused/dissociative as possible [all these World Wars/traumatic events (i.e 9/11) are not organic; they are part of keeping the world in a constant state of shock and trauma ((watch Israeli's offensive, coming war with Iran, Pakistan vs India etc all escalate into World War 3... it's all been planned)) so they are more suggestible and easier for the tiny few at the top of the pyramid to control the traumatized/suggestible masses below, it's been too long since the last World War and people are starting to wake up! Time for another war!]).

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty numerology/symbolism of MK though, M = 13 (big occult number; also M is a 3 on it's side [Magic Mirror/Mickey Mouse/ Marilyn Monroe/ Marilyn Manson... all these are related to MK]) K = 11 (MK symbolism as 11 is 1 mirrored, duality), M-K(13-11)=2 which 2=1+1; this symbolism plays into the 9/11 trauma-based mind control ritual also (with the twin towers being two 1's etc); if all this stuff is new to you then do some reading online, I personally think these are also reasons for using MKULTRA rather than MCULTRA. But there's a lot more to it than that; please check out the links to the right of the page for more detailed info on Mind Kontrol, and read back through the blog [+ links to the right, Carissa's (great comment btw, agree with it all) In2Worlds movie symbolism one is great and is quite easy to understand] to see how the media is massively involved. And I'd recommend Illuminati Formula (don't be put off by the Christian BS in it, the information is still accurate if you can look beyond that) for more specific information on cat/kitten sex programming, MPD/DID dissociation, and generally how MK works as a whole.

Someone else could probably summarize what 'MK' is better than I, I hope that rambling attempt of mine clears some of it up anyway... it's pretty horrific and probably better to live in blissful ignorance, do you really want to take the red pill and tumble down the rabbit-hole into a twisted Wonderland of abuse/trauma/dissociation?

Re: the images, they are the product of misspent teenage years;) I have hard drives full of similar "research" (hehe), which are all waiting to be used in future posts! But yeah if you want some more images from the Snow White set (the 'Cinderella' one is just a solitary image I just got randomly from the web; I just called it Cinderella because of the coach + the symbolic shoes), I have two Snow White sets, one where she's on her own with the BLUE and RED roses (more symbolism) and the one with her and Alice getting it on. Tonnes more Dita images (I also have 'enjoyed' her 'work' growing up), a few more symbolic ones I've noticed I had too that I should add to this post too at some point. Drop me an email ( if you want me to send you the sets or you have any more questions or something.

Sorry I haven't been responding to comments, but I felt I should reply to that one as it seemed pretty sincere. Original commenter, I agree 100% with that, not sure where you got the idea that I didn't like the word (which word?); I wrote specifically on 'porcelain mask programming'/program in Mirrormasking Mind Control, you're description is better and probably spot on in connecting it to the makeup (I'd only connected it to literal porcelain masks/facelessness/loss of identity, in movies like Eyes Wide Shut/Mirrormask/tonnes of others [you mentioned Cruise in Vanilla Sky]; I'd be interested to know what gave you the impression I would be against that). Chris, Pixie now doing Agent Provocateur with a bird cage... how predictable! Added the image in (+ lesbian incest kiss with one of the girls who played a symbolically named character in Nip/Tuck [on the RED CARPET + ALL SEEING EYE, showing incestual bloodline families/intergenerational abuse families used by the bloodline/'elite' + incestual Hollywood of course], which was nicely timed; one day after I did the Nip/Tuck post which I've added images of too. And yeah, cheers for all comments; interesting stuff as always!

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is how Heather looked before she became Dita:

Can't get any more different from her current, manufactured image than that! ;D

Anonymous said...

(Sorry, don't think the above link was pasted correctly. Try this one!)

Anonymous said...


Oh, thats such a good joke!


Anonymous said...

That "agent provocateur" site is like porn for deviant elites. Sick stuff. Had never heard of Dita von Cleft [intentional: her dad's a Machinist, her mom's a Manicurist] and I'm sure Ian Curtis is rolling in his grave to hear his words [she's lost control] so deviantly misinterpreted. "Stop, you're making my ears hurt!" I wanted to scream.

Of course she'd be promoting AmFar, another organization dedicated to separating fools from their money.

The heart between the mounds, is the hole between the two M's, i.e., MOM. The way she's holding the nipple definitely is definitely marketing her for sale to someone desiring a Oedipal fantasy experience.

Just got back from a friend's house earlier (who has a young teen girl), and it occurs to me that the sickest part of the entire scam, it the idolization that youth have towards these traumatized shells of people glamourized [as in spell-casting] before them.

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Interesting what Dita says:
"While still in her teens Dita became a star of the strip-club and fetish scenes in LA. She assumed her nom de strip and translated her love of scant costume into a kind of performance art. Of her early DVD films – Tickle Part 2, Bound in Stockings, Naked and Helpless – she says, “I don’t regret any of those. There’s nothing hidden. It’s all on my website – I sell the stuff. It’s part of who I am. It’s how I got here.” She also has no problems discussing her plastic surgery – both the breasts and beauty spot are fake. As she once said, “Everything I have is manufactured.”

“Pretty much,” she concedes. “I haven’t had any other plastic surgery, or any Botox. But I will always admit to everything I’ve done. Whatever I have, if someone else wants it, they should be able to paint it on, too. I’m not trying to pretend that I’m practically perfect in every way,” she says in a singsong voice, “and I’m naturally this way and oh no, I never have to work out and I can eat whatever I want… This drives me insane when I hear this! And I’m sure it drives other women insane too. I’m telling the truth: I work out really hard, I eat what I want to eat to a degree without dieting, and…” A Stepford smile. “I’m manufactured, and proud of it. I’m proud of what I created – ’cause I feel like I’m my own canvas, my own art piece.”

Her whole interview is here:


Anonymous said...

New Disney star Demi Lovato pictured at Miley's b-day with deep cuts on her wrist. allegedly she's a 'cutter'

Anonymous said...

Zebras invasion&others:


Anonymous said...

Another sunlike dress from BEYONCE&a big rose from HEIDI


Anonymous said...

Anyone catch the article with McCain's daughter expressing her admiration for Dita?

Anonymous said...

Roses again, they cant live without them: SERAPHINA ROSE ELIZABETH, the daughter of BEN AFFLECK&JENNY GARNER...


Anonymous said...

Saw a recent pic of BRITNEY and she had a round scar on the wrist of her right hand. Interesting since I tried to access the link with the pic and I wasnt allowed...


Anonymous said...

Isnt that strange for a wedding? Bridesmaids in black?

"Fergie and totally hot Josh Duhamel tied the knot last night in Malibu. The diverse attendees list included Mario Lopez, Stacy Keibler, Kid Rock, Slash, Kate Hudson and Molly Sims. Thousands of white magnolias and roses were involved, as were ten bridesmaids dressed in black."


Anonymous said...

Check these single covers out:


kimpunkrock said...

This idiot Dita stole her name from the Madonna Sex book and the song Erotica. if you have not checked out that book, check it out, although it is hard to find, I use to have it back in 92/93 but some junkie stole it from me.

Lila said...

Dita is not the only one of the couple that is portrayed as a monach sex kitten. Marilyn Mansons does similar things:

Porcelain mask:

In the tourniquet video, he transforms from a cocoon "the worm" into a butterfly. There also flies a butterfly over his eye.

Monach progamming Manson

The videos the Dope Show and I dont like the drugs but the drugs like me, and play in Mansons mind when he is getting programmed. They are part of the tryptich story, which tell Mansons story to fame in the albums Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals and Holy Wood in reverse.

In the Long hard road to hell video Manson moves like a puppet. He also dresses as a woman and strips naked.

Marilyn Manson doing indecent things on stage, like showing his ass, pretending to be fucking, jerking, sticking his microphone in his ass.

Marilyn Mansons nude & orgy pictures.

Yeah he is a beta sex kitten!

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