Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Puss In Red Boots

Tied down with a post I'm working on at the moment, still at least a couple of days before (I may do a picture-heavy Dita Von Teese/bordering on porn [it's educational... seriously it is ;] post tomorrow to keep up some momentum) that is finished I think so here are a few random tidbits; the above Virgin Atlantic advert [the title of the post based on 'Puss In Boots']. The BBC advert where the City of London (covered that occult sanctuary a lot near the start of the blog, pyramid canary wharf building lacking a thirteenth floor and all that other 'coincidental' stuff [it has nothing to do with the number 13 being 'unlucky' that's just bs superstition programmed into the masses (same with black cats, shattered mirrors etc) to keep them ignorant to the real meanings/belief systems behind why they are used so often]) dragon comes alive, flies around all the occult buildings etc.

Pixie the Kitty goes even more down the Fe'line' at the start of 2009, going for drinks at the in [Free]Masons Arms Battersea [batter-see] Daily Mail link, all the usual suspects present like Alice Dellal, Alexa Chung etc.

Edit: And what a shocker! Pixie poses for Agent Provocateur (previously covered their Season of the Witch campaign here and elsewhere + image of her sister Peaches Geldof from the aforementioned campaign) with a bird + bird cage!! Linky.

Edit: "Leopard Lily on the prowl" from the Daily Mail (with links to her 'hypno-dieting', info on this kitten's "relationships", and such), apparently also with a checked shirt Lily Allen is always wearing leopard-print (link here to a couple of images, not everyone who wears leopard-print is a sex-kitten obviously, I'm sure you know some family and friends who wear animal prints a lot; I know a few, it doesn't necessarily mean anything).

A different kind of leopard here with 3 snow leopard kittens, posting just because they so adorwable... wtf @ all this snow btw, I come back from skiing expecting mild/slightly chilly perfect English weather, sick of snow! + an Owl, images from Daily Mail.

"Three Little Kittens"... 'I smell a rat [programmer] close by! Hush Hush!'

I was really blown away by a promo video posted for Nip/Tuck; by a commenter in the previous post which inspired me to put this quick post together, so thanks a lot and I'm sure their interpretation would be more detailed as I won't go into everything. Just obviously note the one eye (hallucination), red shoes, ballerinas/dancers/"princess" [goes through different decades' MK'd dancers (Go-Go, Starlet, Princess [official names, see site]); which you can vote for and watch below, trapped in a box; dancing when triggered to ("Dance Marionette Dance!"), below at the Beverly Hills Center in LA (you could even go and watch the kaged kitties do it live), 'Timeless Beauties'], note the stitches around Princess' neck (decapitation/loss of head) when she removes the red band (bloodline reference), lots of mirror symbolism (and with the choreography; dancing clones), rose petals, beads become an embryo which have syringes pointed into it (ivf+genetic manipulation), all the spinning, Go-Go dancer looking into big mirror shard (turns out to be a surgeons knife), more roses with mirror symbolism... and of course Kanye West's Flashing Lights (papparazzo, keep celebs dissociative/strobe lights triggering hypnotic states etc) playing during it just tops it off perfectly.

"Princess" With her wig, ruby shoes, the lights behind her head (symbolic decapitation, as in her head/mind has been replaced). And below an older one with the checkerboard floor and the limbless Venus sculpture I specifically wrote alot about in my latest Lynch post where I go into how loosing limbs = MK as it's all about losing a part of yourself, and having it replaced by a 'fake'/programmed one... [transhumanism ties in here] this also plays into the mannequin symbolism [mannequins/statues/dolls/etc all pretty similar] below also (the Mannekitten is mimicking the Venus de Milo statue's pose in red shoes).

City of Lost Angels; LA was another major theme recently/last month.

Only seen the show like once or twice years ago so cannot really comment on the content; though I see there's a sadistic porcelain masked serial killer in it and probably a lot more MK in it.


Edit: The girl who plays Eden Lord in Nip/Tuck, AnnaLynn McCord, home-schooled in Georgia, kissing her sister (remember Angelina Jolie/brother kiss; public ritual incest, see Backseat Cuddler link) Rachel McCord at the People's Choice Awards on 7th of January... under CBS' All Seeing Eye of course.

Anne Hathaway (also in Alice in Wonderland)/Kate Hudson's [Katy Perry's real name was Katy Hudson by the way] new film has standard symbolism (checkerboards, mirrors, hair dye etc) in it and focuses a lot on two/duality, Kate the Kat turned up in fractured/fragmented glass style black/white duality dress (chaos resonating; with each fragment containing different styles [i.e stripes/spots, some the same/some are empty (very MK symbolic)] of black/white pattern), Ms Bacon (Shakespeare; see Anne Hathaway link) all in black [even their hair plays into the symbolism with Anne dark haired, and Kat light (and below making a cross with their knives/cake knife, + black/white/red)].

Speaking of twins/duality/MK'd celebrities; (as always thanks to commenters for links and such) Rebecca Romijn and Jeremiah O'Connell [appeared with MK'd Brad Renfro in Stand By Me at age 11, then as a teenager he starred in 'Mistaken Identity', his main series Sliders is such typical MK (parallel universes/dimensions/alternate reality), etc] are now parents; Rebecca having given birth to twin girls [I'm sure Hugh Hefner can't wait for them to grow up a little (based on Ikki twins and his general obsession with twins)] called, in standard MK'd celebrity ritual style: 'Dolly Rebecca Rose' [after MK'd Dolly Parton (that's what they always say ;), synching up to fake LA barbie dolls (Nip/Tuck)/country music] and 'Charlie Tamara Tulip' [after Jerry's MK'd brother, a Chuck then]... both are of course flowers. Romijn's representative (likely handler) is Lewis Kay [Kay, K 11, twins, duality]. Another link here on the brother.

I remember him best as the insane son in Scream 2 [standard horror movie MK].
Tomcat = MK'd Tom Cruise and Stepford Kat [Jerry is pictured over the 'pussy', he's got the kitty!]; Jerry 'wrote' the screenplay for her movie First Daughter [synching it up to the end of this post's focus on the President's daughters/kitten], Amerie also appeared in that as Mia [this year I'll be going more into Mariah Carey, Ashanti and other kittens I think]. Please read the MK suggestions in the movie's wiki link (another writer of it is a KK, 'fairy-tale princess leaving the castle' etc.).

Literally all of Rebecca's films have MK themes (Simone, Femme Fatale, X-Men, Austin Powers[as herself], to synch it up to Travolta she was also in Punisher etc), above she is the shapeshifter, 'Mystique'.

Brian De Palma's Femme Fatale...[note usual symbolism half face in darkness/one eye/serpent]"In the film, Laure Ash (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) participates in a diamond heist in Cannes, double-crosses her accomplices and escapes to Paris, where she stumbles across her own doppelgänger (naturally portrayed by Romijn) who commits suicide [self-destruct programming], leaving Laure the opportunity to take her identity and leave the country. Seven years later, Laure (now called Lily Watts) re-surfaces in Paris as the wife of the new American ambassador to France (Peter Coyote)." More on Femme Fatales coming soon; Nikita (and others) requires my attention!

Note gold serpent, and I can't believe I haven't seen this one!

"And.... Action!" [programmed personality for the scene, with script/emotions/etc 'memorized' is triggered; note consciously the snapper thing is positioned giving the half face effect] The Ophelia (MK goes way back; it certainly is not limited to simply a 'CIA experiment' as I think that's what some people think I'm specifically referring to [MK-Ultra]...) painting is something I go into in my Kylie Minogue post (as that kitten is portrayed as such, like she is [I think that's her anyway, found in a RR/Femme Fatala gallery] also below).

In The Alibi she plays Lola, Jerry (the 'husband') also appears in this. Godsend, below (half face in darkness), features the usual 'clones' theme and such.

The below Cosmo [oz] cover contains no numerology and certainly no suggestive words/phrases! ;p

Ready for a Sex-Kitten year?
And the big kitten related news is that the White House cat called 'India' (named after an MK'd Texas Ranger baseball player, Ruben Sierra) has died.

When the Bush daughters [obviously kittens, 'First Daughter' sync] went to college, the cat lived the remainder of its life at the White House with the president and first lady.

With affection, the family called the cat "Kitty."

The guy (Graham McCann) who wrote the article seems to be fully aware, image from Dlisted (not sure if it's the actual cat; Michael K's typical MK suggestiveness, which is probably unconscious but who knows [the cat's multiple names/personalities; it was also called Willie]).

So yeah, bear with me, a couple more days at least until I finish the next main post; I think it's an interesting one though so don't want to rush it (as I said, probably break off from it to do the Dita post).


Anonymous said...

A few more things noticed in the nip/tuck video. Look into Busby Berkeley [BB=33]. He was a genius choreographer - 1930' Hollywood. The montage of the girls is a lot like his stuff.

Berkeley used geometric and occult symbols, including the black sun. As you know this links to Germany and the Nazi beliefs. Compare



The nip/tuck 'princess' (as you called her) also looks vaguely 1930's German. This would imply that some of the genetic tampering originated at that time in Germany (which we know it did.)

Also if you look above her head in the poster, you see the operating room light looks like a UFO which also has Nazi connections and implies yet another level to all of this craziness....

Finally the last girl who emerges from the circle in the commercial looks sort of androgynous which is another goal of theirs. I mentioned this to the guy at Celtic Rebel in his post on homosexuality a few weeks ago.

skrambo said...

In the obligatory All-Seeing Eye Nip/Tuck poster, the space in the bandaging looks like a coffin, and the girl looks a bit like a mummy.

That 666 in the Cosmo cover literally made me laugh out loud. It's not really a laughing matter, it's just the shameless audacity of it.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it damm funny? Hypnodiet...

Double Oprah:

Check out the label on the bottle:


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Pixie thinks she,s an egyptian priestess, lol! Poor fool.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I couldnt help it:)

MEL B has a long history of "catness":


Anonymous said...

I bet they would, very much knowledge comes from there:



Anonymous said...


I suspect the father of the baby was her own father so she did this desperate act. And check out her name: triple L, just like LEONA LOUISE LEWIS...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I'm new to this site, and I'm enjoying everything I've come across.

kind of new to this 'mind control' subject - when you note different things like broken glass or mirrors within a tele show, are these used to gain control over the viewer who hasn't been already controlled? or triggers to the already controlled?

again, your site has been real insightful, keep them coming!

Benjamin S said...

Last anony, thanks for the kind words. It isn't as absolute as that I think; the shattered/broken/fragmented/fractured/etc glass imagery is used so often as it probably has a cummulative 'shattering/breaking' effect on the mind/psyche of 'unprogrammed people' [an oxymoron ;], as it is the type of imagery that goes straight to your mind's subconscious I think, making them more suggestible (every time they see this over the years... they are trying to 'break you') and easier to control /less likely to question (if you are aware of it though it probably has less/if any effect at all).

Triggers for programmed people can be literally anything (depending on what types of programming they have gone through during their life); shattered glass could easily be programmed as a trigger for an alter (in a victim's internal world, the alter may 'live' in a glass room ['People who live in glass houses should not throw stones' type of cryptic, well known phrase that could be used as a trigger-phrase], when the victim sees the shattered glass image on screen this would, if programmed to, be a trigger to 'waken' that alter [it finally allowed to BREAK OUT, very effective for Delta (assassin) programming as they will be raring (like an attack-dog on a leash barking/snarling/waiting to be let loose) to 'get out' (of the glass room), complete their program (kill a certain official/go on a 'random' massacre/etc) having waited so long to be triggered to the surface this would be all the alter-personality would be thinking about].

So, with all these themes I do not seem them as outright triggers for something specific (there are SO many variables in every victim and every programmer, that it's impossible to say 'this definitely triggers that' etc, if you know what I mean).

But there are some that are known to be triggers/keys/codes for certain things through testimony of victims/ex-programmers and the like; Illuminati Formula is an excellent resource for things like that (understanding internal structures/worlds and that kind of thing is admittedly quite difficult to understand, I think I just about get it I don't think you can ever 100% understand it unless you are a victim or a perpetrator yourself to be honest). And the controlled media knows what themes/symbolism/triggers work best in programming, and as triggers, hence why the media is totally saturated in all these themes (the ones I write about, without definite knowledge of who or what they will be used for triggering in the future). Also I think their total arrogance (they have everything under their control; they like to think anyway) plays a massive role in why MK symbolism and themes are used so overtly and have pretty much always been in the media.

Cheers! And tommy; I know what you mean, sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry... so I just end up laughing which is probably the wrong choice.

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry! BB would = 22 although visually it looks like 33.

The number 22 is the number of the "master builder" according to chaldean numerology

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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