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We Are The Future - The Times They Are a-Changin'

Random rant post + Miley Mouse checkup; did anyone else with half an eye on the inaugural proceedings think the world would have probably benefited from the entire length of the Mall collapsing in on itself, taking all the apathetic sheeple (ants seem more accurate here though) herded into a long line between the occult monuments and taking the politicians/entertainers/etc with it into the abyss [not entirely serious, but I'm sure some of you share my frustrations watching some of the comments on TV of those that attended]. But alas; the only thing of interest to occur was Ted Kennedy's usual brain malfunction (brain tumor is cover for MK; it isn't rocket science to realize that all the Kennedy's are MK'd [see JFK's usage of MM, shot in the head, brain removed etc]), which forced Senator Robert Byrd (Cathy O'Brien's long-term 'owner'; that fucker just won't die! he's 91 at the moment) to leave, with some reports of himself being taken ill also (which were refuted, saying he left out of concern for Ted ["Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.), who was sitting at the same table with Kennedy, was taken from the room by staff moments before medical personnel arrived to assist Kennedy. Byrd's exit from the room was related to Kennedy's condition and not any medical problems of his own, said Kerry. "He was concerned about what was happening with Senator Kennedy," Kerry told reporters." Byrd probably knowing more than most of the puppets there on how to deal with Ted 'the lion' Kennedy's programming breakdown]).

At the Kids Inaugural "We Are The Future" concert, Miley Cyrus (above, with Daddy Billy Ray; previous Miley posts) was one of the main performers; Michelle and the kids excitedly taking pictures of this Disney slave (see below video). She wore a Bob Dylan (in DK post; he was MK'd) T-Shirt with the lyrics (totally ironic, actually not; actually "the times they are a'changin"... just not in the positive way people think ;) from his third album of the same name; then wearing a red dress. The background, 3 circular screens projecting images of little children and such looked like they were supposed to be representing magic mirrors (and also sun symbolism).

"We Are The Future" [most of the events' performers are Disney slaves, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato etc] Very much a Disney event, the Obamas are a Disney family; Barack's rise to power was done using illusion, false-promises... having a man-child in office for the past 8 years didn't hurt either, but it should be obvious that Obama is an infinitely more dangerous puppet than George W ever was.

This is your tween's future... (click, check out her eyes; + very symbolic with Iron Maiden electroshocks/pentagram/etc, she went to buy a purple orchid on this "trip" ;)

Miley the leopard.

All images are from Miley Model 2009 [the peacock eye/etc one from the Dita post is also]; she took another dissociative trip to 'Millions of Milkshakes' (all these paparrazi trips are ritualized) in the exact same (from Miley Mouse Club post) fucking 'happy-trance' as last time ;p.

Miley Cyrus - Fly On The Wall - Official Video -
Randomly post her latest music video for Fly On The Wall (note Los Angeles, Friday Night Frights: Double Feature, everyone turns into a paparazzo [Oz + base-programmer Papa (dad) Paparazzo]... there is no escape from Papa (Billy Ray)/ Oz, chasing her with strobe/flashing lights (as I've said before keeps the MK'd celebs constantly dissociated and such), not sure but I think her black wrist thing has a skull and bones on it... and of course the finale where she goes on and on without realizing she is still being watched (state she exists in in reality), and the website WOW|MOM symbolic. Video is quite educational on the role of the paparazzi in MK actually. And below is from the Hannah Montana movie, with standard MK (amusement park rides and such) which she randomly introduces inside a barn (dehumanization).

"Must... not... do... Horns..." (she usually does, not on this concert though for some reason; seems like it would have been very appropriate!)

Scarlet lady Miley in the spotlight.

Clearer view of Bob Dylan reference (+ background lots of point within a circle within circles usage), the album itself containing MK suggestive songs (i.e 3:33 long 'Only a Pawn in Their Game') at inauguration party infront of Michelle and the kids.

Speaking of Corporate Slaves in Red Dresses; Dana Perino's appearances on the Daily Show have always intrigued me (how the 'other side' rationalizes their thinking), aside from the fact that she's fucking delightful... this final message from the white house is funny because it's true (I doubt the affluent liberal/Obama robots that always make up TDS' crowd get the true significance).
Another TDS one with Hillary dissociating, JS not-so-subtly referencing MK with her needing an electroshock dog-collar (I remember an earlier video with some weird dog-candidate debate thing; all about dehumanization).
Colbert Report [btw, Daily Show and Colbert are definitely just as controlled as everything else] on the criminal puppet media of the past.

Colbert vid: With JFK 'Sex With Marilyn'/Bay of Pigs image just before the bit on torture + Bill Clinton sex reference [imagine going into the Oval Office with a black light!]) going into torture (the 24 [MK=13+11=24] clip I remember literally laughing at when I saw it on the show, such blatant propaganda) and how the perception of it has been changed. Checkout John King announcing Barack is to usher in the New World Order on Colbert (which we all knew already) I also noticed at the time, over at Dedroidify also agree with his little post on Obamas speech, as always Secret Sun's coverage of such things is mind blowing.
Edit: Added the above one too, Dick Cheney + white kitten added, George Bush Snr (who btw got into office defeating Michael Dukakis [in the 1988 election], whose wife is an electroshocked Kitty [used in a debate in a nasty way too: "Governor, if Kitty Dukakis (his wife) were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer?"] all elections are fixed, total farces [Dukakis/Gore/Kerry/etc knew they were supposed to lose], there has never been a legit one in America [it's worse in the UK mind; a pointless exercise in 'choosing' between two of their puppets])... + Crowley's daughter (maybe [or not]; they do look somewhat similar [edited, interesting link here btw]) Barbara Bush in purple + some other stuff (UK get's it 24 hours late, I'll probably edit this one again). And Bush/Obama comparison below of their blatantly scripted rhetoric (the embed codes are insane now, damn Viacom ;S). Not sure which video it's in (probably above) but the way the preacher says 'Sasha' and t'other are spoken in an obviously suggestive tone.

All Hail the Puppet in Chief!


Anonymous said...

As always, maximum points for this "shortie". The whole Obaaaama shit show made me sick, how else... Of course I didnt watch it, just saw pics on the net news. I said same thing, that hes worse than monkeyman Bush was. His coming to power was already marked with (innocent)blood, see the Gaza conflict, Jewish celebration in their own way. Let the sheeple rejoice, the day they will realize we were rite, they will bite their own fingers...


~*kimrey*~ said...

who was it who said (paraphrasing) "the sheep should make sure their shepherd doesn't have a taste for lamb."?
the entire obamania movement scares me more than any other event in my 1/2 century of life. those people are not sane. i just don't get it. maybe because i never watch the man talk, never listen to his speeches except enough to know i shouldn't...
well. i hope i am WRONG about all this.
thanks for your excellent blog, as usual :)

Anonymous said...

I can't say i disagree with the above comments.
This is some scary sh*t alright.

Btw, has anybody seen the latest UK advert for Anchor Butter? Please check it out, especially the end with the cow riding into the (massive) sunset. Does it remind you of other logos/symbols we keep seeing everywhere these days?
It started broadcasting on January 19th.
Compare this advert with the previous Anchor Butter adverts (do a search). Why the radical change? why now?

Maybe i'm just paranoid...


Anonymous said...

Director TERRY GILLIAM is as sincere as he can be:

"Gilliam: 'Del Toro Was Frightening And Frustrating'

21 January 2009 10:59 PM, PST

Moviemaker Terry Gilliam will think twice before working with Benicio Del Toro again - because the intense actor was such a distracting force on the set of Fear + Loathing In Las Vegas.

The British director feared Del Toro was "out of control" for much of the odd 1998 movie.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "He gets pretty deep into his character, and sometimes I thought he was out of control. What I found out is he's frightening.

"He required a lot of handling, and, after a while, his need to be so intense wore a lot of us out. I think he felt he wasn't getting as much attention from me as he wanted, but, as far as I was concerned, I was giving him more than anybody else got. It was frustrating. Always."

But Gilliam refuses to knock the end result: "You've got this incredible performance."


Anonymous said...


skrambo said...

Did you see this comment over at Secret Sun, posted by Ben Fairhall?

"Obama's scripture (for the inauguration) was 1 Corinthians 13:11."

As you pointed out in this article (and which I had never before thought of) 13 and 11 make MK.

I actually couldn't find all the people on that satellite image the first time I looked at it, then I realized there were so many it didn't look like anyone was there. A sea of people looking more like termites or some other bad infestation.

How dare Miley Cyrus wear an Iron Maiden shirt. I'll bet she's never even listened to them.

The Daily Show = TDS = Tedious. I stopped watching after one episode was blatant Zionist propaganda, on Stewart was talking like he had a gun pointed to his head.

Anonymous said...

maddie porn

mengel's twins

Travolta blackmail whats he got to hide?

Anonymous said...

More ruby shoes:


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Kylie recieved an OBE honor from Queen Elizabeth II in 2007

Anonymous said...

Kylie Minogue demonstrates she's a 'pupil of the eye'

Anonymous said...

Why is Israel using white phosphorus to kill people?

Alchemists felt that light represented the spirit. The non-metallic element phosphorus was of interest because of its apparent ability to contain light, as evidenced by the characteristic glow-in-the-dark phosphorescence of phosphorus compounds. Pure phosphorus also has the ability to spontaneously burn in air, but the element was not isolated until 1669. Phosphorus was also an ancient name for the planet Venus, when seen before sunrise.

Anonymous said...

It says in this link it's a mark to identify the child;_ylt=AkvzZZRb_.60jzo1i13P0qBbbBAF

I was curious about the baby with the mark in the forehead due to this:

Totally unrelated (right?) Is that a butterfly on that kid's forehead?? And what about all those funny symbols he/she is making with his hands and feet?
Probably nothing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, probably nothing, baby is just doing baby gang signs ;P

~*kimrey*~ said...

on the subject of the times are a changin'... has anyone else seen this on facebook!?!?

you have to see the logo!!


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As a member of this group, you will receive calls to action and breaking news to share with your personal network of contacts.

Join the Obama Action Wire now and help spread the truth!

With your help, and the help of thousands of supporters like you, we will stand up for the truth and make sure that these attacks don't get in the way of the change we need.
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