Friday, 2 January 2009

G-Forcing Roses

Pure Komedy.

"For over 100 years the government has trained and employed animals as espionage agents [dehumanized MK'd slaves]. Starting in the civil war carrier-pigeons delivered messages to the frontlines.. etc..' Like Bolt and others, G-Force appears to be another allegorical film about dehumanization in MK (note the cat, [infiltrator (i.e. seduction; beta skills) and extermination (assassination; delta skills), so clearly it represents a sex-kitten/delta-beta slave] which if you look says she is a CHESS MASTER [for the standard checkerboard symbolism that you'll always see related to these spies] as well as the aforementioned delta-beta skills. And her codename is FELICIA [mixture of Alicia/Alice, + FElIne, + fellatio]), the kitten was born December 3rd 1984. Though unlike Bolt (about MK'd actors) this is about MK'd spies, I'm sure there'll be one about MK'd singers at some point too if there hasn't been some already, with talking animals in a singing contest or something all cute and cuddly like that.

This kind of dehumanization programming involves mind shattering traumas; hence all the shattered glass (consciously focused on in the trailer clearly).

Latest MK/Horror movie (themes like a lost twin with an evil soul, wanting to come out [used in programming evil alters] etc) to feature this symbolism in it's poster is The Unborn, with split mind + mirror, is the 'Unborn'. You'll notice that even the tagline is MK symbolic with EVIL and LIVE (mirrored/reversed) being the first and last word of it. Apparently this poster caused controversy; another noncontroversy as these victims'/sex-kittens' 'assets' are always exploited, they are always turned into sexual objects for the masses to drool over (and for women/little girls to copy/emulate). Odette Yustman is the girl from Cloverfield, her first film was one of Arnie's kids (baby goat) in Kindergarten Cop as Rosa; I last heard her in Fallout 3 voicing Amata at the start of the game (I have a substantial post on that in the works, hopefully I won't forget about it).

I've never seen the show Damages, but whenever I see trailers/posters for it I'm always blown away at the blatant MK symbolism in it (nearly always has fractured glass/split mind/fractured word/all that happy stuff I'm banging on about); here's a few. Rose Byrne is the dissociative/dishevelled/half naked/covered in blood girl (exiting an elevator, see below video) in the very first scene of the series (a flashforward) called Ellen; she is your standard beautiful MK'd actress from Oz, her sister is an Alice; Rose was nicknamed Chabs after a family cat as a child.

Red Shoes over Glenn Close's (wearing purple, 'elite' family [her father was the personal physician of a leopard-skin hat loving Congo President, went to 'elite' schools and all that], loads of roles [like Stepford Wives, Nine Lives] etc) kneck (symbolic decapitation), Yellow Line + Gold Dress (Yellow Brick Road).

Rose's (and Glenn's with half face) split mind in NY/OZ [she's from Oz remember so even more significant; KK played the Queen's double/servant and has an OZ/NY image, Rose played a handmaiden/servant (as did Sofia Coppolla, who I'm bound to cover at some point; but as a little preview, 'WHO IS THIS DOING THIS SYNTHETIC TYPE OF ALPHA-BETA PSYCHEDELIC FUCKIN?' [meant to be 'FUNKIN', she plays a typical MK'd uber-flexible gymnast in this Chemical Brothers' Elektrobank video]) of the Queen's senator], this kind of split mind psychological motif is also seen here from this post on an MCM. Here's a Sony ad with her in it; at the time I didn't focus on her (for obvious reasons), but she was also in the Heath Ledger film Two Hands which I posted on. Their very first film usually tells you a lot about them; Rose's is Dallas Doll.

Something about her voice seems quite tragic, hearing her say 'I play Alex' (Alex/Alice) in the below Two Hands interview where she also talks about Heath (barely started post, going through and capping movie tomorrow)... On Heath Ledger, "He's really umm.. 'focused'", no doubt! "It's bizarre how different he is from when you're acting with him to when he's normal." And the announcement at the end, the director becoming her 'boyfriend' is just SO typical; Gregor Jordan who grew up on an Airforce Base in Oz (props to Two Hands post commenter) and also directed Ledger's Ned Kelly (also with Naomi Watts and others).

Here are some of her scenes from Two Hands with musical accompaniment (very emotive, considering everything else too), note the sex-doll/mannequins (with red shoes, 'WILD GIRLS LIVE'), skeleton/robot/remote control, tranced at around 4:43ish-5:15 etc.

Her poster for Wicker Park has similar split mind + reflection symbolism, in which she also plays an Alex (Alice; like in Two Hands, her first major film). You could go through all her other roles (Troy, Sunshine etc; just look at the names of the characters!) but I don't want to turn this into a big post.

I'll leave you with scenes from her first film Dallas Doll, she is only 12 at this point (note the content; she is also called Lily [not actual name in it], she is hit in the face by her father; in the short film 'The Date' her father is a pedophile politician/drug smuggler).

And a very interesting music video (fairly easy to interpret, with the corridors/hotel room doors, wigs, she is dragged around, bird trapped in bird-cage, the lyrics etc) with her in it for Alex Lloyd's Black the Sun. [Less interesting portrayal in Darren Hayes' video but still worth a look (though I can't stand that Fing guy), checker pattern walls and such]


Anonymous said...

1st pic of DAMAGE poster ressembles DURAN DURAN's 2007 album cover:


Anonymous said...

See Bahama's comments in Eartha Kitt post

"...Travolta is a QUALIFIED PILOT and has flown for the Australian airline Qantas when not fulfilling his Hollywood commitments. Such is his enthusiasm for aviation that he persuaded his wife to name their son Jett."

Anonymous said...

In 3D Animation? Programming that lab rats love their enslavement, hence MK'd slaves must too.

Caught the 22 jersey in the above, yet another film in a long line teaching us to fear all that we cannot see. Obvious diabolical ploy to prevent us from communicating with any spirits, especially those willing to assist us. The girl in scare-fest Quarantine also wore the 22.

That poster is overtly anal..

aferrismoon said...

Feli - CIA = the idea of felicity [ trust] in the agency.
Or even Life-Cia

at - - the guy has done a post on the Olsen Twins, synchromystic + sinister. Some interesting leads in there , if u feel the urge . fairly short too.

In the Unborn poster it has THE inside the O and the next letter = an R , so , to me, it seemed a slightly hidden OTHER [alius in Latin]


Christopher Darren Horn said...

Good post. Loved the G-Force reference. Looks like a cute movie. Remember the Saturday morning cartoon "Battle of the Planets", the groups name was G-Force. Modified humans to fight an alien menace.

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