Saturday, 3 January 2009

Jett Black Reality

Quicky post off the back of scientologist/cyborg-jet-pilot John Travolta's kid Jett dying; just by looking at him you can see he's the type of kid who probably didn't take to Scientology programming. Kawasaki disease is one of those helpfully vague diseases/syndromes that you can blame for all the blackouts/seizures/faintings/fevers/etc that come with the territory in trauma-based mind control (depending on the subject; i.e. Ella Bleu, the daughter/sister has had none of these problems with it, well on her way to becoming a future MK'd Hollywood 'star'), 'cardiac arrest' is the default C.O.D. for people whose hearts are intentionally triggered to fail (either as a pre-conditioned program, or through drugs, electroshocks can cause it, there are many ways in which they can cause 'heart failure')... I'm expecting [speculation based on the past, I'll probably be wrong] something heart related to be the official C.O.D. anyway (him bashing his head/blunt force trauma to the brain is also symbolic/MK ritualistic [I doubt he just hit his head and drowned in the bath too], I doubt that'll be it though as it's more easily disproved than cardiac problems, should he be exhumed in future). Anyway, Daily Mail link for the story and Telegraph with some interesting info in it [in regards to Jett being put on Scientologies' "Detoxication Programme"... occurred in the Bahamas where you can get away with murder (literally), flying for an Oz-based airline, the attourney Ossi (Oz), etc](also see previous posts' comments).

Edit: Updated Daily Mail links here ['He had to be in control'] and here [Michael Ossi, the family’s ["]lawyer["], said Jett had a history of seizures and other medical problems. ‘But they were controlled,’ he said. ‘This one couldn’t be.’] and here. Edit: That was quick, they just completely avoided the issue; just leaving the C.O.D. as "seizure"... (a seizure can cause something to fail, it can never be the outright/absolute cause of death of course) he's been cremated so no hopes of ever really knowing. Seems extremely fishy.

Jett as a small child (looking distinctly happier), with standard ditsy Scientologist blond wife, Kelly Preston. Whose mother was an administrator working at a 'mental hellth centre', her father died at age 3... (parental situation always plays a role in how some of these victims are selected; seems obvious to me that her mother sold her out/into slavery) like many of these victims she was taken to random places around the world like Iraq and Oz. She was put with other MK'd actors like Clooney and Charlie Sheen, who bought her a 2.5 carat pink diamond ring, they lived together for a year before he shot her in the arm which quickly ended that 'relationship'. A year later in 1991 she was married by a French Scientologist Minister to John Travolta.

I may as well use this as an opportunity to post some of Travolta's (electric volts) MK symbolic movie posters (click em for wiki links to the MK themes in the actual movies, ones like FACE/OFF are pretty self-explanatory though).

Travolta and Cage (volt/cage, these stars are essentially trapped in metaphorical [and literal sometimes] electrically charged cages!), Cage (cousin of Sofia Coppola mentioned in previous post, see G-Foce link) is the main star to voice a character in G-Force, Travolta did Bolt along with Miley Mouse. No real reason is given why he changed his name to something so resonant of slavery (could have picked anything), other than that he wanted to avoid nepotism (pointless really, everyone knows Hollywood is totally incestuous; figuratively and literally, you get far in it through who you know, not what you know) and that it probably comes from a comic-book character (genetically manipulated/altered).

"A Young Boy Who Knew Too Much"

Chris and all the other great commenters covering the day-to-day MK links/stories have reminded me of Brad Renfro (who died ['overdosed'; again, drug abuse (like the aforementioned disease) is just another cover for MK victims' dissociative lives] at the start of last year, Ledger has already been covered extensively by others; more on him in forthcoming Dark Knight post), who acted in 21 (777) movies... the only ones I'm really familiar with are Bryan Singer's Apt Pupil (having read the book + a lot of Stephen King's other stuff as a kid, probably has a lot to do with my current mindset ;), Sleepers (about child-abuse in a young offenders institute; he played one of the kids in the flashback scenes, the movie is also metaphor/allegory for the adult Hollywood stars [and probably the kids too] lives) and The Jacket which I've previously covered, checkout the MK/split mind symbolic poster at this post. His final movie, to be released posthumously is called The Informers, with a bunch of other MK'd actors in it too (Winona Rider, Billy Bob [though he strikes me less as a victim]) and a statue as it's poster.

Bryan Singer, is obviously a director 'they' always had big plans for as he just recently directed Tom Cruise' (fellow scientologist, with Stepford Kat; appeared with Travolta's wife Kelly Preston in Jerry Maguire) Nazi-orgy movie Valkyrie... notice any similarities between the posters? (Nazi theme aside)

And the Ian McKellen/Renfro scene where the mental-state you are put into when you get whipped up in a Nazi-like cult frenzy is triggered due to the uniform/marching/unquestionnably obeying orders.

And a humorous one from the increasingly less-funny Mitchell and Webb, the symbol illiterate masses could learn something from this mind ;p.

Finishing with Renfro; a nasty scene from Sleepers.

"Here Kitty Kitty" (the guy should have started the clip earlier, but you get the idea/subtext here hopefully) scene from Apt.

And obviously completely appropriate [!], the Ikkitten twins hosting at the JET night club in Las Vegas that they hosted to sync it up nicely (on wall behind them in gold; note 'Mirage' also)...

And speaking of Barbie Dolls; Barbie turns 50 this year, it should give you some indication as to what Barbie is really about that the idea for it came from Bild Lilli... a 1955 German doll (coming back to the Nazi theme; 1955 is the year MI5 changed it's logo from the all seeing eyed pyramid btw), whith Lilli (Lily, flower of death etc [gone into many times]) itself having been based on a prostitute (many/most are MK'd sex-dolls/slaves/kittens) from an adult cartoon. This Daily Mail article is really very funny... "To celebrate their birthdays, we reveal the weird and wacky parallels between Madonna and Barbie." The Telegraph's magazine (3rd January 2009) has the title 'Living Doll' and the Barbie doll in large earrings, seductive 'cat-eye' [check out the blue/red Monarchs in that link], and with a black/white striped zebra duality dress on (the original Barbie doll, which makes sense; the article also states that it is still raking in $3.3 billion a year [seen here at online version of it, 'Doll Power']). More on Barbie at wiki [Ruth Handler came up with the idea apparently, hehe].

What's that random White Rabbit doing there I wonder ;p?


Anonymous said...

Just before i started reading the the Jett Travolta post i was flipping channels and West Side Story was on. I left it there and after a few distractions went on with reading the post just as the guy started singing about "when you're a Jet."

Those syncs have been happening way too often in the past 9 months.

Anonymous said... (watch her earliest vids)

If the idea is that MK and Scientology are related, scientology has it's own very off-related relevance. The fact that they still can even exist in the American system should be very questionable. HOW can they still be supported by this system? and my guess is Germany stopped its attempt to ban Scinos there because of the anti-nazi gesture cruises movie was suppose to have.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to me at least, both TRAVOLTA's kids were born in April, on 3, respectively 13... Scientologist programmed births, lol...


skrambo said...

I don't know if anyone picked up on this yet, but IKKI is 9/11. I=9, K=11.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
Love your blog!

I run the "Stepford wives"- thread over at Icke's. It covers a wide range from mindcontrol/symbolism, MK sex-kittens, Stepfording and clones/replacements. Please check it out if you want:

Have been posting some more on Karen Mulder there too. That story disturbed me already when it was new, since KM (MK!) is one of my favourite models of all time.

Anyway - don't know if you've posted about this before; but I just did some research on Tyra Banks Top Model-show. Some really bizarre things going on there... Posted it on the Stepford-thread today. I think this could be something for you to dig into some more...

Take care & keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

LILY ALLEN has got a new older bf/programmer while on vacation, same happens to AMY WINEHOUSE:

Too much to be coincidence, dont u think?


Anonymous said...
Made me sick thinking in comparison to whats really goin on in this fucked up world.


Anonymous said...

Ok that playboy mansion NYE party clip was kind of funny, if only because Hefner looked completely senile and confused as 10 identical blondes kissed him haha! I guess I'll never understand why you would want 10 or more identical looking blond chicks who have a combined I.q. of 1, but I guess that's why I'm not a guy.

Anyway! :D I want to second that advice on the doppelganger/clone thread on the david icke forum. Its really good ;)

Also there was a theory floated on the Montalk forum as to Travolta's son being a Moonchild considering the Crowley and Parsons OTO ritual and all that Hubbard subscribed to. Here

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

The mind control of Latoya Jackson

Anonymous said...

Still more twin births. This time, Rebecca Romjin, twin girls. Don't tell me she needed invitro either, She's young.

Anonymous said...

Geldof's useless daughters:


Anonymous said...

Take a look at the names of the new born twins of REBECCA ROMIJN&JERRY O'CONNELL.

"Rebecca gave birth on December 28 to two healthy daughters, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip," rep for the actress told Access".


Anonymous said...

This youtube video contains a lot of clues to what's going on in Hollywood with multiple births, cloning, bloodline etc.

Its the promo for the 6th season of nip/tuck. There's a lot of symbolism in it about invitro fertilization or tampering with human eggs, Germany, hollywood, bloodline,secret societies etc. all the stuff that's been mentioned lately. I could break it down but it would be interesting t see what you and everyone else thinks.

Anonymous said...

Just my two cents Ben, but, I think you should be more cautious when it comes to outright declaring that kids - especially a kid like Jett who has died - is most certainly a murdered MK'd victim. In this case you're claiming on your public blog read by people around the world that he was murdered in a case of MK Scientology ritual death by his parents and whoever they're connected to. That's dangerous territory to tread in if you have zero proof for your insinuations, and are merely going on guesses alone.

I considered posting this last week, but then decided to hold off on it. I think this particular entry is a bit irresponsible and immaturely handled, to say the least. Your youthful age comes through loud and clear here. Somebody in their 30s and beyond would have handled an entry like this a bit differently than somebody of 18, 19, where it's usually a case of "Cavalierly type first, think and feel later." Emphasis on the word cavalier. Your blog has enormous potential to bring what's going on in the media to the attention of people who would otherwise never have realized certain things. Maybe you don't realize just how many people are reading your work now, and so aren't taking things seriously. But you're not in high school, where it's only your small group of friends reading some personal MySpace style blog. You're on the world wide web, and the very people you talk about may be reading. Be mindful of that. If you want people to take your work seriously, do less of the 18, 19 year old thing.

Just my two cents.

Benjamin S said...

Fair points, taken on board, your two cents are always worth many dollars here Carissa. You know your work has been a big influence on mine.

Not sure how I can drastically change my style though when posting on events like this (I don't think my speculation here crosses any lines really to be honest, I never say he was definitely murdered and by whom); I was trying to show John and Kelly as victims (as most Scientologists are I suspect [especially the ones in the public eye]); not as being involved in his death (it's the ones in scientology that we don't see on camera who are the real perpetrators, if anything untoward did happen) or if there was a ritual surrounding it, this is just more trauma for them both [I don't doubt that they loved their son, this must have been so horrific for them both], rather than having any direct involvement, I wasn't trying to claim/insinuate exactly what I thought happened. The ritual part of it is played by the newsmedia's repetition (though again, speculating that the actual death was part of a specific Scientology ritual sacrifice [and how this could have been done] is just considering all possibilities imo); and then the ritual continues on, just a few days/week after the death/post I turn on Channel 4 (UK channel) and Domestic Disturbance (top poster in this post, with the knife silhouette symbolically pointed at Travolta's eye in darkness) is on with John trying desperately to save his son from a criminal maniac (i.e. symbolic scientology).

I accept your points and I will try to do less of the 18, 19 year old thing and be less cavalier (I'm not entirely sure which bits of the things I've written in the blog that constitutes though, I get what you mean overall); Carissa, you can always email me ( if there's something you are concerned about or for any reason. I don't want to keep writing a certain way if it's just going to put new people off or annoy those already into it, so please let me know if I post something questionnable or something. I appreciate the constructive criticism, and would like to correspond further on this if you want to via email.

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry for sounding so bossy in my previous post. That's probably out of line. It is your blog after all, and you're free to do with it what you will. This post just rubbed me the wrong way because here you have the death of a kid, and the way of going about proving that MK was at work is a bunch of movie posters from his dad, then spinning wildly off onto other subjects. It just didn't seem to be one of your strongest entries. Something as serious as the premature death of a kid needs something a little more concrete than that if you're going to try to make a case for MK being involved, imo. Even an "anonymous source" is more credible than some random images. I understand your point of view in posting the images - you see it as roundabout "proof" via synchromysticism - but in this case it doesn't work. That's all. Anyway, my apologies for sounding so bossy in the previous entry.

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