Thursday 1 January 2009

Kittens Killed at Kristmas

Kitten + Bast

So it's 2009... big year for the programmed kittens ahead? 2+9=11, k=11, Kitty Ki=11/9. I've just got back from a 9ish hour flight from Canada (very nice people over there) with no sleep (I watched Dark Knight again on the plane and think I want to kick off this year with a big post writing that up [i.e Joker's hanging man/upside down camera making him appear upright shot near end, Slaughter truck with carousel on it, Joker's abused childhood, checkerboards, and all that obviously meaningless stuff... ;-] + the various MK'd actors in it [Bale, Gyllenhaal, Eckhart, Freeman, Ledger obviously], it may take a few days) so am totally shattered, I saw this in the news when I was away and obviously had me thinking of posting on her; Eartha Mae Kitt's 9 lives ran out on Christmas Day, she was 81 (=9), probably genuinely of colon cancer.

Her most famous song 'Santa Baby' is about being fucked by Santa, sex-kitten's Kylie Minogue (note Kylie's Ruby ring that sparkles at 3:00 [trigger for somebody no doubt]), Pussycat Dolls and others have also covered it as these ritualized sex-kittens tend to just repeat the same crap over and over, because they're all under the same cat/kitten and other programming; I include some of the versions, starting from the first generation Kitty above, to next generation's one Madonna (not live, fanmade video with MM resonance; awful version mind), then Kylie; to today's Kitten-Puppets (with one of them in their usual black/white duality stripes [click their link up], and Snoop Dogg as Santa... woof woof). Nothing suggestive at all about the lyrics too ;p.

Alternate Kylie performance (love the wigged dancers dancing hypnotically mirroring eachother).

I prefer this performance. Taylor Swift (country music child star), Ashlee Simpson (for a second, before going all 'La La'; check out her amazingly blatant MK music video...) + some others have covered it too.

Speaking of Santa; the MK'd Santa Massacre was another bit of nasty news that caught my eye whilst I was away, 9 were killed... it's absolutely horrific:
Pardo, 45 [=9], who killed himself after the massacre, had no criminal record or history of violence. [the reasons given... $6,000 (6/9 spin) divorce settlement for Sylvia is obviously not enough to trigger something like this]

He had been due to act as an usher at the Christmas Eve midnight mass at his local church in Montrose, California.

Instead, he drove 40 miles to the small town of Covina where his former in-laws were holding a Christmas party.

The bloodbath began when an eight-year-old girl answered a knock at the front door to find Pardo dressed as Santa and carrying a large wrapped gift. Without a word, he pulled out a pistol and shot her in the face [Thankfully she survived, miraculously; not that she will probably never recover from the emotional and physical trauma ;(].

Police said he then took off his blood-covered Santa suit and drove to his brother's house in Sylmar, 40 miles away, where he was found dead at 3.30am on Christmas Day. He had shot himself in the head. [self-destruct programming]

Police found the badly burned bodies of eight victims as they entered the ruins after the fire was put out. 'Officers were met with a scene that was just indescribable,' said police chief Kim Raney.

The ninth body was not discovered until yesterday.

The rampage stunned Pardo's friends and neighbours.

'This is shocking,' said Jan Detanna, head usher at the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church.

'He was the nicest guy you could imagine. Always a pleasure to talk to, always a big smile.'

He said Pardo had served as an usher every Sunday evening for the past five or six years, adding: 'He always worked the 5.30pm mass. It's the children's mass.' [Pardo/Paedo; not saying he is, it's part of the ritual.... you need to understand the sick minds/mentality of the people perpetrating this shit on an unwitting masses; Edit: Wow, as always the insightful info in comments always amazes me; makes more sense it being a cat/kitten reference as it derives from the Greek Pardus meaning Leopard (sync it up to 'A Leopard Never Changes It's Spots' post)]

Back to Kitt; standard leopard-print/cat depictions on this kitten... she was conceived by child-rape, her name has the standard MK in Eartha Mae (meeow type thing probably) Kitt, like many victims her real father was never a proper part of her life. "Kitt was raised by her mother's sister, Anna Mae Riley, an African-American woman whom she believed to be her mother. Kitt claimed that she suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of a family to whom Anna Mae Riley entrusted her—"given away for slavery," as she described it in many interviews [see specific info in BBC tribute, put in a bag, hung from a tree and kicked is probably just one example]. Kitt said that as she was given away, she always wondered who would accept her and was afraid of being rejected." After this she was sent to New York [NY/OZ], where she eventually died; to live with her apparent real mother, another MK in 'Mamie Kitt'.

'My Heart Belongs To Daddy'

'You Can Call Me Miss Kitty' (including tracks like Bal Petit Bal; as in baal)- Remember who Miss Kitty is [I had a post in the works titled 'Miss Kitty' about the brothel/espionage/sex-kittens from a few months back but never got round to posting it] ... madame/sex-kitten (in charge of many of them anyway) working at SS/SD controlled brothel Salon Kitty (don't kid yourself... these programmed sex-kitten inhabited brothels exist today and are an integral part of maintaining the geopolitical structure), posted on Salon Kitty a few places like here (with more PCD/cat/kitten programming for added synchage).


She has some interesting quotes, she says she was in a Paris Ballet in 1947, "I was given away. If your mother gives you away, you think everybody who comes into your life is going to give you away." "I am still confused because I still don't know who my father is. And so who is my mother? The feeling is still there." Total confusion over who she is/where she comes from/her identity, her 'real mother' (not sure if it was ever proven with DNA or whatever) was raped at age 14 (by a white landowner apparently; slavery never went away, she was used by various players at the top, and given notable roles). She named her daughter Kitt, that is her grandaughter Rachel with them too below (red cat image behind them?).

Like many of these programmed performers; she has been in something Oz-based; performing in the Wizard of Oz musical as the Wicked Witch of the West (Witches always have black cats [scroll to end] as well as just the standard Wicked Witch Oz programming). She died in her (Wicked Witch of the) Weston (random sync, we were staying at the Westin Hotel) Connecticut home. Edit: Might as well sync up the Halle Berry/Naomi Campbell/Catwoman post too here.

Earlier on in her career Orson Welles played a major part in her getting roles and such; she played Helen of Troy in a production based on the below Dr. Faustus thing: "The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus is a play by Christopher Marlowe, based on the Faust story, in which a man sells his soul to the devil for power and knowledge."

She was most famous for being Catwoman, as most people will remember her from (admittedly I'd never seen/heard of her until her demise), appearing with the joker below (more on the character in Dark Knight post); props to Aferrismoon for the Joker/cat-woman/leopard-print chair shot, check it out for a lighter take on it.

split mind(above)/tiger skin

Of course Disney programming was bound to get involved at some point, as many other voice actors also provide the child-like/specifically programmed sounding voices for certain characters; in Kitt's case she played Yzma, which is very symbolic character if you look at it's mythology and symbolism involved with it, read the wiki. At the end of the Emperor's New Groove she is turned into a cat, for the sequel she is back as being an evil witch again but still keeping the bushy cat tail.

She voiced a similarly manevalent cartoon character in 'My Life as a Teenage Robot': A cunning and cruel robot queen, Vexus is bent on the enslavement of the human race. A sneaky android, she'll resort to disguises quite often, becoming the robot nurse Vee in "Tradeshow Showdown", the flirtatious teenage robot QT2 (pronounced "Cutie 2") in "Designing Women", and even the school photographer. Vexus was enemies with Dr. Wakeman. First appearing in "Hostile Makeover", Vexus infected Jenny with a nanobot, "slowly changing her from within, ...into a monster". The robot's daughter is voiced by Thora Birch, who features heavily the MK Movie The Hole (with KK Keira Knightly).

Project Bluebird's best

Her career was going well (above image is her meeting with the President Jimmy Carter), until I suspect she started thinking for herself when she questioned the Vietnam war to LBJ's wife, making her cry (the dissociative/fragile mess most of these 'elite' wives are; her name was Lady Bird... [real name Claudia Alta] grew up on a 'former' slave plantation mansion, her nurse was an Alice) and so she was marginalized from all entertainment (because it's all controlled), so I don't think she was under programming till the end, though who can really ever know? News story here, "She was performing almost until the end, taping a PBS special six weeks ago in Chicago, Illinois. The show is set to air in February." Might be interesting...

Happy New Year and all that everyone... oh yeah, and Free Palestine [those Israelis have spent far too long getting dissociated from all that dradle spinning to know wtf they're actually doing, me thinks, jk but it looks like things are kicking off anyway...], on a serious note, the children of what should be Palestine (crammed into a literal prison like sardines for the past 41 years by an illegally occupying power) are the true victims here, the trauma Sirhan Sirhan endured during the Arab-Israel war as a small child made him highly suggestible, and was far easier to program to assassinate RFK in later life because of this. + I will try my best not to get frustrated at people's ignorance to symbolism/mind control themes and all that, it just seems to be so common in every video now that surely their ears/eyes must perk up and wonder what these things actually mean... I take all your points in the previous post's comments on board and very interesting info as usual; cheers I'll look at all the links when I'm more awake tomorrow [also I just wanted to post the video real quick before I left for a week, because it has so many of the themes I'd posted on, if I had more time I would have done a more focused/analytical post; also I just wanted to post the cocaine/ketamine story that isn't exactly related to the Beyonce vid (I didn't say it was; I just post whatever I find interesting on any particular day, as I said it was just a quick post getting a couple of things that interested me onto the blog before I left for a week), people who know how these kinds of drugs would be used in mind control would hopefully have found it interesting anyway].


Anonymous said...


aferrismoon said...

Even EM - K , the girl just had it all.
While flicking through some photos of her one came up of her trying to stifle a smile when LBJ got sworn in an hour or so after the assassination of JFK. jackie kennedy is of corse standing in the blood spattered pink suit just to add to the madness. Apparently she held a piece of her husband's head in her hands at the hospital, for a few hours.
There's also Edie Beale and her daughter , cousins of JFK [ or Jackie] - worth checking out.
Sometimes wonder if at these upper-class drug soirees aren't just a great cover for slowly manipulating the minds of the 'elite' so that they do anything they're told for the rest of their careers. Photos, odd reactions, indiscretions etc - reported back to HQ,

I thinks its a valid point that perhaps the Isrealis have no real idea what they're doing anymore - I uess that's what happens when the rest of the world is too shit-scared to equate it with Mumbai, 9/11.
From the media its almost as if they''re saying ' well the Palestinians shouldn't have been so naughty, it serves them right'


Anonymous said...

Pardo, the name of the Santa slayer, is derived from Latin "pardus" (leopard); or from the Greek name Pardos (leopard, cheetah).

Anonymous said...

Not a good start of the year, just like in the year that passed. Remember RENFRO&LEDGER "opened the season", and before ANNA NICOLE SMITH's son and his mother after. Where also? In BAHAMAS...


Anonymous said...

Travolta's son's death is getting some suspicious murmurings already. Bahamas - a place for the elite to go when they don't want to be scrutinized, also drug smuggling. People can be paid to look the other way there.

Anonymous said...

"Amy Winehouse is back in the headlines, but this time it’s nothing too scandalous, although it probably has the head honchos at Island Records pulling their hair out. Wino was set to take a trip to the BAHAMAS to begin recording her follow up LP to Back In Black with famed producer Saleem Remi, but backed out at the last second, according to The Sun:

“It was a very expensive trip and it was hoped they would make some decent progress recording the album. But Amy pulled out at the last minute.
The album was planned for late 2008, but her label is now privately admitting it’s unlikely to happen until 2009” " The Sun.

Anonymous said...

How did you get into this?
Your spot on

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