Tuesday 24 February 2009

Lilo and Lily: Masked Kittens

Okay, first of all I wanted to complete avoid of anything related to cats or kittens for this next post (getting a little sick of em quite frankly), but they just don't stop do they! I'm working on a movie post (Paprika/anime/Japanese MK focus) which should be up tomorrow or day after, which I've broken off to put this together quickly. In my previous post I included an image of Claudia Schiffer as a masked sex-kitten; similar types of masks are seen on Lily and Lilo, along with the Shhh... tattoos, it is all extremely telling.
"The British singer and American actress have been palling about in LA as Lily cracks the US charts, including attending this masked Eyes Wide Shut-themed party together." [Sun quote]

And speaking of Eyes Wide Shut/masks/illuminism/etc check out the above video from this year's annual Carnival celebration in Venice; which I'm sure many of you are aware of (note the masked person + butterflies at 0:09 etc).
Lily covers next months Q Magazine, where she is predictably dressed up in checkerboard (reminding me of LiLo's a while back) pattern (and obviously you must be blind if you can't notice the duality themes here [with Lily in black (more symbolic as the lily is the flower of death) and Allen in white, the checkerboard, black panther + white Allen etc]).

No prizes for picking up on stuff here (Wicked Wicked Ways, see previous post on Wicked Witch/cat programming [where a small black cat is featured with Lima])

Caged animal ... singer and her panther [get it? pretty funny... that is the Sun's actual caption, source for 3 panthers images, you can see more images from the set at Q's website (I'll probably edit more in once Lily's fans add scans to their fansites)] See Cat People post (and many others; check out Angelina + her leashed black panther from my main post on her) and previous Lily the Kitty stuff.

Edit: As promised, some more images (note her small pyramid metallic belt, purple, stars, more cat/kitten suggestions in the words and Lilly's poses etc).

Oasis are mentioned on the cover, with more kitten suggestiveness "I am a tiger!"; giving me an excuse to post their latest video. I usually can't stand anything Oasis does but this video is surprising, I personally interpret it not as a "party-girl" royal as the consensus seems to be; I viewed it more as a depiction the Monarchy's use of drugged up slaves (all the girls kept on heroin in the house), and that even their own (I think the main girl is supposed to be an actual relative) are still treated in the same way (i.e. programmed; and a life of complete polar opposites, one minute she's kept drugged up on heroin, it starts with her having just had a 'one night stand' [aka sex-slave for the night], then next minute she's acting in official Monarchy business dressed up in royal blue sachets with Prince Charles). The butterfly (and other symbolic imagery) on the cover, the 'catch the wheel that breaks the butterfly' (based on this quote) and 'It's all that I've ever known' (this is all 'elite' royal family members have ever known essentially [i.e. intergenerational abuse, they don't know it's wrong because it's all that they've ever known]) and such adds weight to this (and obviously the eye in the graffiti behind the band); the title 'Falling Down' (as in falling down the rabbit hole) etc. Good song too (rare for Oasis), I think they're just showing how fucked up the royal family are anyway (it's what happens with centuries of inbreeding [not as bad as other Monarchies/'elite' families who have historically always wanted to keep the bloodline pure]), even if my analysis is a little off.

But back to Lily, and last month she covered SPIN magazine where she generally looks like her "head is spinning"... of course Ellen Von Unwerth was the photographer for this!

I was thinking of posting something on Beyonce performance at the Oscars but I'll just put this one image in (note Masonic top hat, remding me of Christina/Madonna/Britney top hat ritual, see Freeman; all the backing dancers in black/white + their canes [phallus; top hats also], Beyonce's red dress/ruby slippers, rose etc) showing one of High School Musical's kittens Vanessa Hudgens and Amanda Seyfried. On Amanda (below right), you really need to get a close-up view of those eyes (Daily Mail article kind of shows this, she was part of the truly Satanic Mamma Mia [Joke, but seriously that shit is evil!]); crazy dissociation going on there let me tell you. And synching things back up with Lily, in Veronica Mars she played Lilly Kane who, "is sometimes compared to the character of Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks, who also was a deceased murdered blonde teenager who had sexual activities with adults and appeared through various flashbacks as the plot unfolded." And of course she is most remembered from her performance in animal-centric (LiLo's character having come from Africa so there's all these safari references and whatnot) Mean Girls, she played the lead role in Nine Lives (she's a cat; I've posted on that movie briefly in the past [the film won 'Bronze Leopard Award for Best Actress' heheh]).

I'm downloading a higher quality version of Beyonce's performance so will add images of her performing with Marilyn Monroe [in pink from her well known musical; I've embedded Beyonce's Pink Panther video (note the diamond near start of it = presidential model sex-slave [synching up to more suggestions of this, i.e her singing Marilyn's Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend]) below which I'm annoyed I hadn't seen earlier as it would have obviously fit perfectly in posts like 'Pink Panthers' (Lily is one; often seen in her pink wig, you can see Beyonce wearing it in the below video) or the blatant 'Beyonce the Cat' one etc] on the background screen and such later, you can watch it here though. It was the 81st Oscars (8+1=9) afterall! You need the necessary background on Beyonce's kitten/sex programming, if you click the below Beyonce label you should get most of them.


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. I think the song and dance number that opens the show is a reference to Stanley Kubrick. Jackman opens the number with Singin' in the Rain, and then Beyonce enters wearing red like the wife of the politician who's raped in A Clockwork Orange.


Obviously black & white duality in both the movie scene and the Oscar number. Also, Jackman's rose looks like a red circle, which means like HAL in 2001. Additionally, note the screen behind Jackman and Beyonce is an upside down pyramid.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Ben are you a 'clone' of Jake Gyllenhaal? ha ha. Seriously, well done on the blog, I always look forward to reading your next post.

Anonymous said...

check out these pics of that Dellal woman

Anonymous said...

AMADOR - the loved one...


Anonymous said...

Really guys,


I read your blogs every day (not only POM), and I really must say, it grabs me, FULLY ;)
WONDERFUL stuff about the Tate things goin' around (DOLL-theme), what an other blogger mentioned, Hollywood HATES women, and I think that's no BS ;)...

May I introduce myself;
I'm Dutch (my name is Ed, and I'm Dutch, and I'm living in Germany for a while,...)

BEAUTIFUL work you do!

Keep on digging!

Mit Freunlichen Grüßen ;)

Anonymous said...

freunDlich, of course, and I want to add;

I'm just an outsider, who "just lurked around the corner", so does speak, but I already knew for quite a while, something fishy was going on BIG TIME (symbols, octagonals, conspiracies, 9-11 with NO PLANES, etc.,...
and I was only living in Holland at that time...)...

I became interested, because I was witness of the 911-situation. I was at a friend's house, when "the 1st plane" made the 'entrance', following the second plane and so on...

It opened my eyes...

A few years later, when I had internet, I wanted to learn more about these matters, so I stumbled in upon Goro's site to read his stuff, together with Hoagland's Enterprisemission....

I BELIEF in you guys,
I found blogs with WORTHY opinion, and honesty....
Yes, I like Billy Joel 4 that song, honestly I do ;)

I do have HUGE conscideration for your work (ALL of you guys), those are the OPENING DOORS for TRUTH!

May YOUR Force be with you!!!


Anonymous said...

BELIEVE, of course...

excusez-moi le môt...

Anonymous said...

Yes, those eye devoid of life and soul. I like the little hint on the SPIN cover to Animal Collective and Ladyhawke. Reminds me of the movie starring Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer. A movie honoring the darkforces, of the church no doubt, turning people into animals. A hawk by day and wolf by night is when their souls dominated by the curses might. Just more on the syncromystic vibe with Michelle's fine performance as Catwoman in Batman Returns. Also who could forget Rutger's fine acting as a Android in Blade Runner and his role in Batman Begins. Peace

Anonymous said...




I like him the MOST with Jenny in da bathtub :p

F said...

Hi Ben! What about that?

Take a look at photos:

What do you read in her eyes?

Her boyfriend is a .. mason.

Thank you

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