Monday 19 January 2009

United States of Dissociation

2009 is going to be an interesting year for MKTV, seems every other show that comes out relates to it, Dollhouse (new poster further down) has been talked about in recent comments; bear in mind these themes are entirely connected (the "Dolls"/"Actives" in it being programmed multiples [intentionally created DID; through abuse/drugs/various techniques]). Cheers to commenter for pointing me in this show's direction a while back, all comments are much appreciated and am always amazed at the videos/links/info you put up. Steven Spielberg's [+Diablo Cody, who seems a victim to me though (wrote Pussy Ranch ((dehumanized kittens)) + Candy Girl, one handler/programmer called Mason Novick, she wrote the script for Megan Fox's upcoming MK Movie Jennifer's Body)] latest work is United States of Tara:
Tara Gregson is a wife and mother with dissociative identity disorder (DID). After deciding to take a break from her medication to discover the real cause of her disorder [childhood abuse probably, her sister is also said to have suffered from it (Charmaine, who now thinks Tara is faking it)], her alternate personalities re-emerge: wild and flirty teenager T [over-sexual immature alter, click alter names for their videos], fifties housewife Alice [Stepford Wife alter, predictably wearing red shoes in the promo images], and loud, beer-drinking war vet Buck [protector alter]. Tara is supported by her calm and level-headed husband Max, her somewhat troubled teenage daughter Kate and quirky, good-hearted son Marshall. Her sister, Charmaine, is not so supportive, often expressing her doubt about the validity of Tara's disorder [expect some serious denial on her part when memories of abuse start being triggered (often is the case in reality, one sister remembers but the other doesn't want to/has blocked them out totally)].
Watch the first episode here, I find it interesting that this aired just before Secret Diary of a Call Girl (about Billie Piper with a secret life as a prostitute/kitten, also note the red shoes); the feisty teen alter 'T' is shown wearing zebra-print underwear and later a nice '33' top + black/white/multicoloured leopard-print trousers. Edit: Should obviously mention that the shows title has numerous meanings [dissociative/altered states (i.e. each alter/fractured personality making up the whole of Tara), United States of America (and taking that imagery; a nation compartmentalized into States United = her fractured/compartmentalized/fragmented/etc mind), and others].

Alice (note her red shoes in poster with 4 alters) is not triggered in the pilot; but is the stepford wife style 50's housewife. Tara is played (really well) by Toni Collette, an actress from Oz who has been in loads of stuff (Sixth Sense, Towelhead was in the Dark Knight post, Little Miss Sunshine etc [posters]), here is an interview with her (going into the realities of DID etc).

Buck is the protector alter, it is a man (alters can be programmed to 'think' they are anything, even inanimate objects [this plays into dehumanization also]); probably mirroring some of the attributes of her father/abuser (assuming he is your stereotypical abusive ex-army type [the military intentionally fucks you up mentally, PTSD is just another form of dissociation]).

On the show itself, Tara's daughter (standard attractive teen they always use like this) is called Kate (cat/kitten programming) played by Brie Larson (standard Disney slave from LA; sung 'Hope Has Wings' in a Barbie movie). She is a goth stereotype (always used as an excuse for the makers to use a shitload of skull and bones (on the mirror [unclear, below just by her eye], above as a necklace + on her bed's headboard) etc imagery [connect it to the 33, freemasonry and skull and bones are very much connected]). Suggestive phrases and such are naturally spoken like Kate says (there were others) to her somewhat abusive (Tana witnesses it, hence why Buck is triggered) goth boyfriend 'Sex Robot' [obviously if he is a sex-robot, then by-proxy that makes Kate one, sex-robot/sex-kitten; basically the same thing (though if you you want to get specific, they obviously have some differences); so I think was referring to her more than the boyfriend], Tara's 'T' alter-personality providing her with birth control, she is under 16 in the show.

The above skull and bones (on the bed) is positioned directly behind her head a couple of times.

And to top if off, why wouldn't she be a ballerina!

Note the daisy (daisy game used in MK, posted on it previously) on the right.

"Dude, I've been digging around in your closet for an hour and I can't fuckin' get to Narnia."

Her son reads 'Sybil' note duality/dehumanization zebra-print pillows (+ others, the house is probably loaded with subversive symbols/imagery/themes that I haven't noticed).

Wouldn't be MK/Monarch without a butterfly image...

Here's the new poster for Dollhouse I mentioned earlier with it's MK symbolic tagline (and obviously the mannequins/half face [Eliza's eye partially covered, Mannequin's split]), "She can be anyone, except herself." Check out my short post on it (longer ones when the show starts soon)... it's all coming out. [FOX's other new one Lie to Me, about a human lie detector (very real) with a split mind poster just released]

Eliza Dushku, the main 'Doll' is 'marked' (slaves/property/ownership [always with meaning behind them, to do with their programming etc; other than simply showing 'ownership']) by the double-headed eagle (Albanian flag version), the cover story being she visited it because her father's [likely original programer/abuser; hence the marking] family comes from there, so naturally she tatooed herself with the double headed eagle! (just an excuse/cover, how many people permanently mark themselves with the place their family came from years ago?). Eliza got her first break at age 10 playing the lead-role of Alice in That Night (book written by an Alice also) and currently lives in LA.

The show 'My Name is Earl' I've always noticed lots of MK in each episode [and obviously the two main stars are both scientologists] but have never posted on it; the latest though nicely synchs up to Tara; putting sex-kitten Jaime Pressly (as in MK'd Elvis Presley), who is your typical mind controlled model/actress, training in gymnastics/dancing (ballet) as a child before emancipating from her parents at age 15 (for obvious reasons [not to get free from them though; whoever gave her the "advice" to do this would have kept her controlled probably]). She is always shown in leopard-print (very first shot of latest[S04E12] has her in purple leopard-print) and other symbolic apparel.

Notice the Monarch butterfly images on Joy's sofa + cats (I think) on a red thing.

To get on Fear Factor (most of these reality shows are inhabited by MK victims, such as in the latest Brooklyn 'Real World' [love the irony!] posted on by Elluminati, is a good example) she puts herself through various MK traumas (eating spiders/ head trapped with mice/ battery, electroshocks).

Not-so-coincidental lion (later on; the standard angling the camera so the animal is by/behind the dehumanized slaves' head is used) with Jaime in purple leopard-print (also remember the kittens + monarchs on the rug on the couch).

Child-joy (flashback) has her aunt (or someone) telling Joy about her bad bloodline (intergenerational abuse families chosen for Monarch due to their genetic disposition to dissociate), she tells her that she'll never make it as a star/onto television (which is her 'dream') and note the ballerinas (out of focus [probably a toy robot in there and some others too]).

Child-joy sits on her zebra-print chair infront of the mirror (note the dolls, mannequin's hand, boxes etc) with a ceramic kitten thing (below left).

This episode constantly focused on Joy's looking in the mirror, the below 33 (synching up to Tara's purple 33 jersey) shot is also seen in TCM:TB. Remember 33 can be viewed as MM spun clockwise, so perhaps this is also why the 33, Magic Mirror and all the other MMs.

Jaime's ultra-flexibility is shown in the episode too with her doing that crab thingy.

Hitler; probably the most infamous of MK'd puppets. And Elvis is another one (note the coloured phoenix/eagle); her name Pressly references MK'd Elvis Presley.

Her star-sign is appropriately Leo (cat/kitten, hence the earlier lion painting usage), the tattoo on her lower back apparently symbolizes this.

Being a kitten, Jaime's natural environment is with the Pussycat Dolls (a lot more on them throughout the blog [ctrl+f pussycat]), Jaime; many of the other kittens have done this (i.e Dita) too [see Scarlett's below MM photo].

Her movie roles are worth noting (Angel in Ringmaster, Violet in a Poison Ivy [Ivy League (Harvard/Yale, Skull and Bones etc)that series looks very interesting, with Alyssa (Alice) Milano (also has been in Earl; in MK symbolic alternate-reality episodes [with Earl in a coma]; tattoos) in one as Lily and their latest 'The Secret Society' ((hint hint)) starring a MM Miriam McDonald as Daisy], she was in Tomcats etc).

Note fractured/broken glass. "All The Rules Are About To Be Broken." No doubts.

[Joke in extreme poor taste warning:] MK-ULTRA certainly has it's benefits! (please note her facial expression/eyes; issue # 22)

And on an unrelated note (though obviously it's all related to sex kittens, Marilyn Monroe being the pinnacle of Monarch programmed sex slaves), Scarlett Johansson mimicks MM Marilyn Monroe for D&G... Welcome to the United States of Dissociation, isn't it pretty?

Christina Applegate (one of the 'founding members' of PCD, Edit: her name is symbolic + check out her movie roles [in American Psycho, she was an 'uncredited Prostitute'/kitten ((odd sync, talked specifically about them in the linked post)), Wonderland and others]) also became a literal Pussycat Doll alongside Scarlet. [Edit: Commenter sent my mind spinning for a second (that maybe it was just a mislabeled, edited image of Christina Applegate copied twice in two different poses, found a link to the image anyway: Cat Doll mentioning Britney Spears who apparently had also become a pussycat doll at some point), they do look exactly the same don't they (which should tell you a lot); I think I'm correct in thinking the one on the left is Scarlett.] The last Hollywood kitten to join the Pussycats btw, was KK Kim Kardashian (I've already posted Paris' and Dita's as earlier linked, please click original pussycat doll link for background info on the cat dolls) here is KK's wiki.

Some more Scarlett in Scarlett (more bible misogyny ritual/scarlet woman) from a recent Bazaar cover shoot. She is dressed up in scarlet practically all the time.

"United Rentals"


Anonymous said...

The next step in normalizing and mainstreaming MPD. First you had all the pop stars openly talking about their multiple personalities (Beyonce - "Sasha Fierce"; Janet Jackson - "Strawberry" and a host of others according to her; Britney Spears - "Mona"; Mariah Carey - "Mimi"; Marshall Mathers - Eminem, Slim Shady, and so on, the list is endless....) Now you have the TV shows revolving around it - My Own Worst Enemy, United States of Tara, etc. normalizing and promoting it as cool. "Nothing to see here folks! Move it along!....."

Still trying to figure out why the rampant use of mind control symbolism in the media nowadays, as well as the flagrant promotion of MPD. Is it because there are now just THAT many people running around in the world with the programming who will benefit from all of these triggering programs, movies, music, vids and imagery? Does one actually even need to be officially programmed in order for the symbolism and triggers to work on them?

Wish I knew......

Anonymous said...

Can't tell who is who in the Pussycats pic with Applegate and Johanssen

Anonymous said...

Great post. I found the other book, Valley of The Dolls, the son was reading very telling awell.

The masonic 33 and the symbolism associated with baseball and 4 alters is there. There are also connections to the 4 personalities with the four suits of the tarot. Fire (Buck), Water (T), Air (Tara) and I would place Earth as Alice. I caught the link in the scene with the butterfly on the frig behind Buck with the words "Tree" and "At magic".

The "Doctor Who" poster in the sons room links with "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" as it stars Billie Piper another MK puppet. The other poster for the movie, "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" is funny aswell along with it connection to the film "Psycho".

Anonymous said...

I agree Carissa. Its slightly worrying that they appear to be making MPD the hipness du jour. Either almost everyone has undergone some sort of programming which allows all of us to be triggered with this imagery. Or, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, the game is changing.

In other words, they don't care who knows what they do anymore because they have new weapons gone beyond psychological to a pharmeceutical, electromagnetically and now genetically controlled population.

skrambo said...

I wrote a post about United States of Tara, but you completely blew mine out of the water. As one commenter posted here, I too noticed the 4 suits of the tarot in this shows 4 personalities, which is really just the 4 archetypes (eagle [Buck, IMO... sorry mercurialT]/lion [Alice]/bull [T]/angel [Tara]) and also the 4 main gods of Egypt: Osiris (green) Horus (red) Set (yellow) and Isis (blue).

Whatever you do, don't watch Death to the Supermodels.

There is a disturbing trend in teenage BDSM. Usually involving people who look like they would be at home on your blog. It's sad seeing how innocent people are transformed into thinking pain is pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Fairy hair:

Btw, Ben, mabe some time u will cover also DANIEL DAY LEWIS. This thing about him is intriguing to say the least and hilarious. From wiki:
"Following The Boxer, Day-Lewis took a leave of absence from acting by putting himself into "semi-retirement" and returning to his old passion of woodworking. He moved to Florence, Italy, where he became intrigued by the craft of shoemaking, eventually apprenticing as a shoemaker"

Since unusual likeness between showbiz persons was mentioned, heres smth. Actress RACHEL MINER&"existentialist" pornstar SASHA GREY (real name MARINA ANN HANTSIS):


Anonymous said...

Black&white ruin Whitney:

And pink Paris:


Anonymous said...

Another blonde JAMIE of royal bloodline, lol: JAMIE KING
From imdb:

"King's New Tattoo

19 January 2009 5:33 PM, PST

Tattooed actress Jaime King is planning an ambitious new body art project - she wants an etching of her favourite literary quote.

The Sin City star currently sports her name, a star and a fairy on her back and a diamond and spade on her wrists.

In an interview with Inked magazine, King reveals the Emily Dickinson quote she wants permanently etched: "If I can stop one heart from breaking. I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching; or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain."

But King admits there are drawbacks to her body art:

"As an actor, you have to spend a lot of time in the make-up chair covering them up." "


Anonymous said...

Psst! I wont't ever say a word. And what snakeskin like cap shes got:


Anonymous said...

She's not real can you tell?

Unknown said...

I've noticed the 33 come up a lot recently, are they just getting more bold with it or what? It does make sense in a synchro way of turning into MM. I can't remember which movie, but in one theres a joke about Jamie Pressly's character sleeping with her (step)father I think.. unless I'm misremembering who the actress is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben....not sure how to get a hold of you to forward weird stories, so thought I'd post it here. Sorry if it's off topic. :D But just saw on CNN a story about a guy in Belgium who went nuts and stabbed a bunch of kids in a nursery school of all places. 2 adults and 2 kids dead, over another dozen injured. Tidbits in the article mentioned that his face was painted black and white, and that he "just went crazy" and yet afterwards, "his face was calm." Don't know if it's mind control per se, or just a case of Crazy. But, thought I'd pass it along to you:

Anonymous said...

United States of Tara/Terror/Terra

War on Terror

War on Terra

Anonymous said...

if u watch the movie anchorman, there is the first date scene where will ferrel takes christina applegate to a san diego overlook and you see a floating sphere in the sky, and in the reflection of the car window you see it pass across the sky, as if completely unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Check out the meanings for Tara, because these names are never incidental:

(1). earth/ground you walk on

(2). Tara (Buddhism)is a bodhisattva, an enlightened or enlightenment being, "the mother of liberation", who represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.

Tara is a tantric meditation deity, will teach you about compassion and emptiness.

In some sects, they recognise 21 Taras. The recite a text during the morning called 'In Praise of the 21 Taras.'

Anonymous said...

I wish you still wrote about some of the more recent shows, but United States of Tara is something else.

(Spoiler alert)
Over the course of the show, she develops new alters, each one bringing out some memory that has been buried a long time ago. And yes, throughout the show you begin to connect the dots and see that her and her sister were bot abused,
- but I think her sister, Charmaine, - represents how most of us are. She doesn't want to remember the pain, so she denies it.

The way they created this show was that this disease - DID - could be put into the mainstream and laughed at in a way.

There's a part in second season where she turns into one of her most violent/frightened alters, Gimme, and they throw her in a room b/c the father has a lawyer come take a look at the functionality of their family.

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