Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Holy Synchromystic Sundays on FOX

I watch american dad/family guy/simpsons/king of the hill (and a bunch of other stuff) almost ritualistically through the magic of bit torrent, made a collection of some of the synchromystic images I think were in the shows this week.

The Simpsons: Episode 'Apocalypse Cow'

Zooey Deschanel (sister of Emily, see Bones post) was in this episode. In this Simpsons episode she does the voice of a girl from the country in a small farm place like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She played the part of Dorothy in Sci-Fi's quite good Oz reworking. That and her name suggests we have an Oz resonator in our midst. Here she is marrying Bart underneath two bells and a green and pink (remember Miley Cyrus poster) arch (the pink flowers are probably symbolic). It is also interesting to note that Bart is not inside the arch (stargate?), but the Oz resonator Zooey is with her red bow and white wedding dress.

That red and white symbolism just mentioned, can also be seen here with masonic checkerboard and cube symbolism as Bart feeds his cow. Also the time when Bart and Lisa are discussing his giving up eating meat and getting his cow back, appears to me to be 3:03.

Cube/Cuboid symbolism is also seen when Bart uses one of those tractor/hay stacker things where an aquarius resonating cube/cuboid is created.

In the middle of the episode Bart and Lisa break into a cattle herding place where all the cows have been subjected to bovine growth hormone. This is resonant to me enough having recently watched the excellent World According to Monsanto documentary. This is symbolic enough but look what the cows, with no relevance at all the episode or anything. They become a pyramid and a cube (went on about cubes in Bones post) for no apparent reason.

Matt Groening seems to like his four leaf clover symbolism (see Futurama and other simpsons episodes). This is seen in this episode with four H's on each leaf. Also pictured with a solar-cross window in the background.

And to finish off the Simpsons, some nice nice rising/setting sun symbolism from the episode. I'm sure some elements of this will be in some top synchromystic videos which I'm looking forward to.

King of the Hill

This show is awesome, completely underrated, Hank Hill (double H symbolism, Hannah Montana post) is probably one of the best inventions in cartoon comedy.

Add more on KOTH, American dad and family guy later.

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