Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Little synchs: Courtesy of The Pentagon

Image taken from Pentagon site, I don't know why it's gone all weird, at least it shows some nice black/white symbolism (not in original) and green and red also. Cube symbolism with question mark (like in Mario Kart post tomorrow)

"Did You Know?

Despite 17.5 miles of corridors it takes only seven minutes to walk between any two points in the building."

My header is taken from the Pentagon's website and I believe has clear Luciferian worship. It shows lampposts illuminated in a specific way so they produce roughly 17 rays (I think more). The lamp posts are what some skeptics claim is the strongest evidence of a 757 (17.5 miles of corridors, 7 minutes to walk through, Flight 77 allegedly hit it) hitting the pentagon. So to have four specifically lit up like that seems to me as if they're saying "HA! We fooled you!" showing the masses the main thing that suckered them into believing a fallacy. Am I the only one who thinks the top of the phallic Egyptian Obelisk Washington Monument looks like a demonic (red eyes) KKK (in the hood) person's head?

This image above is also taken from the Pentagon's website (click). What first strikes me about it is the twin pillars that appear on either side of it(they look like the tops of pillars anyway) and next to the pillar on the right is one of the pillarmids CDing it's way to the ground. One of the patriotic stormtroopers is wearing a white hat (he is white), the other guy (he is black) a dark blue hat showing dark/light symbolism (probably not conscious). The Eagle is showing one eye and pointing the opposite way to the Eagle on the Great Seal. And don't forget the Eagle was originally designed as a Phoenix. Look at the way they've interspersed the image of World War 2 with the one of World War 3 (twin towers catalyst for it), did nothing really happen between 1945 and 2001? It is also made to look like a bank note in a way because the corners look like bank note corners this resonates the occult dollar bill.

Another symbolic picture here from the Pentagon website in my opinion. In the 9/11 conspiracy, people argue that plane's should have taken off from Andrews Airforce Base which is only 10 miles from it, they had a 1 hour warning before the Pentagon was hit but no fighters materialised. Maybe they're saying here (I can just imagine Dick Cheney, the charicature that he is; saying this in private) "HA! We could have had fighter jets in the sky in like 2 minutes, suckers! cackle cackle/demonic laugh" by showing the fighter flying above the Pentagon armed (shiney missile) and ready to shoot down any potential threats... unlike on 9/11.

Occult Medal of Valor. Notice the cube? Guess how many stars make up the hexagon/cube: 13, wow I never saw that coming. The very bottom star is missing which would complete the hexagon/cube fully, probably to keep it at the occult number of 13.


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Anonymous said...

Does this site originate inside the pentagon?

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