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Bones and the Occult Part 1: Hexagons, Illusions of Cubes, Solomon's Seal and Twin Pillars, Luciferian promos, Skull and Bones, and Freemasonry.

The symbols and themes I will be writing about are there, but the meanings I give them will be pretty speculative, anyone whose into this conspiracy/synchromystic stuff might want to skip the first few paragraphs. I plan on writing a series of these starting with vague overall outlines of some elements and symbols within Bones then move on to specific episodes/characters and other shows/news. I must stress that I am no expert in any of these fields (hence the pseudo part) but I'm very interested in them and I've practically been raised on American TV and movies, I'll do my best to sound like I know what I’m talking about. I'll probably do other shows too, like I plan on doing one on Eureka, shows like Lost have already been covered to death so there's no point doing some of my absolute favourites. They'll be no way near as long, some will probably just have one image and a description with it or a news article or something.

First I'll start by looking at the title: Bones. Bones is the nickname given to Temperance Brennan, the focal character of the show; she is played by Emily Deschanel (daughter of Caleb, director/cinematographer, for next post) but I will go deeper into what I think that means and Bones' name/character/family in real life on the next post. Also I’d like to point out before I get going, that there is absolutely nothing “evil” or sinister about the occult or freemasonry (most freemasons have nothing to do with the occult), but like all things it can be used and abused for “evil” ends but that does not make it “evil”. Somehow though I doubt a company like FOX would use it for positive purposes (if any of it even is conscious).

The word occult has many meanings, but essentially it means something hidden from view. Actual human bones are obviously internal, not external. They are hidden from the human eye thus making them occult in nature. And of course we’ve all seen in the movies when bones are used in magical spells and in occult magickal practices throughout history. Bones are used to make a scene look scarier or more occult. So maybe this contributes to the show; as simply hearing the word “bones” probably produces a primal response in us that might subconsciously encourage the viewer to watch.

From a visual perspective the way the word BONES is written is interesting. The letters are all white (or all black like here, we’ll come to that in later posts) and are fragmented like broken bones except for the letter O which is depicted as a gold hexagon and is the only letter that is not fragmented. If you were really paranoid and interested in this stuff (me) you’d say the B was split up to look like the number 13, an important number to the ancient occult order of the Knights Templar which many Freemasons take their own order’s origins from. Maybe a clue to this is the emphasis on the letter B: Bones, Booth, Brennan (fans refer to Bones and Booth simply as 'BB'). Also Bees create hexagons so maybe that's another clue? If you were really REALLY paranoid you'd count just how many fragments make up the entire word BONES in the logo, and you get 13 including the hexagon as 1 because it is not fragmented. The hexagon also creates the illusion of the cube; this is an important symbol in Freemasonry, and also mainstream religions as the Ka’aba (cube) at Mecca shows, where a sacred meteorite is worshipped. (Notice twin pillars symbolism too here which we’ll come to later).

I consider the hexagon to be a magical shape that is universal as it is seen in nature on things like snow flakes, beehives (why won't the bees stop disappearing! I'm sure M Night Shyamalan will tell us ;P) and elsewhere. Hexagons are plastered all over Bones; obviously this can easily be explained away as hexagons are used in chemistry and Bones is supposed to be a forensics show so it makes sense in that respect. But they seem to go out of their way to put hexagons everywhere, even in the latest episode a significant part of the investigation was when some weights left an imprint on the victim and those weights were shaped like hexagons, coincidental (the hexagon shape is very common in dumbbells) or not it does not matter. Murder by hexagon; the amount of hexagons in the show tells me it's not coincidence.

The fictitious “Jeffersonian Institute: Anthropology Department’s” logo is a hexagon with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man inside a circle within the hexagon. This opens up a whole can of worms of esoteric synchronicity as thanks (or not, depending on your perspective) to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code everyone is aware of Da Vinci hiding apparent secrets in his works. Most recently an Italian musician found a musical score in the Last Supper. Could this be suggesting there are similar secrets hidden within Bones? You could simply argue that the Vitruvian Man or Study in Proportions is used because it represents the human anatomy and that's ultimately what they're studying in forensic anthropology, and the chemical Benzene is symbolised by a hexagon with a circle inside it, but things can have multiple meanings, even if they're unintended.

At Rosslyn Chapel (finale of Da Vinci Code) hexagons are all over the place and they also apparently make a musical pattern. NASA has recorded a gigantic 15,000 km hexagon on Saturn showing its universal resonance. Both of these things can be seen in this link:

The hexagon is one of the world’s most ancient, magical symbols (along with the swastika, the cross etc). It is used extensively in ancient architecture, whether it’s churches or mosques. I believe the universe speaks to us through symbols, and these symbols can be used in an occult manner for good or bad ends; for instance the solar symbol of the Swastika is the main example of this being used by the Nazis to oppress everybody, and the hexagram or Seal of Solomon is used by Zionists to oppress Palestinians as it is the flag for Israel, and of course Christianity and it's hijacked solar cross has been the basis behind countless despicable acts throughout history. But no symbol is inherently bad; they just get hijacked and abused by people with an agenda.

The aforementioned hexagram or Seal of Solomon allowed King Solomon of the Old Testament to control demons, demons which were said to have been used to help him build his famous Temple. This is obviously very important to occult tradition as many have attempted to practice Solomon’s magick.

King Solomon’s Temple is also very important to Freemasons because Hiram Abiff supposedly designed it and is considered the original Freemason. Some of the initiation rituals are supposed to take the initiate through the martyrdom Hiram Abiff went through. Hiram Abiff is representative of the gods Osiris, Bacchus and others. In the third degree initiation he is referred to as the “Widow’s Son”, anyone whose been following Bones on TV will see the obvious connection as that was written on the vault of Gormogon: (real old anti-freemasonic secret society, portrayed as cannibals in Bones) "Will no one help the Widow's Son?", a phrase used by Freemasons, but Gormogon and that side of things deserves a post of it’s own as there is SOO much occult symbolism and themes contained in the vault.

Probably the most renowned part of Solomon’s Temple is the twin pillars Jachin and Boaz and these are a fundamental part of the Freemasonic initiation rituals. This twin pillar symbolism, I believe was one of the many reasons why the twin towers were targeted in the 9/11 mega-ritual (consciously or not). I also believe that occult motives were behind the attack on the undeniably occult designed Pentagon. The prominence/size of the pillars at the fictional Jeffersonian (where Bones works, see below) suggests that they are significant and could well represent these ancient symbolic pillars. Freemasonry features relatively a lot in Bones, suggesting that this is not just a coincidence because if they are aware of Freemasonry, and whoever writes Hodgkins’ script certainly is, then you can bet they’re aware of the Jachin and Boaz twin pillars symbolism. And look what's replacing the twin pillars/towers, yep the octagonal (edit: originally had it as hexagonal) Freedom Tower, built just in time for the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

When you join up the corners of the Seal of Solomon (hexagram/6 pointed star/Star of David) you get a hexagon. When you remove the outside triangles of a hexagram leaving only the internal shape you get a hexagon. This brings us right back to the hexagon which is ridiculously prominent in Bones, hexagons and hexagrams are interchangeable. The hexagram is common in Masonic lodges; it can be viewed as a representation of the occult/Freemasonic adage of “As Above, So Below”.

Going back to the Jeffersonian logo, you can view it as a cube with Da Vinci’s “Study of Proportions” (above) inside of the cube. Freemasonry can be brought in here because it has the man standing inside a circle and inside a square, the geometric results of using the Freemasonic compass and square. And a hexagon can be viewed as a cube; which is the 3d representation of the Masonic square, and the circle is created by the Masonic compass. In most of the initiations you are told to stand with your feet touching at some point, and I've heard you are told to make a square with one foot pointing outwards and one pointing forwards to represent a square (not 100% sure on that one, I think the pictures above shows something similar), this can also be seen above in the “Study of Proportions” in the middle pose.

The characters in Bones have an "Access Pass" each and they are interesting too because they are comprised of the hexagonal Jeffersonian logo. Below that there is another hexagon with their face over the top of it; it is not a regular hexagon and it seems like there is a second line giving it a 3d look. This gives the effect that their faces are on a hexagonal platform which seems quite occult to me. Make of this what you will; I’m sure it has some occult significance.

The hexagon can also be seen on the infamous backside of the dollar bill above the Eagle. This hexagram/hexagon is made up of 13 stars, a number which I mentioned earlier. In the highly esoteric Star Wars, Luke Skywalker uses the unseen force (an occult concept) to help him guide the missile through a hexagonal target thus destroying the symbolic death star. The hexagon is used in all sorts of symbolic/occult ways is what I’m saying here.

Esoteric Bones promo? Note 'BB' Bones and Booth inside a cube (or a literal booth, is his name symbolic of the cube?), the skulless skeleton as Bones places the skull on it inside a cube with a revolving illuminated hexagon over her etc.

I can also make an occult connection in terms of sacred geometry and Thomas Jefferson (they work for the "Jeffersonian Institute"). Fort Jefferson is distinctly shaped like a massive hexagon. This shows the hexagon, Jefferson link. In my opinion this is occult architecture being used here (though the hexagon shape obviously has defensive advantages at sea). To mark Jefferson’s grave-site there is an Egyptian Obelisk on top of a pyramid base, Bones always pans over the Egyptian Obelisk in DC, the Washington Monument perhaps as a reference to the occult side of America's leaders. Jefferson's taking to geometry (sacred or not) is also seen at his octagonal Poplar Forest retreat which he designed himself, even the outhouses are octagonal! The fictitious Jeffersonian Institute Natural History Museum is also octagonal (see below, the interior of the goddess representing dome, sun and goddess symbolism there too if you're into that) and highly symbolic. Jefferson visited a fascinating symbolic garden known as Deserts De Retz (below on right, 2 pics) in Paris at some point too where this type of symbolism is seen.

The Washington setting is also important (I’ll do a post on the architecture shown in the series and how it relates to conspiracy and occultism later), firstly let me state that the show is actually filmed in Los Angeles. This can even be considered an occult aspect as it is hiding where it actually is and uses technological magic (blue screen ^^) to take us to a completely different part of the country. So if they couldn’t afford to film in DC, why even set it there? Perhaps it has something to do with the occult, in my opinion the show would suffer without the political/architectural backdrop as symbolic shots like the ones just above would not be possible.

Two Screencaps from The Good Shepherd inside the Skull and Bones Tomb and three from Bones episodes showing a mud/skull and bones/Bones synch and also a skeleton costume synch with freemasonic checker board symbolism to emphasise the point. Also the outside of the Skull and Bones tomb, note the twin pillars.

Skull and Bones secret society/occult fraternity I believe has consciously been hinted at in this show. Washington DC seems to be where “Bonesmen” end up anyway! Bush and Kerry were both “Bonesmen”. Bones the character, is often depicted holding a skull in Shakespearian (occultist Francis Bacon) pose, as seen above. So what we see here is a skull and the character Bones: literally a Skull and Bones. This is probably coincidental but I do have a vague recollection of Hodgkins(elite family member & conspiricist in the show) mentioning Skull and Bones in one of his conspiracy rants so I do not think it is beyond the realms of possibility that they are invoking the Skull and Bones secret society in their show, for whatever reason.

Some people have even said that a particular picture (above left) shows Bones and Booth in Freemasonic poses (I'm not sure, but they probably are). In both pictures (you can see that they're not just the same picture copied because Bones' head is pointing the opposite way and it is not mirrored because her legs are pointing the same way) she is doing the exact same pose, sure she was probably just told "Keep that same pose whilst I take a few shots" by the photographer. But I find it interesting that in both shots she is making a near perfect 90 degree angle with the gap between her legs symbolically representing the masonic square. This also creates an illuminated right angle triangle if you want to go down the "illuminati"/Albert Pike's light bearer (Lucifer) worshippers route. Also it is strange that Booth has no shoes on, could this be to show off Booth's masonic black and white checker symbolic socks ^^? I jest, but it certainly fits in with what I've been saying, I'm not sure how strict the symbolism is because it's a dark maroon colour as well as the black, that makes up the dark part of the dark and light symbolism. The whole of that photo shoot and promo seemed like a symbolic celebration of Luciferian light to me and dark/light symbolism.

I'm not sure how to round this off. So I'll end by looking at the hexagon simply; there are six sides to a hexagon, there are almost always six main characters in Bones. This could be the reason for Cam’s (below far right, Camelot resonator? Looks to me like she is also making the 90 degree angle with her legs too) introduction (before Cam there was the guy pictured with Bones in the Jeffersonian museum pictured far above with the goddesses holding the sun thingy), this was necessary to symbolically complete the occult shape or to complete the Stargate as some in the synchromystic community might put it.

Everything I've written about here is entirely speculative (i.e the links I make are speculation, I'm not saying they're definitely not there, I definitely THINK they are), please don't take it too seriously, just little things I've noticed whilst watching the show. Inspired by the new emerging field of "Synchromysticism" primarily the stuff done by Jake Kotze (lots of my info comes from his excellent videos), Chris Knowles, the Freeman Perspective, Michael Tsarion and many others (see below links). Images pulled from the internet and a few of my own scans, sorry if I've infringed anyone's copyright; I've tried to avoid ones that have specific copyright warnings. I'll remove any on request.


Anonymous said...

Jake Kotze has stolen most of his stuff from Goro Adachi. Kotze is a fraud. and

Anonymous said...

Iread your info on Bones show and Hexagons...I wrote this a while back. what do you think? My email is

Monday, March 16, 2009
Yuma, Arizona, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Rifle Range Landing Pad Imprints

Posted: March 16, 2009

Date: March, Wednesday 1984
Time: 6:00 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: 3 Hexagonal shaped landing pad imprints in sand about 3-4 feet in diameter with small hexagon shapes filling inside of larger hexagon. Each pad was about 3 feet wide and the three formed a triangle. Each pad was about 8-10 feet apart.
Weather Conditions: clear, sun just coming up, no wind, no clouds.

Description: Four Marines and myself observed 3 Hexagonal shaped landing pad imprints in sand about 3-4 feet in diameter with small hexagon shapes filling inside of larger hexagon (looked like a honeycomb) just over the side barriers of the rifle range. There was no craft, but the imprints formed a perfect triangle and were about 3 inches deep. The circumference of the three pad impressions was about 8-10 feet from each other and in the middle was some small
charred remains, which I picked up (pebble size, black and rocky) then put back down. No foot prints or residual blast area was obvious. Whatever landed and took off, did so with no blast effect.

Otherwise the site would have been obliterated. I know of no propulsion system we have that can land and take off without a blast from engines. We were soon told by Sergeant to get away from there. Soon afterwards, the Naval Investigative Service (NIS) showed up and took Polaroid photos.

TV/Radio: Never reported by NIS.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

sallamy said...

actually muslims don't worship the meteorite in the cube, it's something far more different... muslims worship only Allah and nothing else

Anonymous said...

Glad to see sallamy correcting your misunderstanding. The Ka'aba is a SYMBOL of Islam meant to unite all Muslims' direction of prayer (qiblah). The cube itself nor the black stone (meteorite) are not worshiped, but Allah/God alone is worshiped.


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