Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ronaldo No. 7 Christ Resonator

Cristiano Ronaldo (huge football star) is a Christ resonator. Not only because his name has Crist in it, but also because of a synchronistic link to Ronald/Roland Taverner in Southland Tales, who is the real Messiah in the film. Millions of people practically worship Ronaldo, just like they did to the overweight buck-toothed Brazilian Ronaldo (see him in the Simpsons with Valis/Zebra/Checker symbolism resonating Homer). So you have two Ronaldo's both renowned for the exact same thing, being football gods to many. In Southland Tales, a duplicate of Ronald/Roland is made when he travels through a rift in space/time. Maybe the duplicitous nature of Ronalds/Ronaldos has something to do with dualism like in Freemasonry.

Ronaldo is the number 7 player for Manchester United, I don't think I need go into the significance of the number 7 to the occult (it's on wikipedia). But not only is he wearing the number 7, he also has the number 17 on his front because Man Utd are sponsored by the financial company AIG which numerologically equals 17 (A=1 + I=9 + G=7). To emphasise this even more, when he plays for Portugal, he wears the number 17, a highly spiritual and symbolic number, coincidence? I seriously doubt it.

The picture that heads this post is very symbolic in my opinion, it is Ronaldo's shirt turned into a red carpet. You've got the bloodline symbolism with the red carpet. The Saturn ring (nike symbol) at the base of the symbolic 7 (letter G, see it represented in Freemasonry logos). The white line that goes up the red carpet is split in two by a black line so these could represent the twin pillars, 11 symbolism. The lion (royal blood line?) holding the symbolic trident between the twin pillars.

Ronaldo is a dead cert to win Player of the Year, becoming more and more idolised by millions. After England went through the tiresome; constantly repeated unless it's some occult year like 1966, ritual of being knocked out of the World Cup (or Euro) dashing the hopes of millions of proud patriotic Britons; dressed in Templar garb naturally. Ronaldo was the person the media blamed (along with the manager) as they obsessed over a wink he gave to his team as if to say, "I got Rooney (pictured below in ritualist pose with the Knights Templar flag on him in blood) sent off", the image of him winking was shown constantly by the media, perhaps this has something to do with an illuminati all seeing eye type thing shown by people like Bono who seem to be obsessed with covering one eye. Whenever the media obsesses over something you can bet there's something dodgey behind it, it was probably all a staged ritual when Rooney stood on Carvalho's privates.

I for one can't stand the guy, I do watch a lot of football and am a fan of Chelsea so it's exciting times at the minute as the season draws to a tense close. Obviously the whole of football is just a big distraction for the masses to keep them dumb and drunk whilst they subconsciously embrace all the Freemasonic symbolism of Red/Blue and the symbolism in badges and whatnot. But I don't mind partaking in their rituals (what would I have to talk about with real life people who don't give a sh** about any of this conspiracy stuff anyway w/o it) of harvesting my emotions and energy (when we win or lose) and by creating these false divisions in society.


Dedroidify said...

Wow, I love your posts man. I'm not a 'big' football fan but I occasionally watch it at a buddy's, I saw Ronaldo miss the penalty against Barcelona this week (I think it was Barcelona :p) - you must have loved that haha!

And I just keep getting little fun synchs with other bloggers. I asked my buddy what AIG was he didn't know and we didn't bother to check afterwards.

I would just like to add it never hurts to be informing about the synchs we post on as it's much easier for beginners (or fellow bloggers - as everybody has a different background) to read then and it only takes a little time to type on :)

Oh and I speak from experience... get rid of all the hotlinking (linking to other people's images online). They get really pissed off and can and will replace them with crazy images you don't want on your blog :p It eats their bandwidth so it's understandable. You can save images and upload them on your own blogger profile or get your own photobucket account.

Look forward to your next posts!

Benjamin S said...

Cheers mate, for the tips and the welcome. And yes that was genius when Ronaldo missed the penalty :D (apparently I'm supposed to support Man U because they're English.... HA! I laugh in the face of patriotism) He's got 32 league goals this season, if I was a betting man I'd probably put money on him getting 1 more before the season is up to make 33.

By the way David Beckham was the number 7 before Ronaldo and he is also a Christ resonator (some have even said he's the anti-christ) because of his tattoos and whatnot.

I originally wrote that Bones one for a TV forum where no one knows anything to try and open some minds up there, but apparently 27000 characters is over the limit so I just started this blog which I've been meaning to do for ages anyway.

Been reading your blog for a while btw, it's one of my favourites, keep it up.

Ekg said...

Cristiano is born by Maria and José. His second given name, "Ronaldo," was chosen after then-U.S. president Ronald Reagan, who was his father's favourite actor.[6]

Anonymous said...

The white line that goes up the red carpet is split in two by a black line so these could represent the twin pillars, 11 symbolism. The lion (royal blood line?) holding the symbolic trident between the twin pillars.

the crest is actually a devil. hence Manchester Uniteds nickname the red devils... the Lucifirian worship is more is painfully blatant here...

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