Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Oh! What a Lovely War

On the back of future King, Prince William's (potential anti-christ for the christians) literally flying visit to Afghanistan to visit the troops. He flew himself there in a C-17 (3-17) Globemaster. He stayed there for 3 hours and the whole trip lasted roughly 30 hours. This seems quite ritualistic. In Murdoch's Sunday Times Magazine, the Sunday before this "secret" visit came to light there was this article/photo collection of Afghanistan pics, I think some are quite symbolic.

In a similar vein to my Pentagon post, I believe the same kind of sick ironic humour is being displayed here in the title(above).

This double page spread can be interpreted in a number of synchromystic ways, they've either been positioned to make the Freemasonic square symbol, mirrored on the other side. Or they're making a large hexagon with the gaps between the two mirrored squares being the two missing lines of the hexagon. I believe there are also some cube like structures on the horizon (there's also a white cube to the right near them). This was done to remember a fallen soldier (R.I.P.), his coffin was in the centre. This may be a conscious decision to position them in such a way, or it may not be.

Death by Hexagon/Cube

All in the name of God, or Jesus (the sun, luciferianism, if you go down that route, then all christians subconsciously worship Lucifer which I find humorous, though sun worship and luciferianism are not necessarily the same thing I will speak of them alot in similar terms)


Anonymous said...

If you have a chance to read and hear the jewish apocrypha of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and keep those things that are written of it will be blessed. God may even save you from a lake of fire. It is committed once for man to die and after this the judgment.

Anonymous said...

All Christians worship Satan/The Sun? Stick to oogling Hannah Montana and the other monarch sex kitten slaves you feel so sorry for. You talk about mind control by the media yet you are completely obsessed and enthralled by it all apparently. Mission accomplished (c) George Bush

Benjamin S said...

Truth is pretty enthralling and consuming, do you not feel sorry for them? Christianity (+ all organized religion) certainly isn't truth. My showing how they are used in the media is not 'oogling', should we be completely ignoring it?... these people have gone through some of the worst forms of abuse known to humanity (much of it conducted by the Catholic/Jesuit/Christian clergymen). My point on Christians worshipping the Sun/Lucifer (light bringer) was based on my reading Zachary S' work, watching Zeitgeist and others (here's a clip on this kind of thing).

Benjamin S said...

My main point in this old post anyway was that these insane religions are used today in justifying (on some level) these insane wars. The Lucifer/Christ thing wasn't entirely serious, just a humorous quip appealing to my ultra-cynical of religion readers... I should probably stay within my element though true ;p + my bad, Zachary S should be Acharya S, here's a video of said writer responding to the 'debunking' of Zeitgeist. I don't really want to get in an argument with a religious person/bash my head against a brick wall though, I'm sure Jesus has no relation to the Sun and everything in the bible is 100% truth and none of it was written by a bunch of Roman men looking for the best way to control the plebs.

Anonymous said...

the point ben is that by using such language you are in fact engaging in disinformation, any way you look at it., that is what you are doing.

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