Monday, 28 April 2008

Miley Cyrus: The Mind Controlled Disney Slave from Sirius

This picture by Vanity Fair has caused much controversy today in the media because she's topless and she's only 15 or something, but I think that's just an excuse to get this picture shown as much as possible. As one astute commenter says on the site I got the pic from "She looks like she's dead..." This, to me was obviously the intention to build her up as a new blood sacrifice. Putting former blood sacrifices on the cover like a Kennedy also adds to this theory in my opinion.

The above "Best of Both Worlds" tour poster is, in my opinion symbolic and synchronistic. She is wearing pink in the green section as herself: Miley Cyrus, and in the pink half she is wearing green which is a colour that has been covered extensively by synchromystics. Herself and her alter-personality HannaH (double H symbolism for the synchromystics) are divided by a line of Luciferian light. Her name also resonates duality which in my opinion is synchronistic for mind control as there are dual (or multiple) personalities that are created. hannah is just 'han' with it mirrored creating the 'nah' showing again the mirror/dualism symbolism. The name Montana can be synchronistic for anything that happened there, which I can't really remember much apart from Evil Knievel came from there and the M symbolism. Her hair as Hannah is bleach blonde, her real hair is dark brown this can be synchronistically connected to Freemasonry because of the checker/dark/light symbolism.
One place her Best of Both World's tour happened, symbolism overload. Miley Cyrus in infamous 'blood sacrifice' South Park episode.

The name Cyrus resonates the star system Sirius, which is known as 'the Dog Star' and is another important symbol to Freemasonry, represented by the Pentagram. Miley's father is a country music star called Billy 'Ray' Cyrus. At present, Miley is in the process of legally changing her name to Miley 'Ray' Cyrus too, symbolically representing the Sun('s rays).

The picture below (of Billy 'Ray' Cyrus) I find very interesting, including the watermark. The 'Dog Star' Sirius' symbol is a pentagram, Celebrity-Watcher resonates the symbolic comic book series 'The Watchers'. So you have the pentagram representing Dog star, white (shirt) dark (trousers/dog/bag) symbolism. In this case, I think we can say the symbolism is definitly not conscious, I wonder if the universe is trying to reveal the truth about mind control and such things, through showing us these symbols.

My interest in this comes from Freeman's Hollywood mind control slaves. Again, don't take this too seriously, I'm sure Miley is a lovely girl in real life though I do have my suspicions on how widespread the mind control is. Also, she is not from the star system Sirius :P.

Edit: I just came across this article from December 2007. It says that she took over the Sirius satallite radio station for a few days. And also that she was listed as no. 17 in Forbes' top 20 earners under 25 (see my Leona Lewis post for Murdoch's Times Rich list where Cowell is no. 717 and Leona Lewis no. 77 in the young one).

Edit: See Miley Cyrus label for further information.


Anonymous said...

I think you neglected a nudge/wink? ;-)

Like your take on her looking dead. Had not considered that. Nice article. I also like the finds of Billy Sirius and Hannah as Hippocrates.

Had recently come across your related High School Musical write-up. Will be keeping an eye on your site.

So, for your readers: my [later] take


Benjamin S said...

That I did ;p. (I meant no need to publish my comment btw)

Thanks alot for your kind words, and anyone reading click the link in the above comment, deeper insights + very entertaining read.

CarissaC. said...

Hey there.........saw this today and thought of your blog and other synchromystics who also have talked about Miley and her Disney mind control. But it's Hannah Montana candy in the shape of....flesh tone "guitars"....that look like anything but a guitar.

And as one of the commentators on that blog mentioned, Miley's facial expression just isn't helping matters. !

I don't know, can they be any more obvious about it all?

Anonymous said...

I agree that this stuff is going on - occult entertainers, mind control, etc. etc. I just don't get this "synchro mystic" nonsense. If it is going on it is going on and these connections aren't occurring because the universe is trying to tell you something, the connections are occurring because they are intentional. Why add another level of complexity to the issue? If these people are involved in the biggest corporations and movies, music, government, etc. then they are obviously putting this stuff everywhere they can - they probably don't do anything unless it has some occult significance. Synchro mysticism is just a distraction.

Benjamin S said...

I agree 100% with your comment 14:13, you are absolutely right about the whole 'synchromysticism' thing and my views on that have changed from when I first started the blog. In some posts I essentially say that the whole thing is airy-fairy mumbo jumbo up in cloud-cuckoo land; interesting nonetheless and was part of my getting into occult symbolism in movies and whatnot. And yes, a big distraction that I moved away from pretty quickly. My views are not static though so things that I interpreted earlier in the blog I'd probably interpret differently now.

jerry_beck said...

For me synchromysticism it's not that easy. How can you explain similarities between killing of Kennedy and Lincoln. This is really mind blowing, and saying that it is someone up the ladder cunning and plotting is not getting to me. To me this is hidden satan hand (or i don't know, reptilian super mind), who mark this events. Same with 9.11 warnings in movies (this could be only social engineering). We have also numbers in movies (Depp room in his early teensex movie Private Resort is 2023 ), i find 11, 23, 9-11, everywhere, movies, tv, papers. I would like to say this is only distraction, but i simply don't think so. This is something deep, something human who use 10% of the brain can't comprehend.

Great to see you back, Ben. Some complain bbout writng positive things, well this blog isn't at all positive. This is about dark things, if someone don't like it don't go here. Have you heard Ben about killing polish President in Smolensk? Did West sold Poland once again? And condolences about Cameron, he is very dark guy, you will miss other stooges, Blair and Brown.

Anonymous said...

In the Hannah-pink side she wears horns, pretty well disguised. ;-)

Where are you?? we miss you, it seems you have forgotten completely your blog... I hope you are ok.

Take care and God bless you.

nuvolenelcielo said...

i'm not a non-believer, i'm aware of MK ultra and all the shit, but actually if the devil makes such fun music and partying, a lot better than the church, WTF

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