Monday, 28 April 2008

Out of the Blue: Crazed Gunmen, UFOs and average Oz based BBC drama.

I was watching this New Zealand film Out of the Blue (based on real life events) last night and noticed a tonne of synchs and elements of mind control in the film, I don't know if they've already been covered, sorry if they have. Films like 'Out of the Blue' and 'Targets' are far more horrific and effective than most of the crap like Saw in my opinion (although I watched Pathology the other day and that disturbed me somewhat). The poster for Out of the Blue has sunset/rise symbolism, and the psycho shooter (David Gray) is dressed in black (and dark dark green) throughout the film (he even blackens his face at some point, reminded me of Apocalypse Now).

His killing spree started at 7:30 on 13/11 November 13, it lasted 22 hours.

One of the nice points of the movie was the heroism of an old lady Mrs Helen Dickson, she was 73 (777 magic kept her alive?) years old and received the George Medal from Queen Elizabeth II (to be honest, anything the Queen gives out is suspect in my book).

David Gray (whose musician namesake wrote the song Babylon) was 33 at the time, and was killed by the police in quite an ominous scene as the the 5 armed police with blue arches on their arms, light up cigarettes (Luciferianism) whilst Gray is still writhing in pain on the floor (you'll see what I mean if you watch it).

David Gray killed 13 people.

9 police officers received awards and commendations.

The spree opens with Gray using a .233 AK.

There's lots more, like there's a neat little random pet goat synch (the guy's like "forget about the goat will ya?!" when taking fire), a 33 on the back of an ambulance, all the police wear masonic checkerboards like in the UK, and lots more. Great film.

The name given to the film is the same as a UFO documentary. Could these be references to masonic blue? Perhaps showing that Freemasons (upper illuminati ones) control the psy-op that is the UFO phenomina (I think many of them are very real but I do think alot of them are experimental craft probably reverse engineered, and the psy-op will crescendo up to a fake UFO invasion in 2012.... or not, who knows) and mind control assassins. The BBC just recently anounced their own "Out of the Blue" which will be set in Oz (why?!?), it has 11 main characters.

The one eyed man is king.

I'm sure there are loads more synchs between this shooting from 1990, Virginia Tech and others like it.

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