Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cthulhu's eye, largest in the world

Sorry if others have picked this one up (one problem I have with this stuff how do you know if your stealing other bloggers stories). "Colossal squid's big eye revealed"

Remember those two Cthulhu resonating adverts. I wonder if this is all part of some ritual. The eye is 11 inches (27 cm).


FilmNoir23 said...

As long as you aren't worried about being 1st, the information is to be shared, blogged and added to as people see fit. We (or more appropriately me) should be more concerned that the messages are decoded or stories are presented that reflect the agendas as we see them. Thats my opinion of course.

nice efforts!

Benjamin S said...

Wise words, thanks alot, and also for the kind words in this and the other post.

I'm not worried about being 1st, more worried about unwittingly saying the exact thing/posting the same video or something as another blogger which might annoy said blogger.

But you're so right, it's all in the good spirit of sharing info and attempting to decode it, I shouldn't worry.

I'm probably more paranoid about my whole blog and the images being removed for copyright infringement anyway, going to spend all day tomorrow saving them to my hard drive I think.

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