Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Unmistakeably Masonic

This advert has interested me for a while, you've probably definitely seen it. You've got a tonne of white/black symbolism , ludicrous amounts of chemtrails in the sky at the beginning, Apocalypse Now resonating Ride of the Valkyries, pyramid looking side of building, and of course the aryan looking dude just freaks me out. All car adverts seem to be so symbolism heavy it gets rediculous.

Pyramid resonating building with checkerboard window shutters.

What's with all the chemtrails? (pyramid symbolic building, also the guys feather gets cut in half by a sword)

108 km to Berlin

Creepy aryan dude called Klaus, he's a joker.


Anonymous said...

Wait, forgive my ignorance but, what does the feather getting cut in half mean?

Anonymous said...

You're reaching here. But the chemtrail observation is interesting. Trying to blend them in with the public psyche.

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