Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Wanna Be In LA?

Wannabe In LA (Official) - Eagles Of Death Metal
Thought this was a hilarious little 2 minute video, amazing how literal it is! Electroshock symbolism/goat skull/skull and bones (replacing the bones with electroshocks is often done, like in Death Proof)/rainbow/sun/heart symbolism. Los Angeles is so fucked up, full of Lost Angels/butterflies/MK victims (and obviously those in the know form a large section), Cali/KALIfornia, Chanel's interlocking C's [=interlocking rings and 33, pointed out previously] and No. 5 on his blue t-shirt is quite Freemasonic, tiger skin background, "sell my soul" just means selling out to the 'evil' that runs Hollywood... you have to either be MK'd or be 'on side' to get anywhere in the entire entertainment industry.

Hollywood is Hell. [should say, below Mulholland Drive spoilers obviously (last video is final scene with one eyed shots and such... btw if you look at some of the scenes with Naomi touching herself you'll see she wears leopard-print knickers, something I didn't notice before ;), you should see it if you haven't already though] Tonnes of MK in the movie, will probably never get round to screencapping/writing it all up, see In 2 Worlds for more.

Note Goat head/Lucifer (compounded by the light turning on) with the creepy Cowboy working for 'them' persuading him to include 'their girl' (below video), if of course he wants to stay wealthy and continue to live in luxury (oh yeah and the dude Justin Theroux's wife is fucking is the pool man [GENE CLEAN on the van] Billy Ray Cyrus ;).

"This is the Girl" [I'd rather put the scene when they're in the office with the FOX Searchlights in the background telling him he has to choose 'their' girl (as in their MK'd star that 'they' want in the picture)]


Anonymous said...

Do u believe her? From imdb.com

Fanning Happy To Miss Out On 'Normal' Childhood

Dakota Fanning is glad she sacrificed a normal childhood to pursue her movie career - as the teenage actress always wanted to be different from her peers.

The 14-year-old shot to stardom in 2001's I Am Sam, alongside Sean Penn, and has since starred on the big screen with Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.

And Fanning is adamant that she has learnt more from her movie experiences than she would have done as an ordinary schoolgirl.

She says, "I don't want to be normal. This is my childhood. I've been to Australia, travelled and learned about different cultures - some people never leave the country in their entire lifetime. My job has opened my mind up and enriched my childhood."

Anonymous said...

I just saw this movie a couple weeks ago. It was really disturbing. (I still don't completely get the whole guy in the back of the diner thing.)

One thing I noted before I saw the movie, after having read the synopsis and the In2Worlds post, the two main characters names are Camilla and Diane. And Diane, who is in love with Camilla, well, you know what happens at the end (don't want to spoil it for anyone). But it just makes me wonder if this is connected in any way to Camilla Parker Bowes and Princess Diana. The names are so similar. Maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe a metaphor.

Anonymous said...

Biological terror attack likely by 2013, panel says


Sort of like the group "Airborne Toxic Event"

And The Kills "Midnight Boom". with "midnight" substituting 12 for 2012
I know it really refers to "the moment the moon comes up and everyone else goes to bed." But we're talking about the music industry here.

I had been trying to find clues in pop culture for the next attack like so many did for AFTER 9/11. But it's futile really.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, brilliant film, and terrifying. Notice that right after the guy behind the diner rounds the corner there's a blackout on that scene. You never find out what happened. Much like someone who had been through something traumatic and it was blocked out by the mind.

Ole Goop said...

Ben, my name is Henrik Palmgren, I'm the host of Red Ice Creations Radio (redicecreations.com). Can you drop me an email? I'd like to get in contact with you.

email: redicecreations@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


PPA - "The first P of PPA stands for Pinche, a Mexican term meaning f**king asshole. This is for all the people in the music business who think they know what's going on but actually don't have a

who has a clue then?

Anonymous said...

That got cut off sorry. This is the quote:

"This is for all the people in the music business who think they know what's going on but actually don't have a clue."

Anonymous said...

beware RedIce they'll turn you into an mTSAR

Anonymous said...

Hollywood Twinning:


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben!
I am new to your blog but I am writing you cause I think you're genius! And for those who are still skeptical on your subject matters ----check out the clip on the football great Herschel Walker and his many sides @ CNN.com!

Anonymous said...

Like mermaids:



Anonymous said...

Another one from imdb.com

Baywatch Star Nolin Gives Birth

Former Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolin has given birth to her second child with her husband Cale Hulse.

The actress and her hockey player partner welcomed Stella Monroe Hulse on Wednesday morning, weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz (3.3 kilograms).

A representative for the star tells People.com, "Mom and baby are both healthy and doing very well. The whole family is very excited to welcome baby Stella home."

The couple also have a son, Hudson, two, as well as Nolin's 11-year-old son, Spencer, from her first marriage to video producer Greg Fahlman and Hulse's daughter, Caia, seven, from a previous relationship.

The couple married in September 2004.

So MONROE has become a middle name? Interesting, coz GENA played a character called MARILYN in THE UNDERGROUND COMEDY movie and now her daughter is MONROE...


Anonymous said...

Not missing any opportunity to show she's a property. And her kids too:


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